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Dr. Martin Kulldorff, Dr. Sunetra Gupta, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya. (Photo: screen capture Great Barrington Declaration)

Thousands of Epidemiologists, Physicians Sign Letter Citing Severe Public Health Damage with COVID-19 Lockdowns

Doctors call for allowing ‘those who are at minimal risk of death to live their lives normally’

By Katy Grimes, October 8, 2020 6:53 am

“Coming from both the left and right, and around the world, we have devoted our careers to protecting people,” more than 12,000 Epidemiologists, infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists said in a letter. “Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health. The results (to name a few) include lower childhood vaccination rates, worsening cardiovascular disease outcomes, fewer cancer screenings and deteriorating mental health – leading to greater excess mortality in years to come, with the working class and younger members of society carrying the heaviest burden. Keeping students out of school is a grave injustice.”

Over 116,000 members of the general public have signed the letter.

Great Barrington Declaration signers.

“Keeping these measures in place until a vaccine is available will cause irreparable damage, with the underprivileged disproportionately harmed.”

The doctors call for re-opening society: “Schools and universities should be open for in-person teaching. Extracurricular activities, such as sports, should be resumed. Young low-risk adults should work normally, rather than from home. Restaurants and other businesses should open. Arts, music, sport and other cultural activities should resume. People who are more at risk may participate if they wish, while society as a whole enjoys the protection conferred upon the vulnerable by those who have built up herd immunity.”

The most compassionate approach that balances the risks and benefits of reaching herd immunity, is to allow those who are at minimal risk of death to live their lives normally to build up immunity to the virus through natural infection, while better protecting those who are at highest risk. We call this Focused Protection.

Dr. Martin Kulldorff, Dr. Sunetra Gupta, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya. (Photo: screen capture Great Barrington Declaration)

The letter was signed by:

Dr. Martin Kulldorff, professor of medicine at Harvard University, a biostatistician, and epidemiologist with expertise in detecting and monitoring of infectious disease outbreaks and vaccine safety evaluations.

Dr. Sunetra Gupta, professor at Oxford University, an epidemiologist with expertise in immunology, vaccine development, and mathematical modeling of infectious diseases.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, professor at Stanford University Medical School, a physician, epidemiologist, health economist, and public health policy expert focusing on infectious diseases and vulnerable populations.

and 36 other doctors on October 4th. Since then, thousands of physicians around the world have signed the letter declaration.

You can read it HERE.

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15 thoughts on “Thousands of Epidemiologists, Physicians Sign Letter Citing Severe Public Health Damage with COVID-19 Lockdowns

    1. It already has. Remember what happened after the White Coat Summit? Every social media platformed censored anything relating to it.

    2. Keeping it in place will also justify the plan to mass vaccinate, which I believe will be even more harmful than the lockdown fraud – maybe enormously more harmful. I know you can’t believe every vaccination horror story on the internet but I do believe the information presented on they “vaxxed” movies. both available on d.tube.

  1. Great contribution for sharing and helping humanity!
    It adds to this similar letter in Europe, https://docs4opendebate.be/en/open-letter/
    Signed by 603 medical doctors, 1888 medically trained health professionals and 13930 citizens.

    Invisible, un-seen, un-heard of good peoples are silently working 24/7 w/out any appreciation. They are not sitting on their asses whining about our situation and waiting for someone to save us all-they have the hope in remembering that we OUTNUMBER THE CRIMINALS.

    Everybody can do something even if it is just spreading the news and FINDING the non-censored places like bitchute.com and banned.video.com where the once “censored” videos are located.

    Share this website with people just starting to wake up………………………………… understandingcovid.com

    Here is a lawsuit a 50 minute audio: “Crimes against Humanity – A Class Action Suit against Health Authorities”
    and the transcript of it to read and share

  2. These lockdowns have been more detrimental to our health on so many levels than Covid. I fear for all of humanity if we don’t stand up against the Tyranny of the Pharmaceutical giants and the other massive industries and agencies that have been corrupted and are over-reaching.

  3. This is science. Democrats call their looney politics science and expect us to believe their marxist fantasies are scientific.

  4. This quarantine has gone on long enough. I am at risk with heart damage and being 73years old. My sister is 84 and plays cards weekly with her fellow seniors. None of them have cone down with this virus Covid 19. Kids need to go back to school.

  5. Across the globe, genocide is being committed. Untold numbers of elderly and vulnerable people are locked up and dying, not from covid, but of broken hearts. Our governments aare GUILTY.
    GUILTY of Treason, Genocide, Fraud and crimes against humanity.

  6. These libertarian free-market ideology liberals care more about profits than the human costs of unregulated business. The folks at Barrington have no problem profiting off Big Tobacco getting poor people killed for profit, why would they care about lower class workers dying of a disease, instead of getting addicted to a stimulant that keeps them working hard?


  7. Please send this letter, the Barrington Declaration, to president Trump, to Mr. Joe Biden, to all members of congress, of the senate, to all state governors and plea with them to listen to the wishes of the people and end these lockdowns which are damaging to health and freedom.

  8. On 9 October, Sky News revealed that many of the “medical” signatories of the open letter were homeopaths, therapists or used obviously fake names, such as Dr Johnny Bananas and Dr Person Fakename, leading to accusations that the total number exaggerated the scale of scientific support.

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