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Trump Releases Controversial Immigration Video

Spot Features an Illegal Immigrant Who Killed Two Sacramento PD Officers

By Sean Brown, November 1, 2018 11:42 am

Six days before the midterm elections, President Trump has released an immigration video that has ignited major discussion.

Coming via Twitter, as most of his news does, Trump posted a video blaming Democrats for letting in illegal and criminal aliens. Specifically, the video features Luis Bracamontes, an illegal alien who murdered two law enforcement officers in a 2014 shooting in the Sacramento area.

The clip includes parts of Bracamontes’s trial in which he utters horrific sentiments, such as “They’re (expletive) dead. I don’t (expletive) regret that (expletive)” and “I wish I (expletive) killed more of those (expletive).”

Between each of Bracamontes statements, the video declares “illegal immigrant Luis Bracamontes killed our people!… Democrats let him into our country… Democrats let him stay.”

In April of this year, Bracamontes was sentenced to death. Not only was he in the country illegally, he had previously been deported twice.

After using Bracamontes as an example of why the president believes the country should have stricter immigration laws, the video switches to the migrant caravan that has been moving up through Central America and into Mexico.

The video adds an excerpt from a Fox News interview in which one of the migrants says he is hoping to get into the U.S. despite already being charged with attempted murder. While Trump has been heavily criticized for calling all migrants criminals and even labeled a racist, the theme of the video is to point out many of the people coming the U.S. fall well short of good merit.

The video concludes by showing the migrant caravan physically breaking down Mexico’s southern border before asking “Who else would the Democrats let in?”

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