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San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge from above, misty weather. (Photo: Stefano Termanini/Shutterstock)

Sen. Scott Wiener Calls For Monkeypox State of Emergency

‘The mixed messaging has left the public understandably confused’

By Katy Grimes, July 27, 2022 12:57 pm

Wednesday morning, State Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) called on San Francisco and California to declare a State of Emergency due to the Monkeypox outbreak. 

As of July 26, 2022, the CDC reports there are 3,591 total confirmed monkeypox cases in the United States, and 356 in California. Sen. Wiener says there are 222 monkeypox cases in San Francisco alone. New York has the highest number of cases – 900. Oddly, there are 191 monkeypox cases in Washington D.C, which The Hill reports is the highest case rate by population. “With 110 cases and a population of less than 690,000, monkeypox has been detected in about 0.016 percent of residents.”

“Monkeypox is a public health crisis, and we need to treat it as such,” Wiener said in a statement Wednesday. “In San Francisco alone, we have 222 cases – one of the highest rates in the United States. Given that spread and that Monkeypox is now being detected in our sewage, we know that cases are high and will continue to grow. Monkeypox is painful and isolating, and no one should have to experience it.”

CDC 2022 U.S. Map & Monkeypox Case Count. (Photo: Screen capture cdc.gov)

June 22, Sen. Wiener addressed that Monkeypox was primarily being spread in the gay community and said: “The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and California Department of Public Health (CDPH) are currently warning Americans – particularly gay and bisexual men – about rising cases of Monkeypox and Meningitis across the country. Both spread through close contact, often skin-to-skin, and can be life-threatening if left untreated, so it’s crucial we stay informed about the risks we face and safety measures we can take.”

July 13 Wiener warned that San Francisco was running out of Monkeypox vaccine. ““Today the San Francisco Department of Public Health announced that the Department is about to run out of monkeypox vaccine. Its San Francisco General Hospital monkeypoxvaccine clinic will be temporarily suspended after today.”

July 14, Wiener said: “Sadly, as monkeypox is spreading throughout the country, San Francisco has the most cases in California (more than Los Angeles County, which has ten times our population) (emphasis Sen. Wiener). “This is yet another public health failure currently harming gay and bisexual men, as well as transgender people. But if this failure continues, it will spread beyond the LGBTQ community. Indeed, if this outbreak is not quickly contained, monkeypox may become endemic in our country. This is a huge and preventable public health problem.

Wiener blames the federal government for the spread: “In 2010, health experts began warning that it was just a matter of time before monkeypox spread beyond West Africa, and in 2019 a safe and highly effective monkeypox-specific vaccine was approved by the FDA. Sadly, however, federal health authorities badly dropped the ball by ordering very few doses — 56,000 doses, translating to a two-dose regimen for 28,000 people — for our national vaccine stockpile. It’s hard to overstate what a disaster it was for the federal government to order so few doses for its stockpile. Had the federal government ordered the millions of doses needed, we would currently be able to quickly vaccinate everyone at risk and contain this outbreak.”

Monday, Slate addressed the disinformation in media and social media about Monkeypox:

“The message that anyone can get monkeypox, widely disseminated by public health officials and the media, is not incorrect, but it is misleading. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists direct contact with monkeypox sores, respiratory secretions during face-to-face contact, sex, cuddling, and touching contaminated items as potential transmission routes—but they’re not all equally risky. The raging social media debate about whether monkeypox can be considered a sexually transmitted infection misses the point: Right now, it is primarily spreading during sex and, like most STIs, it can be transmitted other ways as well.”

“While anyone could potentially catch the virus through close physical contact, the ‘vast majority’ of people getting it now are gay and bisexual men, according to CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky,” Slate reported. “In a recent study of more than 500 cases in 16 countries, 98 percent were among men who have sex with men, and sexual contact was identified as the likely transmission route in 95 percent of cases.”

Slate reported that there are around 100 monkeypox cases among women worldwide – a relatively small number of cases outside of gay men, health officials have reported.

In a deja vu of the 1980’s HIV/AIDS crisis, Slate said, “The mixed messaging has left the public understandably confused.”

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22 thoughts on “Sen. Scott Wiener Calls For Monkeypox State of Emergency

  1. Oh, brother. Well, you can always count on Sen Scott Wiener to yell fire in a crowded theater, can’t you? He loves to spread panic; it’s his favorite activity. I’d be worried about him if he didn’t do it.
    Hey Sen Wiener! I know how you can promote the full prevention and further spread of monkeypox amongst sexually active gay men — in S.F. or wherever — and so do you. Plus it’s foolproof. No vaccine required.

    1. Is it me or shit every gave me enough force to take the monkeypox fires because of this other gay! This is the same guy that thinks it’s OK for people within 10 years if your 13-year-old child to be a lien orally raped and that’s no longer a crime against their will! Because it’s actually called consent based on his bill in California. Keep your penis and other things out of little kids and others and you won’t have monkey pox he sick bastards! These people should be home in quarters you’re disgusting. If you’re so concerned about monkeypox keep your dick in your pants you sick fuck

    2. Will he demand a 10 pm curfew as well? Hair Gel imposed this…you know the BogeyMan is out after 10 pm.

  2. Well, for Weiner’s “community” it may well be an emergency.
    Check out this article:
    My summary of it:

    …So, what are the facts to date regarding monkeypox? The latest estimate from the WHO is that there are now around 15,000 cases of monkeypox across the globe, a mere 0.0001% of the world population (one in a million) and a grand total of five deaths. If these deaths were evenly spread across the globe, then the case fatality rate would be 0.03% (three in 10,000)…

    …the risk of catching monkeypox is even less evenly distributed across the population because the present spread of monkeypox is almost completely restricted to a single high-risk group, men who have sex with men, who constitute 95% of cases….

    …It is hard to avoid the notion that there is something very contrived about the monkeypox story. One source claims that monkeypox specific vaccines have been in preparation for at least two years and since the U.S. Government recently ordered 2.5 million doses of monkeypox vaccine it seems this source may be correct…

    …Children are to be targeted for vaccination and this is being spurred by reports of two cases amongst children in the United States. Once again, children are going to be given something that probably does not work for something they are extremely unlikely to catch and that is unlikely to have any serious consequences if they do…

    …the WHO is not giving up without a fight. It has appointed arch-doom-monger and fully paid up Communist Susan Michie (not a doctor) who did so much to spread fear during COVID-19 to chair its psychological nudge unit (a.k.a. the Technical Advisory Group for Behavioural Insights and Science for Health). My only advice is ‘prepare to repel boarders’; the fighting may become fierce.

  3. Well, well well, never let a “crisis” go to waste. More lockdowns, forced moneYpox vaxxes on the way. As ShowandTell alluded to, there is one way to stop the spread. Dr. Paul Alexander bluntly said abstain from gay sex for 3 weeks and no group “activities”, will halt the spread. Children are not at risk unless they are subjected to these activities in the gay communities.

    I wonder if Senator Wiener is up for the challenge? Or will he subject us to more state sanctions? Are you all tired of the fear porn yet?

    1. DEFINITELY tired of all the fear porn, Cali Girl. We’re not the only ones, are we.
      Thank you very much for posting the link.

  4. I’m a homosexual man, and I’ve challenged Wiener for years on these issues. What has been left unstated is Wiener’s support for “PrEP” – the practice of giving anti HIV drugs to healthy HIV-negative gay men to prevent them from becoming positive. There is very good reason to suspect PrEP a total fraud and doesn’t work (over a decade of uptake in high PrEP-uptake states, annual new HIV cases have remained unchanged), but it makes billions for the drug industry. What PrEP has done is replace condoms in gay sexual networks, and I strongly suspect this is the root cause of the Monkeypox outbreak.

    Wiener is funded by PrEP’s manufacturer, and he has pushed numerous PrEP friendly policies such as a ban on preauthorization and allowing pharmacist-dispensed PrEP. Many people with no risk of HIV are asking their doctors for PrEP, which if you have good insurance reimburses at $1200/month, raising everyone’s health insurance premiums that much. Now you have Wiener pushing Monkeypox vaccination (creating millions in new Pharma profits) instead of simple cost-effective measures such as temporarily shuttering bathhouses, blocking the servers of gay hook-up aps, and recruiting prominent celebrities to preach temporary abstinence. Why are gay men somehow protected against public-health enforced “social distancing” during an outbreak?

    It’s all about money. Wiener doesn’t really care about gay men. For him, they’re a profit center.

    1. Thank you for providing this information, Tom. I have seen the PrEP commercials on TV. Now I know why. As you say, it’s all about money.

    2. Over time, I’ve finally come to realize that Sen Wiener’s main focus and goal is not what he asserts it is but is actually all about MONEY. Hurting and exploiting people, even those within his own “community” — and others —- is just a hobby.

    1. Yes, once again scare people into submission.
      Next up Marburg Virus…

      Thank you Tom Busse for the insights. Weiner is a danger to the gay community. Fauci also shares in the harm to many families. Yes, it comes down to ego and money.

  5. It’s a fggott disease, so yeah, he’s squeal about this one…like taking one without lube.

  6. This disease affects only a very small group of people engaging in certain behavior. Since I am not in that group this makes no difference to me at all. NFG.

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