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'Blue Lives Murder' t-shirt. (Photo: Amazon.com)

Amazon Selling ‘Blue Lives Murder’ t-shirt

‘Mayors and governors make it clear their sympathies lie more with protesters than their own cops’

By Katy Grimes, June 10, 2020 2:07 pm

Historically, it has been Democrat legislators who have voted to approve every Memorandum of Understanding of the California Correctional Peace Officers Association collective bargaining agreements.


Mega-online retailer Amazon is now selling t-shirts, hats and accessories that say “Blue Lives Murder.” Many people have contacted Amazon to remove the offensive products.

‘Blue Lives Murder’ t-shirt. (Photo: Amazon.com)

California Globe has received numerous messages from readers saying they’ve cancelled their Amazon Prime memberships.

And angry Amazon shoppers posted these questions on the page with a Blue Lives Murder t-shirt for sale:

Sure! It has the slogan “I pretended that my family was murdered on the internet, when really I’m just scared of people who look different to me.”
By Good-Looking Corpse SELLER  on June 10, 2020
As soon as the police stop murdering people.
By Good-Looking Corpse SELLER  on June 9, 2020
There are also “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirts, and this one: “COPS LIE. RECORD EVERYTHING.”
‘Cops Lie’ t-shirt. (Photo: Amazon.com)

Is this appeasement of rioters or support of the “defund the police” movement?

‘Defund the Police’

Rioters and some public officials are calling for police departments across the state to be defunded and for the money to be put toward social programs benefiting communities of color.

Riots broke out throughout the country after the May 25th death/murder of George Floyd by a white Minneapolis police officer who pressed a knee on his neck.

The demands by protesters, rioters, leftists and Democrats politicians for cutting police department budget — or outright defunding them — comes at a time when most cities and states are facing large deficits and economic uncertainty that are a result of governors’ lockdown orders during the coronavirus outbreak.

Perhaps it’s poetic justice or just irony, but the San Diego City Council voted 8-1 to adopt the proposed budget for the 2021 fiscal year, including the creation of a city Office of Race and Equity to tackle racial equity issues and a $27 million increase for the San Diego Police Department, NBC San Diego reported Tuesday. “We did not defund the San Diego Police Department because, to help restore trust in our police department, we need to focus more on neighborhood policing,” Council President Pro Tem Barbara Bry said in a statement.

‘Blue Lives Murder’ t-shirt. (Photo: Amazon.com)

Another irony in the California Legislature taking up the “defund the police” banner is that it has historically been Democrat lawmakers in the Legislature who have voted to approve every Memorandum of Understanding of the California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA) collective bargaining agreements.

“The movement to defund the police is based on nothing but lies,” Kyle Smith wrote at the New York Post. Smith debunks the myth that funding for cops and the military has gone up every year since 1973 while spending on “public health” has gone down every year since 1973. He explains:

“Here’s the reality: Medicaid spending in 1975 stood at $13.1 billion. It has gone up virtually every year since, and now stands at $639 billion. Overall, public health spending has risen from less than $200 billion in 1988 to $1.6 trillion last year, according to HealthSystemTracker.org.”

Smith correctly says “police need to have the confidence that their political leaders will back them up.”

“Right now, police enjoy no such confidence. Mayors and governors make it clear their sympathies lie more with protesters than their own cops. Hundreds of activists are crying, ‘Abolish the police’ on Twitter. A city councilman in Minneapolis mused on Twitter about what it might take to ‘disband’ his city’s police department.”

“America is learning dismal new lingo from the graffiti left behind in the riots: ‘ACAB’ and ‘1312,’ both meaning ‘All Cops are Bastards.’ The numbers correspond to where the letters A, C, A and B fall in the alphabet. A picture published this week showed President Trump walking by a crude spray-paint graffito reading, ‘FTP’ — eff the police. Cops are feeling besieged. We should be sending them gift baskets, not silly threats to abolish or defund them.”

As California Globe reported last week, as Democrats are calling for abolishing or defunding police departments, a YouGov poll found “despite calls by activists and protesters to defund police departments, most Americans do not support reducing law enforcement budgets. Close to two-thirds (65%) oppose cutting police force funding. Just 16 percent of Democrats and 15 percent of Republicans support that idea.”

The poll was conducted from May 29 – 30, George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer, but before the worst of the rioting in America’s big cities.

This poll demonstrates that California’s politicians are horrifically out of touch with the people who elected them, along with the main stream media, which is pushing this very dangerous idea.
Amazon Screenshot. (3 pm pst, June 11, 2020)
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38 thoughts on “Amazon Selling ‘Blue Lives Murder’ t-shirt

  1. Just when you think things can’t get any more sick than they already are something like these shirts come out. I’m cancelling my Amazon Prime and I will not get anything through Amazon again! EVER!!! If there were Black Lives Murder shirts well now that would be racist.

    1. Nothing like taking sides and villifying the police with your Blue lives Murder shirts….shame on the makers of these shirts and shame on Amazon for selling them. I am officially boycotting Amazon. I can live without them, but I can’t live without our police officers who keep us safe daily. One bad apple does NOT spoil the whole bunch in this case.


  3. I will be cancelling ever ordering from a platform that incites murder of anyone. Shame on you!!! I will be spreading your discusting Roderick.

  4. Amazon can kiss my red white and blue ass. You are just exacerbating the problem in our country. I will never use your service ever again!

  5. Amazon can kiss my red white and blue ass. You are just exacerbating the problem in our country. I will never use your service ever again!

  6. I cancelled my Amazon account yesterday. Believe me, it is not an easy process (and I just had a regular account, not Prime). You have to search for the link to close the account, then you must request to close your account, then you have to await an email which they state can take between 12-24 hours (this must be the time they hope you forget about it), then they try to talk you into staying in the email. If you continue with the cancellation you have to click on a link in the email and they send you back to Amazon where you must give a reason for closing your account and then you click the link to close it. Next, it states you will receive an email (again within 12-24 hours) as THEY decide if they will cancel your account. Unbelievable!!! It’s like a cult….once you get in, difficult to get out. NEVER again will I use Amazon!!!

    1. I just cancelled my Amazon account today. As you stated, it is a chore to do so. I had to enter the customer service CHAT and put in my phone number to have someone call me, which they did. They sent me an email “warning me” of the consequences of my cancellation, and asked me if I still wanted to cancel. Of course, I answered yes. It is amazing what these people are capable of and how stupid they think we are!

  7. Oh, so you need my email in order for me to comment? Fine…This is disgusting! Amazon, you should be ashamed of yourself! No more money from me!!!

  8. I don’t “Amazon” for two reasons: 1.) Bezos is a POS; 2.) I despise Bezos. There are terrific, far more worthy competitors to Amazon: Costco.com, Target.com, WalMart.com, and eBay.com for starters. They typically sell for less than Amazon and fast, free shipping is available from them as well as overnight. Amazon hasn’t existed in my buying world for well over 5 years. None of my $ to Amazon.

  9. You are profiting from promoting hate and violence! Shame on you! I guess being a billionaire is not enough! You are part of the problem!

  10. And you’re such an anti police. I guess you don’t call 911 when you get robbed or when someone hits your car and flees. Good luck when you need protection. Call a looter.

    1. Why is standing up for our police disrespectful. Do you need to call Police ever for any help. Well don’t use them only when you need them they have family children and put they life on the the line for people like you !!!!!!!!!!

  11. This is disgusting!!!! I’m so disappointed in this choice. 99.9% of the police officers are good cops and care about helping people. This makes them a target!!!!! I am going to stop ordering anything from Amazon!!!! Im going to cancel my Prime account. I am done with this company!

  12. Disgusting and disappointing!! I wonder how the top brass of Amazon, more specific, Jeff Bezos, explain this to his executive protective agents? Are his “police “ murderers??
    By the way Jeff Bezos … where are the Greek Lives Matter T-shirts? They matter too!!!

  13. I will never buy one things again from Amazon it just goes to show by selling this shirt how little respect they have for cops. But they have more respect for looters,murderers, and fire starters. But when one of the Amazon depots was robbed Wednesday night who were the first people these jerks called. It was the police, and I hope the police took notes about the robbery and had a bonfire with those notes. Amazon has shown their true feelings words cops ,just like Starbucks has and other stores out there including Dunking Donuts, who will not serve cops. I have never since the first time this hose stories broke supported anyone of those chain stores and I will not buy anything from Amazon. I am canceling my order I have with them right now. I hope the owners of Amazon get the worst possible case of the Covid virus, and when they call the police or ambulance for help, they never arrive. This is a disgrace and Amazon should be shut down for actually selling crap like this. But hey they loose a lot of customers over this but get more black customers who mainly can’t afford to buy any of the over priced BS they sell here. I’m praying they go out of business soon, after this I can’t stand them, their workers and all that cheap stuff they buy from China anyway.another customer lost for good. Plus I’m quitting today.

  14. Boycott Amazon! If this isn’t hate speech, I don’t know is!
    We ALL should be spreading the word that Amazon is more concerned abut the $ and pandering to the rioters than they are to the peaceful law abiding hard working citizens of this great country. What has happened to us? Wrong has become Right, and Right has become Wrong. We are being ruled by Fear and Intimidation by lawless thugs!.

  15. It only gets worse and we have been asking Amazon to remove this vile merchandise which goes against its own policy.
    “ Amazon does not allow products that promote, incite or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance or promote organizations with such views. We’ll also remove listings that graphically portray violence or victims of violence.”

    1. This is the most sickening thing I have ever read and that this is not against Amazon’s standards of decency is appalling to me!! I have a black 8 year boyfriend and a black niece and many relatives that are veterans who became police to protect us !!! Stop selling this shirt ! I will boycott Amazon so will all of my many many friends some 1500 on facebooks and many more off of fb !!!!

  16. Canceled my amazon prime last week. I’ll never use you again. My husband and I may only be one household but we spend thousands a year with you (sorry, we SPENT)….peace out, Amazon ✌

  17. How discussing that Amazon would allow this T shirt to be sold !! It promotes violence and disrespect to our honorable first responders 20% were veterans before the became cops! I have a black boyfriend and a black niece . I am not a racist but this shirt is racist against our police ! Stop selling these shirts or I will stop buying from Amazon where I have done 90% of my shopping . I will also share with my some 1500 fb friends and even more off fb friends who I believe most will follow my lead !

  18. I will not be renewing my Amazon Prime membership. Shame on Amazon for such a disgusting T shart!

  19. This is WAY OUT OF HAND!!!! I hope somebody on this chain can come up with a good way of boycotting Amazon. If you do please let us know I have a son in the police department a brother who is a cop and annex Amazon prime membership.These people are spineless

  20. I was just made aware of these shirts a couple days ago. I called and e mailed and so have several of my friends and family complaining. But as someone else said, they do make the contact process easy. My daughter was told they are in the process of taking these outrageous shirts off their site. We will see if that happens. Amazon said they from from 3rd party sellers. Well maybe Amazon should screen their sellers better!

    1. They lied. The shirts are still available as well as several other despicable shirts. “Cops Kill Kids”. Hope the rioters and looters take down amazon.

  21. Truly despicable. This country has gone crazy or the intellectual level has dropped severely. How can the people promoting this not see how they are adding to the problem. I never was prejudiced before and now I am! Black Americans have not gained my respect they have lost it. I see all negative now. Sad sad sad.

  22. These shirts are so offensive! They need to be removed immediately! Amazon is inciting people to HATE! Whoever designed and approved these despicable shirts needs to be FIRED! I will NO longer purchase anything from Amazon!!!

  23. I cancelled my Amazon prime also, I wasn’t getting my stuff in 2 days anyway!!! Let’s see who they call when someone burns their place down, surely they won’t call the cops!!!!!

  24. This is so far one of Amazon’s most offensive maneuvers. In honor of all lives and the lives of families
    who are my friends, and serve us in the Police force, I am just sickened and saddened by this!!!. Prime
    is ending for me. This just cuts way deep and wounds everything wrong about this situation.

  25. They lied. The shirts are still available as well as several other despicable shirts. “Cops Kill Kids”. Hope the rioters and looters take down amazon.

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