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California State Capitol (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Gov. Newsom’s Brother-in-Law Arrested on Alleged Domestic Violence Charges

This latest incident follows December domestic abuse charges for close advisor to Gov. Newsom

By Katy Grimes, January 17, 2021 9:18 am

Two recent alleged domestic abuse cases by people closely connected to Gov. Gavin Newsom rather quietly made the news.

Joshua Schiller, brother-in-law to Gov. Newsom, was arrested on Thursday for alleged domestic violence in Ross, Calif., according to a statement provided to Bloomberg Law by the Ross Police Department. Schiller, son of Boies Schiller co-founder Jonathan Schiller, and a partner in the law firm, was arrested and booked at the Marin County Jail, and the case was referred to the Marin County District Attorney’s Office.

Schiller’s wife is Melissa Siebel Schiller, sister of Jennifer Siebel Newsom, and sister-in-law of California Governor Gavin Newsom. The Schillers provided a statement to Bloomberg Law through their lawyer Douglas Horngard:

“This is a private matter between us,” the couple said. “We love and respect each other. We are partners and will move beyond this together.”

The California-based Horngard said he expects the charges against Schiller, first reported by The American Lawyer, to be dropped.

“This was a misunderstanding,” Horngard said. “There was no instance of domestic violence.”

Notably, “The victim had visible injuries that were minor in nature and did not require immediate medical treatment,” the statement said.

In December, while Californians were locked down under stay-at-home orders by Gov. Gavin Newsom, Nathan Ballard, advisor to Newsom, was charged with domestic violence for allegedly attempting to suffocate his four-year-old daughter and for pushing his wife into a glass door at the Carneros Resort and Spa in Napa Valley.

This only piles on to Newsom’s troubles after attending the birthday party for advisor Jason Kinney at the swanky French Laundry restaurant in November, while the state was in lockdown.

Ironically, Ballard wrote a preachy column in 2019 about “what it takes to be a rad dad,” for lifestyle website Better, before being charged with domestic violence for”‘trying to suffocate his daughter with a pillow and pushing his wife into a glass door,” the Daily Mail reported recently. Here’s what else the Daily Mail reported:

  • Nathan Ballard, 51, faces two felony domestic violence charges in Napa
  • Last month, he allegedly attempted to suffocate his daughter, 4, with a pillow
  • He is also alleged to have pushed his wife, Mara, into a glass door
  • Mara told officers that Ballard had consumed ‘a large amount of alcohol’
  • An attorney for Mr Ballard called the charges ‘unsubstantiated allegations’
  • Last year, Nathan Ballard penned an essay about being a ‘role model dad’

Better added this disclaimer to Ballard’s article: On December 3, 2020, a report in Politico revealed that Nathan Ballard — who is mentioned in this article — was arrested on domestic violence charges. We were unaware of the allegations until this date.

The Globe has been told that Gov. Gavin Newsom also has a tempter, and throws things at staff when triggered, particularly ahead of his press conferences.

In Ballard’s column at Better, he wrote about the importance of being a good role model as a father. “[Children] are more likely to mimic your behavior than to blindly follow your rules,” he wrote. “I aim to be more like a trusted advisor to them instead. When they are grappling with a decision, I like to ask Socratic questions to help them reach a conclusion on their own.”

A comment on the Daily Mail article was particularly poignant: “Most abusers think they’re pretty amazing partners and parents. Complete disassociation from reality.”

Some psychologists say men who batter their wives often feel justified in their behavior and that society is unfairly persecuting them for their actions. “In my opinion, they (batterers) are not cold, but more likely seething with distressing emotions and out of control,” said Dr. Ola Barnett, a researcher at Pepperdine University in Malibu, Calif. “They may well have a limited conscience.”

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11 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom’s Brother-in-Law Arrested on Alleged Domestic Violence Charges

  1. Katy I’m willing to bet you won’t hear the news of this story anywhere in the media. If this were a Republican governor’s brother in law and advisor it would be front page news. Thanks for keeping us in the know.

    1. It’s important to note that lockdown policies contribute to increased rates of domestic violence and alcoholism. Newsom shares responsibility.

  2. Yesterday and I’m sure today there are law enforcement surrounding Gavin Newsoms home in riot gear….OANN broke the story yesterday. No reason why. I would hope the 10 Billion missing from EDD 8 Billion to criminal gangs in other countries would bring about an arrest….It’s insane what it takes to arrest a democrat. We have no justice in America democrats are a criminal enterprise the whole party should be placed under arrest.

  3. When Newsom was mayor of SF there were two interesting DV cases:

    The first was the Police Commission President Julius Thurman was in trouble for DV against his boyfriend Michael Sporn. Apparently, Kamala Harris intervened and got everything dropped for Thurman who became a big political liability for her. Then shortly before Harris announced her presidential Candidacy, Thurman died inexplicably of a “suicide” and all his legal files mysteriously disappeared from his apartment.

    Another Newsom DV incident was Sheriff Mirikarimi and his Venuzuelan wife who later recanted her allegation. It ruined Mirikarimi’s career and it was Newsom who put pressure on John St. Croix at the Ethics Commission to put Mirikarimi through an Administrative procedural trial (they were from different factions in the DCCC) – so Newsom came out swinging against DV. The Sheriff’s Dept. has a huge sway in SRO rentals which Newsom jacked up with the Patel organized Crime family in a complex financial fraud Newsom sold to the public as “care not cash.” By putting in Newsom’s new sheriff, SRO rates skyrocketed across the city with the funds kick backed through the Patels and an entity called the Community Housing Partnership.

  4. Words is of wisdom regarding domestic violence: Joe Biden says “You have to keep punching, and punching at it.” Biden is so articulate. You can immediately determine this is his own authentic thought. No plagiarism here…

  5. So – once again – the little people are locked down – but the elites are having resort vacations.
    The bigger issue is the violence.
    There’s no excuse for domestic violence – rich or not – lockdown or not – there is absolutely no excuse ever and there should be zero tolerance. These women called the police for a reason – they were in fear for their lives and the lives of their children from a man they thought they trusted. The men should not be able to get away with violence because the women later “came to their senses.” It happened. Law enforcement shouldn’t sweep it under the rug.

  6. Thanks for reporting this story, and thanks to those commentators who added more tales of arrogance and corruption that I’ve not seen – or expect to see – in the MSM.

  7. Comrades
    Least of worries. You’re living in troubled times ruled by zealot morons with propensities to encourage “Dark Winters”.

  8. I just came across 2 people who refused to sign the RecallGavin2020 petition out of fear their names would be traced and were afraid of repercussions. This is exactly what they are relying on, instill fear. I cannot believe each day this world gets more corrupt and citizens fear for their safety from our own government

  9. “The Globe has been told that Gov. Gavin Newsom also has a tempter,…”


    Temper…. Sorry, my eye just catches these things…

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