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Assemblyman Kevin Kiley. (Photo: Diana Martinez courtesy of Kevin Kiley)

Politicians Give Themselves Raises, Pass Frivolous Legislation While California Burns

Meanwhile, Tesla left for Texas, and 74 other companies moved their HQ out of California the first half of this year

By Katy Grimes, October 14, 2021 2:33 am

The spate of non-serious legislation passed by the California Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom would just be considered a silly extravagance if the state’s problems were all solved.

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California still has a homeless epidemic, severe water shortage, empty reservoirs, imposed drastic water cuts to agriculture and ranchers, wildfires still burning, utilities cutting power, failing public education system, crime spikes throughout the state, the Huntington Beach oil spill, supply chain bottlenecks at the state’s ports, millions of angry parents over COVID vaccine school mandates, indoor mask mandates, the highest taxes in the nation, and the more than $1 trillion debt in unfunded public employee pension and retiree health care …

Is that all?

And Gov. Newsom is bragging about California’s COVID “case rate” success.

Governor Gavin Newsom in San Francisco on June 3, 2021 (Photo: Gov.CA.Gov)

Except, as Assemblyman Kevin Kiley points out, “Currently, Florida’s case rate is lower than California’s. Florida has fared better in every respect, including age-adjusted mortality. Their kids have been in school without masks and businesses open without mandates.”

“Nonetheless, Newsom continues to brag about imposing vaccine mandates on young children – while opposing them for his biggest Special Interest donors,” Kiley says.

The Globe has covered some of the absurd, frivolous bills, including but not limited to, the new ban on leaf blowers, lawn mowers and gas generators, gender-neutral retail requirements, adding parents and stepparents to your employer’s health insurance plan, prohibiting removing a condom during sex without consent, a new K-12 Ethnic Studies requirement, a ban on plastic straws and now adding forks, chopsticks, ketchup, and other “food ware accessories” to the ban, and California now requires free menstruation products at public schools.

It’s increasingly difficult to take the California Legislature seriously.

Assemblyman Kiley continues on his blog:

“The solution to this madness is my Resolution, ACR 46, to end the State of Emergency and terminate Newsom’s emergency powers. The problem is legislators are too useless to pass it.

Yet that hasn’t stopped them from getting paid more. Their per diem “allowance” was just raised to $214 per day, over $40,000 annually. (I’m again declining it entirely and also refusing the salary increase.)

Meanwhile, Tesla has left for Texas. 74 other companies moved their HQ out of California the first half of this year. And 182,000 people packed up U-Hauls last year.

Newsom and the Legislature’s response: new laws to ban gas-powered leaf blowers and require “gender neutral” toy aisles.

Your government is beyond broken.”

Kiley has a way of boiling the issues down to a basic reduction sauce.

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16 thoughts on “Politicians Give Themselves Raises, Pass Frivolous Legislation While California Burns

  1. Just 2 things are needed here Kevin.
    1) New computer programs to count the votes, controlled by the citizens of California who are unattached to big tech or a political party.
    2) Viable candidates properly funded to oppose the majorities in the state house.
    Since it was attempted to cut off the head of the snake in September the snake must be cut one piece at a time.
    A strategy being effected this year on the national level for the mid-terms.
    Hopefully some common sense will return to the House of Representatives and dry up the teet that the Democrats in California need to stay in control.

  2. Here’s the BLOCKBUSTER article about the ENTIRE Covid-19 PLANDEMIC/SCAMDEMIC – it’s all a coordinated RUSE to destroy the global economy for Klaus Schwab & Bill Gates (of Hell) and the monied elites takeover…


    and the full e-book – it’s a doozy, but it makes complete sense :


  3. With a few EXCEPTIONAL exceptions, such as Kevin Kiley (God bless him), the entire California legislature is a CLOWN SHOW and has been for some time. They are not even slightly embarrassed — are they! — to have passed this bundle of symbolic and completely useless bills, some of which would be laughable if the whole enterprise weren’t so horrendous and deflating for Californians who are only asking that these people earnestly do their jobs. Their assault keeps us from laughing at this point, which these freaks are probably happy about. And of course Gruesome signed them all into LAW without a flicker of embarrassment. Thanks, Gov Gav, you’ll go down in California history as the worst, most puffed-up, most self-regarding, most irritating, most incompetent, most destructive horse’s ass of a politician this state has ever seen.

  4. This is a very funny article. Some parts even resemble the truth. If you like Florida so much, why don’t you move there?

  5. Other states have added those same classes (I wish I had had them in school – that it hadn’t been white washed), Florida LIES about their covid count if the even bother to count (they have had several whistle blowers), who cares about gender neutral toys – all its doing is putting toy in a basic box and saying EVERY kid can play with ANY toy but I guess too many people are homophobes – you should move to Texas if you are.

  6. Hey California! It appears to the rational Californian that we have come to the end of the road. The only sane alternative is to move. Godless, evil Democrats continue to drive the state further into the sewer, and in doing so have found the time to give themselves a raise.

  7. Sounds like sour grapes from Katy Grimes. The people of CA, including myself, voted “no” on the recent recall election. Gov Newsom is an excellent governor who is leading the state to become the progressive place that the rest of the U.S. will eventually become.

    1. Please hand me the nearest barf bag. W16521, take a trip to San Francisco and visit a Walgreens. Wait. You can’t find one? Wonder why. Oh, BTW, have you seen Sacramento lately? The homeless population is beyond belief. Your Governor is doing what about this? He is a DISASTER!

    2. Excellent governor? The same guy who imposed lockdowns, mask mandates, and told everyone to stay home while he was dining inside a fancy 5 star restaurant? The same guy who stopped kids from attending schools, seeing their friends, and playing sports? The one who basically took Latino votes for granted by closing churches and blocked healthcare for immigrants for another year and then begged for their votes later? The one who basically threatened the livelihoods of every restaurant by closing outdoor dining and other businesses? Oh right, that “excellent governor.”

    3. W16521 is one of the idiots that live here and will not understand they have helped destroy this once great state until it affects them personally. Unfortunately it’ll be too late. I believe it already is. I just can’t believe someone wants $5.00 a gal. Gas, crappy roads, and being taxed to death. A great Governor? He’s the Idiot leading the charge. And his sheeple are blindly following. Wow.

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