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CA Gov. Newsom Vilifies Trump Immigration Policy, Travels 3,000 Miles to Visit El Salvador

Is Governor bolstering national political image among Democrats?

By Katy Grimes, April 8, 2019 6:22 am

“Governor Gavin Newsom today becomes the first California Governor to travel to the region, where he will examine root causes of migration and join the world community in being part of a solution to the challenges in El Salvador and Central America more broadly,” reads Newsom’s press statement about his arrival in El Salvador, to learn “the root causes of migration” to the United States.

This trip comes on the heels of President Donald Trump announcing $500 million in foreign aid cut to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

“California’s past, present and future are linked with Central America. Nearly half of all Salvadoran immigrants to the United States – approximately 680,000 people – live in California,” said Gov. Newsom. “They are central to our state’s story. And while the White House casts families fleeing violence as ‘invaders,’ California is proudly a state of refuge.”

California is a state of nearly 40 million residents and spans 164,000 square miles, but has not maintained or built the necessary infrastructure to accommodate 40 million residents.

Newsom has openly defied President Trump on illegal immigration since taking office in January.

Newsom removed California’s National Guard troops deployed to the border with Mexico, saying California would not be part of the Trump administration’s “manufactured crisis.”

And Newsom and Attorney General Xavier Becerra, leading a 16-state coalition of Democrat Attorneys General, filed a lawsuit in the Ninth Circuit U.S. District Court challenging President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency, claiming “President Trump has veered the country toward a constitutional crisis of his own making.”

“While the Trump Administration demonizes those who are fleeing violence from Central America, California is committed to lifting up our immigrant communities and understanding the root causes of migration,” said Newsom, leading up to his trip. “I am looking forward to traveling to El Salvador in April to talk with the nation’s leaders and activists while deepening the bond between our families and communities.”

“As the White House vilifies asylum seekers, California is providing an alternative to the reckless anti-immigration agenda emanating from Washington,” his statement reported. “In his first weeks in office, Governor Newsom signed AB 72, legislation to fast-track state aid to asylum seekers who are being abandoned at bus stations and on the side of the road by the federal government. It was the first bill he signed into law. AB 72 established a Rapid Response Relief Fund of $5 million in immigration assistance, which helped support the opening of a migrant support shelter in San Diego.”

“Advocates hope the trip will allow Newsom to meet the people of El Salvador, understand their struggle and endear him to their cause,” the Los Angeles Times wrote. Yet many Californians are critical of Newsom’s trip, and his attempt to defy the President on the national stage.

“Does anyone in this hemisphere not know the root cause of why caravans of Central American refugees are seeking asylum in the U.S.? Newsom quickly answered his own question in the same prepared sentence in which he raised it: They’re “fleeing poverty and violence in their home countries,’”

“That has been a reason why humans have migrated for thousands of years. Escaping poverty and bullies — seeking opportunity and a better life — have been root motivators forever,” long-time Los Angeles Time columnist George Skelton reported. “Maybe he also could read a book and do a little Googling. That should wrap it up without spending nearly a week in dangerous El Salvador surrounded by California bodyguards.”

The trip is paid for by the State Protocol Foundation, a curious wealthy non-profit that funds politicians’ travel junkets, lavishing California lawmakers with hundreds of thousands of dollars in foreign travel, golf, concert tickets, champagne and whiskey, cigars, flowers, neckties and makeup, according to the LA Times.

“Newsom should pay for it himself. And by that, I mean personally — out of his checking account, not his political kitty that is stuffed with special-interest donations,” Skelton said.

“While the Trump Administration demonizes those who are fleeing violence from Central America, California is committed to lifting up our immigrant communities and understanding the root causes of migration,” said Newsom when he announced his trip. “I am looking forward to traveling to El Salvador in April to talk with the nation’s leaders and activists while deepening the bond between our families and communities.”

While native Californians economically struggle in large cities and the state’s vast rural regions, Newsom’s focus on refugees, asylum seekers and illegal aliens is another flip in his political career. In 2008, “one day after announcing that he was forming an exploratory committee to run for governor in 2010 — Newsom unveiled his new policy: all undocumented youth charged with felonies would be reported to ICE as soon as they were booked. (The city had previously turned over undocumented adults charged with felonies.),” the San Jose Mercury news reported in 2018.

Accused of campaigning on the national and international stage with this trip to El Salvador, 3,000 miles from the state of California, Newsom told reporters: “How do you understand California without understanding all the diverse cultures that make it the most diverse state in the world’s most diverse democracy?”

Perhaps it’s economics Newsom is focused on. The “Salvadoran government, which benefits hugely from the remittances sent home by El Salvador’s mostly illegal aliens, allowing it to finance itself and employ ever larger numbers of bureaucrats without having to house, educate, or medically care for its nationals,” Monica Showalter wrote at American Thinker. “Last year, in fact, that game was going full speed.  El Salvador’s remittances hit a record $5.47 billion.  Literally one out of six Salvadorans now lives in the U.S., and 680,000 of those make their home in benefit-rich California.  Salvadoran politicians actually campaign for office in California.”

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19 thoughts on “CA Gov. Newsom Vilifies Trump Immigration Policy, Travels 3,000 Miles to Visit El Salvador

  1. WHAT is he doing? Are there not enough huge, looming problems on triage in California that Gov Gav has to go down to El Salvador and signal his virtue? THEY probably wonder why he is there. And who, exactly, is he representing in doing this? The small percentage of aging misfit hippies who put “Refugees Welcome Here” signs on the lawns of their very very nice suburban houses?
    I never even know what this guy is talking about when he talks. It just sounds like a bunch of buzzwords and cliches and nonsense phrases strung together. The whole thing would be comical if it weren’t so seriously tragic that seriously troubled California should have him as our governor.
    He might as well live-stream himself giving us the finger instead of traveling to El Salvador. Same message but cheaper.


        1. Some people use the dictating method as they may not be able to type. I have done so when in the hospital and incapacitated but wanting to communicate with well-wishers. The results rarely emulate exactly what is intended. If all you can add to the conversation is attacking spelling and grammer, why bother?

    2. I totally agree with you. He has no Federal power to do anything down there. All he’s going to do is go down there and play his violin for them and bash President Trump.

    3. “Welcome Your Neighbors” sign grew out of an idea at Immanuel Mennonite Church, in Harrisonburg, VA. “Real people following Jesus’s radical call to love and service.” Posting signs is a way to show our deep commitment to sharing God’s love in the world. We encourage you to join us in welcoming the stranger, getting to know your neighbors, hosting and being hosted, reaching out across divides, providing shelter, seeking justice, and sharing love with friend and stranger.

      1. We have people hurting here, don’t you think it is our responsibility to take care of them? Are you willing to take all of these people in, that are already breaking the law.? Are you and your group willing to take them into your homes, feed them, clothe them, provide them with hospitalization? We have children here that are going to bed hungry, if they even have a bed. We have veterans that are homeless, that are dying on the streets, frozen to death, their bodies frozen to the sidewalks. We have families living in cars, elderly people that need medical treatment, and yes going hungry too. We have thousands of black children living in poverty here, that sure could use your help. It takes more than putting out signs!

    4. Newsome should campaign for office there. He sure is not helping the Citizens of California. Poverty, gang violence, domestic abuse is all over California and the United States….why does Newsom think that is an excuse to cross iillegally into California, we have the same crimes here.

    5. I totally agree with ‘Showandtell’!! Newsom has NO business going to El Salvador! CA is seriously depleted In *so*many areas….He is way out of line here!! ….He*** bells!! ????????????

    6. We invite him to Kennedy Gardnes in Calexico California any day. We have been an official Neighborhood watch and began projects like Adopt an Park and Earth day celebrations. that was years ago. Over 85% of the trees have dies, the Neighborhood Watch signs are up, but all blighted and what was a beautiful green JFK community is all dry. Not only does the dust gets into our homes and furniture, its in our lungs. Sadly even as we were harcore Democrats and we dont like Trump. Our next vote will go not on color or who we like or dislike personally, but who took the time to visit us. And who is worried about oue security, not the security of other nations miles away! Trump 2020

  2. Really?! Meanwhile, California tax payers have to deal with skyrocketing taxes, state with highest homelessness, badly needed infrastructure fix with “functionally obsolete” bridges and worst traffic congestion. And did I mention highest in welfare and complete disregard for the safety of our law enforcers and the public with his sanctuary Law.

  3. Come Home. California is going to become Venezuela soon if we continue with your progressive socialist policies. We need real leadership here!

  4. If I could go back in time and read what Newsom and Xavier stated or said to elected, I think I’d find everything they do is double-talk.

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