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Gov. Gavin Newsom during Dec. 3, 2020 press briefing. (Photo: gov.ca.gov screen capture)

The Missing Info From Gov. Newsom’s Daily Press Briefings

No reporters have asked Newsom about the nearly 30 million Californians who have tested negative for COVID-19

By Katy Grimes, December 29, 2020 8:32 am

California Gov. Gavin Newsom holds almost daily press briefings to ostensibly provide updates on the status of the coronavirus in the state.

These really aren’t press briefings because no members of the press are present, and haven’t been since March. When the governor does take questions from the press, they are asked via telephone and screened by his staff. Rarely is there a question of substance, or a question about what he refuses to discuss: data and science.

Following the governor’s press briefings, the media headlines are predictable and only cover what he spoke about – rarely do the articles ask obvious questions, or demand that he justify the statewide small business and public school lockdowns, or the destruction of the California economy.

Instead, media facilitate getting out Gov. Newsom’s message:

CalM: California COVID forecast darkens after holiday celebrations

FresBee: ‘You will be sanctioned.’ Gavin Newsom warns against COVID-19 vaccine line-skipping

AP: ‘Surge on top of a surge’ to challenge California hospitals

SDUT: Hospital morgues overfilling as hospitalization surge increases

LAT $: L.A. County hospitals in crisis as death toll surges toward 10,000

Monday following Newsom’s press briefing, not one media member asked for the year-over-year hospital data showing that hospitals are always overwhelmed this time of year.

No one asked the governor why seasonal flu statistics are nowhere to be found.

Not one media member asked the governor about the science he is using to justify lockdowns, business shutdowns and school shutdowns.

No one asked the governor about the efficacy of mask wearing.

No one asked the governor why the state is having a spike in “cases” if lockdowns and masks work.

Here is what the Associated Press reported Monday:

“The surge of infections is due in large part to Thanksgiving travel and celebrations, which happened despite warnings from health officials not to gather because the nation’s most populated state was already seeing explosive growth in cases.”

“While daily coronavirus cases were down to 31,000 Monday from a seven-day average of above 37,000, it was likely due to a lag in data from the weekend, Newsom said.”

There is no scientific evidence that Thanksgiving travel and gatherings caused a spike, nor did the AP provide any. They are repeating popular rhetoric.

Newsom said at his press briefing Monday that even with hospital admissions plateauing in some parts of the state, hospital beds in arenas, schools and tents, are being set up.

“As we move into this new phase, where we brace, where we prepare ourselves for what is inevitable now … based on the travel we have just seen in the last week and the expectation of more of the same through the rest of the holiday season of a surge on top of a surge, arguably, on top of, again, another surge,” Newsom said.

State officials also notified hospitals that the situation is so dire they should prepare for the possibility that they will have to resort to “crisis care” guidelines established earlier in the pandemic, which allow for rationing treatment, AP reported.

What happened with the state-funded Los Angeles Surge Hospital, closed at the end of June for lack of use? And the hospital ship in Long Beach? And the hospital set-up at Arco Arena in Sacramento? If they were set up previously, why aren’t they being used again if there really is a hospital bed shortage?

A Globe reader said this:

If i remember correctly from the start of this scam-demic in March – Gavin decided to spend tens of millions of my tax dollars to retrofit and re-open St. Vincent as a dedicated “surge hospital” for Covid. Made agreements to lease it for 6 months; to pay over a million bucks a month to Kaiser and Dignity Health to professionally manage the Covid response and staff. And then within 60 days it was closed because it was no longer needed? Why can’t it be reopened now? Was one of Gavin’s buddies the owner? If LA had that extra patient capacity NOW for Covid cases, could the region come off lockdown? These are valid questions that I have heard NO ONE asking or answering! 

Not one reporter has asked Gov. Newsom about the original 15 Day order to lock down to “Flatten the Curve,” issued nine months ago in March 2020.

Why has no one asked about the science which has shown there is no asymptomatic transmission.

No reporters have asked him about the more than 29 million Californians who have tested negative for COVID-19, out of the 32,128,516 COVID tests given.

The governor claims there are 2.1 million COVID “cases.”  There have been 24,000 deaths attributed to COVID, out of 40 million people in California. That is still a 99% survival rate.

The governor’s charade of pseudo-scientific tyranny is bringing about the destruction of California, and the media isn’t asking why.

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15 thoughts on “The Missing Info From Gov. Newsom’s Daily Press Briefings

  1. Thank you, Katy Grimes, for this eye-opening article. Amid the chaos, we often neglect to see the obvious. I would love to see more articles like this to remind us that it is only Gavin Newsom’s California sky that is falling and that there are obvious ways to control the hemorrhaging of California’s economy and the incarceration of California’s citizens if one is not hell-bent on the collapse of this great state in order to serve it up to the gods of Communism.

  2. Thank you again Katy for another great article. I have been a daily reader of the California Globe since February of this year when I discovered Phil Cowan’s show on KTKZ-AM 1380. I always look forward to hearing you and Phil Wednesday mornings. Thanks for keeping me informed.

  3. Great article with even better points!! Also, does anyone know if there is a FOIA request to the Gov’s office or State Health Dept for the “official science” that they are basing all this BS on?!?!?!

    1. JAE – Yes, I sent a California Public Records Request to the CHHS and Dr. Mark Ghaly May 4, 2020 requesting
      requesting documents in the possession of CHHS, in any form, containing facts, opinions, data, published or unpublished analysis, that have been used or are being used to guide or inform state or local social distancing measures to prevent Covid-19, as well as 2020 California mortality data.

      Specific documents requested include:

      Details on the Public Health Justification for latest (May 4, 2020) Governor Newsom Update on California Reopening policy (https://www.gov.ca.gov/2020/05/04/governor-newsom-provides-update-on-californias-progress-toward-stage-2-reopening/)
      Daily data on California total mortality (deaths from major causes and all causes) by county since January 1, 2020, equivalent to the daily California state death data contained in the CDC NCHS NVSS Report (https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/index.htm)
      Documents describing alternate social distancing scenarios that have been considered by the state
      Minutes of meetings of intra or inter-agency meetings to discuss alternative scenarios.

      We are still waiting for answers, documents, research, data, etc…

      1. Katy, do you and other Reality Press (my name for what the Left sneeringly calls the Alt-right press) reporters submit questions at Newsom’s pressers? If so, then his staff must be screening them. If not, why not?

        1. Keith, since we are not physically present at the Governror’s press conferences (since March), we have to email one of his communications team members, announce we are credentialed media, and ask to be given the code so we can wait on hold throughout his presser, hoping to be called on for our question. I’ve never been allowed to ask a question.

  4. Katy, great reporting. I would say that the only science our Governor is following is political science. Cheers.

  5. Another great reporting job by Katy Grimes! Keep getting it out there! I have to believe it will make a difference. I had to laugh today because I was outnumbered by mask wearers at a huge park where social distancing is at least 10 yards. It just shocks me the FEAR Newsom has instilled. I felt I was in the old movie “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

  6. Hello,
    This piece was a nice reminder of what journalism should strive to be. I’m a Nurse and could never get past the whole “asymptomatic” line. Thank you for keeping it raw and real.

  7. It’s not just Newsom, it’s all Democrat Governors…
    Polis in CO, Cuomo in NY, Whitmer in MI – they’re all singing from the same Communist playbook, probably paid for by the same government lab that released the Wuhan flu to destabilize Trump’s booming economy in early 2020, and create the societal discord that provided cover for the massive election fraud that just took place in November.

    This has been a concerted effort by the Communists to destabilize the United States, and probably should be treated as an act of war…

    The Democrat Governors are just the loyal foot soldiers of the Communists running the Wuhan virus lab…

  8. Thank you, Katy, for this great reporting.
    Please don’t forget the small mom-and-pop landlords who are being held hostage by non-paying tenants because of the forever eviction moratorium. I’m sick of supporting a family in my one rental unit (basement apartment) who hasn’t been paying rent for many months now because the governor said they can’t be evicted. Neither do I get any refund from the government for what I spend to support this family. I still have to pay utilities, insurance, taxes, maintenance, and my mortgage forbearance is about to end. That means I’ll have to pay double the mortgage while my tenant’s family lives rent free. It’s unfair.
    Thank you for reading my rant. I hope and pray that next year will be better for all of us. Happy New Year!

  9. “State officials also notified hospitals that the situation is so dire they should prepare for the possibility that they will have to resort to “crisis care” guidelines established earlier in the pandemic, which allow for rationing treatment, AP reported.”——–IF THIS IS TRUE WHY DID KAISER Walnut Creek CALL MY 81 YEAR OLD HIGH RISK MOTHER YESTERDAY TO SCHEDULE HER (elective) KNEE REPLACEMENT FOR TUESDAY JAN 5? Kaiser did their own announcement 2 days ago that they are cancelling all elective surgeries excluding urgent and cancer patients. Even Kaiser, one of the Bay Areas largest health care providers, is lying and doing what state officials say without reason, science, data. It tells me they are fearful of state officials, not COVID. Can we not trust our healthcare providers anymore? Would they really put my mother at risk if hospital resources and staffing were drained and concerned for a “surge?” Little by little more discrepancies keep coming up.

  10. CalMatters, FresnoBee, AP, LAT, etc. etc. They’re all part of the CIA-controlled “Propaganda Matrix.” They create the fake appearance of a free press and democracy but in reality it is one big mouthpiece of the government.

    A very similar situation existed during the AIDS Epidemic. Alone: the New York Native edited by Charles Ortleb stood out among the crowd challenging Fauci’s and Bob Gallo’s HIV lies and was the only journalistic outlet to speak Truth To Power in the context of what was, in fact, a psyop. The United States does NOT have a free press. It has to tolerate blogs and new initiatives from time to time to keep up the appearance, but the reality is Operation Mockingbird is Alive and Well and Newsom/Dan Walters/George Skelton/Lisa Krieger/Lance Williams/etc. etc. are all part of the massive Media Landscape Mind Control apparatus turning the state into a Communistic Death Cult. The press-question-period appears democratic and open, but the reality is it is very tightly controlled. Inconvenient questions start to lose access.

    Katy is figuring this out … thank you. I hope you find inspiration in the work Charles Ortleb and John Lauritsen did during the AIDS epidemic to put on a thick skin and expose this propaganda fraud we call “journalism.”

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