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EXCLUSIVE: Iconic Target Store on Mission St to Close Amid Shoplifting Tidal Wave

SFPD tells Globe Mayor Breed falsely claims it’s not about theft, begs company to stay

By Ken Kurson, October 21, 2021 4:12 pm

A homeless man at the Target on Mission Street lowers his pants and loads them with goods on Oct. 21, 2021. (Photo by Melody Kurson for California Globe)

This story has been updated to add comment from a Target spokesman.

Last week, after Walgreens announced that five additional outlets in San Francisco would be closing on top of the 17 that already have been shuttered since 2019, the company claimed that changes in both the law and prosecutor attitudes had made it impossible to run a profitable business in the city.

Mayor London Breed challenged that narrative. She attributed the closings to demographic shifts and the Chronicle dutifully reported that “the five stores slated to close had fewer than two recorded shoplifting incidents a month on average since 2018” (while acknowledging that few stores bother to report a crime that now routinely goes unpunished). Everyone who has stood in line at a drugstore and watched thieves shove hundreds of dollars of items down their pants knew that Breed was mistaken at best or lying at worst.

Shoppers at the Target on Mission St are greeted by armed and uniformed SFPD. (Photo by Ken Kurson for California Globe)

Now, in a Globe exclusive, San Francisco Police Department officers revealed that the iconic Target on Mission Street between Third and Fourth Streets will be shutting its doors before the end of the year.

“This store loses $25,000 a day to shoplifting,” an SFPD officer told the Globe in lengthy, taped interviews conducted this week. “That’s $25,000 that walks out the door on average between 9 and 6 every day.”

(The Globe is redacting the officers’ names because of critical remarks made about Mayor London Breed and District Attorney Chesa Boudin that could potentially endanger their jobs.)

“This store does between $80,000 to $120,000 in sales every day. And they lose 25 of it [meaning $25,000]. Even if they’re making 25% profit, the stealing takes that down to zero.”

Asked if the presence of armed, uniformed police officers had any deterrent effect on thieves, one officer was blunt in his assessment.

“They don’t care. There’s no consequences. Literally zero consequences. I’ve kicked out… I’ve been here since 9 AM today. I probably have already kicked out eight or nine people and I’ve recovered a thousand dollars worth of stuff alone off of that. Whether we kick them out, tell them they can’t come back, whether I put them in handcuffs and take them down to the county jail—there is no difference. Because they will not be prosecuted by the district attorney. Therefore, there is nothing documented that they can’t come back here. You know, they get no time in jail to think about what they did, right? There is zero consequence. And that’s why in this store the same exact people come in every other day and in the city the same couple percent of people are the same people committing all the car break-ins, all the robberies and all the shootings, any aggravated assaults right in town where there’s more street people, people fighting. It’s all the same exact people, and there are zero consequences. Therefore you take them to jail they get out of jail. They do it again. It’s a big circle.”

Even bulky, hard-to-steal items are kept behind locked devices that require Target personnel assistance. (Photo by Ken Kurson for California Globe)

Target has already taken measures to decrease the catastrophic shrinkage. In July, the retailer cited an “‘alarming rise’ in thefts at its San Francisco stores” and cut its hours. The Mission St. store had been open from 8 am to 10 pm and is now open only from 9 am to 6 pm. One officer told the Globe the new hours inconvenienced hard-working San Franciscans who struggle to buy their diapers and Diet Cokes before 6 pm.

A Target worker installing additional glass barriers, apparently unaware that the store will be closing by year’s end. (Photo by Ken Kurson for California Globe)

“Their hours, all Targets in San Francisco right now compressed their hours, right? Every store is 9 AM to 6 PM, which pisses everybody off down here because a lot of people get off work at 6 o’clock and they come in and they are like, ‘What? Target is closed?’ … ‘Yeah, Target is closed.’ It is out of control. … They are closing the one on Bush Street. There’s one on Bush and Sansome, right there. They are closing it in a month. Right before Thanksgiving. That one is closing partly because the Financial District isn’t back you know, right.”

Care to enjoy a Frappuccino while you shop? Just take it. Drink it. Then put the empty bottle back on the shelf. (Photo by Melody Kurson for California Globe)


A display of Hershey’s Kisses had been magically transformed into a “grab a free handful” situation. (Photo by Melody Kurson for California Globe)


Like Reese’s Pieces? Just rip off the top and enjoy the orange and brown deliciousness like you’re E.T. (Photo by Melody Kurson for California Globe)

But according to this officer, the Mission Street Target will also be closed by the end of the year despite having solid revenue, because they cannot get the shoplifting under control. “In San Francisco, the only reason why they haven’t closed. They want to have it here, right, and this is the biggest one in San Francisco.”

In addition to the limited hours, the retail giant has taken other measures. The Mission Street store locks not just those items that have become commonplace at high-theft areas throughout San Fran such as Tylenol and razors. But also, in a first for California Globe, Tide and other heavy, large laundry detergents were also behind lock and key. Vitamins, false eyelashes, Nicorette, skin creams, Lego, water bottles, hairdryers and even bulky low-priced items like body wash all are protected by sophisticated anti-theft equipment. Even the “fancy” toothpaste. All of which, of course, raises costs for the honest hard-working shoppers and slows the checkout process for all. It also means an embarrassing quest to find a customer service person who now needs to be told of a shopper’s smelliness, dry skin and frizzy hair.

SFPD officers have told the Globe that the shoplifting epidemic forcing SF stores to close will not end until there’s a change in policy: ‘The prosecution has to change.’ (Photo by Ken Kurson for California Globe)

Still, they steal. Earlier this week, a reporter from the Globe spotted a man shoving food down his pants without a worry in the world. And even when items are not exactly removed from the store, they’re still stolen. When the Globe reporter went to buy Fig Newtons, every single package on the shelves had been opened and had several delicious cookies removed. A display of Hershey’s Kisses had been magically transformed into a “grab a free handful” situation by the industrious residents of SOMA.

On a recent visit, one red-vested employee was busily installing additional theft guard barriers.

And none of it has been enough to ward off the imminent shuttering of a beloved—and necessary—local institution.

Care to enjoy a Frappuccino while you shop? Just take it. Drink it. Then put the empty on the shelf. Like Reese’s Pieces? (Who doesn’t!) Just rip off the top and pop ’em down like they did in E.T. It’s not only gross, it’s completely demoralizing to the staff. Irene, a checker, told the Globe that she gets furious watching customers steal while she works hard to pay for what her family needs. And now her store will be closing.

The Globe told the police officers that we, like all of the world, had seen store security officers routinely ignored by aggressive shoplifters. But we expressed surprise that even the full-time presence of two armed and uniformed SFPD wasn’t enough to deter this level of crime.

Items protected by anti theft equipment include vitamins, false eyelashes, Nicorette, skin creams, Lego, water bottles, hairdryers and even bulky low-priced items like body wash. (Photo by Melody Kurson for California Globe)


Need a water bottle? Prepare to ask someone in a red top and khakis for a key. (Photo by Melody Kurson for California Globe)

One officer told the Globe, “Our chief of police actually came in a couple of months ago and did the same thing you did. He literally was like shocked that everything was locked up and he didn’t understand why and that’s kind of a little naïve on his end, but the same thing. And one worker went up to him and was almost like tearing up and she was like, ‘If you don’t have officers here tomorrow, I’m not coming to work.’ We’re here for the theft, sort of, but our main objective in essence is to protect the employees, because all the people that come in. The security guards tell these people all day long, ‘Get out, get out, get out.’ And what do they do? They flip them off or berate them or want to bite them or hit him – anything. So that in essence was more of our responsibility. We get a lot of the product back that’s stolen, but it’s impossible to catch everybody, especially when they are concealing it in bags. They go out all day, there are four fire exits here, they go right onto the street, right? And it’s hard when security can’t touch them. They can’t touch them. They can’t grab your arm and say ‘Hey, put that back.’ They’d be fired, there would be a lawsuit.”

Heavy, relatively inexpensive items like body washes are also targeted by thieves, who find an open market for their stolen goods just blocks away. (Photo by Melody Kurson for California Globe)

So if the in-store security is hamstrung by these rules, why aren’t the police tackling these thieves?

According to one officer, “They give us more leeway, but they still don’t want us, again, on the floor tackling somebody for taking like a couple of pairs of pants, right. Stealing $50 worth of merchandise…”

In 2021, Target made $27.3 billion in profit on sales of $93.6 billion, which is a healthy gross margin of 29.3% before expenses such as depreciation and amortization, interest, and taxes, all of which takes the final operating profit down to around 5%. Still a healthy number, but the store on Mission St. already has some of the highest labor and security costs in the entire chain.

Mayor Breed Begs Target to Reconsider

This particular Target is a critical institution for a neighborhood that is already struggling with social ills. Aggressive panhandlers routinely perch outside the entrance. Human feces on the street has gone from a rare shock to disgustingly commonplace. Visitors to Frena, the scrumptious Israeli bakery and café around the corner, now have to be buzzed in like they’re viewing fine jewelry.

And of course, there’s a political component here. The Globe asked the officers why the store hadn’t closed already, since the full-time presence of uniformed PD hadn’t been able to stem the tide.

“The manager told me this a few weeks back, that’s where I got all the numbers from, but you know our mayor, London Breed, everybody would lose their mind, they’ve been very adamant, ‘Do not close this place,’ but Target they don’t care. They are like, they see the numbers, right, and that’s why our boss is like, ‘We will get you whatever you need,’” (meaning that’s why SFPD has provided so many resources to this particular private business).

And still it hasn’t worked. The officers expect the Mission St. Target to close by the end of the year.

According to one officer, “In 2019, Walgreens in San Francisco lost—all Walgreens—lost $25 million in theft. That’s why if you go to every Walgreens pretty much there’s an officer sitting at a Walgreens anywhere you go all over and they are still closing Walgreens, and it’s still the same thing here – the same people, the same daily essential products or whatever. And if you go to 16th and Mission, they have like a fence there, and they sell all of this stuff that they take here. It’s out of control.”

Asked for a final thought on what could possibly reverse course, one officer said, “Got to change the process. The prosecution has to change.” Another chimed in: “It will never change.”

UPDATE (11:40 AM, Oct 22, 2021): A Target spokesperson has reached out to the California Globe to deny aspects of this story and confirm others. According to Joe Poulos, Target’s Senior Director of Communications, “The information posted to California Globe about our stores is not accurate. We are not closing the Mission St. store. I can confirm that Target will close the San Francisco Central Business District East store, 225 Bush St., on Nov. 20, 2021, due to years of underperforming sales.” Mr. Poulos also remarked that “The decision to close a store is always difficult” and said that “Target remains committed to the San Francisco Bay Area and will continue to serve guests at the 35 other Bay Area stores.” This morning, the San Francisco Chronicle ran a story echoing much of what Mr. Poulos stated. The Globe has asked Target to comment about shoplifting losses at the Mission St store and stands by its reporting on what it was told by officers on the scene.

Every single Lego set, even the modest ones that don’t have a stupid Star Wars theme and just let a kid build a house, is protected by an electronic surveillance gadget. (Photo by Melody Kurson for California Globe)
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188 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Iconic Target Store on Mission St to Close Amid Shoplifting Tidal Wave

  1. Isn’t California great. If you like crime, hate freedom, and living with some of the most stupid people in the country its the place for you. Don’t believe me then look at who the fine citizens vote into office. Goodluck getting change when the majority of population permanently have their heads up their behinds.

    1. Businesses are largely agnostic profit-seeking ventures. When a situation such as it appears at that SOMA location occurs, then it is logical to leave. So sorry that reflects poorly on local government.

        1. The word ‘a’ serves no purpose in that sentence, but to demonstrate your failure to master English at a third-grade level.

      1. You do realize you CANNOT run a business at a lose and expect to stay open.
        Most businesses do not make as much profit as you think. If you run a store at a negative you cant continue to pay employees or order more goods to sell.
        When local government enacts changes to policies and laws that do not punish theft and criminals are allowed to continue to steal without any threat of punishment. What do you expect? Do you expect them to stop? Do you expect those that once did not commit crimes for free of punishment to continue to not commit crimes?

        There is talk in a VA county, (cant remember which) to no longer conduct traffic stops. Because they cut funding of police and no don’t have enough police. Do you think people will speed more without the penalty of traffic tickets? I can’t wait for the increase in crashes and death toll.

        Whether you like it or not, decisions made have consequences. When you don’t hold people accountable bad things will happen. Unfortunately, idealistic utopian dreams are just that, we as species are not there. Trying to force that change early is going to end badly. Ideally everyone would work and get what they want. No need for crime. Well, we have those that don’t want to work. Not those that can’t. People are materialistic.

          1. Not in my NC town, thank God. At least until more CA refugees move here and change the politics and ruin our state as well. Stay in your dystopia, you voted for it, now live with it.
            Someone robs my store they will be tasered or capped. Most customers know better given they see the sign in the door and my 180 pound Rottweiler.

          1. Mayor Breed’s police protection won’t last forever. She’ll be a regular person like the rest of us who has to shop, get gas, work to take care of her family. I can’t wait for that day when reality slams into her and she has to live with what she’s done to this one great city. Someone broke into her car? No police show up. She wants to enjoy a nice meal out? Restaurants closed. She needs toilet paper? Ask a homeless drug addict to wipe her a$$.

          2. Chi Sam, Since that’s all you’re commenting on I assume you don’t have a reasonable opinion to share. Generally those are mistypes, a human thing. Perhaps you should read the comment. You’re missing important information. You’re probably part of the entire problem, not the solution, meaning you voted for this crap.

    2. The fools in Californication deserve everything. Let the state rot on the vine and die. Cesspool. Phuck every single leftist dog there

        1. I live here and I agree. We will soon be one of the few conservative family’s left and will soon move away. So tired of this liberal crap here.

          1. Bye. Enjoy the racist, controlling, redneck, gun slinging backward Texans. You deserve it. And remember where ever you go….there you are.

      1. The problem will spread when they move to your nice state and then continue to vote for the same people who ruined California…..and look down on you for your “backward” beliefs.

        1. They are moving to Texas in droves. We have been discussing what state they will go to next after they run Texas into the ground with their leftism. They’re like termites.

        2. Sounds like a change in business models. Everything will go the Sam’s Club route, where entering the store requires a membership card managed by the store. If they ever catch you shoplifting on video, your card gets revoked and you no longer have access to any of the company’s stores.

        3. Not in my NC town, thank God. At least until more CA refugees move here and change the politics and ruin our state as well. Stay in your dystopia, you voted for it, now live with it.
          Someone robs my store they will be tasered or capped. Most customers know better given they see the sign in the door and my 180 pound Rottweiler.

      2. I agree.
        Unfortunately it will be the rest of the country to bail them out. They will whine, beg and plead to help them “in this time of crisis.” The Feds and the MSM will generate a sympathy campaign to “Save the Golden State” and we’ll eventually be forced to bail them out… Just to see the same cycle of failed ideas start over. But this time it will work. “We promise.”
        I was born and raised in SoCal and I absolutely loved it! I moved out of that shithole back in 2000. It’s a real shame how the local government has completely destroyed what was once the best GO TO state for countless opportunities! Now? It’s more than clean that you couldn’t pay people to live or do business there! Because of the arrogant, high mined and historically failed and stupid ideas, California is on life support with little chance of survival.

      3. It’s a trip how you all condemn people living in California when the majority of the population here are all TRANSPLANTS!!!

    3. Problem is these CA lefties are moving out of the s**tholes they created and moving to red states, and bringing their ideals and lefty voting with them!

      1. They should be vetted like Afghans….and sent back if they endanger the civilized way of life.

        Let them rot in California.

    4. Ya got to love the contributions to society that 13% of the population makes to their community.. we are such a better nation do to their presence.. amazing how much value they add..
      13/52 Project in full force..

    5. San Fran, isn’t that where Queen Nancy reins her power. Maybe the police should send them to her house. Great job the liberal democraps have done out there.

    6. Just another indicator of collapse in a city run by the Party of Slavery. The Democratic Party is a criminal institution.

    7. Bless the work of this fine administration: allowing looting, crime and lawlessness. Equity has a different meaning to some folks, but it seems to be working here. Go Brandon.

    8. Live east of Sacramento. I don’t enjoy visiting any big city anymore. I like Pacifica, Santa Cruz, Monterey. The quiet coastal towns. SF is a mess and I haven’t been in a few years. I’ll go to Oakland just to catch a game. I used to enjoy SF and West LA. Even San Diego is falling apart. How people vote for these losers is beyond me. I suspect it’s not purely organic though.

  2. They will not prosecute shoplifting but here in California you will be hauled in and arrested for not having a mask on in a grocery store and it will be referred to as trespassing. How can that be? Because there is no law broken if you do not wear a mask, it is a public health request.

    The closing of this store ends up hurting those they employ and the low income residents of San Francisco. The very people that Mayor Breed claims to care about!
    This state is lost!

      1. Sadly, voting doesn’t help because it is filled with cheating and graft thanks to blue. A perfect example is that of the failed attempt to impeach the “governor” which I put in quotation marks because he is merely another puppet of Pelosi shoving his lame brained ideas down citizens’ throats and allowing total chaos to rain on every citizen. Just one more reason not to spend our winters in CA any longer….

  3. what do you expect. you have a moronic liberal population electing moronic
    and incompetent liberal candidates. i hate to see this happening to this
    formerly beautiful and livable city, but you reap what you sow.

    1. 1) You don’t live anywhere near there and things are much different in your trailer park.
      2) I’d much rather chance getting a new strain of covid from your pandemic loving klan.
      3) It is a problem. I am frustrated by the homeless issue. But fact is that most of the homeless here are from other states. If we could send them all back to the red state they came from, that would knock out more than 70% of them.
      4) It’s so easy to hit the caps key to make a capital letter at the start of a sentence. Do you leave it out because of laziness or ignorance?

      1. According to the New York Times only 18% of California’s homeless are from out of state. 43% of San Francisco’s homeless have lived in the city over ten years.

      2. Most of the homeless are here from other states? Where is your proof? Don’t make false claims.
        Funny that it is (alleged) red state hobos that are ruining your liberal city, same thing that happens to all liberal cities somehow… I wonder why? Spoiler alert: It’s liberal policies cause and effect. The pattern is so easy to spot, you would have to be ignorant not to see it… Oh wait….

      3. lol, so you actually believe 70% of the homeless in California are from Other states? Not only other states but specifically red states. That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.

      4. Please show the data that most homeless are from other states and specifically from red states. Apparently you’ve never ventured beyond the SF city limits. If you had you realize that the world beyond is not full of trailer parks. That said, a lot of upstanding law abiding citizens do live in trailer parks across this nation. You paint your bigotry with a broad brush.

      5. This Republican lived off and on in Berkeley, Oakland, and Santa Cruz from 1972-2001. Now I’m in Truckee with an inherited mobile home in flyover Florida. Carjacked and burglarized California voters who voted Democrat are getting what they voted for.

        1. We lived in SF a couple blocks away from that Target. We saw the writing on the wall and moved.

          The judicial reform now in Vogue will not end well. There are people in this world who will take what they want when they want it unless they suffer consequences.

          The idiots who govern SF are detached from reality. They are so ideologically possessed that all the data and experience in the world will not shake them from their progressive faith.

          The only solution for decent people is to leave.

      6. You all live in fantasy land where you believe that people are always going to do the right thing and there are never any consequence of doing wrong. I don’t live in a trailer park, but even if I did, at least I don’t have to trip over dumb liberals and homeless people every time I want to pick up shampoo and toothpaste from my local target. You idiot voters keep living in your safe spaces while the rest of us enjoy the convenience of actually being able to buy food at a local grocery store.

      7. Logical fallacy is the refuge of the intellectually bankrupt. Enjoy your collapse. I’ll be relishing the view from my “trailer park”.

      8. Those are the dumbest thoughts I’ve ever read. Lol, so homeless from red states have enough money to relocate to California? Liberal anger and lies really are funny to witness. Your life must be “fun”. Cheers from the OC.

      9. I used to live in California. Why do you lie? 70% of California’s homeless are not from out of state. But assuming your facts and logic are correct, why would such a large majority be from out of state? Could it be that California treats homeless people (you can’t even call them homeless) as sacrosanct. The homeless can crap on the sidewalk but if the average taxpayer did that, he’d be arrested. Who is living in a trailer? Do you employ the ad hominem argument often? If so, ESADGF. Who is in the pandemic loving klan? You do understand the Klan’s membership is rather miniscule or do you refer to anyone that prefers freedom based on principles and not race as members of the klan. I believe you are lazy and employ lazy ad hominem argument techniques without knowing or knowing how to utilize facts and logic.

      10. Just shame on you. Look at the problems…total lawlessness, crooked district attorneys who fail to prosecute crooks, police hands tied to do anything about the problems because of the disgusting people you(or the crooked voting system) vote into places that further degrade what was once a beautiful state. Go ahead and support your comments but stay where you are and don’t even consider bringing your liberal leftist ideas elsewhere. You better enjoy what you’ve got right now because tomorrow even your home and family may be destroyed by those people you support.

  4. Californians elected liberals and they are suffering the inevitable consequences. People who vote for liberals deserve every bad thing that happens to them.

  5. The elephant in the room that no one talks about is that most of the thieves are children of Obama and Maxine Waters. They’re taught to shoplift by the time they’re three.

    1. you NAILED it !!!!
      schooled on 5 finger discount. but if there own stuff gets taken , that just pisses them off. best thing is to let the monkey kill the monkey not save the monkey. monkey lives matter….
      in a zoo.

    2. Don’t forget all the opportunist illegal immigrant criminals! That’s who broke my skull in two places in broad daylight robbing me in my “safe” SF neighborhood, and Kamala was using the taxpayer dollar to train said criminals for jobs they couldn’t legally hold to discourage a life of crime. yeah….
      I left 12 years ago, it’s crazy to think it has gone much more downhill from there because while the land is beautiful, liberals have destroyed it. F#$% that place. I like my current red state location. AND I VOTE VERY, VERY RED.

  6. The citizens of San Francisco get what they vote for. If you want it to change get a new D.A. Impeachment?

    1. Great ideas but crooked voting principles and cash flowing the “proper” direction has ruined any chance of a protected and valid vote.

  7. san fran sicko….the worst hell hole in the US. It needs to be closed down, keep electing dumbasses for office, you deserve what you get #sfsucks

  8. Smart. Call Target liars while there’s video of thieves running out the door while begging them to stay yet doing nothing about the problem. Maybe try issuing speeding tickets to every Target employee too, maybe that will help.

  9. What’s sad is they made that way, unlivable. Them after they can’t stand it any more they move to another state and
    continue the same broken policy’s.
    I lived in that area in the 70’s and it was great now nothing but a shit hole. Progressives kill everything.

  10. I work security for a Walmart in Alaska, and while the scope of our shoplifting isn’t as bad, we experience the same uncaring and unafraid attitude from the thieves up here. I can usually intimidate the younger shoplifters, or the middle aged occasional shoplifters, but the ones who are fueled by drug usage or homelessness, they just do not care. They know that I can’t put my hands on them, they know if they push a cart loaded with merchandise out the store that I can’t chase them any further than the parking lot, hell they know I can’t even be rude or yell at them the same way they do to me, and that my threats to call the police are empty ones as the police won’t show up for shoplifting at all.

    It is utterly demoralizing and frustrating to have to deal with this day in and day out. The lack of police action and prosecution of these crimes just means it will continue to happen and will continue to escalate. Perhaps if public opinion changed to actually demonize these people instead of the cops and security guards trying to prevent theft, then we would see things change. I’m not saying we should have carte blanche to beat down shoplifters, but it shouldn’t a crime on my part to put a thief in an arm lock and force them to the ground.

  11. “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”
    -H. L. Mencken

    Good and hard, California voter, good and hard.

      1. went on a cruise to mexico some time ago. arriving at our destination we were greeted by militant dressed men with rifles. inquiring about the men i was told they are here for your protection. against my better judgment i departed the boat multiple times without incident. told my wife, if we going to vacation like this in the future they better hand me a rifle when i get off the boat or plane. if they have rifles, i want a rifle, or im not going. unfortunately we have increasing number of lawless communities in america. if a business requires man with a gun, then you should take the hint and arm yourself before entering, or better yet avoid. some call them “no go zones”.

  12. Your assessment of Walgreens profit appears to describe gross profit which misses many expenses. Their actual margin ie; net profit after all expenses was 6.29% not the 29.3% you have reported

  13. It’s not voting that brought these demonrat tyrants in power it was election fraud. There were more Trump voters in California (6,006,429) than any other state even Texas (5,890,347) in 2020. So stop saying we voted in these crooks when it’s the results are rigged.

  14. An interesting article, but seriously marred by this statement:

    > In 2021, Target made $27.3 billion in profit on sales of $93.6 billion, which is a healthy margin of 29.3%.

    Target operates on a calendar-year basis, and 2021 isn’t over yet. So presumably you mean 2020, for which

    • total revenue = $93.6 billion
    • sales = $92.4 billion
    • cost of sales = $66.2 billion

    So gross margin was $26.2 billion (28.4%).

    But gross margin isn’t profit. There’s a little matter of SG&A, depreciation and amortization, interest, and taxes.

    When you subtract those, you get net earnings of $4.4 billion, which was 4.7% of sales.

  15. I don’t know, what was it that used to be the standing order in disaster areas; “Looters shall be shot on sight”. Maybe, maybe, maybe….

    Oh, and don’t give me the sanctity of human life argument, that boat, the USS Rove Vee Wade, sailed a long time ago.

    1. Yes, thYe answer is right in front of you sometimes. During the 1960’s we had riots in Rochester NY, Looting, houses set on fire, cops couldn’t do anything because it was a “Protest”, Finally a utility worker who was shutting off power to a burning building was shot while up on a pole. They announce a shoot to kill order for all looters, I believe 2 were shot, In less than 2 hours it all stopped. Remember this was way before social media and cell phones.Less than two hours!
      Problem solved, Granted the ACLU filed lawsuits and all that, but lives and property we saved and order restored. SF has an easy job, just shoplifting? There was a guy in Arizona, Sheriff Joe, who knew how to run an unpleasent tent jail. Perhaps use his model and either prosecute these people or “Hold them for trial” for a month or two with pink uniforms and green baloney sandwiches. Forcing all these stores to close hurts the good people. Thats the part I don’t get. “Punish the good, protect the bad”, Seems to be the liberal Philosphy.

  16. So they force a burger place to close for not enforcing masks. I guess they are too busy with that nonsense to catch shoplifters

  17. This is what happens folks when you elect and keep reelecting DEMOCRATS! “You can’t fix stupid! There’s not a pill you can take, or a class you can go to”. The beat goes on.

  18. Let’s go Boudin….

    This is why I derisively refer to it as San Franfreakshow…. a disgusting progressive experiment in utter FAILURE…

    1. You couldn’t even make that movie now a days. I’m surprised they haven’t banned it. I’ve always had fantasies of capturing people like Pelosi, putting them in street clothes and dumping them off in a bad part of their city at night. Just so they could get a taste of what they’ve created. They have no clue.

  19. Best deterrence: officer at front door accompanied by a canine unit. Doubt the crooks would take a chance going into that store.

  20. I used to go to this location quite a bit. It was a good stop to and from my walk to Caltrain on 4th and King. However, over the last few years, it became a magnet for sketchy characters. I cannot count how many times I saw people — homeless and not — shoplifting there.

    Mayor Breed is a useless politician. She doesn’t want to admit the truth: San Francisco’s fly-in-your-face hyper-liberalism isn’t good for the people or businesses of San Francisco.

  21. Like so many others here, my family has a long and storied history in and with SF. Now, I sit safely outside the city limits (and WAY out) have resigned myself to just watching for amusement. I’m just glad I got to know the city so well in the 60s and 70s…memories I cherish. London Breed and her commie DA have loosed the monster that will eat SF and there’s no way to get it under control. It’s over except for the entertainment of watching this Titanic sink.

    1. Well said. I had wanted to make my way to SF one day, but for a long time now, that idea is firmly dead. Such a shame.

  22. The people vote for those who will not protect them so you will end up with just the criminals there and they will have no services so they will move elsewhere.
    There is no point in complaining since the citizens of San Francisco vote for what is in their future.

  23. Like millions of other Americans, I don’t care what happens to the people of California – and especially the Bay Area – anymore. These smug leftists have made it a point of pride to deliberately do the opposite of what a sane person would do for decades and this is the result. They’ve been insulated from the worst consequences of their own choices but now that the rot has reached this level they want to start crying about it. Screw all of you and enjoy the filthy, degenerate hellhole you’ve made.

    And for God’s sake stay in California.

    1. But they are moving in record numbers like rats abandoning a sinking ship, the one they created, bringing along their insane liberal ideas and destroying everything, everywhere they touch!

  24. Ask leftists billionaires to open businesses in SF and provide everything the employees and customers want and need!

  25. I used to work in Target Assets Protection in the early 2000’s, the shift was going to concentrating on internal theft over external theft.
    I know the departments have lost over 80% of their workers since my time there.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if the uptick in shoplifting caught them by total surprise and the only reason they have the police at the door is because of a safety issue for employees and shoppers.

  26. We are NOT all created equal. We should all be treated equal under the LAW, but we are NOT equal.
    I have two words to describe the “problems”….

    “J” & “N”

    1. Not all black folk. Just the ones that call each other, what no one else can call them.
      If you and your friends call each other something, and you accept it, you must be one.

  27. Joe Biden
    SF Mayor
    Maxine Waters
    Kamala Harris
    etc. etc etc.

    Each and everyone pathetic failures elected by pathetic failures called Democrats

  28. Moved out of SF years ago, super fun watching it crumble from a distance. SF is the laughing stock of the world. Enjoy the poo.

  29. The very basic function of government is protection of private property. If you don’t have that, you don’t have society. The hard truth is the government represents the thief and thief’s interest alone. I feel bad for the kids that are inheriting this mess. When you not only allow riots, but encourage them, as long as their politically aligned with the media, anything is on the table. I don;t see a path back to civilized society, the country has more loons than norms of every political persuasion.

  30. It’s going to take businesses like Walgreens and Target to close up shop and leave before the citizens will realize that the theft the DA allows is not a victimless crime. How many people are now going to be unemployed because of these political decisions? I’ve refused to visit SF for years. At first it was because I didn’t want my sales tax going towards their local government. I’ve been able to add personal safety concerns to the mix since then.

  31. Well written article. The cops are stuck because law and order is no longer a reality in S.F.
    There is no positive change on the horizon. Demise has the momentum and will continue.
    There is zero accountability for this at city hall. Solomon said in the book of proverbs something like…” If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do “


    Take  Off  Your  Mask  And  Get  Off  Your  Knees  !    COVID-19 IS FAKE  !
    Unquestioning Gullibility And Obedient Compliance
    Are Unbecoming Of A Patriot  !

    FACT :   Thousands of highly credible and qualified doctors and scientists from around the world are adamantly insisting that Covid-19 is either completely fake or practically harmless and are being deliberately and systematically censored by the Mainstream media and governments.        ( Numbers Correspond To Links In CVHOAX.COM )                                                                2,3,7,8,9,11,14,17,32,33,34,35,36,40,44,55,59,60,61,62,63,69,76,80,82.83,86,90,104,  147,157.

    FACT :   Covid-19 has never been scientifically proven to exist as it has not met any of the four criteria of Koch’s Postulate which is known as the Gold Standard of proof of a virus’s existence. The scientific study of germs is known as Germ Theory because it’s a THEORY !  Germs have never been proven to exist yet have been used to sell vaccines for over a hundred years.  Exosome Theory is far more plausible.  If you don’t know what Koch’s Postulate and Exosomes are then you’re not as smart or as well informed as you thought you were. This is an opportune time to drop your know it all attitude and open your ears.

    FACT :   The creator of the PCR Test used to detect Covid-19 said it was never intended to detect any virus.  Every Covid-19 death was caused by something else and falsely attributed to Covid-19. Do you believe hospitals would be tempted to claim that a patient who died of the Flu had instead died of Covid-19 if the Government gave them $50,000.00 to say so ?   Dr. Genevieve Briand, Assistant Director for MS in Applied Economics at Johns Hopkins University, has proven the alleged Covid 19 has resulted in no excess deaths.       ( 157 ! )      12,23,24,29,40,94,103,120,122,130,135.    9,10,16,17,27,56,88,89,96,117,118,129,143.       21,25,30,67,68,72,84,150,151.      37.

    FACT :   Wearing a mask is utterly ineffective at blocking a virus. A virus can pass through a mask as easily as swimming under the Golden Gate Bridge. Prolonged mask wearing causes brain damage and respiratory illnesses. The first step to overcoming your mask fetish is to admit you have one. Do you wear your mask in your vehicle or outdoors when no one is near you ?  Until recently it was common knowledge that hand sanitizing inhibits one’s immune system while exposure to dirt and filth strengthens one’s immune system.  “ Mask Mouth ”.  If the Mainstream Media  and Government could convince you to do the Hokey Pokey they most certainly would. Unconstitutional and criminal mask mandates are a mass Asch Conformity Experiment.  If you’re worried about getting sick, then suffocating yourself is probably not a good idea.  Any person wearing two or more masks is actively engaging in
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    FACT :   Unconstitutional and criminal lockdown laws are destroying your freedom and your economic livelihood and your future.  Unconstitutional and criminal lockdown laws are causing the starvation deaths of millions of people in poor countries and soon in formerly wealthy countries. Is it wise to inject yourself with a drug falsely labeled as a vaccine, designed to alter your DNA and sterilize you, to prevent a virus that has never been scientifically proven to exist ? Is it wise for the U.S. Military personnel to be injected with this ‘vaccine’ ?  A perfect analogy to comprehend the social dynamic surrounding the public’s enthusiastic willingness to embrace the Covid-19 narrative
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    FACT :  Four out of five Stanley Milgrams surveyed recommend critical thinking for their patients who want to live in reality and not blindly follow orders from whomever they consider to be an authority.   147,157,162.

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    Will your ego allow you to examine the proof that Covid-19 is fake ?
    Although, the thought of the Mainstream Media and Government lying to this extent is frightening, your denial of this deceit is absolutely terrifying.

    1. FACT: your information is complete garbage and you obviously don’t know the meaning of cross referencing or fact checking. Shop destroying America with stupidity.

  33. London Breed is the corporate super pack funded, wolf in sheep’s clothing that was installed to serve the interests of the ultra rich. No one should be surprised that since taking office the richest neighborhoods in SF are sparkling clean and the poor neighborhoods are at an all time low. Don’t confuse homelessness with extreme drug fueled depravity it’s not the same thing. Drug dealers set up open markets in my neighborhood of the tenderloin and the police force just looks the other way. This is why my sidewalk is blocked by makeshift tents and human filth, because they are strung out on meth and fentanyl being constantly served to them by south and Central American drug cartels. Its not really homelessness we’re dealing with here I would know because I didn’t have a home when I moved to SF to escape my backwards conservative hometown. You’d never have seen me sprawled out on the downtown sides pooing on the street this is a strictly drug induced phenomenon created by a Mayor and a police force that is as dirty at a tenderloin sidewalk.

  34. 76 replies…..WOW! I have never seen so many!
    This really hit nerve! Think of all that did not reply!
    Keep up the good work exposing the idiocy and the deceptive practices of the Secretary of State for fooling the public in to voting for prop 47. Oh yeah the Secretary of State that re-wrote 47 got a promotion to D.C. and our Democratic Governor endorsed said proposition. Like this? Vote Democratic!

  35. San FranShitHole
    Been here since 83, homeowner since 88, and cant wait to escape and go to Brazil, where i feel safer.

  36. What if this was the plan all along? If you have a rodent problem, the first step is removing the food resource they are scavenging. This isn’t just about getting rid of the homeless. This is about getting rid of people who buy groceries at large stores.

  37. They need to up the limit to $25,000. Anything under $25,000 and they don’t prosecute.

    This will give almost everyone in California a car and car sales will boom to replace the cars that were “redistributed”. People without cars win. People who take them and immediately sell them win with cash in their pockets. Cartels win and auto makers win!!!!!

  38. Liberalism is a gutter philosophy. It’s not based on science, logic, or even common sense. Liberalism is based on feel-good politics, claiming they want to help the poor and minorities.. Liberals destroy individuals, families, communities, and, if left unchecked, will destroy this country. The situation with Target in San Francisco is typical. Liberal policies destroy a community, primarily hurting poor people that liberals purport to help, and the liberal mayor whimpers about the “evil” company leaving. You must dwell in the bowels of the gutter to be a liberal.

  39. As Dennis Prager says, “the left ruins everything it touches.”

    A recent poll showed that 56% of SF Bay Area residents plan to leave within the next several years. Like a plague of locusts, they will move on to destroy another place.

    1. This story has not been “debunked.” It has been denied — by Target PR. Time will tell if the reporting here is confirmed. Target has now confirmed another piece of original reporting in this story — the closure of the Bush/Sansome Target. And there are twelve photos here to support the reporting, as well as the fact that the hours have been reduced.

    2. Thank you Panda. This website is a lot like Fox News. It makes up stories to promote its far right wing narrative.

  40. Focus on the low level criminals because it suits your ridiculous agenda! Why not do some actual POLICEWORK and shut down the fence at Mission and 16th? Oh, but the skin color gets lighter the higher you go on the criminal hierarchy and that breaks your narrative.

  41. Good move, Target, if a sad one.
    Watch out for Breed’s next bogus argument: that closing these stores will result in a “food desert.”

  42. Lived in SF 1988-1999 and then departed the state. I’m back typically 2X/year for business and simply stunned witnessing initially the slow degradation and now the rapid decline of this once incredible city. Just a filthy, filthy city.

  43. “moved to SF to escape my backwards conservative hometown”

    How’s that working out for you? I live in a “backwards, conservative hometown”. No poo in the streets. No homeless. No drug paraphernalia. No panhandlers. No businesses closing. Don’t lock my house doors at night, or really, at all. My car doesn’t get jacked or windows broken. Nice neighbors. If there was any crime, getting accosted on the street, thieves in stores…they’d be shot, repeatedly, by probably half the people present. Then we’d get a lecture from the cops about gun control (i.e. overkill and loose rounds being thrown). Our society isn’t collapsing. Can you say that?

    Life’s pretty good…in a conservative, backwards sort of way.

    1. Homeless people often steal. I’ve seen it at the Walgreens on Market Street. They have one employee there whose whole job is chasing the thieves, and he’s chasing someone pretty much every time I go in. But how did they become homeless? The idea that most of them are from out of state isn’t backed up by the numbers. The truth is SF had no homeless problem in the 70s because there was enough low and middle income housing. Enter Ronald Reagan, who slashed federal funding for rental assistance and housing units. Then in the 2010s Big Tech employees decided they wanted to live in SF and commute to work in Silicon Valley. Apartment prices rocketed up. Homelessness is caused by a lot of different factors, but the biggest is the simplest–there’s nowhere for them to live. https://www.nytimes.com/1981/10/18/realestate/us-cuts-back-and-shifts-course-on-housing-aid.html

  44. If something happened to Joe Biden, with Kamala Harris in charge, these events in California could spread nationwide.
    It wouldn’t be long before gas prices hit $7 a gallon like in many parts of Californian. Under Kamala’s rule, so many illegal aliens would be let in, English would be an elective in schools, and Spanish would be the language of the land.

  45. Back in the good ol’ days, the 1850’s, San Francisco was particularly bad. There were 5000 murders in a three-year period, and only 1 prosecution. City leaders did nothing. Finally, the businessmen got fed up a started a vigilance committee. This group rounded up the criminals and either strung ’em up, or ran them out of town. It worked. It worked too well. City officials didn’t like losing control and finally got their act together, for a few years.

    No one has the cajones to pull off something similar these days. Things will continue as they always have.

  46. Sorry to say, but San Francisco and most of California are run by idiots. I’m so very thankful I was able to move my family out of California. It once was a good place to live, but that’s a thing of the past.

  47. Entire story based on the account of one anonymous police officer, and disputed by Target itself. Yeah very credible.

    1. Hopefully CA globe gets shut down soon. Making up stories to promote a far right agenda should never be allowed.

  48. HELL-HOLE CALIFORNIA…(Hotel California) by The Eagles

    In the dark desert moon-light, dogs cap-ture their scent
    Quick-ly, the ‘coyote’, cuts a hole in the fe-nce
    Tearin’ ass ‘cross the bor-der, on the look-out for ICE
    They finally reach the safe-house where, they will all spend the ni-ght

    Chuy lifted some floor-boards
    Saw the tun-nel had filled
    Juan started diggin’ by him-self
    With just his bare hands, half-way to He-ll
    Through an i-conic candle, ‘Mary’ showed them the way

    Con muchos niños en los cor-re-dor
    They bare-ly heard Jo-se…
    “Bienvenida a tu ca-sa, California!”
    What a lousy place (la Raza runs the place)
    Such a damn disgrace…

    Plenty of work found in South-ern California
    Any time of year (if the weather’s clear)
    You can pick fruit he-re…

    Farther north up in Fris-co’s, a more insidious bent
    They got a lot of Sis-sy Mar-y boys, that hate Mike Pe-nce
    Homeless crap at the curb-side, reeks human stench
    Some crap on the side-walk, some crap in their pants

    So I called Gavin New-som
    “Please, purchase my App”
    He said, “Tourists are not vis-it-ing here, since you, put our crap on a ma-p”
    Yet still more Mexicans coming, they come and come
    As they destroy our quality of life
    Ask Kate Stein-le’s mo-m…

    Wel-come to the hell-hole California
    That Di-ane Fein-stein (damn Chinese spy)
    Looks like Frank-enstein

    They’re taxin’ the rich outta’ hell-hole California
    All Nev-ada bound (to some quiet town)
    Not a soul a-round

    Mayors in most ci-ties
    Are, undermining ICE
    They say, “Eff Trump and the rest of you, blue-eyed de-vil whi-ites”
    And in the coun-cil cham-bers
    All a-cross the sta-te
    They pass their sanctuary laws
    As they seal their, own damn fa-te

    Four years this November, Trump’s been
    Tryin’ to build a wall
    Mexicans are havin’ fits that, he might depo-rt them a-ll

    “Re-lax” says Pe-lo-si
    We will, help you to decei-ve
    Simply check the box marked ‘Dem-o-crat’
    You will, ne-ver have to lea-ve

  49. This used to be a good place to comment but now it seems to be full of division. There are lefties in all states. Look at Austin for example. California has been hijacked by Dominion and leftists. Our recall was stolen. There are still a lot of conservatives here. We are not the only state with a corrupt governor either. Florida has issues even with a good governor. We are all in this together as Americans. The globalists want us bickering with each other. Divide and conquer. Until we get our heads out of our butts and accept that we are under attack from outside forces and stand together, we will lose our country. Our federal election was stolen from ALL of us.

  50. Not sure if this site cares about truth or corrections, but Target has confirmed that there are NO plans to close this site and that this report is false.

  51. Things seem to be going just the way George “Nimrod” Soros wants. Building the Tower of Babel was going along just fine until Someone intervened. Pray down interference on the machinations of Machiavellian globalists.

  52. A total shit for brains liberal company cant stay open in a total shit for brains liberal city. Who would have thought?

  53. The tone of this story is more that of a high school newspaper than anything approaching serious journalism. This is a serious issue that could have stood more facts and less attitude. This is my first and last visit to this site.

  54. It doesn’t matter if we are liberal or conservative. It doesn’t matter what we think of California. If you steal from a person or a business and they don’t want to confront you, they will leave. Be it an animal or human if they take what is yours, it’s not sustainable. Wanting to give things out for free is called charity. The rest is either a purchase of theft.

    You decide if you want to live in a world where people can steal with no consequence.

    1. They did when they voted for Prop. 47 a few years ago. And this is what happens. 17 Walgreens have already shut their doors permanently because, under Prop 47, you can steal up to $950.00 worth of items and you’d still be slapped with a misdemeanor. That’s why the SFPD don’t even bother showing up.

      If I were the CEO of Target, I’d close that Target store right away and teach these Woke crowd a hard lesson.

  55. “Every single Lego set, even the modest ones that don’t have a stupid Star Wars theme”

    LOL – how can anyone take this story seriously..?

  56. When are we going to tell the truth, it is black folks stealing in SF and the DA won’t prosecute them for almost any crime…..

  57. This is a lie being spread by Fake News. You should take this down California Globe if you care about the truth at all.

  58. America is Tyrannical which I am hearing on Tv now.
    What third world country we have become . worse Without prayer and fasting America will not repent .Pastors have a responsibility to lead the County and inform thier members .
    Wrath coming .America will be destroyed .
    Please pray .

  59. This is all because SF has a feckless mayor who was anointed into her position from the previous mayor even though she had absolutely no experience. She’s the problem! She’s personifies hypocrisy, preaches to locals then does the opposite, gets caught and then blames others. Her administration is funded by developers who are so far up her ass, you can see their bald heads when she speaks. I live in SF, was raised in SF, and now hate what it’s become. I can’t wait to sell my multi-million dollar home and move, so I don’t have to look out my kitchen window at homeless camps, folks shitting on the sidewalk or worry about stepping on used hypodermic needles which are now more prolific than sour dough bread.

    Like so many folks born and raised in the City, I can’t wait to leave. My bleeding liberal heart was pushed far beyond repair by the lack of leadership that has ruined this City. Recall Mayor Breed before she breeds more misery and filth in my City.

  60. SF, as hub of the California cabal, is showing the rest of the state how good progressives govern. Eventually, the cancer will consume the rest of the country if progressivism is allowed to spread..

  61. The problem is very easy to solve. Vote for Republicans.

    Liberal, “Oh, I will never vote for a Republican. I just voted against the Newsom recall.”

    Consequences: Your stores will be closed. Your car window smashed. House broken into.

    Live with it, idiots!

    1. Ugh! I remember SF in its glory days. So sad. I’m a conservative still living in Cali. I wish red states could means test ppl moving to there. Impossible, I know, but some way to slow down the Woke idiots from settling there, and ruining a perfectly well run state.

      1. Time for you to wake up fool. The store didn’t close you are so stupid to believe those lies. Can’t you see yellow journalism when it’s plainly in front of your face?

  62. I fully support the redistribution of wealth to the poor shop lifters and hope it continues. The politics in that city are a joke and the people living there even more so and Target and corporations like it supports BLM burning down its stores anyway. Enjoy your city living and progressive morally superior way of life, San Fran. We’ll all be laughing when you have to go to Oakland to buy anything while paying $6500/month for a studio apartment build in 1906.

  63. Prop. 47, folks. You voted for it not too long ago. Under Prop. 47, a shoplifter can steal up to $950.00 worth of items and it’ll still be a misdemeanor. That’s why the SFPD don’t even bother showing up anymore. It’s a waste of time for them.

    Gee, do you Progressives ever bother to read what you’re voting on?

  64. This Commission recommends that the government establish a new office to properly target health disparities in the UK. Out of desperation, we ended up creating most of the annual features.

  65. As a recent wave of mob-led store robberies has put retailers, mall operators and communities on edge, one popular shopping center. A recent trip to the store revealed aisle after aisle of empty or near-empty shelves.

  66. Liar liar pants on fire!!! No the “iconic” Target store on Mission did not close “by the end of the year”. I just went in there yesterday and it is mid-august 2022. Not only that but they have increased their hours instead of decreasing them. That’ll teach you to listen to lying cops and basin article on what they say. So stupid didn’t know that if a police officer’s mouth is moving s/he is lying. You know what would better serve our community and would be a much better use of your time and energy? To publish an article about how police officers are the number one most common perpetrator of domestic abuse in our society (check the stats….) And healthcare workers are the number one victim of domestic abuse (again, check the stats). Or you can just keep churning out crocks of cr#p, like this one here you wrote. At the very least could you please write an update stating that the store didn’t close and give the reasons why?? Ummmm…..Houston? We have a problem…..

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