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Senator Scott D. Wiener. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Sen. Scott Wiener’s Progressive Agenda: Bad for the Business Climate

‘It’s time for the corporate community to come clean about their progress toward meeting our climate goals’

By Katy Grimes, July 20, 2023 2:45 am

California State Senator Scott Wiener just sent out a legislative update in a campaign donation request letter, touting his progressive agenda. His constituents may enjoy his leftist proclivities, but the rest of the state, the business community, the agriculture community, the financial sector, parents and rural voters may not feel like contributing to his campaign after reading his update.

Here is what his email Wednesday says:

Scott is fighting hard to advance our progressive agenda and take action on the issues that matter most. Here’s a quick update on his work in the State Senate:

    • The Affordable Housing on Faith Lands Act – or the ‘Yes in God’s Back Yard’ bill – has advanced out of the Assembly Natural Resources Committee. This bill will be a significant engine for affordable housing.
    • Scott’s legislation to streamline housing approvals and extend Senate Bill 35 – one of our state’s strongest tools to tackle the housing crisis – has passed the Assembly Natural Resources Committee.
    • Scott’s bill to enact a temporary bridge toll to ensure Bay Area public transportation agencies can modernize and avoid service cuts has passed the Assembly Transportation Committee.
    • Scott’s bill to decriminalize possession and use of plant-based psychedelics just passed its final policy committee, the Assembly Health Committee, with a bipartisan vote.
    • And the Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act, which requires large corporations operating in California to report their greenhouse gas emissions to the public, has advanced out of the Assembly Natural Resources Committee.

Scott is fighting for all of us – but he can’t do this without YOU.

Well, that’s good to know.

Let’s unpack some of this legislation.

The Affordable Housing on Faith Lands Act: Senate Bill 4 would allow low-income housing to be built on Church owned property ie. land owned by a religious institution, as well as land owned by nonprofit colleges. SB 4 would remove zoning restrictions and speed up approval processes. All workers will be under labor union Project Labor Agreements, dramatically escalating the cost of this “low-income” affordable housing.

Senate Bill 532  will authorize a temporary bridge toll to ensure Bay Area public transportation can stay afloat. Currently the cost to drive over state-owned Bay Area bridges is $7. If SB 532 is passed, the toll will go up to $8.50. The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge toll is already $8.00. (FYI: The Golden Gate Bridge toll is $9.40).

These state-owned Bay Area bridges include:

    1. a)  Antioch Bridge;
    2. b)  Benicia-Martinez Bridge;
    3. c)  Carquinez Bridges;
    4. d)  Richmond-San Rafael Bridge;
    5. e)  Dumbarton Bridge;
    6. f)  San Mateo-Hayward Bridge; and,
    7. g)  San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

Transit ridership is still far below January 2020 levels. Who wants to be stuck on a BART train with drug addicts and criminals, zombies and the insane, feces and urine, on their way to and from work?

Sugar coating just how dire transit ridership really is, SB 532 Bill analysis says, “In January of 2021, transit ridership nationally was at 48% of what it was prior to the pandemic. By the start of 2023, national ridership has returned to 73% of where it was pre-pandemic. The Pacific region of the United States has seen a smaller return to transit ridership than national trends, with ridership hovering at 67% of where it was pre-pandemic.” And that’s even overblown.

BART is fiscally and morally bankrupt – and Sen. Scott Wiener concludes that fares must be increased. (face palm: 🤦‍♀️)

But here’s the real kicker: According to Sen. Wiener, “Increased transit use is necessary to meet the state’s climate goals.” So expect a state mandate ordering you to ride public transit at least once a day.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Senate Bill 253, SB 261, and SB 252 make up the Climate Accountability Package, modeled after the 2022 Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act, last year’s SB 260 which failed to pass. SB 260 mandated all companies with over $1 billion in gross annual revenue disclose and set up targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

These gems “Raise The Bar For Corporate Climate Action.”

SB 253 (Senator Wiener) will require all large corporations that do business in California to publicly disclose their greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. “It’s time for the corporate community to come clean about their progress toward meeting our climate goals,” said Senator Wiener.

SB 261 (Senator Stern) “is modeled on the climate disclosure rules used by CALSTRS and hundreds of major financial institutions, as well as Federal securities risk disclosures that focus on financial risk related to the climate crisis. It protects consumers that stand to lose billions of dollars collectively if financial institutions fail to account for new risks associated with climate change.”

SB 252 (Senator Gonzalez), “harnesses the power of California’s public investment funds, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS), to push businesses to act on climate change while protecting these vital public funds from fossil fuels’ inherent volatility.”

All three bills are business killers – big business killers, authored by three lawmakers who have obviously never signed the front of a paycheck, or had any real employment responsibility.

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15 thoughts on “Sen. Scott Wiener’s Progressive Agenda: Bad for the Business Climate

  1. Thank you Katy for this information on what the Wieeeeeeennnnnnneeeeeeeerrrrrrr and the Democraps are up to. BART has been fiscally bankrupt forever. It seems they lose on average $250 million a year and have never made a profit but the Dems keep throwing money at it. Whenever the Wiener introduces a bill it is NEVER good. If only SF voters could get some sense and zip up the Wiener.

  2. It’s reassuring to know that if they charge more for bridge tolls the Earth’s climate will cool. Maybe if they charge ten times the current rate we’ll be able to ski in the Oakland foothills sometime soon. I have a question: Did Wiener ever work at a regular job even for just one day in his life?

    1. To answer your question @FedUp,
      He most likely worked as an S&M , cabaret performer before joining the political circus.
      We have all seen his street costumes.
      He has to be one of the most destructive politicians California has witnessed!

  3. Evil Democrat Sen. Scott Wiener is simply advancing the destructive agenda of his WEF globalist masters under the guise of stopping fictional climate change? There are a lot of wacked out crazy Democrat voters in the SF Bay Area, but no doubt Democrat voter fraud and rigged voting machines played a role in installing a creepy ghoulish globalist groomer like Scott Wiener?

  4. What does hitting rock bottom look like for a place like SF City and County, I wonder? A smoldering garbage pit surrounded by Prop 47-excused would-be criminals and drug-addicted mentally ill vagrants warming their hands over the smoking crater? Would that even qualify as “rock bottom” at this point? With so many people and companies making a desperate exit —- except for a few noble souls who have stayed to valiantly fight for the survival of their city —- it’s difficult to tell who remains there, except for the zombies. Can they be “awakened” to the horrible condition of S.F. or affected by hitting “rock bottom”? I wouldn’t count on it!

    What this means, of course, is that Sen Scott Wiener’s constituency has been whittled down to a population of zombies, which means Sen Scott Wiener is hardly in a position to author or flog legislation that has an impact on the ENTIRE POPULATION of the State of California. Plus Wiener lies with the same ease that other people breathe. We need to go up against, with everything we have, every single bill that Wiener and his Pack of Lunatics author, co-author, sponsor or champion in the state legislature. Every single time.

    “Climate change” my eye. It’s become a joke. An unfunny one. Meanwhile for the fake pushers of this so-called “climate change package” meant to “protect the public”, writhing insensible on the BART or the SF streets in one’s own filth is JUST FINE. And you, the potential rider and pedestrian, should be JUST FINE with it. In fact, it’s something to be encouraged! Just ask your leaders. They’ve been enabling sub-human behavior like this for decades. They’re proud of it! It’s all been part of the “fun quirkiness” that makes San Francisco what it is. Next, the entire state! And country!
    God help us.

  5. What is the leverage this guy has on his colleagues? That he continues to get this crap passed!
    Are they all members of his cult?

    1. Wiener and most Democrats along with RINOs are all probably getting financial incentives (and promises of more power) from outside sources like Soros, CCP , WEF, etc.?

  6. a temporary bridge toll

    Always the hidden trick to say this and as people forget the back deal it to permanent

    1. Always! It is NEVER a temporary rate hike, tax hike or fee!
      Then they need to find something else to tax because it is never enough!
      Really they are thieves but now the evidence is on our streets!

  7. “You just can’t make this stuff up.” Well, you just did, Katy! 🤦

    BART’s problems are real, and the Dems are trying to fix it. Yes, that costs money; what a surprise! So does building and maintaining freeways. People are homeless mostly because California housing has become unaffordable. Dealing with that requires building more housing. Heat records are being broken daily, and CO2 is the cause. The GOP would rather abandon public transit, house low-income people in garbage dumps and under freeway bridges, and pump more CO2 into the atmosphere. That’s a great strategy for getting votes from tax-allergic right-wingers! But it should be no wonder the GOP gets zero votes in urban areas and from people who want CA to have a functioning government.

    1. Science facts: If it was not for CO2 there would be no oxygen. CO2 is necessary for plant life which gives oxygen in return. Back in the day this was taught in our schools instead of CRT, porn, hatred for our country, and climate change , or is it global warming, or is it climate crisis? Just what are they calling it this week?
      You might try some sites that have REAL SCIENCE CLIMATE FACTS:
      Get educated!

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