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Sen. Kamala Harris drops out of Presidential race. (Twitter)

California’s Sen. Kamala Harris Drops Out of Presidential Race

Harris had been hoping for an Iowa rebound amid a campaign visit from Gov. Gavin Newsom

By Katy Grimes, December 3, 2019 10:47 am

U.S. Senator and Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris announced Tuesday she was dropping out of the race after months of low polling numbers.

Her announcement came on the heels of California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Monday announcement that he was planning on traveling to Iowa to campaign for her December 14-15.

By Tuesday Kamala Harris announced she was suspending her campaign and dropping out of the Presidential race.

While many reported troubles in the Harris campaign, Tuesday morning, Politico posted an article about a super PAC formed by Kamala Harris allies which had “started reserving TV airtime across Iowa, offering a potential boost for the California senator’s presidential campaign.”

A few hours later, Politico posted that Harris was dropping out, after making the announcement to her campaign staff on a phone call.

California Globe reported on Harris’ campaign troubles with her announcement last week of the support of 100 Iowa teachers, and that she was “going ‘all-in’ in Iowa.

Harris was hoping for a rebound in Iowa in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Twitter was atwitter with the announcement, with some lamenting the loss of a candidate of color. “…that means–among other things–that no candidates of color are yet slated for the December debate. Six white candidates have qualified. Folks, that’s a huge red flag, and we need to talk about it.”

Other media outlets checked Harris for her claim of being a “top tier candidate.”



California Globe will update this breaking story.


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