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Terms Defined in the California Elections Code

More than 60 definitions of terms used throughout the Code

By Chris Micheli, January 19, 2022 6:55 am

The California Elections Code, in Division 0.5, Chapter 4, contains over 60 definitions of terms used throughout the Code. These defined terms include the following:

Section 300 defines “vote by mailer voter” and “military or overseas voter.”

Section 300.5 defines “affiliated with a political party.”

Section 301 defines “ballot.”

Section 302 defines “ballot card.”

Section 303 defines “ballot label.”

Section 303.3 defines “remote accessible vote by mail system.”

Section 303.4 defines “ballot on demand system.”

Section 303.5 defines “ballot title,” “ballot title and summary,” and “circulating title and summary.”

Section 304 defines “campaign advertising or communication.”

Section 305 defines “candidate” and “candidate for public office.”

Section 305.5 defines “paper cast vote record.”

Section 306 defines “city measure.”

Section 307 defines “clerk.”

Section 308 defines “district elections official.”

Section 309 defines “committee.”

Section 310 defines “county” and “city.”

Section 312 defines “county measure.”

Section 313 defines “county office.”

Section 314 defines “county officer.”

Section 316 defines “direct primary.”

Section 317 defines “district.”

Section 318 defines “election.”

Section 319 “election board.”

Section 319.5 defines “electioneering.”

Section 320 defines “elections official.”

Section 321 defines “elector.”

Section 322 defines “electoral jurisdiction.”

Section 323 defines “federal election.”

Section 324 defines “general election.”

Section 325 defines “inspector.”

Section 326 defines “judicial office.”

Section 327 defines “judicial officer.”

Section 328 defines “local election.”

Section 329 defines “measure.”

Section 330 defines “municipal election.”

Section 331 defines “new citizen.”

Section 332 defines “new resident.”

Section 332.5 defines “nominate.”

Section 333 defines “nomination documents.”

Section 334 defines “nonpartisan office.”

Section 335 defines “oath.”

Section 335.5 defines “official canvass.”

Section 336 defines “official summary date.”

Section 336.5 defines “one percent manual tally.”

Section 336.7 defines “out-of-state emergency worker.”

Section 337 defines “partisan office” and “party-nominated office.”

Section 338 defines “party.”

Section 338.5 defines “polling place.”

Section 338.6 defines “precinct.”

Section 339 defines “precinct board” and “precinct board member.”

Section 340 defines “presidential primary.”

Section 341 defines “primary election.”

Section 342 defines “proponent or proponents of an initiative or referendum measure.”

Section 343 defines “proponent or proponents of a recall petition.”

Section 344 defines “punchcard.”

Section 345 defines “punching.”

Section 346 defines “rebuttable presumption.”

Section 348 defines “regular election.”

Section 349 defines “residence.”

Section 349.5 defines “roster.”

Section 350 defines “school measure.”

Section 351 defines “school office.”

Section 352 defines “school officer.”

Section 353 defines “section.”

Section 353.5 defines “semifinal official canvass.”

Section 354 defines “shall” and “may.”

Section 354.5 defines “signature,” “disability,” and “signature stamp.”

Section 355 defines “software.”

Section 356 defines “special election.”

Section 356.5 defines “spouse.”

Section 357 defines “statewide election.”

Section 357.5 defines “vote center.”

Section 358 defines “vote tabulating device.”

Section 359 defines “voter.”

Section 359.3 defines “voter list.”

Section 359.2 defines “voter-nominated office.”

Section 360 defines “voting device.”

Section 361 defines “voting machine.”

Section 362 defines “voting system.”

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One thought on “Terms Defined in the California Elections Code

  1. Wow. These bureaucrats have put waaaaay too much thought into the minutiae of voting definitions. Do voters frequently use any, let alone all, of these legal definitions??? And how many people are being paid to create this waste?

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