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Sacramento City Hall. (Photo: cityofsacramento.org)

Sleepy Cow Town Sacramento Is Now A ‘Dangerous Hellhole’

Chicago West: Shootings, stabbings, machete attacks, bank robberies, all in one day

By Katy Grimes, October 30, 2021 9:25 am

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Friday night in the once sleepy cow town of Sacramento, California, there were multiple shootings, stabbings, and a transient attacked someone with a machete. This is just what was reported by the Public Safety News Network.

Around 12:25 a.m., Sacramento Police responded to reports of someone being stabbed with a machete or large knife near 9th St and I St.

Police were able to locate the suspect on scene and place them into custody.

The fire department arrived shortly after and transported the victim to the hospital with non life-threatening injures.

#TransientRelated, Darrell Steinberg

A second machete incident took place last night when a homeowner confronted someone in his garage, according to GoodDay Sacramento. “Ryan Savino says he was wearing nothing more than underwear when he ran to his garage. He says he got an alert on his security camera that something was happening.  Savino says he confronted the suspect who was holding a machete he’d taken from Savino’s truck. Savino managed to chase the suspect out of the garage with a baseball bat.”

“Savino says he’s frustrated because it’s not the first time he’s had a break-in at his locked, gated complex.”

One of the three shootings was a “multi-casualty” incident—5 shot, 2 dead at Garfield Ave and Palm Ave.

Another shooting that took place was on the American River Parkway, a once lovely bike trail. The 32-mile trail was recognized as a national trail in 1974, and voted the Number One bike path for 2006 by Trails.com. Now it is home to a burgeoning transient population.

There was a bank robbery in broad daylight at F&M Bank located at the 1300 block of J Street downtown. One resident said, “Probably a felon that our governor released back into general population, or maybe it was someone who ran out of EDD benefits.”

Another resident asked, “Who’s really surprised?”

There was a shooting in the downtown Land Park neighborhood Friday: one victim with multiple gunshot wounds, likely gang related.

There was a stabbing on 33rd Avenue east of Franklin Blvd. The Public Safety News Network reported, “One victim was located and transported to the hospital via paramedic ambulance with lights and siren. The victim was in stable but serious condition according to reports, with several stab wounds to the lower and upper body as well as the head.”

A friend in the Land Park neighborhood has described the city as a “dangerous hellhole.” She and her husband are fleeing the city for a foothill community.

Sacramento was also just ranked the most unaffordable housing market in the country; the city is being infiltrated by residents of San Francisco fleeing that hellhole city who are buying up residential homes for cash, driving the prices up dramatically.

As for the shooting in Land Park, one nearby resident said, “We got so used to hearing all the gun shots we went back to sleep.”

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49 thoughts on “Sleepy Cow Town Sacramento Is Now A ‘Dangerous Hellhole’

  1. Sacramento is a beautiful city and turning into a shithole like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oakland. This is what happens when you have a city run by criminal politicians.

    1. Sac has gotten dramatically worse in just the last 4 or 5 years. Ami Bera turns a blind eye to it because the criminals are coming from Pelosi’s district. Bera is nothing more then her “yes man”.

  2. Elections have consequences. Keep voting for the Democrats Sacramento just like Frisco!
    Your leadership has failed you call them out, then vote them out!
    Two law enforcement leaders in Sacramento have turned in their badges recently, that should tell you something.
    Like this sh*t? Just punch the card of the name with the D next to it!

    1. When I taught at Butte many years ago, I told my students the same thing without naming names: if you like the direction Calif. is going, keep voting the same way as the last 40 years. Can’t cancel me for that fact

  3. It is truly sickening to hear about this rapid degradation of Sacramento into hellhole status. “Tomorrow” is absolutely right, of course, that destructive Democrat leadership is to blame for this mess which affects all of us in California one way or another.

    I agree with the once-thought-to-be-cynical and now-merely-factual comment of the resident who said, “Probably a felon that our governor released back into general population, or maybe it was someone who ran out of EDD benefits.” And with another resident who said, “Who’s really surprised?”

    How much blood will have to run in the streets before we take our state back from the loathsome tyrants who have devastated our once Golden State?

  4. Just had a look at Darrell Steinberg’s Facebook page. What would normally be merely maddening with all the usual suspects doing the back-slapping happy-dance from an injection of taxpayer’s millions to pump up their slush funds becomes absolutely enraging in light of what’s happening in Sacramento now. And no one —- NOT ONE of them —- shows any sign of being ashamed of themselves in the least.
    Go take a look —– if you have the stomach for it, that is:

  5. Showandtell is correct about the information posted on Steinberg’s Facebook page. What is obvious is that Steinberg is tone deaf regarding the problems of the city. When an issue is raised, Steinberg never addresses and instead rambles on to another subject. The Mayor and the entire city council should be embarrassed about what they have turned this city into.

    1. Yes, I agree —– all of the current big city CA city mayors do this (and they are now all Dem-leftists) and most of the other state and local politicians do this (again, leftist-Dem city, county, boards of education, etc.), so it’s clearly orchestrated. All are shockingly arrogant to the point of self-parody, power and money are their addictive drugs of choice, and NONE of them ever appear to be embarrassed or shame-faced by what they have wrought. And don’t get me started on all the ruinous unelected bureaucrats, regional boards, state agencies, commissions, quasi-governmental non-profits, etc.

  6. Yes, the machete wielding person was taken into custody…..only to be let out a few hours later with no charges or follow up by Sacramento social workers, APS or others. Welcome to Newsom’s world! Once you leave CA, life is normal. I have visited 8 states in the last 6 days and life is like the way it used to be before the pandemic outside of CA. People are nice, not angry, welcoming, mask if you want but very very few, no judgments, no people cowering away from you in a line at the store, no Karens, people are happy and going about life. CA is the only state stuck in a pandemic and it isn’t COVID! Newsomitis!

  7. What a waste. Been living here for over 2 decades now and I’ve seen the gradual decline. It was a nice place to live. Affordable,clean living. Now…its a toilet and a garbage dump. I’m embarrased to have out of state family come visit.
    Millions upon millions of dollars of tax payer money goes…where? For what? What is it going to take for people to wake up and fight for whats right?
    The time is now before tomorrow is gone.

  8. You’ve got to be kidding me. Every city in the nation is becoming a “hellhole.” It has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with overpopulation, gentrification, and unending building, and most importantly, the growing divide between the rich and the poor. Give me a break. Read the news from towns and cities all over the country. The entire nation is a ghetto and has been for many administrations. What a joke this article is.

    1. “Every city in the nation is becoming a hellhole,” “entire nation is a ghetto.” You need to get out more often. The joke is on you not CaGlobe!

    2. Got that right.. how many idiots are there out there?? Trumpers.. blame the people who’ve been in office 8 months +/-.. since Trump was in…. Gun sales soared.. line outside of gun stores. This is not a Democrat problem. It’s the lobbyists that go in and out of McConnells office!! …. Idiots!!

    3. What is keeping “the poor” from getting rich themselves?
      (1) Drugs or (2) failure to take advantage of the California Community College system.

    4. Trying to reason with Repubtards is like trying to stop a train with your bare hands. Facts are like Kryptonite to these people. Save your energy,

  9. Sacramento is homeless infested, and crime laden cesspool of a city. City leaders, especially Darrell Steinberg, pander to criminals’ families for votes. There is no safe spot in Sacramento. Don’t walk around alone. Don’t let the females you care about shop in Sacramento. This includes midtown, which once had promise as a resurgent, hipster area with great restaurants and nightlife.

  10. Sacramento is a great city no matter which party is I charge. The knee-jerk “blame the other party” response to the city’s problems is stupid and really indicates how detached you are from reality. Focus on the issues. What’s your solution? Put up or shut up.

    1. 150% Correct. Also, if this is such a “hellhole” why do we have the highest home prices and the, in my opinion, very unfortunate onslaught of new residents here? The political thing has become very annoying. The whiners listen to propaganda and then make important decisions based upon it. If anything brings down America, it will be because of hate-provoking propaganda via right wing media.

  11. Very biased article, Katy Grimes is trash and should not call herself a journalist. Sacramento is a beautiful city full of art culture and diversity. She mentioned it made a list of least affordable places, why? Could it be because this place is full of jobs and opportunities the nice weather or all of the great recreational activities our city has to offer?cheap isn’t always good.

  12. I always felt that “If you think you need a gun, don’t go!” But today, I carry a concealed handgun in my car because “trouble is looking for you”.
    I refuse to be a victim again.

  13. Liberals are ruining everything. Pretty sure the I saw the Sun setting crooked the other day, damn liberals. What we need is more gestapo and a few concentration camps and we could round up much of the problem. Say goodbye to homelessness, say goodbye to liberals. I mean what’s not to like here! Think of the jobs building and running the camps and incinerators. Think of all the filthy books we wouldn’t have to read any more! No more indoctrinating our children! Think of the free labor and how much filth you wouldn’t have to look at any more! Trump 2024. Red Hats everywhere. America would be GREAT again.

  14. If you want change, then demand that California get off of Dominion Voting Systems vote tabulation machines.
    There are security weaknesses built into them that the party in charge is exploiting to their political advantage.

    Katy and Even could look into the PDF’s on the CA Secretary of State’s website and dig into the security weaknesses described, and then explained away by the Wheat Ridge, CO based evaluation company that Alex Padilla signed off on before he skated to D.C.

    Donovan and Jan, you’re delusional, or paid shills for the Democrat regime of corruption that infects California politics from stem to stern…

  15. It’s just precious when a state cubicle worker makes up a bunch of alternate identities and has conversations with himself. And for some reason he thinks he is immune from the state’s rapid descent into chaos and dysfunction. Amazing. Good luck with that!

  16. ever watch squid game? the entire state is being played by the elites. high population areas are great examples of how to survive the next round. the rules are simple, its called self preservation. tired your vote doesn’t count. smarten up. organize your districts to promote civility. my first pick, gather up the derelicts, crime prone or homeless. drop them off on j street, where they belong . its not a new idea. other states have been dropping their derelicts in california for years. county’s do the same thing. do you think the elites could be dropping spoilers in unspoiled communities to expand the game? take the con.

  17. When we moved to Sacramento 30+ years ago it was seen as a cow town–a perjorative term by outsiders; but we loved it. There were job opportunities, affordability (a family could still exit on one income AND afford a home), a river parkway that was clean and safe, abundant activities for families in the wide open outdoors, and a sense of moral responsiblity to one’s neighbors. I’m not sure who or what is to to blame for the changes, but my sense is that it began to change with the crack cocaine epidemic in the 90s which morphed into the meth epidemic we see today. The collateral damage to these drug epidemics has been the quality of life for EVERYONE, not just people who chose to use, buy or sell this elicit substances. The lax approach by both LE (whose hands seem to be tied) and the criminal justice system has only exaccerbated this problem. While we’ve never been the “tough on crime” type in our family, it seems this is the only approach that might work now. Whatever we’ve been doing in the last 25 years to address these problems isn’t work. Yes, we have less people incarcerated, but at what cost? Sometimes it seems the mentally unstable, drug addled people now living on our streeets have more rights than our hardworking, taxpaying citizens. I believe our leaders need to get tough and do something DIFFERENT if we are to change the outcome for our children and grandchildren. Otherwise, our community is doomed.

  18. Sacramento has always ben trash. I moved here from the Bay Area 17 years ago and there has always been nothing special about it.

  19. Sacramento has always ben trash. I moved here from the Bay Area 17 years ago and there is nothing special about it. This is no surprise. It’s always been this way.

  20. The managed decline of America really took off with Obama, now continuing with his 3rd term. Trump HAD to be stopped at any cost. The in your face “what are you gonna do about it” NWO nightmare agenda is really like watching an old Twilight Zone episode

  21. From what I read she just stated fax.
    Art? What that thing in front of the Golden 1?
    Diversity u mean the racism in elk grove?
    Ok I will give u culture illegal aliens.
    Modesto, Stockton or Sacramento.
    Please include the voting public for relaxing prison terms, no bail, so call non violent realeases

  22. Two choices for the growing Sacto vagrant population: (1) March over to Sacramento City College and get low-cost or free job skills training. Or (2) get out of town.

    Repeat for any other town with state-supported community college. Make this a priority. No more excuses saying you “poor” in this state. Lazy is the real answer.

    If your local community college is not offering job skills training for all levels of adult learning, including very low functioning adults, elect a new board of trustees. No excuses. The resources are already there.

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