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San Francisco. (Photo: by Sebastian)

San Francisco New Urban Garden District Vandalized

‘Van Ness is still a mess and nothing compared to Champs-Elysees’

By Katy Grimes, July 18, 2023 2:50 am

The Globe has covered the demise of once-beautiful and world renowned city of San Francisco. From Walgreens closing, as well as more and more stores in the city over the massive amount of crime, to the flagship Whole Foods store announcing they are closing, multiple more non-chain stores are closing throughout the city. Last month, both Nordstrom and Saks Off 5th announced the closure of 3 main locations in the city, along with T-Mobile, Old Navy, and Williams-Sonoma also announcing closures, the Globe reported.

This is a good news/bad news story.

Sebastian, a San Francisco resident and friend to the Globe, just published a story about San Francisco’s new urban garden district, which is one solution to getting rid of tents on the sidewalks in front of businesses. “They installed steel planters on their Ellis sidewalk about 3 months ago which soon after was followed by their neighbors along Van Ness and Franklin. And just like that, San Francisco’s new ‘Urban Garden District’ was developed.”

Jaguar/Range Rover dealership. (Photo: Sebastian)

In April, Sebastian reported that the local Jaguar Land Rover San Francisco dealership on Van Ness and Ellis took the initiative to spruce up their neighborhood with urban gardening to fight crime, after the San Francisco Mayor’s and the Chief of Police’s offices failed to respond to their complaints about crime and vandalism. And after a car was stolen from the Van Ness Jaguar dealership. And after “a woman living in a tent next to the dealership often goes naked in front of this dealership’s large window to take a dump that employees and customers can see.”

Planters installed outside Jaguar/Range Rover dealership. (Photo: Sebastian)

Sebastian reported the Jaguar/Range Rover dealership on Van Ness and Ellis installed this planters next to their building (the Ellis side) to discourage homeless encampments.

So why are the new urban garden district planters being destroyed, defaced and vandalized?

Let’s back up.

Just last month, Westfield announced they are handing their San Francisco mall back to the bank – just one more devastating departure in the deteriorating city.

Westfield’s departure marks the latest in retail companies abandoning the city, the Globe reported. The city is being abandoned by anchor businesses.

SF HSOC team cleared out Lach. (Photo: Sebastian)

Even Littlejohn’s Candies is closing its San Francisco location.

Notably, Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce, has claimed that downtown San Francisco will not be going back to its pre-pandemic state, Breitbart just reported. “Benioff said that the area is ‘never going back to the way it was’ and advised Mayor London Breed to convert some offices into housing and hire more police. ‘We need to rebalance downtown,’ Benioff said.”

As one resident just told the Globe, it’s like Mogadishu – after the Globe equated it to Dante’s Hell.

Sebastian reflected back to when Dianne Feinstein was the Mayor of San Francisco and had a dream of “turning Van Ness Avenue into the American version of Champs- Elysees, the 1.17-mile boulevard in Paris with fabulous cafes, bars, boutiques, and residential buildings.”

“But, until now, Van Ness is still a mess and nothing compared to Champs-Elysees. Van Ness is lined with tents, trash, graffiti, and broken windows, and perfumed with the smell of urine. Van Ness Avenue is a ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams & Promises’ in which a dysfunctional city government is fully displayed.”

A tent next to a fire hydrant on Van Ness and Post. July 14, 2023. (Photo: Sebastian)

Sebastian continued: “Businesses along Van Ness have been struggling for years due to decaying street conditions and crime.”

Read Sebastian’s first hand account of the day-to-day in San Francisco the boundless crime, as well as the residents who are determined to stay and fight for their city.

His articles sound like the many Californians determined to stay and fight to turn California around.

Here is Sebastian’s article at Beyond Chron:


New planters at Ellis and Franklin across the street from Sacred Heart Cathedral. (Photo: Sebastian)
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9 thoughts on “San Francisco New Urban Garden District Vandalized

  1. Hey all you social justice warriors this is your dream city! This is exactly the result of progressive policy which actually is regressive policy. It is not fit for any young family to live, shop or dine in.
    If anyone is so inclined watch 10 minutes of a county supervisor meeting or a press conference. I think the so called leaders really have given up, They made such a mess of things with bad policy and will never admit it because they all think alike. They will just walk away hands up in the air and ask how did this happen!
    They just had a small riot with a skateboard activists and who gets blamed as they were trying to bring order? The police.
    These kids who supposedly just wanted to ride the streets of S.F. threw firecrackers directly at the police did $ 85,000.00 dollars of damage to a muni bus. The city stupid-visors come to defend the rioters and want the police fully investigated. This is just the latest example of the social justice scam! The worst part is the parents defended the teenagers actions and demanded the police be held accountable for sitting “ little Johnny and Susie” on the curb for a few hours while they sorted out the mayhem. A mother was in the mix hitting the cops!

    San Francisco is literally, Land of the Lost! It will not be long before the famous Golden Gate will be known as the Graffiti Gate! Oh what a piece of art that will be!

    1. It is very hard to have a revolution with the tempering power of a happy middle class.

      California is being turned into a place with a few very rich and powerful people and a lot of very, very, poor people dependent on the state.

      It is easy, then , to raise mobs of angry people to destroy the system(s) we have in place – and instead of reform a corrupt and broken system to instead replace it with a totalitarian/dictatorship style system.

  2. The steel planters do make the surrounding environs more uplifted and easeful along a street. But who is insuring that they will remain that way and not be destroyed by aimless thugs and drug addicts?

  3. The ongoing destruction of SF has to be intentional? Democrats in control of SF are probably getting financial incentives to allow the city to deteriorate to such an extreme degree? Maybe the WEF globalist cabal and/or the CCP are hoping to acquire SF property on the cheap after the city completely collapses?

  4. I am surprised that they need any additional greenery on Van Ness- last time I drove up it, it was hard to miss the TREES that they decided to put smack dab in the middle of the road. No doubt a reactionary response to
    San Francisco’s extreme hatred for automobiles.
    Ten years ago , before I ever heard of the WEF, city leaders could not figure out what to do about the homeless situation. So, as FedUp said, they threw their arms up and ignored it.
    That was before the ‘ threat’ of the woke cancel culture.
    At this point, San Francisco is the terrible punchline to the dirty joke that is California.

    I can accept that it will never be what it was but maybe somebody would like to start talking about what it will be.
    Barring a natural disaster, will the streets downtown ever not smell like urine?
    With the closures of mental health facilities like Laguna Honda and the prisons and jails , where do the unwashed masses go?

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