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In Juarez, Mexico, migrants mainly from Venezuela seek asylum at Mexico-US border, May 13, 2023. (Photo: David Peinado Romero/Shutterstock)

UnidosUS: Facilitator of Border Invasion Changed Name to Hide Racist Designs

Name changes for UnidosUS is nothing new

By Kenny Snell, June 22, 2024 7:00 am

UnidoUS has been exposed as an organization facilitating the invasion of the United States at the southern border over and over and over again. The public cannot be blamed for not being entirely aware of just who UnidosUS is, as a perfunctory search would lead one to believe that they are an organization new to the scene in 2017. However, further investigation would reveal that UnidosUS simply did what many Marxists do when they get too well known for their undemocratic propensities—they changed their name.

UnidosUS claimed, in an Associated Press article in 2017, that they changed their name from the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) “amid a backlash from conservatives and a desire by the civil rights group to appeal to younger Latinos in the United States;” in other words, to prey on the ignorance of the young. The article claimed that conservative pundits, and even President Donald J. Trump himself, erroneously “confused” NCLR with the now non-existent La Raza Unida Party. Especially erroneous, said UnidosUS, was “wrongfully attributing its [La Raza Unida] philosophies about Aztlan-the mythical homeland of the Aztec in the present-day American Southwest-to the mainstream NCLR.” 


Put another way, Aztlan was believed to be the homeland of the Aztecs (who imperialistically migrated and conquered the indigenous tribes in the Valley of Mexico) and La Raza Unida believed that “Europeans are aggressors who have invaded land which originally belonged to them and to which they have a right of return.”  La Raza Unida advocate for reconquering those lands for themselves (or Mexico). These lands include “present-day states of California, Nevada, and Utah, most of New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, and parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Wyoming.”

Even Wikipedia reveals that La Raza Unida was a Marxist organization that followed the modern-day democrat bible, also know as Rules For Radicals by the extreme left wing’s (democrats) messiah Saul Alinsky.

The association between Marxist and violent La Raza Unida and the NCLR was unacceptable, and according to UnidosUS, untrue.

Lies, Lies, Lies

However, in true Marxist/Alinsky fashion, UnidosUS itself tells a different story. In other words, they lied. In the National Council of La Raza: The First 25 Years, which is posted on the UnidosUS website and is described thusly:

“This brief history chronicles the roots and development of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) from its beginnings as a regional Mexican American organization committed to providing institutional support to grassroots movements and organizations in the Southwest, to its current status as the largest—and by many measures the most influential—constituency-based national Hispanic organization and one of the most stable Hispanic institutions.”

In that brief history we learn that the Southwest Council of La Raza was “a direct outgrowth of” the La Raza Unida Conference in 1967, which received funding from the Ford Foundation and other leftist organizations.

Furthermore, in 1972, the Southwest Council of La Raza becomes the National Council of La Raza. Which goes to show that name changes for UnidosUS is nothing new.


Thus, the violent Marxist party that UnidosUS disowns (La Raza Unida) and claims that President Trump lied about, and that sought to reclaim the American Southwest (and even further North), is actually foundational to UnidosUS through several name changes. Furthermore, UnidosUS tells us this themselves while duplicitously claiming it just isn’t so.

The current White House resident, President Joe Biden, made campaign promises to fulfill the decades long dream of Aztlan to UnidosUS in 2020, stating “…as soon as I take office, I will use my authority on day one to immediately re-prioritize our enforcement resources away from terrorizing Latino families and workers….” 

Biden kept his promise to UnidosUS by reversing all of Trump’s policies, halting the construction of the border wall, and letting tens of millions of illegal immigrants, from all over the world, to terrorize the citizens of the United States. Latino families and workers have not been immune from the terror however, and it will only get worse until President Trump re-assumes the mantle of leadership in the United States. Ask the mother of 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray, who was recently raped and murdered by two of “Crooked Joe’s” illegal immigrants from Venezuela. Just the most recent example, there have been many, many more mothers, daughters, fathers, and sons ripped from their families and life by the murderous scum that Joe Biden’s handlers have invited to invade our country.

Joe Biden ignores these crimes and the families of the victims, however, Trump does not. Like a true leader, even though the 2020 election was brazenly stolen by democrats and their uniparty friends, Trump continues to reach out to the families of the victims. For example, Trump recently reached out to the family of Rachel Morin, a mother of five, whose murderer (another illegal immigrant) was just recently arrested.

Local Connections

It isn’t just Joe Biden facilitating this invasion, but your local politicians may also be funding the invasion. Local politicians may even have their own history with the violent Marxist, Saul Alinsky acolytes renamed and rebranded as UnidosUS. For example, in Riverside County, California, Board Supervisor Manny Perez Jr. has quite an extensive history with La Raza/UnidosUS and has even funneled millions of taxpayer’s monies to UnidosUS affiliates.

In 1992, Perez was a founder of the NCLR related Union Estudiantil de la Raza Fraternity at the University of California, Riverside, because he was “an angry young Chicano” that wanted “equity.”

Today, as a Riverside County Board member, Perez uses his position to funnel millions of dollars to the Regional Access Project foundation (Perez is on the board of directors along with other local politicians), which in turn funnels that money to UnidosUS affiliate NGOs that work with the invaders on the border. Many of these NGOs also have local elected officials on their board of directors.

Perhaps everyone should check their local politicians for similar loyalties to La Raza/UnidosUS. Do you really know where your local tax money is going? Remember the 5th of November and VOTE like your life depends on it, because it just may.

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  1. Most of California’s state and local politicians have loyalties to La Raza/UnidosUS and to the cartels?

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