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Mysterious Chinese COVID Lab Uncovered in City of Reedley CA

Code enforcement check uncovers illegal lab making COVID-19 and pregnancy test kits, bacterial and viral agents and 900 white mice

By Katy Grimes, July 28, 2023 7:38 am

Why would a COVID lab run by a shady Chinese company be operating in Reedley, CA in the central San Joaquin Valley? The lab, which was supposed to be an empty building, was discovered by Reedley city code enforcement officers when they saw a garden hose attached to the building and investigated.

Darren Fraser at the MidValley Times reported earlier this week that the building has been illegally operated since October 2022 by Wang Zhaolin of Prestige Biotech, and the lab was used to produce COVID-19 tests and pregnancy tests.

City of Reedley officials called in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the FBI, the State Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), the State Department of Health, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and the Fresno County Department of Public Health (FCDPH).

“Reedley officials and personnel from CDPH and FCDPH executed a warrant on March 16 to inspect the warehouse at 850 I Street,” MidValley Times reported. “According to a declaration from Humero Prado, Assistant Director of Fresno County Public Health, which was filed in superior court, investigators discovered that one room of the warehouse was used to produce COVID-19 and pregnancy tests. In other rooms, investigators found blood, tissue and other bodily fluid samples. They also found thousands of vials that contained unlabeled fluids.”

And they found 900 genetically engineered mice, engineered to catch and carry COVID-19, living in “inhumane” conditions. 773 of the mice had to be euthanized, and officials found another 178 mice already dead.

We have a few questions:

Why was a Chinese company making COVID-19 tests in California?

Where were these tests to be used? California public health agencies? Medical groups and hospitals?

Is the California Department of Public Health involved?

Who authorized this lab?

What does the Newsom administration know about this?

Mid Valley Times further reports:

“From May 2 through May 4, the CDC’s Division of Select Agents and Toxins inspected 850 I Street. Court documents confirm the CDC found potentially infectious agents at the location. These included both bacterial and viral agents, including: chlamydia, E. Coli, streptococcus pneumonia, hepatitis B and C, herpes 1 and 5 and rubella. The CDC also found samples of malaria.”

“Court documents identify Xiuquin Yao as the alleged president of Prestige. Neither Reedley nor FCDPH was able to obtain from Yao any substantive information regarding Prestige or why infectious agents and mice were being stored at 850 I Street other than to say that the company was developing diagnostic testing kits.”

“Court documents include copies of an email exchange Prado conducted with David He, who identified himself as a representative of Prestige, beginning May 31 and continuing through June 13. Over the course of numerous emails, Prado repeatedly asks He to provide documentation regarding licensed medical waste disposal, Prestige’s reasons for storing infectious agents and how the company will respond to the biological abatement orders handed down by FCDPH.”

“They (Prestige) completely avoided the questions,” Prado said. “This individual (He) was either unaware or was intentionally trying to mislead us.”

As a start, the Globe made Public records requests to the City of Reedly and the Fresno County Department of Public Health for information and communications between the all of the agencies, as well as any documents and materials found at the illegal lab location. Read the entire article at MidValleyTimes.com.

As we reported in February 2021 about the thousands of inconclusive test results coming out of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s $100 million COVID-19 testing lab with the $1.7 billion contract with PerkinElmer, “Is anything about the COVID-19 virus true, or is this the biggest political manipulation this country has ever seen?”

The Globe will report back on this bizarre story.

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139 thoughts on “Mysterious Chinese COVID Lab Uncovered in City of Reedley CA

  1. How many more of these “rogue” labs exist here in California or across this country?
    How has this story been kept under wraps for so long?
    Are these the test kits the Biden administration sent out, which say made in china btw.
    Is there a PLA of the CCP connection?
    I have so many more questions…..

    1. Here is a little more info on this lab.
      Hmm, leads back to China?!

      [Officials were unable to get any California-based address for either company except for the previous Fresno location from which UMI had been evicted.

      “The other addresses provided for identified authorized agents were either empty offices or addresses in China that could not be verified,” court documents said.]


    2. This further confirms my long held theory that rogue agents have been operating alongside all the “massage parlors” that have mysteriously propped up in LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE TINY CITY ACROSS THE COUNTRY where they taint their victims with said disease. Sickening us from within!

        After some investigating, The property owner of this disease factory is also the same lady that owned the New China Chinese restaurant in Reedley, the same lady that rented out the space next door to her restaurant for a “massage” parlor that was later busted for prostitution! Open your eyes fellow citizens, we are being attacked from within our own borders. What is mans biggest weakness? Sex.
        I have been monitoring the news surrounding these parlors for years now. There are several articles found where they reuse condoms at these places to avoid any “evidence” buildup in their trash cans or pipes (from flushing them). The reason for this is that several agencies across our country have been awarded search warrants when the buildup of used condoms is found. So as a method of mitigation, the said parlors reuse the condoms! I’ve interviewed patrons and have been told once the sex act is negotiated, the masseuses would leave the room, to return with an opened condom on a towel. They are infecting these condoms with disease, then applying it to the patron! Spread the news, contact your local agencies. We need to get rid of these parlors.

        1. Nothing surprises my anymore.
          Do we know if this landlord is a legal resident here in the states?
          Maybe she is related to Swalwell’s gal pal Fang Fang.

    3. I thought this was a real story until I got to ““Is anything about the COVID-19 virus true, or is this the biggest political manipulation this country has ever seen?””, then I knew it was crap.

      1. “I knew it was crap.”

        Ms. Grimes originally asked the question in reacting to a story over 2 years ago primarily reported by CBS 13 (i.e. not the Globe) about false COVID test positives.

        Has that mess ever been fixed, or even investigated?

        If not, Ms. Grimes’ question clearly remains quite valid, and very disturbing.

      2. Same here. Then I read some of the bizarre and/or disgusting comments and I’m also saddened at the loss of rationality in so many people.

      3. Yup crap in your body & mind in next five years you will wish you listened to this chapter. Enjoy life while you can!

      4. You will eat that crap further down the line if you don’t wake up to what is really going on. Stories that seem outrageous are – because the more in your face they are, the more they believe you won’t believe!!!

    4. Before you get all twisted and start losing sleep you need to step back, take a look and consider your news source. Are you reading about this in the Fresno Bee or LA Times? That would be a no, you are reading about it on The California Globe. Now, if this Globe is anything like The Globe tabloid you see at the supermarket checkout lane, then you must realize that almost, if not all articles in those publications are to be read with tongue in cheek. The stories are fabricated to cause alarm and are not based on reality. It’s 2023 and the internet has developed in such a way that anyone can set up a webpage and as long as the name hasn’t already been taken, they may call it whatever they like, in this case a newspaper. It would be interesting to know how many reporters this paper employs, and how deep into investigative stories do they dwell? Remember, this is not a division of a TV newsmagazine either, so no deep pockets of money to investigate if the stories are factual, so take everything you read from here with a grain of salt and relax, the sky isn’t falling just yet.

      1. A firefighter I know who is connected to code enforcement verified this story. Maybe the major legacy media is not carrying this story for a reason. And no one could be found responsible for bringing cocaine into the Whitehouse, either.

      2. This same story has been reported by NBC. For those of you who think that this is just a “California Globe” rumor, search google for “covid lab Reedley” and you will clearly see this is not a hoax or tabloid type of article. This is 100% real. And so is the fact that the same property owner was also tied to a prostitution/massage parlor in Reedley. Time to wake up!

      3. Sadly, by the time you’re willing to admit the sky is in fact falling, it’ll be too late, and you’ll blame global warming. Which if it is human caused is mostly from chinese coal fired power plants. Sadly no one is willing to take on China because they pay so many lobbyists.

        1. Yes indeed if you correlate the avg temp increases along with their coal power plant production there is a pattern to be found. I’d have to fact check it but I believe they built over 100 major coal fired plants within the past 20yrs. We started it though, with all of our own coal plants and were in no position to tell any developing country they cannot develop. Same problem happening with rainforest destruction in South America. Who are we to tell others they cannot develop, chop down trees, raise animals? We did. It’s a tough paradigm. Almost as though we would need to subsideze them to stop cutting down the rainforest, build coal powered plants and we all know no one is willing to pay for that. Instead there are fourth gen fighter jets and hypersonic nukes to build. Ya we need more of those. So here we all are now, the sky has been falling, nobody wants to pick up the tab to prevent any of it much less see past their nose pointing towards their television set.

      4. Go back to sleep, Sleepy…
        And make sure you’re fully vaxxed and boosted while you’re at it, m’kay???
        The sky isn’t falling yet, but it will be shortly with disturbing developments like this, Dope….

    5. Gavin Newsom and Biden are behind the lads with the Chinese traitors! gavin Newsom sponsored 400k into the lab, and Biden approved it and took bribes so they could open it up in America and start killing Americans

  2. Thank you Katy for getting on this story. It truly is bizarre and causes one to wonder whether there are other labs like this across the country and whether they’re connected to the influx of young Chinese nationals streaming across our porous borders. Why is the government so coy and silent on these things?

    1. All levels of governments are complicit in these criminal cabal against American citizens. I used to be a proud American but once the veil lifted off my eyes and mind was unshackled the disgust is unbearable at times.

  3. It never occurred to us here in the USA to create a bio weapon in the target country, thus making assignment of blame that much more difficult.
    Scary people in scary times.

    1. PROTOCOLS OF THE MEETINGS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION . . . Protocol X – Preparing for Power . . . (((SARS-CoV2)))
      ❝. . . utterly exhaust humanity with dissention, hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture, by starvation, by the inoculation of diseases. by want, so that the “Goyim” see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and in all else.❞

    2. What exactly you mean by that ? Wasn’t the C19 virus created in China (a target country) on Gain of Function research ordered & financed by the US or I’m missing something here ???

      1. Here is someone following the money. This is an international bioweapons issue. USA dark interests certainly do this and may well have its hand in this exact example.

    1. Because it’s a made-up story on an internet tabloid where anything goes. Would you really expect the Governor of the most populous state in the union to be responding to every picayunish article that anyone can come across on the internet? Come on, you’re smarter than that!

  4. It was in business of Biological Research by 4 Chinese Scientist, trying to come up with a New Pandemonium virus to infect American Farm Land, Wells, Trees, Vegetables , Fruit trees and the water table in this rich farm land area.
    They started 18 Months ago, and moved into this Covert Lab to spread a New Deadly Viral disease. The GOV. needs to test all soils within 7 Miles, down too 12 feet, all wells within 20 Miles, Airborne testing, food and plant testing as this has gone on for nearly 18 months. That is why the FBI, PH, EPA, DEA, HHS, US ARMY BGW, CBW FROM SEVERAL US GOV, BIO-WAR LABS

    1. @STB
      Thank you for posting your comment. This makes the most sense to me.
      The rogue lab said they were creating test kits, which is more than likely a cover.
      Farming has been under attack all around the world. The Dutch farmers are trying to sound the alarm but the average person really has no interest until the manufactured famine is already here.
      Reedley is agricultural community and it makes sense. It must be happening all over this country.

      This story breaks and the California governor is silent. Makes ya go, hmmm…

    2. Bet this all is going on with Newsom’s blessing he is Satan’s pawn like that whom he is salivating to replace in the WH. No coincidences here.

  5. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around a lab that makes both Covid testing devices AND pregnancy testing devices. Are they similarly designed to where you can manufacture both at the same plant?? Weird.

    1. They left out in the article that the plant also offers 15 minute oil changes in the back, and on Thursdays you can get your hair cut for only $7! That plant is quite diverse, so don’t only be surprised about pregnancy tests, they’ve got a lot of other things up their sleeves as well!

  6. At the rate that this nation is headed, there is NO TRUST in this administration both at the federal and state levels, just look at who is supposedly acting as if they are in control? Or addressing the issues that have befallen this nation/states? We demand answers yet this is just another investigation that unfortunately will go nowhere, and some of the propagandist mouthpiece will cover for them. We clearly are witnessing they are incapable of carrying out their duties of serving the people. They answer to no one, no accountability & they LIE and yet they think we’re all a bunch of conspiracy theorists. Their loyalty is to each other and further damning this nation beyond the bowels of HELL.

    1. So you honestly believe that all the other competing news agencies conspired together and agreed to hide stories like these and spread lies about Donald Trump? Not only have the news agencies teamed up, but also the local, state, and federal government have all joined together to face one enemy, and that enemy would be Donald Trump, correct? On top of all that, the only place that you can get the real news is from fringe news articles such as this on the California Globe, Newsmax, or FOX News? That’s about as conspired as a conspiracy theory can get!

        1. Relax. Sleep Brown is obviously a plant. Meant to stir up anger against his/her/its commentary.
          Just look at the news sources suggested as legit – the LA Times, the Fresno Bee.
          C’mon. Long ago those publications have leaned – or more correctly – fallen left.
          Sleepy suggests that there are no conspiracies. And yet, as we look back in time we can connect to dots and conclude that in many cases those theories proved to be true.
          Doin’t waste your time giving Sleepy the courtesy of engagement.

  7. Aren’t we just the most curious species? It would appear we are where we are because we secretly envy and worship our little psychopaths. Having a conscience seems to be bothersome to so many of us, which makes what some do by stepping on people’s heads and wallow in riches and power look appealing. Otherwise we wouldn’t be where we are. Accountability swings both ways. Of course all of this is going to happen. Those who do this are allowed to do this every step of the way by those of us who say how good we are and yet – we turn our heads and look the other way. Our reckoning is in the mirror. Or we can bring in the clowns but then again, don’t bother they are here and they are us. Such beautiful, caring, courageous, creative, intelligent people are on this planet and yet we always seem to allow a few who are truly parasitic and quite evil to rise to the top and eat us from within. I hate to say it but the minute this Covid thing started I knew something was rotten and now we find out our own govt. has been complicit all along. Hm,m,m. Time to cull the herd? Ohh there are numerous govt. documents about that one. I’ve read quite a few of these agendas and very scary when they systematically become true. But we are the conspiracy theorists. Isn’t that the other way around? And isn’t what those with very scary agendas will do the minute you speak the truth? They whip you with their belt and turn everything around on you for stating the obvious. I am so sorry we are here. This is heartbreaking.

    1. I can’t agree more. I opened my mouth against Bush and 9/11 and was whipped badly by those whom I loved and trusted. In April 2020 I questioned Warp speed, masking & jabbing and was whipped by my own adult children who are part of healthcare INDUSYRY. Yah, there is something in the water supply in Clovis, Fresno, perhaps other cities in Fresno County. An Independent lab ought to do some deep diving.

    2. I’m finding peace in the fact that we always were and have been this way. The popularizing recognition that “conspiracy theorist” was a slur imprinted in the innocent public by the same nefarious forces the “theorists” oppose, to mislead and misdirect from deep state actions and “global diplomacy,” is helping us all become less jaded about each other, and more jaded about reality, the conspiracy. Love always is and always wins, moment to moment. The conspiracy takes you away from this, don’t succumb. We are unified, loving beings that get corrupted wholly and quickly. I will note that right now, Twitter will not allow the posting of the original Mid Valley Times source article link by Darren Fraser as it is “potentially harmful” as determined by “Twitter or our partners.” Censor, why? Oh, I have a guess. Everyone go give Darren some love at MVT for breaking this story!

    3. I’m finding peace in the fact that we always were and have been this way. The popularizing recognition that “conspiracy theorist” was a slur imprinted in the innocent public by the same nefarious forces the “theorists” oppose, to mislead and misdirect from deep state actions and “global diplomacy,” is helping us all become less jaded about each other, and more jaded about reality, the conspiracy. Love always is, and always wins, moment by moment. The conspiracy takes you away from this, don’t succumb. We are unified, loving beings that get corrupted wholly and quickly. I will note that as of right now, midday July 31, 2023, Twitter will not allow the posting of the link to the original, July 25, 2023, Mid Valley Times source article by Darren Fraser (“Investigation on Reedley building uncovers bio, health hazards”) as it is “potentially harmful” as determined by “Twitter or our partners.” Censor, why? Oh, I have a guess. Everyone go give Darren some love at MVT for breaking this story!

    1. Ugh! On one hand you call California commie, on the other hand you’re pro-Russia! What’s wrong with you people, conspiracy theories have you running all over the map! Putin came directly from the KBG. If anyone is closely related to the devil it would be Putin, directly bombing civilian apartments with bombs, how much more satanic could that be? Something is wrong in this country alright, and that something happens to be that the Republican Party has gone off the rails and it’s party members have clearly lost their minds.

      1. Because we’re not as easily and continually duped as the rest, and we’re not aspiring tyrants. Got it. Thanks for your insight.

  8. Was Newsom involved in this Chinese medical lab like his was with his secretive billion dollar mask deal that he had with that CCP company using taxpayer funds?

  9. And look who’s the director of U.S. Health and Human Services…why it’s our own former California Atty General, Xavier Becerra. After he spent our California tax dollars to hire Eric Holder’s DC law firm to figure out how to circumvent federal immigration law and bring in as many illegal aliens as possible, Biden appoints this lawyer with no professional medical background to the head of HHS! Does it make anyone else wonder why Biden would do that when Covid was just starting to show up in the US? Doesn’t it seem like the Biden admin was more concerned about what the federal govt could legally do to restrict it’s citizens and change laws than to protect them during a pandemic? Unfortunately I have zero faith that federal HHS or any California officials will get to the bottom of this illegal medical lab and help protect us in fact it will probably be swept under rug faster than chef Tafari’s autopsy on Martha’s Vineyard.

  10. This is a bizarre story all right. Could it be fake news? I saw the MidValleyTimes article yesterday but this morning it’s not there, and I cannot get the MidValleyTimes main page to come up at all. Was it so hot the story and website were taken down? Could be, who knows, will try again later. Maybe it’s a problem on my end. Looking forward to finding out what comes from Katy Grimes’ public record request from all the entities involved, a good place to start.

    1. The Mid Valley Times website is up today, Sunday July 30, after being down. I also cannot find the article on the Chinese lab when I do a search of the website.

  11. “And they found 900 genetically engineered mice, engineered to catch and carry COVID-19, living in “inhumane” conditions. 773 of the mice had to be euthanized, and officials found another 178 mice already dead.”
    –> Math (Actual Science) indicates there are still a few over-accounted for mice…. 900 HOW MANY MICE WERE THERE AND WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY ALL AT?

  12. I would bet that those tests were contaminated with diseases before being sent out. What would be a better way to spread diseases than to have you shove a swab up your nose?

  13. Situated in the fertile Central Valley, (Reedley was the birthplace of my mother), the capability of deadly pathogens directly infecting humans, contaminating the food supply delivering toxins over railways, trucking routes, the Kings River and irrigation canals is a more immediate threat to our national security and well being than UFOs.
    Of course, as a sanctuary state, meth labs are pitted throughout this fruited rural community as reported by VDH… maybe it explains why the sinister culprits selected this location for their bio-terrorist operation.

    Where was government oversight? It took a building code enforcer to discover this bio weapon lab?
    A mom who wants to market her recipe for cookies or salsa needs a commercial kitchen with permits and inspections. Was this lab operating when local businesses and restaurants were shut down and covid vaccine mandates were enforced? What can we expect the current FBI, CDC, FDA and other agencies to do about this? The Secretary of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra (former AG of California and congressman) might know something.

    1. Sanctuary state? Having been a person formerly living in the state of California you should be quite aware that the population of the state is as diverse as it’s landscape. The entire central valley is a hotbed of republicanism with the exception of Sacramento, Stockton, and Fresno, although those cities are full of Republicans as well. The state is not as left leaning as FOX News has you believing.
      As for being a sanctuary state, there is no such thing, a handful of cities have declared themselves sanctuary cities, and that has nothing to do with drugs. Take a peek inside any California prison, and we have loads of them, and you will find a population literally stuffed with inmates charged with methamphetamine crimes. Meth labs were, years ago, found in California’s rural communities but today they are most often found in Missouri, Tennessee, and Indiana. Meth labs tend to be found more frequently in the Midwest and South. Get your facts straight.

  14. What happened to see something say something policy? You mean to tell me that tiny-town in middle of fields No One saw anything? Hard to believe! In my city of 125k I noticed and reported something I saw and it was followed through by proper authority. Money talks bullshit walks folks! We are on our own ain’t no government going to look after us in the US!

  15. A firefighter I know who is connected to code enforcement verified this story. Maybe the major legacy media is not carrying this story for a reason. And no one could be found responsible for bringing cocaine into the Whitehouse, either.
    When trillions of dollars are at stake and the fate of nations, motivation is there and anything is possible.

  16. Here is how I knew this was another psyop in this information war:
    From Zero Hedge*:
    “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tested the substances and detected at least 20 potentially infectious agents, including coronavirus, HIV, hepatitis and herpes, according to a Health and Human Services letter dated June 6.”
    For three things, there is no evidence of “infectious agents” or “coronavirus” or the tests testing for “it”

    Will we next hear that there are “outbreaks” in Fresno? Then Gruesome will give an emergency broadcast to address the peasants about new mandates that he has instructed all our county health officers to follow? The finishing off of our freedoms? Is this what he has been in DC getting instructions for?

    They will do anything to not have a 2024 election. They want their new world order yesterday.


  17. The ultimate Constitutional safeguard preventing the implementing/ imposition of the New World Order and the destruction of our inalienable rights is the 2nd Amendment.
    True patriots must awake from their slumber and prepare.
    Give me liberty or give me death!

  18. Chinese lab coats squatting? Wondering who the lucky owner of this building is. They will have the EPA investigate and will have a difficult time selling or leasing with all the toxic potions that have been in that building.

  19. is it true what fauci said… there will be a pandemic again in a few years that will kill many children???? they are trying to drop us off like flies. the old, the young the babies… they all are crooks!!

  20. I have received 80 Covid Test in the mail. All were charged to Medicare. I have reported it to Medicare Fraud. This is a way to kill off millions of Seniors and for God’s sake call and report it if you get them and don’t use the garbage.
    We were duped into all of this. What’s next? TB as the next Pandemic? Prolly so!! I was smart enough not to take the JAB. My friends that did are dead!!

  21. one of Three things, it’s a straight up terrorist gig, a lab gig With Not a lot of clearance at lower levels of government, or someone on The inside has orchestrated and or collusion by exchanging details for money

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