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San Francisco from San Francisco Headlands and Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco, CA. (Photo: Kropic1/Shutterstock)

The City’s Progressive Drug-use Advocates Have Struck Out

‘Safe Injection Site’ for addicts of illicit drugs is illegal

By Richie Greenberg, August 10, 2023 10:25 am

Not only is San Francisco mayor London Breed hell-bent on pushing through opening an unlawful “Safe Injection Site,” she is joined by the majority of the Board of Supervisors (City Council). Call it what you may, a government-sanctioned and subcontracted facility for addicts of illicit drugs is illegal. Safe Injection, Safe Consumption, Overdose Prevention, all are terms dreamed up by the imaginative advocates to generate public support, while concealing violations of federal and state law.

Strike 1: In a January, 2021 appellate court decision, the federal court maintained the City of Philadelphia in a “first in the nation” drug usage program would violate the Controlled Substances Act in opening a drug consumption site. The decision had national implications, setting precedent, enough to quash aspirations to feed addicts the drug they craved. Drug Injection Sites are unlawful, federally.

Strike 2: In California, back-to-back governors vetoed legislation to allow experimental drug injection in a supervised facility. In September, 2018, then-governor Brown said no to a carrot with no stick approach, which enabled drug use. More recently, Governor Newsom cited precarious effects of condoning use of drugs in proposed pilot programs for Los Angeles, Oakland and San Francisco.

Strike 3: San Francisco’s City Attorney David Chiu, himself a staunch leftist-progressive on many of the city’s social and civic matters, exhibited exasperation in knowing San Francisco cannot legally move forward in opening and operating a drug shooting gallery, no matter how hard the mayor, the eleven-member city council and drug-use advocates pouted. He, too, quoted the federal and state laws and feared reprise.

Yet during heated debate this past week, one lone San Francisco Board of Supervisors member Matt Dorsey, bailed on his colleagues who supported the prospect of a drug injection site, instead pushing a different use of the $18.9 million of city funds initially earmarked: he suggested diverting those funds to drug rehabilitation programs for addicts currently in jail. A good approach, in my mind. However, his colleagues at city hall went ballistic, together with their pro-drug injection site advocates, in a flurry of written letters and statements, demanding there be no deviation from the plan.

Then came Strike 4: The New York Times on August 8, 2023 reports the feds may shut the sole Drug Consumption experimental facility, situated in Manhattan, dealing a blow to the San Francisco pro-drug use advocates.

San Francisco needs to move on from wasting precious time and resources at city hall in trying to create workarounds to existing federal and state law. Elected officials, pro-drug use advocates and lobbyists must listen to the signs sent in numerous ways, that illicit drug use should not be enabled, especially through city-run (taxpayer funded) programs. It’s a long-time effort which has been opposed for years.  The model in use in Manhattan was funded through a nonprofit, yet even that pilot program is threatened with federal action. Drug injection facilities do not exist in isolation, on a self-sustaining island. San Francisco’s elected officials have clearly struck out.

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2 thoughts on “The City’s Progressive Drug-use Advocates Have Struck Out

  1. The point is NOT to help addicts. The point is to create jobs for all those Good People ™ with advanced degrees who can profit from addicts doing what addicts do. These satanic parasites feed on the dying, the mutilated, the insane and their numbers only seem to grow as the digital economy does.

    1. Exactly, CD14, the same way every project is “studied” for years before implementing it, even traffic and road projects, at a percentage that would make the Mafia proud.
      Overthinking is a mantra that drives the economy of California, because the education systems need it to justify their existence, even though high school graduates can barely read or function in today’s world.
      That is why I, and others, leave the state in our retirement years, since we cannot thrive or defend ourselves at advanced ages..

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