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California State Capitol (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Newsom’s Poison Pill is an Assault on Critical Public Safety Reform and California Voters’ Voices 

The People’s Initiative to reform Proposition 47 proposes robust solutions that extend far beyond the current legislation’s scope

By Aidan Chao, June 10, 2024 9:04 am

Well-known for eleventh-hour maneuvers within the smoke-filled rooms of Sacramento, California’s legislature is attempting a covert kill shot set to undermine a popular reform sought by California voters. In an unprecedented and deeply unethical maneuver, Governor Gavin Newsom’s office has directed Sacramento lawmakers to insert a “poison pill” provision into the current package of bills addressing retail theft and other crimes.  This “poison pill” aims to guarantee, subject to legislative votes, an automatic repeal of these same laws should “The Homelessness, Drug Addiction and Theft Reduction Act,” a People’s Initiative set to qualify for the November 2024 ballot, be enacted by voters.

This bill package, which many in the progressive wing of the Democratic majority dragged their feet in supporting, was the product of pressure placed upon Sacramento to act when 910,000 signatures were submitted to support the initiative to reform California’s deeply flawed Proposition 47. Californians have overwhelmingly experienced buyer’s remorse on progressive criminal justice reform, with San Francisco recalling DA Chesa Boudin and George Gascón delivering the worst electoral performance for an incumbent DA in LA County history. A tangible impact that has led to Californian businesses and citizens feeling the need to reform Prop 47 is rampant property crime. This can be credited to pro-criminal policies like Prop 47, which lowered the number of thefts leading to arrests dropping to 6.6% in 2022, down from 15% before its passage, according to state data. 

The Governor’s insidious “poison pill” strategy represents a flagrant attempt to subvert the democratic process and undermine the will of California voters. This maneuver is designed to punish the electorate and dissuade support for the People’s Initiative, which seeks to amend Proposition 47 and implement comprehensive reforms to address the intertwined crises of fentanyl, drug addiction, retail theft, and homelessness. 

The People’s Initiative to reform Proposition 47 proposes robust solutions that extend far beyond the current legislation’s scope, promising enhanced accountability and more effective measures to tackle these pressing issues, such as increasing punishments for repeat offenders and granting judges greater discretion in sentencing fentanyl traffickers. Yet, the introduction of the Governor’s provision is a calculated political assassination, intended to derail this critical reform effort before it can even reach the ballot.

Moreover, if the “poison pill” language is successfully passed, it will necessitate a critical rewrite of the People’s Initiative’s “Official Title and Summary” by the California Attorney General. This is the text that voters will see on the ballot, and any negative amendment could irreparably doom the Initiative’s chances of passing. It is a perversion of California’s initiative process, as well as our democratic tradition, that such a vital reform could be sabotaged by behind-the-scenes legislative tactics without oversight from the voters and victims of crime who worked tirelessly to allow Californians to revisit Prop 47 in November.

This Tuesday, June 11th, lawmakers will begin voting on these bills, including the “poison pill” provision. This underhanded strategy must be staunchly opposed by all who value democratic integrity and public safety reform. 

Our fight for safe communities, justice for victims of drugs and crime, and the end to chronic homelessness in California has never been more critical. This covert legislative maneuver by Governor Newsom’s office is a direct assault on the democratic process and public safety reform. We must stand united and resolute in opposing this unethical ploy and safeguarding the voice of the California electorate.

The stakes are high. The future of meaningful public safety reform and the integrity of our democratic process depends on our collective action. Let us not allow political gamesmanship to derail the progress we have fought so hard to achieve.

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3 thoughts on “Newsom’s Poison Pill is an Assault on Critical Public Safety Reform and California Voters’ Voices 

  1. Dem/Marxist legislators —- with the Gov’s metaphorical gun to their heads —- support the “poison pill” at their own peril. Are they aware of how much the public despises their nonsense as well as Gavin’s, and how much they want the “super-majority” Dem/Marxist legislature to FAIL, be VOTED OUT in a tsunami, sent home to play with their Legos forever and have NO political future? The present sentiment about this is not what is once was, and puffed-up arrogant legislators would be wise to come ouot of tone-deaf isolation and insulation and watch themselves If they were dragged into this, they need to realize it is time to STAND UP against this “poison pill” dirty trickery…. and so much more, of course. The Dems – and likely a few clueless Repubs – need to hear from us.
    Find and contact your reps here.

  2. Check out Kevin Kiley’s X post and be sure to scroll down to watch the video of the Gov. He’s not looking too happy, is he? His facial expression reminds me of when he was being grilled by reporters over scandal when he was S.F. mayor.
    Apparently there is great momentum for the “End 47” Citizen’s Initiative and the Gov and his Henchmen are out and about everywhere panicking about it and desperately pushing the empty legislative package. Ask yourself why the CA Dem/Marxists are so on fire with making sure the public ISN’T SAFE?
    “Kevin Kiley on X: ‘I’ve called Newsom America’s most corrupt governor. To see why, watch this exchange on his scheme to remove the End Prop. 47 initiative from the ballot. Question: Are you not confident you can win at the ballot box? Newsom: ‘I don’t think there’s a need to have it on the ballot'”

  3. And don’t forget he first tried crying to the CA Supreme Court to get the peoples proposition declared unconstitutional, and when that didn’t work, he put the legislature into overdrive to try and extort his will over the people. And as scary as it sounds, be very, very wary if you make campaign contributions or vote the wrong way in November…..as it appears some will stop at nothing to maintain their hold on the power.

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