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Michael Bloomberg Calls California a ‘Model’ for the Rest of the Country

The Democratic presidential candidate will skip early primaries to focus on California.

By Evan Symon, January 7, 2020 2:32 pm

At a press conference in Los Angeles on Monday, former New York City Mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg announced that California would serve as a model for running the country should he become president.

“I think that California can serve as a great example for the rest of this country,” said former Mayor Bloomberg at the opening of his campaigns Los Angeles headquarters.

Bloomberg noted that California’s efforts on climate change, gun control, and criminal justice reform were second to none, and that the rest of the nation should follow their lead.

Bloomberg did mention the housing crisis and the homeless crisis, as well as other issues California is currently trying to solve. But Bloomberg insisted that overall California works and that the Golden State is “something the rest of the country looks up to.”

“Bloomberg was a late entry into the Democratic race, so he didn’t get a foothold in states like Iowa and New Hampshire,” explained former political strategist Casey Larkin. “California is his line in the sand and he’s going all in on it, similar to how Rudy Giuliani always started with Florida in previous Republican primaries.”

“He’s saying this simply as a way to get California voters on his side. Notice how he specifically praised California’s gun control and their stance on global warming. He may personally believe it, but he mentioned the issues the resonate the strongest among California democrats who live in major cities. That’s who he’s going for. It’s a New York City strategy to target urban areas and miss the rest.”

“He’s also going after the bases of the other candidates, all of whom aren’t here. They’re in Iowa mostly. He wants to get a lot now to make it a surprise when they get back here and make it an early shock with to carry momentum. So it’s also a play from George McGovern’s ’72 playbook.”

Bloomberg’s efforts also directly attack President Trump, who has been vocal in his criticism of California policies including climate change and environmental issues.

Bloomberg will continue his sweep across California in the coming weeks. He has opened up several campaign offices already in places like Los Angeles and Riverside, with many more to come. He has also poured millions of dollars into a TV advertising blitz targeting people who may not know who he is.

“It’s California focused all the way,” continued Larkin. “And he’s sucking up to California. But if he does well here and goes on to campaign in other states, what will they think about his California comments? What would Southern states think of his backing of California’s gun policy? What will factory heavy states think of California’s environmental standards?”

“This is a gigantic risk pushing California’s policies on a pedestal like this. He could get California, but at the risk of a lot of other states.”

Evan Symon

Evan V. Symon is the Senior Editor for the California Globe. Prior to the Globe, he reported for the Pasadena Independent, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and was head of the Personal Experiences section at Cracked. He can be reached at evan@californiaglobe.com.
Evan Symon
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16 thoughts on “Michael Bloomberg Calls California a ‘Model’ for the Rest of the Country

  1. There have to be thirty states that wouldn’t elect somebody from California just because they’re from California. The same would be true of somebody who wants to use California as a model for running the country.

  2. This guy is insane. California is a model of indecency, disarming good guys, recidivism, liberal stupidity, and financial disaster.

  3. Calling California and Gov. N a role model??!! Hilarious!! I guess he hasn’t seen the numbers exiting the great state! Same views should alert voters NOT to support him.

  4. California is a commie feces hole filled with illegals, migrants, and refugees. Most of California is so run down, and the infrastructure so broken, that it looks like a third world feces hole. This is what the Democrats are all about. The California State Legislature is filled with first generation foreigners, who want to destroy this country. They have already destroyed California!!!

  5. There is hope. In April, President Donald J. Trump will announce the roll out of the state of New California. New California will be the 51st state. https://www.newcaliforniastate.com/
    And further more, no illegals, migrants, or refugees will be tolerated. The rule of law will apply in New California. The majority of land mass will belong to New California. California will dry up like an old stinky turd in the sun. California is broke from supporting these foreigners. https://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images?p=New+California&imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bizpacreview.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2018%2F01%2Fnew-California-e1516120302990.png#id=0&iurl=https%3A%2F%2Fpixel.nymag.com%2Fimgs%2Fdaily%2Fintelligencer%2F2018%2F01%2F17%2F17-new-california-map-feed.w1200.h630.jpg&action=clic.

  6. Get Bloomberg out of California he already has a satellite office in Riverside and is probably planning on doing the same thing in California that he did in Virginia which is spend 2.5 million dollars to elect all of them gun grabbers and create Civil War he should be arrested for election tampering I’m sure that Newsom called him guys when when the Virginia governor mentioned bringing in the UN are stupid California governor Newsom was all in if the UN want to Virginia he would probably tell them to come to California also the guys are freaking loser if he doesn’t get recalled the president should use the rule of the law to get rid of the whole legislature

  7. CaliforniWhat he said?
    A model of a free tent $700 million of dollars?

    Trump needs to come to Los Angeles DodgersStadium for a great rally.
    Let’s Make California Great Again.
    Demons are destroying the Golden State!

  8. He’s hoping someone will choose him as a vice president. He’s a POS California has become a shit hole Where you can take a shit on the floor but can’t eat on a train platform. Where you can pitch a tent on someone’s property Or in front of their business and no one cares. Do drugs on your doorstep and leave the needles on the ground and get high and rob people without police bothering you or arresting you.

  9. So let’s review how California is such a great “model”. California has more bankrupt cities than any other state in the country (by percentage and total), is more than 1.5 trillion in debt and counting, 10 of the most polluted cities in the U.S. are in California, there are more beach closures from contamination of the ocean in San Diego County than the entire state of Florida, poverty rate in California is 23.9%, California is currently home to 47% of the homeless population and the cost of living continues to skyrocket, California is now rated red last of the 50 states for quality of life, with the population density creating traffic issues for HOURS, forcing people to plan around the traffic. Having been born and raised in California, I moved away to get out of the staggering punitive taxation and rapidly deterioration quality of life. GREAT model Bloomberg.

  10. The 80s rocked in Hollywood, good wages, ok rent, and the music scene was insane.
    Then Seattle grunge moved in and fucked up everything.
    Bloomski needs a healthy dose of lead poisoning.

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