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Recall candidate Larry Elder. (Photo: screen capture electelder.com)

Larry Elder: ‘Bloody but Unbowed’

‘We still have a state to save’

By Katy Grimes, September 19, 2021 2:13 pm

Recall gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder just issued a “thank you” video vowing he may be “bloody” but it “unbowed.”

Elder thanked everybody on his campaign team, the volunteers, and the people who showed up to his rallies.


Elder is a class act, and from the sound of his message, is undeterred and will be back. After all, “we have a state to save,” as he is known for saying.

The thank you video is also on his campaign website:

Video: Thank You from Larry

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14 thoughts on “Larry Elder: ‘Bloody but Unbowed’

  1. How many people think he was frauded out? If the Dims could fraud in Biden why would they not keep Noisome in with fraud? How many people (like me) have been saying you must first fix the election system to eliminate fraud before you can expect a conservative to win?

    1. Yes, CW. Of course there was fraud. Fraud, as usual. Even if one lacks direct evidence, you know, like the body in a murder trial, every single thing our “leadership” does and has been doing in this regard —- every absurd law, every rule change, every denial —– SCREAMS their desire for fraud and dishonesty. It’s called logic, it’s called circumstantial evidence, it’s OBVIOUS.

      But of course we are a bunch of chumps — right? —- whose faith in the “honor system” is ripe and juicy and ready to be exploited by these sub-humans, these thieving monsters. Then they have the AUDACITY to whine that the mockery they’ve made of sacred elections and voting is NOT FAIR —- meaning it is not enough of a sham to help them, cheaters and liars and crooks.

      Then, to add insult to injury, lately I’ve been hearing many so-called pundits —– you know, the ones who are supposed to be sensible and looking out for us and helping us to analyze and understand what happened here —– regurgitate, one after another, that Recall Newsom was a “long shot.” Really? How was it a long shot? Would you mind explaining exactly why you think it was a long shot? I mean, come ON. Could conditions in this state have been any more ripe for throwing out Gavin Newsom, when most of what he did — using ‘COVID’ as an excuse — affected and hurt most Californians in the state and would have been seen as downright criminal if he hadn’t been a politician?

      Meanwhile, these demons rub their hands and laugh as more good people will leave the state, and blah, blah, blah, you know the rest. Wish I had an answer, but my tiny reptile brain hasn’t been able to come up with anything yet. If anyone would like to provide a practical answer and a game plan that might begin to restore our most fundamental, sacred, and hard-won right, I would be thrilled to hear it and to participate in it.

      1. yes it was another fraudulent election. And the votes are still not in yet as mine & my friend’s ware done in person and then mailed in, We asked for paper ballots and were not given them which is against the election code. If that happened got to https://www.eip-ca.com/index.htm and file an incident report which we did. Larry may win yet.

  2. Thank you Mr. Elder! In 2022 you need to debate Gavin Newsom on a stage live. That is if Newsom has the courage to debate you! He likes to talk tough and throw insults at opponents but will not talk about issues and his failures of this state. In 2018 he avoided the first two debates only going to the third debate when the two GOP candidates (John Cox and Travis Allen) mopped the floor with him. I had a recall sign in my front yard for the last thirteen months and look forward to replacing it with a “Larry Elder for Governor” sign! That is if I’m still in California. I think a good site to have the debate would be at the “French Laundry Restaurant”.

  3. Short note- I am hopeful. The whole world knows Larry Elder now. In my “Recently Blue” county, 7-8000 more YES votes from the NO column would have turned us RED with 51% approval. We need to get the moderates on board, the independents. Larry was in the race for 8 weeks and scared the heck out of this Governor. He had to call out the whole Dem party to rescue and save him. And I too can’t understand how so many small business owners could have possibly voted NO. That just makes no sense at all. In US-35% Conservative, 36% Moderate, 25% Liberal.

  4. Hasn’t anybody figured out that Larry Elder was a plant?

    The recall would have been successful if Elder didn’t run. That was the point. The Newsom team recruited Elder.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. As soon as Elder entered the race all the focus was on him rather than the issues at hand. He refused to debate the recall candidates so it became a personality contest rather than a recall. This was a slam dunk win for recall if the attention was on Hair Gel’s mismanagement of the EDD causing over $30 Billion given to incarcerated criminals and other fraudsters. That mess is still ongoing. I’m unaware of any enraged small business owner or staff impacted by his unnecessary lockdown mandates who would vote to keep him. His “rules for thee, but not for me” behavior alone was enough to recall him. Instead, all we got was a continuous diet of fear Elder. Shame on the state GOP leaders for missing a necessary opportunity.

    2. Thomas Busse: Larry Elder wasn’t a plant. The Newsom team did not recruit him. I’m not sure where you are getting this stuff.

  5. Many of us are disappointed that Larry conceded the election so easily without questioning whether voter fraud may have cost him the election? California Republican are so disappointing when it comes to fighting and trying to win elections?

  6. I hope the Globe continues to give us the numbers as to the rigged recall election we just had as some of the ballots are still being counted per a prior Globe article. Please stay on that… also I find it interesting that the county I am from, small farming community pretty close to Sac, voted overwhelmingly to recall this tyrant and to elect Larry Elder who would be the first black governor of CA. The Democrats scream about how racists the Republican leaning communities are yet this small community, made up of mainly white and Hispanic voters, voted for a black man to be governor. This is a clear example of how Democrats false racist narrative is just made up, for them to win and divide. If Democrats truly believed in “equity” and their “racist” narrative they would have voted for Larry Elder as it would have been a first for our state. Obviously Democrats are just hypocritical power hungry sikkos who are trying to divide us all the while gaining more power, money and control. My English teacher in that horrible “racist” community had us read George Orwell’s 1984 in high school and that book scared the you know what out of me and now we are living it! He was a smart man and tried to warn us.

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