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RecallGavin2020 California bear. (Photo: recallgavin2020.com)

Report: Majority of LA County Signatures to Recall Gov. Newsom Are from Democrats

If report is legitimate, this may be a far more bipartisan recall election than anyone realized

By Katy Grimes, March 16, 2021 6:11 pm

WeaselZippers posted a screen shot midday of a Los Angeles County report showing that a majority of signatures in LA County to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom are from Democrats.

WeaselZippers screenshot of LA County RecallGavin2020 petition signers. (Photo: WeaselZippers.com)

Almost looking like a typical LA County election tabulation, the screen shot shows of the 146,507 signatures, 52.45% were Democratic voters, 24.95% were No Party Preference voters, and 17.15% were Republican voters.

As the Globe recently reported, The recall campaign did a study of a sampling of 20,000 of the recall signatures to see what the political party breakdown was. Recall campaign organizer Orrin Heatlie said 31.5% of the signers were “other than Republicans,” showing that this is a bipartisan event.

If this LA County report is legitimate, this may be a far more bipartisan recall election than anyone realized.

The Gavin Newsom Recall Campaign announced late last week it gathered 2,060,000 signatures, eclipsing a self-imposed goal of 2 million by the 10th.

According to a press release by the Recall Gavin 2020 campaign, of the now 2 million-plus signatures, 1, 871,573 have been pre-verified internally through a third party, while 1.8 million signatures have already been sent to the registrar of voters offices in 58 counties. By law, only 1.495 million signatures, 12% of the total Gubernatorial vote in 2018, are needed to trigger a recall election. This means that even with a  25% signature rejection rate, far above the current state and campaign third party rates, the  recall will have enough to be on the ballot this year.

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20 thoughts on “Report: Majority of LA County Signatures to Recall Gov. Newsom Are from Democrats

  1. Wow, this is a wonderful thing! No wonder Newsom hopped has been spewing nonsense and calling names on The View et al. Haven’t I heard certain election prognosticators proclaim in the past that if you have L.A. County you have the state?

  2. Thanks for the confirming announcement. I believe this recall is bipartisan. The early Recall Newsom zoom meetings I attended said it was — and said so more than once when the count had been (only) a million and a half signatures. GnuSom is going down.

  3. The sample tallies are outstanding. I hope Newsom’s latest rants only enrage the electorate. They only way Newsom can survive being thrown out of office is through corrupt voting. Let’s finish this…www.recallgavin2020.com

    1. Based on what I heard and read just today — you probably caught some of it too — I think Newsom’s latest nasty and untrue name-calling IS enraging the electorate. We’ll see…

  4. Yes indeed this is very promising! It confirms what many of us know. All Californians from all political affiliations have been hurt by Newsolini’s poor policy making.
    Great observation @ShowandTell, we have LA county so there goes California????
    I am also encouraged by the 82% percent signature acceptance rate.
    Thanks for sharing Katy!

    He had the nerve to go on TV today and make this crazy claim; the majority of the signatures are from people who are against the browning of California!! He is so absurd and obnoxious. He loves to insult the good people of California at any cost. I hope it costs him the governorship!

    1. So glad to see you Cali Girl. I think Newsom really ticked people off today with his flame-throwing nonsense; the angry reaction to it was INTENSE from what I heard and read. Newsom is likely incapable of being reasonable or acting in a way that would change anyone’s mind at this point. He’ll probably only make it worse! GOOD.

      1. You as well @ShowandTell.
        It has been quite an interesting 48 hours.
        Newsom has a knack for making everything worse! Good is right. It is time people come to see him for what he really is, an empty suit that was groomed for the California oligarchy.

  5. Daily, Newsom PROVES what a jackass he is, every time he opens his smarmy mouth and progress another LIE….

    Truly VILE!!!

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