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Maybe Guess Again, Lisa Bloom

When a paid Harvey Weinstein legal advisor cries rape, does anyone hear it?

By Thomas Buckley, May 2, 2022 4:56 pm

The casting couch, the “who you know (biblically), who you don’t know,” or even the “who do I have to f*#!” concept has, as a part of getting ahead, existed, sadly, forever.  The idea of lawyers playing both sides of the field is a more recent occurrence.

Hence Lisa Bloom.

The daughter of notorious attorney Gloria Allred, and one-time legal advisor to Harvey Weinstein, Bloom is now being sued – a la Michael Avenati RE: Nike – for extortion.

The claim against Bloom, filed by LA lawyers Gary Jay Kaufman and Shawn Holley, states the erstwhile “woman’s advocate” lawyer non-consensually, specifically, repeatedly, and intentionally inserted the word “rape” into the claim of her own client.

The basic story is this – the co-founder/owner of Guess? Jeans, Paul Marciano had sex with a model, or possibly even many models. Bloom’s firm claims to have information regarding problematic behavior from many models and other women, but with regard to at least one potential plaintiff, referred to as “S.S,” may have more than overstated the accusation.

In a lawsuit filed on the behalf of Marciano, it is averred that Bloom specifically and explicitly misrepresented the claims of “S.S.” in order to receive an immediate payment from Marciano.

Section 62 of the claim states: “Days later, on May 27, 2021, under the guise of settlement negotiations, Defendant Lisa Bloom emailed counsel for Guess and made a “final” demand. In the email, Defendant Bloom demanded that Plaintiff and Guess pay $235,000. Accompanying this ominous final demand, for the first time, was a draft complaint.”

And it was in that draft complaint that, the plaintiffs claim, the word “rape” was first used.

Attorney Kaufmann acknowledges a consensual relationship between Marciano and “S.S.” – whom he does not represent – but states the basis of the lawsuit is not really about sex, but extortion.

Despite “S.S.” alleged denials, Bloom claimed she is a victim of “rape,” the lawsuit avers, in order to get Bloom’s firm a bigger payday.

Below follows the direct statements of Lisa Bloom, the plaintiff, and a link to the actual filing.

Statement of Lisa Bloom:

Over twenty women have accused Paul Marciano of sexual harassment and sexual assault (most of whom I did not represent), according to Guess’ own records. Guess has stood by him for decades despite the pleas of so many women for justice and a recent shareholder revolt. His strong-arm tactics do not work on me.

I am finally taking Paul Marciano’s deposition next week. He is getting desperate. He is losing the case and he knows it. (As for this former client, we have many confidential emails from her describing her appalling story of what Paul Marciano did to her, which is why she hired us, to get justice against him on her sexual misconduct claims. We get client approval on everything we send out.)

I will not be distracted. This laughable, baseless case will be thrown out early.

Mr. Marciano, I look forward to your appearance in my office next week where you will, for the first time, have to answer questions under oath about my client’s sexual assault claims against you. I am ready. Are you?

The press release of the plaintiff:

Guess co-founder Paul Marciano has filed a lawsuit against attorney Lisa Bloom and her law firm, The Bloom Firm, for Extortion. The Complaint details Bloom’s long-running practice of tortious, deceptive and otherwise improper conduct. 

The filing alleges that Bloom threatened a lawsuit against Paul Marciano which contained knowingly and blatantly false allegations in bad faith for the improper purpose to extort money.  In fact, the Complaint alleges that Bloom never had any intention – or authority – to actually file the lawsuit threatened.

The Complaint meticulously details a series of brazen actions orchestrated by Bloom to concoct allegations and extort money from Paul Marciano, including attempts to conceal the shakedown scheme.  The plot ultimately unraveled when a whistleblower former client of Bloom revealed that she had specifically disavowed a claim of rape that Bloom had asserted against Marciano and told Bloom to remove that allegation from a draft lawsuit Bloom used to threaten Mr. Marciano.  The Complaint further alleges that Bloom never removed it.  

The former Bloom client revealed in a sworn declaration that the Bloom firm continually manipulated, harassed and bullied her into trying to make her say what the Bloom firm wanted her to say to sensationalize a threatened lawsuit.  These tactics by the Bloom firm included inventing allegations of rape and false imprisonment 

This lawsuit, alleging one count of Civil Extortion, will seek to both remedy the damage done to Mr. Marciano and expose the Bloom business practice of extorting money under the threat of damaging his public reputation.  

The complaint is below or you can click here.  The Los Angeles Superior Court case number is 22STCV14474.



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2 thoughts on “Maybe Guess Again, Lisa Bloom

  1. Obviously, Lisa Bloom is trying to follow in Mama’s footsteps and stepped into a pile of legal doo-doo!!!

    Word on the street is that the guy was a Weinstein-style protege’ in his dealings with his models – too bad that she sensationalized the situation for personal gain, but that’s what these “celebrity” attorneys do…


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