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School Walk Out Rally. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

The Growing Parent Revolution is a Resilient Army

Parents aren’t stopping at the local school board level

By Celeste Fiehler, April 18, 2022 12:30 pm

California parents watched for the past two years as the poor leadership in the California public schools system failed students academically, socially, mentally and emotionally. Parents were forced to work from home or quit their jobs in 2020 while the demands by the teachers unions were met keeping them all employed. The teachers union president from the Coachella Valley district claimed that when parents pushed for schools to reopen, teachers were too “exhausted” to go back.

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What an insult to every working family out there that also lived through the COVID-19 pandemic and were also exhausted from having to adjust their lives not only to the new world around us, but also to the demands of the teachers union. Parents are angry that their children are being used as human shields by the unions across the nation all for an extra few bucks in the union coffers.

During 2020, Jonathan Zachreson led one of the very first parent groups to push back on these tyrannical demands. Jonathan was able to unite parents across the state. Parents felt safety in numbers and looked to other parents who were complete strangers for guidance and support. They began to cheer each other on after speaking at their school board meetings or to the media. When parents realized local media was ignoring their stories of advocacy, parents were forced to become their own media by spreading awareness of the failing schools and the corrupt teachers unions vigorously through their social media platforms. In echoing frustrations, these parents gave heart and community to other parents who felt alone..

As other parent groups formed, those small echo chambers became a resilient army. They were then organizing rallies, demanding a seat at the table, calling on the legislature and local elected officials to put a stop to the nonsensical legislation and resolutions. Parents continued to expose controversial curriculum after seeing what was being taught on Zoom in their own homes.

In demanding transparency from local school board members, parents were gaslighted and labeled as “domestic terrorists.” Several teachers’ unions which jumped on the “defund the police” bandwagon, ironically stacked every school board meeting with law enforcement for their own protection and to intimidate parents. That didn’t slow parents down. The momentum to take back schools kept increasing, though at a slower pace than desired.

Parents decided that if the school board members were going to simply ignore parents and comply with the teachers’ unions insidious demands, it was time to remove those board members and replace them with parents. Thus began a slate of school board recalls across the state from Desert Sands in the Coachella Valley, Corona- Norco, Orange County to San Francisco.

What we have witnessed is a parent revolution. It is a party in and of itself and almost better organized. It isn’t particularly ideological and has brought together Democrats, Republicans, independents, all those among all races and income levels. These parent groups are here to stay.

With midterm elections right around the corner, parents are stepping up and throwing their hat into the electoral ring. Parents are running for school board and supporting and endorsing other parents. Their cause is their children who have been the collateral damage across the state of California.

Parents aren’t stopping at the local school board level. The current incumbent, California Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tony Thurmond has continued to back the teachers unions and their demands, putting the students dead last. California is rated in 50th place when it comes to literacy in the entire country. The California schools are now lowering the bar for students in the name of equity

What they fail to realize is that when lowering the bar in the name of equity, they are saying that the minority students are not smart enough to get ahead, which is discrediting the potential of all minority students. Some of the most gifted students in California are in fact minority students. Many minority students challenge themselves and deserve the highest AP classes. They’ve earned it. This is setting every student back. Parents also disapprove of this.

California parents are voicing their needs and are wanting to be heard. Lance Christensen stepped up to the challenge to run against Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond to “add parents back in the education equation.” It’s a breath of fresh air for parents. Lance is married and a father of five school aged children. He has been a strong advocate for parents across the state for decades. Parents, and educators who just want to teach, are noticing Lance and endorsing him to be that voice at the top.

Let’s be real – parents are broke. Parents can’t afford to fund campaigns that are so crucial when it comes to children. Parents really need the monetary efforts to make this happen. This is where wealthy donors can step in to help parents get the seat at the table we desperately need. Going up against the teachers union machine is half the battle; funding our candidate, Lance Christensen, to be able to get there is our challenge.

Moms and dads are fighting for a voice so that what we’ve seen happen in the past two years, never happens again. We have the power to change the framework of public education, and by fully taking advantage of this opportunity here in California, we must get Lance Christensen elected as State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Please consider donating and supporting the parents’ choice in this fight for our children. We need donors to get us through the finish line.


This is not an endorsement of any candidate. 

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13 thoughts on “The Growing Parent Revolution is a Resilient Army

  1. Hopefully this wakes up voters in all parties to realize that all the union campaign commercials that promise one thing and deliver another are the smoke and mirrors that they are and vote out all union-sponsored and supporting candidates…

    They are NOT your, or your children”s friends, and you should participate as actively as possible and push back HARD against any and all vaxx and mask mandates….

    Time for a revolution against the Communist Democrats and their NWO/WEF/WHO/CDC agenda, whether intentional or not…

      1. “Education Celebration” — please explain: Why would you even bother yourself to be a troll here? Your house of cards public school game is collapsing, looks like. Being rude isn’t going to change that or keep it from happening.

  2. The there is so much nonsense and hyperbole in this post. How do you sleep at night telling these lies? Teachers Unions don’t get money from the state or district. Unions are funded by voluntary member dues. Staying virtual didn’t change anything for unions.

    Teachers were more exhausted than other professions. Teachers worked even more extra unpaid hours than usual trying to learn how to teach in the best possible way online, while also trying to care for their own children who were also trying to learn at the same time.

    California is also not last for literacy. We’re about 44th, which is not good. Equity is not the problem. Equity just means every student gets what they need to succeed. California is not serving equity. I agree with you that Tony Thurmond is not doing a good job. He’s worried about SEL and pushing a counseling initiative instead of insisting on research based, structured literacy. Take up that battle cry. Fight back against testing companies, poor curricula, and “balanced” literacy. Fight for LETRS or similar training for educators. Do something productive.

    1. That is not at all true in my District. Our elementary school teachers went from teaching 8:25-3 to teaching from 8:30-11:30. It was not surprising when these same teachers voted over and over again to stay remote. By 12:30 you would see many of these teachers at the beach for the day. Exhausted – ya right! They were working half days!

    2. Equity does not mean “every student gets what they need to succeed”, and you know it. CTA fought tooth and nail to oppose the “voluntary” part of paying dues. They continue to oppose school choice, something that a vast majority of disadvantaged families and POC support. Pretending that teachers’ unions care about students does not make it true. They and their allies in the CA Democrat political machine are in it for the power, and have repeatedly said so outright.

  3. This pandemic has made me realize how many parents rely on the public school system, to be their babysitters. If you can’t take care of your own kids, then don’t have them. The school system is failing and so are your children, for many reasons. I would suggest to any parent with kids, to get rid of their phones and the computers. Let them use their minds for a change. Another reason why the school system is failing is from all the imports coming in from central and south American countries. Their first class should be English. And their parents should learn English when coming into this country. Communication is key. If you don’t have that, all else fails.

    1. “Jani,” “Dark Water,” you guys always say the same thing. “Exhausted teachers work so hard.” (As if nobody else does). “Parents rely on the public schools to be babysitters.” (Gee, never heard that before, only about four billion times in the last couple of years.)
      The author must have really gotten under your skin. I thought her article was good too.

  4. If I were a California teacher I would be embarrassed to admit to it. Public schools are broken beyond repair and parents should avoid them if they are able to do so.

  5. Lazy people who don’t want to take care of their own kids. School system isn’t for all of you specially since y’all don’t want to comply with its regulations and procedures. If you were so resilient, home school your kids and teach them your ways.

    1. Are you a teacher, an administrator, a school board member, or a union hack? Whichever, I guess it’s not necessary to point out to parents, who must already well know by now, how MUCH contempt —– actually hatred —– people who love to call themselves “educators” have for parents, probably for kids, too, and apparently for the rest of the public who are also affected by the total failure of this self-serving system.

  6. Gavin Newson keep your hands to yourself you have your own children most likely in another state to get better educated you’re failing the system and you’re failing the poor you keep saying you make choices to help us you’re a dictator You don’t care about these kids

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