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'I Voted' sticker. (Photo: ebay)

More Voting ‘Irregularities’ Across California on Recall Election Day

Voters address, political party, voting status changed; Send the Globe your recall voting stories

By Katy Grimes, September 14, 2021 9:46 am

The Globe reported Monday voters around California were already reporting voting irregularities when they tried to vote in person. “At El Camino Real Charter High School in Woodland Hills, some voters say they were told the computers showed them as already having voted, even though they had not,” KTLA reported.

The Globe has been contacted early Tuesday Election Day by numerous voters who have experienced the same. Here are just a couple of reports:

“Husband and I got mysteriously de-registered to vote. We always get mail-in ballots.”

“I found out over the weekend that my registration address was changed so I never got my ballot. How was my mailing address changed?” another friend wrote. The Globe asked “Could it have happened with a DMV license renewal?” The answer: “nope I have not renewed my license since the last time I voted which was in a special election for Melissa Melendez. I have not changed my address yet not even with DMV, my mailing address was changed to Thermal, CA!! All my other mail is still the same.”

The Globe also published an article Monday on “Where to Vote; How to check your vote.” In that article is a link for those concerned about voting status to check “My Voter Status” on another SOS site. Fill in the questions: Name, birthdate, California drivers license number or ID number, last 4 digits of your Social Security card, and click submit.

Voters planning on voting in person Tuesday may want to check this website first.

Feel free to send us your voting stories either in the comments section or to katy@californiaglobe.com

We will keep this updated.

Here’s one “irregularity” I was sent:


Voter report of ballot irregularities Recall election. (Photo: screen shot)
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47 thoughts on “More Voting ‘Irregularities’ Across California on Recall Election Day

  1. I dropped off my voting ballot in person at my local polling place in an unsecured carboarded box which is now the standard operating procedure. When I was a deputy sheriff, we guarded the polling places, and all votes went inside a metal-locked box with a slot on top for ballots. All those ballots were treated like gold and taken by a security team of deputy sheriffs to the County Registrar of Voters office

    1. I put mine in my mailbox. I got notifications when it was delivered and another letting me know that my vote was received and will be counted. Didn’t feel the need for police escort.

  2. Thanks Katy for all your hard work by keeping us informed. I just checked my ballot status on the SOS website. I mailed my ballot and my mothers on 9/1 against my better judgment. Well, there was no record found on either one. Obviously we are both registered Republican voters. Very disappointed to confirm that our voices, votes do not count in California. It seems they have a system to stop Republican votes by mail and in person, nothing is being done about it.

    1. Stacy, just FYI, I used the ballot tracker at my County Registrar first to check if they had received our mailed ballots before trying the SOS site and they HAD received and verified them, four days later. Hope you find out your votes are in the system.

  3. Thank you Katy.
    My husband dropped our ballots off at the registrars’s office within a couple of days that we received them. I am in a small population county. Yesterday, we checked the site link you posted.
    The Registrar has our ballots.
    Vote Yes!

    1. Same here
      I drove it up to the county registrar and put it in their secure drop box
      Checked the website and it was acknowledged a few days later
      Now they just need to count it right
      Dont get discouraged by the polls – remember the polls showed HRC winning by a landslide as well – and look what happened when the people got out and participated in the process
      If enough of us return our ballots they won’t be able to print enough of their own to cancel us out
      VOTE people
      VOTE yes and then VOTE for your replacement candidate of choice

  4. Ashli Babbitt’s (J6 victim) family reported receiving 3 ballots in her name. Very sad “local News” KABC calls fraud claims “unfounded” when everyone knows it’s occurring, and of course no story author named. On the plus side, both, election fraud and fake news, are imploding. Thanks for being a credible source of California news.

    1. You mean Ashley Babbit the capitol terrorist who disobeyed multiple direct commands from law enforcement before she was shot for entering a restricted area with unknown intent while hundreds of violent thugs entered the Capitol intending to injure or execute government officials? That Ashley Babbit, her??

  5. Ventura County has apparently changed the ballot processing procedures from 2016 – we surrendered our mail-in (which were then prominently marked SURRENDERED) ballots, filled out our newly issued ballots and then dropped them off in a turquoise “ballot bag” without being run thru the system as before…

    This is troubling, as we cannot ascertain if our votes have been processed cleanly & properly, or if they get kicked out for “adjudication” and the potential to be flipped to the processor’s preferences…

    This is one of the weaknesses to the Dominion systems that were described at this document from the CA SOS website :


        1. Sure wish we were waving bye-bye to you two pointless jerks. Why not just move to Venezuela and all your dreams will come true?

    1. We saw the same flimsy felt ballot bag instead of the secure black boxes with a counter and a lock here in Simi.

      What is going on?

  6. Went to vote in person because i never got my mail in ballot. Had my driver’s license AND my voter registration card. They couldn’t find me in the system. Poll worker called over the supervisor and searched again. A name popped up, supervisor asked “have you ever lived on Virginia Street”? I said “nope”. Had to fill out a provisional ballot.

  7. There is zero evidence of voter fraud. But there are 1,000s believing the big lie and sticking to it. Trump lost – Recall will fail
    Republicans will whine and scream and the world will keep turning.
    See you at the mid-terms!

    1. No, that was not the same person. She was the one killed in cold blood while she was ignored by several other police offices who were right next to her, long before the madman killer took aim and shot her dead.

      A case of mistaken identify?

  8. Please Katy stay on this one! This crap has been going on for years and the only way it will stop is if people like you insist on keeping it in the spot light!
    In addition I hope you stay on the ridiculous “no bail” issue. Another voter issue upended by the self-righteous representatives from the bright blue counties in this state.
    Godspeed. Stay vigilant.

  9. Interesting that an entire article is published based on self-reported “irregularities” without any investigative confirmation. In this day and age of the BIG LIE, I would think that checking accuracy would be the foremost concern of any “journalist.”

    1. That California voters arrive at their polling station and are told “you already voted,” isn’t good enough for you? It’s happening all over the state and has been for a few days. If they don’t “self-report” how do you suggest we get the information?

  10. A voter just sent this to me: “We had to go to the San Bernardino County Clerk’s for my daughter’s ballot! They showed her inactive and we couldn’t fix it online. When we went in they said she had registered out of state! We’ve never lived in any other state! She did get a ballot and they said it should be fixed for the following elections. So there’s another state somewhere that also has her registered to vote too! They didn’t tell us which…
    While we were there, there was another young lady with her mom that hadn’t received her ballot. They told her she had also moved but I didn’t hear everything going on there, I was making sure my daughter’s stuff was getting fixed…”

  11. I will be absolutely shocked if that slimeball Newsom is recalled. The Dems are evil, and well organized. For too long, the Republicans try to play by the rules, and naively believe the Dems are too. Republicans, especially in California, need to grow a pair and take the state back.

  12. A voter just sent this to me: “I went to my polling Center to vote in person. The computer said I already sent in my mail in ballot and it was received. I had my mail in ballot in my hand and showed them but I did not send it in. Exact thing happened to my husband. Computer said they received both of our mail in ballots. We never send ballots in the mail. We are both Republicans. This is awful.”

  13. We voted in Riverside and first two passes through scrolling for Larry Elders name it was not there. The poll watcher said looking for larry elder? Then scrolled up and it appeared. Seemed strange we both had hard time finding his name.

  14. Gee, what a huge surprise to see the annoying paid demon trolls checking in on election day! Or maybe some are not paid, this is just how they entertain themselves. Also notice the psychological projection they engage in —- for instance, calling people liars when guess who is a liar? Could it be the troll? Either that or they are just regurgitating their script of talking points; e.g., the “Big Lie.” Pathetic jerks. Sort of like their pathetic “leaders.”

    I hope everyone who had an unfortunate voting incident will submit a report of it to those who are collecting these incidents for investigation:
    https://fixcalifornia.com (Ric Grenell’s outfit)
    https://electelder.com (hit “Stop Fraud” at the top of the page)
    https://www.eip-ca.com/incident-htm (Election Integrity Project CA incident report page)
    Submit a report to all if possible. The forms are short and to the point.

    Good news: Heard a couple of radio callers this afternoon talking about huge lines for voting in person. Huge lines in the middle of the afternoon, yet, which I thought was a good sign.

    1. There were huge lines because many in-person voters had to be confirmed by a phone call to county election offices, and cell phone coverage would sometimes drop or there might be a delay at the county in answering the phone calls.

      A completely and perhaps intentionally cumbersome voting system, but now required when elections are allegedly 100% Vote By Mail (VBM). They are discouraging voters from any possible use of onsite polling stations – long lines and complex systems and poor poll worker training on. these complex systems will insure only vote-harvesting prone elections will be the way of the future in this state.

      The primary error is anyone without a VBM ballot to surrender had to be checked to see if anyone had voted in their name – once it was confirmed there was no prior vote in their name —at that particular moment in time — the voter was then issued a regular in person ballot.

      Nothing in this system prevented their VBM ballot that they did not have, from being disposed before the end of poll closures which would allow double voting since this later VBM deposit would escape the county checking system.

      Shall we assume there is some other fail-safe override once the ballots are officially counted that cross checks this possible double voting situation? (1) Non surrender of VBM ballot; (2) issued a new on site ballot; (3) VBM ballot potentially ballot dropped later, after the first on-side Election Day ballot was cast..

      I’d like to know what this is – voter cross check number tallies? Ballot adjudication later if this is picked up by county staff?

  15. These Dem deniers are the type that you could slam their head into a wall and they would respond, “that didn’t hurt”.
    Nothing to see here, move along trolls..
    Pass Go and collect your 200.00.
    Thanks for the reporting, Katy.

  16. My wife and I voted in Santa Rosa CA every year since 1979. When I went to vote, I gave my address and it said we had 3 people voting from there. I told the worker that only two people lived there. She said the name will be off next election. The same name showed up for 10 years. My wife and I are independent, the phony name was a democrat. Ten years a democrat voted from our address. Don’t tell me there is fraud going on.

  17. I was a poll worker and totally untrained, except what I could read from the highly confusing county website, While a poll worker training course was “required” the county training officer did not show up at the time and place indicated, only to learn she changed the location but did not tell us.

    We floundered at the end as best we could, trying to close down the poll and get the ballots to the elections office. The county election worker assigned to help admitted she had never done this and then proved she was totally worthless, referring only to a manual that she could not even understand.

    She was also too busy on her cell phone and enjoying the food that was provided the poll workers at the site where we had worked all day long, while she had just shown up. I dread to think what her county employment title was, and her taxpayer funded compensation package was.

    We volunteers did the best we could and proceeded to the elections office to drop off our “hot ballot box” of live ballots, only to have no signature chain of custody offered for this box of precious live ballots – just dump it in the parking lot while multiple county staffers were handling the return of all supplies, unused ballots and polling station equipment as randomly as they handled the “hot ballot box” – no special markings, just plain brown cardboard box. When it left our hands, I never saw where it ended up because we were told we were blocking traffic.

    Due to “voting reform” (anytime, anywhere, any person, any ballot) has made live voting poll work so onerous with multiple steps, forms and requirements including nearly each voter who showed up having to be confirmed by a phone call to the county, it will be hard to find any well-meaning civic volunteers for future onsite elections poll work, ensuring all voting will become 100% by mail, ripe for deep fraud as we have learned.

    1. Thanks for this first-hand report, Jaye. It’s not good news of course, but better to know than not know. Really paints a picture of the chaos.

  18. Thanks for all your effort and work, Jaye. I’m glad you still view our voting rights as precious; it seems like very few paid workers where you are do.

  19. My husband and I dropped our ballots off in a dropbox in Kings county in September 13th, as did my daughter, our ballots are not showing received or counted, just showing outbound in the mail to us. I saw others use this same box, so how many ballots did not make it out of there?

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