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LA "Zoom blackout" school reopening protests on February 2, 2021 (Photo: screen capture Youtube)

Massive Statewide School Vaccine Walkout Protest Planned Monday October 18th

Most see this as violating their personal liberties, they don’t think the vaccines work, or they’re against them for health reasons

By Evan Symon, October 16, 2021 2:24 am

On Friday, more parents, students, teachers, and other school staff joined in the planned statewide school walkout to protest vaccine mandates for those attending or working in schools.

While the walkout will be against local mandates, such as the Los Angeles and San Diego school district mandates for staff and of-age students, it will mainly go against the statewide mandate approved by Governor Gavin Newsom earlier this month. According to his mandate, all K-12 students must be completely vaccinated soon to continue to attend class in-person, dependent on FDA age group approval.

Statewide school walkout. (Photo: schoolwalkout.org)

The mandate has already led to a spike in parents withdrawing their students in favor of homeschooling, which is not covered under the mandate. However, despite the rapidly growing homeschooling movement, many parents who don’t wish to vaccinate their children cannot afford or have the time to homeschool their children. And with other options, such as charter and private schools also being covered under the new mandate, parents were left with few options, leading to the walkout on Monday.

While school walkouts are not uncommon in California, with some, such as the 1968 East Los Angeles walkouts, even making international news, there has yet to be a major walkout effort associated with COVID-19 vaccination mandates.

That will change Monday however, with walkouts planned from Redding in far Northern California to a large Capitol protest in Sacramento, to numerous cities in Orange County and San Diego County in Southern California. Spearheaded by social media groups and parent-led organizations, they hope to get the attention of the Governor and school officials by showing the sheer number of people in the state still against the mandate.

“They are just not listening to us,” said Julia, a parent who is helping organize walkouts at several districts in the Central Valley, to the Globe on Friday. “And we have a lot of people against the mandates for different reasons. I’d say over 90% of the parents and teachers I’ve talked with are not doing this because they are anti-vaxxers. They’re a non-factor in this. Most either see this as being against their personal liberties, they don’t think the vaccines work, they’re against them for health reasons, they’re against them for belief reasons, or they simply just don’t trust them.”

“And it has created some odd situations. There are very anti-illegal immigrant families and immigrant families from Mexico joining together on this. One black mom told me this morning that she is against any government mandated vaccine after what happened to some people in her family at Tuskegee. There is no one reason behind being against the mandate, and not a lot of people really want to know that fact.”

Despite the growing number of planned walkouts statewide, Governor Newsom and health officials have maintained that the vaccine mandate for students is there to help reduce COVID-19 cases and protect children from contracting the virus.

“The state already requires that students are vaccinated against viruses that cause measles, mumps, and rubella – there’s no reason why we wouldn’t do the same for COVID-19,” said the Governor earlier this month. “Vaccines work. It’s why California leads the country in preventing school closures and has the lowest case rates. We encourage other states to follow our lead to keep our kids safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Walkouts are to occur at the beginning of the school day on Monday.

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Evan Symon
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23 thoughts on “Massive Statewide School Vaccine Walkout Protest Planned Monday October 18th

  1. Hey, Gav, Read about the science! Vaccines for measles, polio, rubella work!
    The Covid vaccine does not work. Vaccinated people get Covid at the same rate as the un-vaccinated!
    Please get a clue and widen the scope of your intel.
    Quit listening to the CCP.


    ALL ages, all races… This thing is a charade and needs to be resisted at all costs…

    Fight the WEF/NWO cabal and Bill Gates of Hell’s plans to track all of us under the guise of “safety”….

    1. YES, Deb Shay! Hope it’s HUGE and extremely noticeable. As a practical matter, the schools and districts will lose the ADA (Average Daily Attendance) money from the state, and they are NOT going to like that. Money is their middle name and that money helps to fund the villainous unions, of course. Would be great to see walk-outs grow and expand for those who are unable to home school for whatever reason. Could they expand to a week, maybe? A full week once a month, maybe? Or at least one day a week? Hope it can be done. Best of luck to you all.

  3. By the way, for the billionth time, children are not at risk of significant illness or death from COVID, thus mandates for them of ANY kind — masks, vaccines, plexiglas partitions, et al —- are completely unnecessary. The risk of significant illness or death from COVID for children is so low as to be statistically ZERO.

  4. Parents should keep their kids at home until the mandate is lifted. The schools will lose a lot of money, and the mandate will have to be reversed. Protests need to have teeth.

      1. Yes, imagine the stupidity behind not wanting to inject copious amounts of toxemia inducing poisons into your bloodstream via electroporation on an emergency mandate via experimental electroporation.

  5. Parents you must protect your children. I am look forward to a massive school walkout. I am sorry that you are all on point, but stay strong. Newsom has not (yet) vax’d his daughter and is advocating for the prison guard union members to be exempt from the vax mandate. You are not powerless; you are indeed powerful. Exert exert continual pressure and spread knowledge and courage to others.



  6. Watch, the mainstream leftist media won’t cover any of it, just like they lied about the Southwest Airlines vaccine walkout. California will feel it in the pocketbook, though.

    Don’t inject your children with this vaccine. That’s child abuse. Children have a next to zero chance of dying from COVID, and data shows they don’t spread it to adults. In fact, data shows they get it from adults. COVID ends with children. It doesn’t begin with children. Don’t do something like injecting your kids with a vaccine that has no long term testing, and that may harm them for the rest of their lives. You don’t want to live with that.

    1. Thank You @Protect Freedom, those are the facts.
      May you all have a successful walkout tomorrow!
      My children are grown but I will be with you in spirit.
      California Mama and Papa Bears protect those cubbies, they are our future!

  7. Children are suffering & Governor Newsom please pay attention. You are a leader & I pray that God fills your heart with compassion so you will do right by all specially the children.

  8. I’m lost !! How can this be that every school district has different protocols and requirements for COVID when if this a true deadly virus shouldn’t there be the same protocol and requirements in all school districts?? This is nothing but political war between power and control between good and evil!! We need to stay strong and demand for this nonsense to stop!

  9. I thought the kids were less likely to get covid now they can? This is jus stupid. Newsom needs to get some act right. Lets see him get his kid(s) vaccinated and see the outcome. He wont do that but you want other people to vaccinate their kids. GTFOH if you knew better you would do better. Kids were never the threat in this stupid covid shit. All a game with the twisted f**ks in office every single one of them. Bunch of sick people who wanna do some deranged s**t to kids. U should be ashamed of yourselfs n im sure ur mothers are all proud of the pricks they raised. The schools will lose money sucks for them. Kids will fail in school like you guys want what a wonderful future we have to look forward too cus a bunch of old pricks got their depends in a bunch. Cowards!! All cowards you people are bringing your kids up with youre same mindset smh more ignorant f**ks to try to run the world in the future. I hope schools lose all their funding hows that idiot going to fix that.

  10. This is a defining moment. Liberty or tyranny. These schools are supposed to be for the people. Forcing a shot on our kids that has caused death to thousands is criminal. The covid is over and never was an issue for kids. See https://vaers.hhs.gov/.

  11. How is Newsoms a** still in office? He obviously knows who to blow to stay at the top!
    I’m vaccinated, and I’m dealing with serious issues because of the vaccine! Why would he want to risk our childrens well being! Heartless POS! ????

    1. I am so sorry that you have serious issues from the injection… would you please help us understand what version you were given, when and more background on those issues???

      I’m starting to see more rehabilitative protocols to help offset the adverse ingredients in those clot-shots and deeply feel sorry for those that got the active ingredients and not the saline/placebo shots that are undoubtedly part of this Phase III clinical trial while they’re all still under the EUA designation….

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