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Stanford's Hoover Institution Scholar Thomas Sowell

UC Davis Leads the Nation in Diversity… in Race and Ethnicity, Not Politics and Intellectual Content

Statistical disparities between groups and individuals are the rule, not the exception

By Lloyd Billingsley, September 24, 2019 2:11 am

As Fox Business reports, “The number one most diverse public university in the country is UC Davis, where 30,066 undergraduates are enrolled at a diversity index rate of 77.64.” The diversity index is “a continuum that ranges from 0 (no diversity) to 100 (complete diversity), where an area’s index tends toward 100 when the population is more evenly divided across race and ethnic groups.”

At UC Davis, according to the  ratings, “Asian and Hispanic students account for half of the student body, with the school having one of the highest percent of international students in the entire country.” UCLA comes second, UC Santa Barbara fourth, UC San Diego sixth, UC Berkeley ninth, and UC Irvine tenth. These rankings have profound implications for California.

Joshua Clover (UC Davis)

During the 1970s, UC Davis rejected highly qualified Allan Bakke from medical school and the entire UC system admitted students on the basis of race and ethnicity. That ended in 1996, when California voters approved Proposition 209, the California Civil Rights Initiative, which banned racial and ethnic preferences in state education, employment and contracting.

Defenders of racial preferences claimed that Proposition 209 would be the end of minority representation and UC president Janet Napolitano called the measure a “legal barrier” to “diversity.” With six University of California campuses in the diversity top ten, those fears prove unfounded, and there’s more to the story.

As Hoover Institution scholar Thomas Sowell noted in Intellectuals and Race, after Proposition 209 there were major declines in minority enrollment at Berkeley and UCLA, but these were almost completely offset by increases in the number of minority students at other UC campuses. More important, there was an increase in the number of black and Hispanic students graduating from the UC system, including an increase of 55 percent in the number graduating in four years, plus an increase of 63 percent in the number graduating in four years with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

After Proposition 209, Sowell also shows, the number of black and Hispanic students graduating with degrees in science, technology, mathematics and engineering rose by 51 percent. The number of doctorates earned by black and Hispanic students in the UC system rose by 25 percent after voters banned racial preferences. On the other hand, certain ethnic biases remain.

Like other UC schools, number one-ranked UC Davis offers Chicano Studies, about those with ancestry on the Iberian Peninsula of Europe. There is no similar program of Scottish Studies or Irish Studies. Diversity bureaucrats take account of Pacific Islanders but not Atlantic Islanders, an ancestry that would include many UC students.

The notion that all students must be represented according to their percentage of the population is not state law, nor part of the state or national Constitution. Diversity dogma fails to account for personal differences, effort and choice. As Thomas Sowell has often noted, statistical disparities between groups and individuals are the rule, not the exception. Diversity champ UC Davis, meanwhile, has recently been in the news on other fronts.

Keith Fink, UCLA professor. (the Daily Bruin)

Back in January, police officer Natalie Corona was murdered in Davis. As students discovered, UC Davis professor Joshua Clover was on record that cops “need to be killed” and “it’s easier to shoot cops when their backs are turned.” The UC Davis administration found the statements “unconscionable” but made no move to fire the leftist Clover. Conservative professors, by contrast, get fired for advocating the U.S. Constitution.

Keith Fink won three consecutive national debating championships for UCLA and returned to the campus as a professor. Students packed out his classes on the First Amendment and he encouraged students to exercise their rights on campus. That drew the ire of Jerry Kang, UCLA’s Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, and despite the protests of loyal students, UCLA fired Fink in 2017.

The conservative Fink says UCLA has “contempt for free speech in general, and students’ rights overall.” Yet, this same campus ranks number two in “diversity.” 

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3 thoughts on “UC Davis Leads the Nation in Diversity… in Race and Ethnicity, Not Politics and Intellectual Content

  1. What happened to Keith Fink is one of the most outrageous events to ever happen in the UC system, and that’s saying something.

    If every college professor in this state were like Keith Fink; that is, if they were devoted to teaching students how to think for themselves, California would be a fine place again, instead of the miserable upside-down hellhole of political correctness it is now.

  2. In addition to all the cost and accessibility advantages of online education over conventional college campus instruction, there’s an additional key reason to support online education that few have considered.

    With rare exception (Hillsdale College, for instance), college campuses today have become “progressive” propaganda mills — reeducation camps (MIS-education camps) that effectively brainwash students to despise the free market, capitalism, property rights, the rule of law, freedom and liberty. Today’s “college experience” usually includes this concerted effort by the left to mold the young into dutiful leftists who are intolerant of any diversity — of opinion.

    GUT the colleges — especially the liberal arts colleges. Offer lower cost, more accessible alternatives. And don’t give ’em a dime. Wealthy alumni fondly remember hazy days of campus life — often not aware of how lockstep the PC oppression has become. No mas!

    The best thing you can do for your college? Send them a letter telling them WHY you’ll never give them money. Send a copy to the campus newspaper. Send a copy to your your local paper. Post it up online.

    Most colleges today — especially the liberal arts colleges — are the enemy of our country. Online education strikes mortal fear into liberals, because such independent learning is removed from the indoctrination centers that constitute modern classroom learning at our universities.

  3. When 209 was passed I worked for that University, and internal memos to staff declared they would not change choosing the makeup of students in the slightest, while Press Releases said they would “reluctantly” oblige. NOW they choose based on the amount of alumni cash that greases the palms of certain departments and the Division I football whims of the Athletic Department constantly undermine any attempt to follow the will of the voters. Glad I retired from there, but it could have been so much better than it is now, for Students and Employees.

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