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Travis Allen Announces Candidacy for Republican Party Chair

Assemblyman Hopes to Replace Retiring Chairman Jim Brulte

By Sean Brown, November 15, 2018 1:53 pm

Today, State Assemblyman Travis Allen has formally announced his candidacy to become the next California Republican Party Chairman in an energetic campaign-like ad.

In his announcement, the Assemblyman said, “Today I am announcing my candidacy to be your CA Republican Party Chairman. Californians deserve a strong Republican Party that supports our values, ideals, and our Republican President. It’s time we rebuild the Party from the ground up. It’s time we take back California.”

His statement included a video in which he describes the dismal status of California’s Republican Party and its “backward thinking” that has led to an increase of seats being lost every year. The video also encompasses the goal of rebuilding the Party, rebuffing special interest groups and supporting the President.

Perhaps Allen’s most interesting and ambitious plan includes introducing the California 100,000 program. The program will implement a system “where 100,000 Californians will donate $10 a month to do more Republican voter registration in the state of California and rebuild our party from the ground up.” Finally, Allen goes on to remind viewers that “This is the state of Ronald Reagan and it’s about time we take back California.”

Travis Allen Holds Huntington Beach Rally During a Gubernatorial Exploration (@JoinTravisAllen)

Coming off the heels of a failed gubernatorial race attempt, Allen, a Huntington Beach resident, has been an increasingly active participant in social media blitzes, cable media appearances and Republican campaign supporter. He has also been a long time business owner and State Representative since 2012.

After current Chairperson Jim Brulte announced that he will not seek another two years as leader when his term ends in February, Allen indicated he has been eyeing the position for some time. In September he said, “I’ve been asked by a number of supporters and I am seriously considering it,” before adding how California Republicans “are dramatically underrepresented at the state and congressional level.”

Currently it appears there are no other prominent challengers to oppose Allen. Despite this, the key job of the party chairman is to raise money for Republican candidates and the fact that Allen is a considerable Trump supporter, could turn off big donors.

Since 2002, California’s Republican voter registration has fallen from 35 percent to 28 percent.

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