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Tom Steyer Selling San Francisco Home Because of ‘Climate Crisis’

Could it instead be the dismal California economy and failing state that is causing the Steyers to move?

By Katy Grimes, September 26, 2020 9:15 am

“Billionaire environmental activist and former presidential candidate Tom Steyer is selling a couple of homes in his portfolio. Last month, he parted with a Lake Tahoe home for $2.8 million, and now he is putting his longtime family home in San Francisco’s exclusive Pacific Heights neighborhood on the market for $11 million,” the Wall Street Journal recently reported.

“I’ve lived in San Francisco for most of my adult life. I love this city and this state, but I’m terrified of where we are at right now,” Mr. Steyer said in an email to the Journal. “Recently, with orange skies, a sun that did not rise, and air we can not breathe, we are faced with the grim reality that we are living the climate crisis.“

Steyer wants everyone to believe he is leaving San Francisco because of a “climate crisis,” and not because the City by the Bay has devolved into total chaos: skyrocketing property crime and  auto theft, violent crime is 54% higher than the rest of the state, homelessness is everywhere as is public defecation and urination, drug addiction and rampant related crime is the new normal in San Francisco.

This “climate crisis” Steyer claims is the cause of “orange skies, a sun that did not rise, and air we can not breathe.”

Yet last month, he parted with a Lake Tahoe home for $2.8 million, the WSJ reported. The sky is blue, the sun rises and the air is clean and fresh in Lake Tahoe.

Could it be the dismal California economy that is causing the Steyers to move?

Whether the core reason for Steyer leaving California is the climate crisis or the economy in crisis, it is policies that Steyer supports and ran on in his Presidential bid that are behind these crises.

Steyer’s policies as the Los Angeles Times reported:

100% clean energy and net-zero emissions by 2045,

“justice-centered” policies addressing the vulnerability of communities of color to pollution by fossil fuel companies, and proposed phasing out fossil fuel production.

He supported liberal immigration policies, oversight of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, and proposed restricting its forcible deportations and ending work-site raids.

Steyer called for an assault weapons ban, universal gun licensing and a voluntary buyback program for all firearms.

Steyer favored reparations for the descendants of slaves, promising to create a commission to study proposals, and said that as president he would apologize on behalf of the U.S. for the history of slavery.

The New York Times also reported:

He has embraced a “wealth tax” on the superrich.

He has suggested adding new justices to the Supreme Court, a relatively radical idea pressed by some on the left. He wants to take emergency action to address climate change.

We followed Mr. Steyer on his crusade to spend millions to get money out of politics.”

He says his top priorities are breaking the influence of corporations and addressing climate change.

Steyer’s “crusade to get money out of politics” is ironic. During the 2018 midterm elections, Steyer spent $123 million on congressional races across the country to try and flip Congress from red to blue. The House went blue, but the U.S. Senate picked up Republican seats.

Steyer’s policies are the same as most California Democrats, which control the Governor, Assembly, Senate, all of the Constitutional offices, and most of its cities. Could he be fleeing his and his party’s own bad policies?

“Billionaire climate change activist Tom Steyer made his fortune investing in the energy sector, through his hedge fund company, the Farallon Capital Management fund, which Steyer managed until 2012,” California Globe reported in 2019. “Farrallon invested in coal mines in Australia and Indonesia, as well as in tar-sands oil, which is strip mined, processed to extract the oil-rich bitumen, which is then refined into oil. It’s an interesting career change and about-face.

“Steyer founded NextGen Climate, an organization immersed in green cronyism. NextGen is a 501(c)(4) organization, and the NextGen Climate Action Committee is a political action committee fighting the Keystone Pipeline. Steyer said on the NextGen blog that while climate change had not always been on his radar, he came to believe he could no longer invest in fossil fuels – after becoming a billionaire.”

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17 thoughts on “Tom Steyer Selling San Francisco Home Because of ‘Climate Crisis’

  1. You can’t move and escape the “climate” unless you move to the moon. I will chip in a hundred bucks to buy him a one way ticket to the moon 😉

    Where is he moving? To a red state? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. What a silly article. He already owns another SF house half a mile away. and he owns another Tahoe house about 200 yards from where he sold that one. Only took me 30 seconds to Google these to find out. Lazy journalism at its finest. Oh and the Tahoe house is in Nevada…

  2. Bye bye Tommy boy. Hopefully you are not moving to a state that you can’t screw up because it is already screwed up like you lefties screwed up California.

  3. I thought all of these left-wing CA billionaires had plans to retire in New Zealand? So GO, already! Have a nice trip! Buh-bye!
    That would be nice and far away but unfortunately they could still continue to fund California’s destruction from there.

  4. Gavin Newsom will sign a bill declaring climate change now includes arson, violent crime, auto theft, homelessness, public defecation/urination, vandalism, drug addiction, rape, mayhem and murder.

  5. Glad to see him go. Talk about a man with more money than brains. Move out because you and your liberal friends have made this state a shit hole and now you want to move.

  6. WE seriously want to move to get away from the liberal waste of money the politicians want to tax from us. Think of what the billions spent on the bullet train to nowhere could have bought. Dams to store water that runs into the ocean, extral lanes in the central valley to move commerce faster and more efficiently, salt water conversion, Nuclear plants. Imagine if we had that from a governor? California would be made great again.

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