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image taken from a Caltrans remote video traffic camera as snowplows work along Interstate 80 at Donner Summit. (Photo: Caltrans)

AccuWeather Reports California’s ‘March Miracle’ Continues as More Storms Coming

The snow depth in Blue Canyon, California, went from zero to 62 inches in just 3 days

By Katy Grimes, March 19, 2020 1:17 pm

AccuWeather reported that after an absence of major storms for much of the winter,  the Sierra Nevada mountain range region in California finally received some heavy snow, and looks to receive more next week.

Calling it the ‘March Miracle,’ AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski said parts of the central and northern Sierra Nevada were buried under somewhere between 3-5 feet of snow since it started falling on Sunday.

“As of 9 a.m. PDT Monday, Kingvale, California reported 52 inches of snow from the storm thus far.”

“The snow depth in Blue Canyon, California, went from zero to 62 inches in just 3 days, meaning that more than 5 feet of snow fell there.”

This is good news because the California Legislature and former Gov. Jerry Brown passed a law to impose water rationing on the state’s residents of 55 gallons per person, per day by 2020, now bumped to 2022.

The winter of 2019 brought 200 percent of average rains and snow pack. Yet the state has been holding back on water to farmers, and residents will be rationed.

As water expert Kristi Diener recently explained:

“Californians never wasted their way into any drought, and they cannot conserve their way out. Urban water use is only 10% of California’s water pie, or roughly 1.3 trillion gallons annually. Even if families made draconian 50% water cuts, the savings would only be about 651 billion gallons. But because California has refused to build any new major reservoir storage, we still don’t have a place to store this sacrificed water. In fact, in water year 2019 alone, 651 billion gallons flowed into the ocean 14 times. It is not possible to conserve our way into future water security when water is rationed on one end, and released to the sea on the other. If we had adequate storage, we wouldn’t have to be rationed at all. Instead of taking action, conservation continues to be studied to death.”

Good News for Skiers

Homewood Ski Resort near Lake Tahoe received 114 inches, or nearly 10 feet of snow, since Saturday. Donner Ski Ranch received 84 inches of snow this week.

OnTheSnow.com has all of the ski resorts’ current snow reports, as well as whether they are opened or closed.

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3 thoughts on “AccuWeather Reports California’s ‘March Miracle’ Continues as More Storms Coming

  1. The child governor finally exerts authority in midst of a crisis. Good boy. Now if you and the other kids under the dome and the mayors in our three major cities/metro areas can exert similar muscle and authority in dealing with the infectious diseases being spread by the homeless population. Not a homeless problem Governor Hair, it’s an addiction problem. As long as you are up and moving around in an authoritative fashion, how bout it?

  2. And THIS will deter what I term the “Water Nazis” from going on their annual power trip this coming summer months? Don’t you believe it. Ever since California appropriated for itself the water rights of the many property owners within its boundaries, WITHOUT justification for this taking of THEIR property, and deemed the sole, incontestable authority to move water from one region of the state, over distances of hundreds of miles, to another, to the economic detriment of the region from where the water comes, it’s been the means to wield power. Never be naive and believe it’ll be voluntarily relinquished; we’ve degraded much since the day that George Washington decided two terms was sufficient for a President.

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