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In Juarez, Mexico, migrants mainly from Venezuela seek asylum at Mexico-US border, May 13, 2023. (Photo: David Peinado Romero/Shutterstock)

Why Tech Giant David Sacks is Endorsing Donald Trump

‘What Biden ushered in was a de facto open border policy’

By Katy Grimes, June 11, 2024 2:45 am

Last Thursday evening tech giant David Sacks and his wife held a fundraiser in San Francisco for the 45th President Donald Trump. They raised $12 million dollars towards the election of Trump as the 47th President, as RNC member Harmeet Dhillon announced.

Mr. Sacks went into great detail in a statement about his support for Trump as President of which the Economy is a big part: “We can’t afford another four years of Bidenomics,” he said.

“My reasons rest on four main issues that I think are vital to American prosperity, security, and stability – issues where the Biden administration has veered badly off course and where I believe President Trump can lead us back,” Sacks said.

We reported Sacks’ statement on The Economy –  inflation, ‘unnecessary Covid stimulus’

“President Biden took over an economy that was already recovering strongly from the Covid-induced shock of Q2 2020. Demand had roared back, and employment had recovered. But he chose to keep priming the pump with unnecessary Covid stimulus – almost $2 trillion of it, passed on a straight party-line vote in March of 2021, with trillions more to follow for ‘infrastructure,’ green energy, and ‘inflation reduction.’”

Read the rest here.

His second reason is Foreign Policy / Ukraine War:

“President Trump left office with ISIS defeated, the Abraham Accords signed, and no new wars raging on the global stage. Three and a half years later, the world is on fire. President Biden has made several strategic choices that have contributed to this situation.

In his first year in office, Biden unnecessarily alienated the Saudis before realizing that they are an indispensable partner in the Middle East. He also presided over a chaotic withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan (right policy, abysmal execution).

But his biggest blunder by far has been in Ukraine. His administration immediately began pushing for Ukraine’s admission to NATO, despite no unanimity among the existing NATO members that such a move was a good idea. When this predictably antagonized the Russians, the Biden administration doubled down at every turn, insisting that “NATO’s door is open, and will remain open” with respect to Ukraine. Biden himself baited Russia when he said he didn’t “accept anybody’s red lines.”

After the invasion, there was still a chance to stop the war in its early weeks before much loss of life and destruction had occurred. Russian and Ukrainian negotiators had signed a draft agreement in Istanbul that would have seen Russia retreat to its pre-invasion borders in exchange for Ukrainian neutrality. But the Biden administration rejected that deal as well as General Milley’s advice to seek a diplomatic solution in November 2022.

As the war of attrition grinds on, the Ukrainians face ever-mounting casualties and infrastructure damage. Still, President Biden keeps allowing the conflict to escalate and risk World War III. Every escalation that Biden initially resisted – Abrams tanks, F-16’s, ATACMs, allowing Ukraine to hit targets in Russia – he has eventually acquiesced to. There is just one more escalation to go: NATO troops on the ground fighting Russia directly. And our European allies like Emmanuel Macron are already spoiling for exactly this scenario.

With Biden, our choices are limited to fighting the proxy war to the last Ukrainian, or fighting Russia ourselves. President Trump has said he wants the dying in Ukraine to stop, and that he will seek to end the war through a negotiated settlement. Ukraine will no longer be able to get the deal we talked them out of in April 2022, but we can still save Ukraine as an independent nation and avert world war.”

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One thought on “Why Tech Giant David Sacks is Endorsing Donald Trump

  1. I appreciated David Sacks well thought out reasoning.
    I hope his endorsement resonates through out Silicon Valley. That is wishful thinking on my part, the brainwashed are hard to convince that globalism is a threat to our republic, if they even understand what a republic is.

    Borders, language, culture is essential to any country.
    The economics are tied to the open border as well as our safety.
    We must put Americans first!

    I look forward to the next section of this series.

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