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Support Law Enforcement, Which Protects Our Freedom

President Trump and the police are front-line defenders against socialist takeover

By Edward Mosberg, July 9, 2020 2:00 pm

Police in riot gear walking beside a boarded up grocery store. (Photo: Nour Chamoun)

We are at a pivotal point in our nation’s history, and our country must unite in strong support of our police officers.  The few bad cops making news do not represent the ninety-five percent of good police officers in the United States who risk their lives on the front lines every day to protect us. All professions — from teachers to corporate professionals and religious leaders – have a few bad apples.  Honorable police officers want these corrupt cops rooted out just as much as we do.

Similarly, these rioters do not represent the peaceful demonstrators and protesters around the country. The rioters are criminals who must be arrestedheld accountable.  They aim to spread violence, commit thefts, and inflict injury and death on innocent, hard-working Americans. The weak cities irresponsibly defunding the police are emboldening the rioters to continue victimizing hard-working, decent citizens.

Don’t believe these rioters’ justification for their criminality and the destruction of historical monuments. These mob rioters are practicing what they profess to oppose, counting on us to hide in fear.
They must be made to respect our First Amendment rights and be reminded that historical monuments are artistic expressions protected in America. It sets a dangerous precedent if we don’t respect history or simply eliminate the parts that some don’t like.

President Trump is correct and courageous to favor charging rioters as domestic terrorists and swiftly prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. These law breakers are on a heinous mission to bring weapons of chaos into our communities while purposefully muzzling the much-needed national conversation around due justice for George Floyd and his family.

Americans are united in viewing what happened to George Floyd as horrific, inhumane, unjust and wrong. However, the rioters don’t care one bit about social justice or George Floyd in their twisted onslaught on America.

Additionally, these media monger members of Congress, who kneel in protest of America to woo favor among those who want to harm America, should instead be kneeling at the grave sites of George Floyd and other police brutality victims, as well as the soldiers and police officers killed in the line of duty while securing our freedoms.  They should kneel to pray for the good people who represent peace and liberty, not to incite more violence. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the like are a disgrace to our country.

We must re-elect our strong, straight-talking leader, President Trump. Without him, this country will collapse in becoming a breeding ground for domestic and international terrorism. A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for continued rioting.

A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Socialism in the United States as Biden now sponsors and endorses many of Bernie Sanders’ costly programs that he once opposed.  Don’t think Sanders’ socialist delegates are supporting Joe Biden for free.  The middle class will be strapped by the high cost of these government giveaways because Joe Biden will have to pay the Socialist piper for the Sanders base support.

Joe Biden will put America on a dangerous path to the false allure of Socialism and Communism with help from Sanders and the Socialist Squad, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley.

America’s youth are being indoctrinated by this group with lies that chronically omit the unbearable oppressions that come with Socialism and Communism. Biden and the Socialist Squad make Socialism and Communism seem trendy and exciting to young people by falsely labeling it as liberalism to lure the unsuspecting into abandoning American democracy and freedoms.

Every freedom-loving American voter should ask Biden and the Socialist Squad to do one thing before supporting them.  Ask these privileged politicians to live under oppressive regimes like North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba.Ask them to move to countries that are regularly listed as the worst countries in the world for women.  The Socialist Squad wouldn’t survive a month under the grueling conditions that strip citizens of bodily autonomy, basic necessities, dignity, humanity, and sentimental and valuable possessions.

American soldiers carrying American Flags liberated me from the slaughter of the Nazi concentration camp in Poland, where my entire family was exterminated. I happily followed rules and procedures of immigrating to America 68 years ago with only $10 in my pocket. It took me a year and a half to get my visa after I proved I posed no threat to American values and laws. I respected and willingly worked to abide by the laws of what was hopefully going to be my homeland.

Despite having no money in my pockets, my wife and I worked for everything without any government assistance. We instilled in our children and grandchildren appreciation for the US military and law enforcement securing our liberties so that what happened to me in Poland will never happen to them in the United States. Because in the United States, anyone, regardless of race, creed, sex, gender identity, socioeconomic status or religion, can succeed.

I personally lived through the horrors of torture, work camps, death marches and every form of degradation for years.

America’s young people must not be lured by the forbidden fruit fed by the Socialist Squad.

I hope you will join me and my family in proudly voting for President Donald Trump in 2020. Joe Biden and the Socialist Squad must be stopped at all costs to protect future generations from ever living through any form of the “United Socialist States of America.”

Edward Mosberg is chairman of From the Depths, an organization created to preserve memories of the Holocaust. This week, Mr. Mosberg was featured in a CNN profile for having invited NFL star DeSean Jackson to visit Auschwitz, following Mr. Jackson’s of a passage that is often attributed to Adolph Hitler and contains anti-Semitic attacks.

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