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Coronavirus. (Photo: Center for Disease Control)

A Bio-Meth Lab in Reedley

Was the Chinese bio lab only for the ‘Made in USA’ stamp?

By Thomas Buckley, July 30, 2023 2:33 pm

It was a bio-meth lab.

That is probably the best way to describe what Reedly code enforcement officers found, the Globe reported in “Mysterious Chinese COVID Lab Uncovered in City of Reedley CA.

Hacked utilities, dead mice, chemicals strewn about, failing equipment – in this case holding human tissue and vials of disease – and no one there to take responsibility for the incredibly dangerous disaster in the making.

It really was a bio-meth lab.

Why did the lab/storage facility/den of toxic horrors exist in the first place?  Quite possibly, only for the “Made in USA” stamp.

During the pandemic, state and federal government agencies tsunamied money willy-nilly as part of the response.  Unemployment fraud, payroll protection fraud, meals for kids fraud, Gavin Newsom’s billion-dollar mask deal with a Chinese company that had never made masks before, etc. – all were on the receiving end.

And this numbing incompetence was happening alongside strictly enforced government mask, travel, school, employment, and vaccine mandates.  

Kids were zealously barred from going to school, but anybody with a pulse and a government contact could sell the government anything marked “covid.”  And not just in California.

Government agencies spent literally billions of dollars on testing, including the at-home tests that were given away for free until recently.  And while it was not a requirement that the tests be made in the United States, from a political and public relations standpoint it really really helped a company to close the deal.

Numerous politicians from both partis raised the issue multiple times during the pandemic, pressuring agencies to find ways to “buy American.”

And that’s why Prestige chief Xiuquin Yao twice mentions the issue when emailing (Xiuquin is a Chinese national and English is not his first language – all quotes verbatim) back and forth with Reedly Code Enforcement Officer Jesalyn Harper.

Xiuquin claimed that he was essentially the chief creditor of Universal Meditech, which both went belly up and had 56,000 COVID tests recalled earlier this year, and that he just ended up with the diseases and mice and freezers and blood and tissue and needed a place to store it all, hence his choice of a former furniture warehouse with no running water as the place to store deadly pathogens.

As code enforcement does not – and should not (I’m a former city official – trust me on that) – care about a company’s “business plan,” such as it was, the emphasis of that point is rather jarring as Xiuquin tries to explain away his catastrophically grubby enterprise.

“I have full confidence in the establishment of a brand-new medium-sized production base for in vitro diagnostic reagents in this region,” Xiuquin wrote Harper.  “This can partly change the situation that most of the products are imported from outside the United States, and truly Made in USA. I sincerely hope to get the understanding, support and help from you and your colleagues.”

As to the question of what was in the freezers at the site, Xiuquin wrote: “These freezers are hundreds of species cell lines that produce monoclonal antibodies and specific biological factors. These cells and substances are non toxic and non harmless. No special license has been applied by UMI. It is the core technical material for the future industrialization and the establishment of diagnostic production which Made in the United States.”

Exactly how much being in America – or, specifically, California (the recalled Universal Meditech tests were mostly distributed here) – matters to Xiuquin will hopefully be found out shortly as he told Harper in March that “I am now applying for a visa to come to the United States. The number of people applying for visas to the United States increased sharply at the US Embassy in Beijing. Now the interview has been lined up until July.”

One can only imagine his reception at the airport.

23CECG00912 - 3292023-Declaration of J Harper In Support of Application for Abatement
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15 thoughts on “A Bio-Meth Lab in Reedley

  1. “It really was a bio-meth lab.” Was meth found at the site? Were meth precursors found at the site? If that’s true, you don’t cite a source for that information.

    Frankly, I think you made up a click-bait headline. And I fell for it.

  2. It was an illegal bio-weapons lab in the style of a meth lab. Someone who thinks they are smart should have figured that out.

  3. Then we get to the true issue: WWTD? “What Would Trump Do?” I can safely say he would not be twiddling his thumbs on the beach. I seriously doubt Biden has a clue.

    1. I can guarantee you Donald Trump has no clue what is going on in Reedly nor what or where Reedly is. I’d lay 10-1 odds that if somebody asked him, he would want to know how old she is, what she looks like and if she thinks he’s a star. So WWTD? He will do whatever will keep him from having to twiddle his thumbs in jail for the rest of his life.

      In the meantime, this is not a meth lab, it has nothing to do with chemical or biological “weapons” development and it is not a Communist plot to destroy the US. It is an example of inadequate market regulation and greedy absentee Capitalists in China run amok as they try to cut costs, grab US market share with illegal and unfair practices. Their objective is to leverage our supply chain crises to their advantage.

  4. Probably a lack of familiarity with English syntax, but this statement is troubling :
    “These cells and substances are non toxic and non harmless. ”
    Non harmless means HARMFUL…

    This entire situation is troubling beyond belief on SO many levels…and calls Newsom’s awareness of this into question, given his maniacal and fanatical micro-management of all things C-19…..

  5. How many tweets did we have to read that read, “I just took a ‘covid’ test and it was positive. I have only mild symptoms and I will socially isolate for two weeks” based on bogus tests manufactured in underground bio-meth labs?

    1. The tests being developed at the Fremont and Reedly locations are antigen tests, not PCR. Well over 95 percent of antigen tests were produced by Abbott and Binax. They have absolutely nothing to do with this story.

      So the answer to your question is: None of this is relevant to false-positive or false-negative antigen tests.

      1. That is patently incorrect. In the second article about this lab, we reported that the FDA recalled the very test kits this lab was producing:
        In February 2023, the FDA reported a recall of Universal Meditech’s COVID-19 test kits.
        Universal Meditech Inc. Recalls Skippack Medical Lab COVID-19 Direct Antigen Rapid Tests That Are Not Authorized, Cleared, or Approved by the FDA

        The FDA has identified this as a Class I recall, the most serious type of recall. Use of these devices may cause serious injuries or death.”

        The devices described in this recall notice are the same devices announced in the FDA safety communication Do Not Use Skippack Medical Lab SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 Tests.

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