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Angel mom Agnes Gibboney, with picture of her son, Ronald DiSilva (Facebook)

Angel Mom Calls Out Governor As Son’s Killer Is Released and Protected From ICE

‘What are you doing to protect us, support our borders, and deport illegal aliens?’

By Michelle Mears, November 22, 2019 7:17 am

‘If Gavin Newsom’s job is to endanger and weaken California, he is doing a damn good job at it. He cares only for emotional well being of illegals.’


Angel Mom, Agnes Gibboney, held a press conference Thursday morning regarding the pending release of the illegal alien who murdered her son in 2002. Gibboney called out Governor Gavin Newsom, California’s elected leaders, Congress and others who are putting illegal immigrants first and citizens of the United States second.

Permanently separated for life from her son, Gibboney said, “I want to ask California elected officials where is the protection of all of us citizens . What are you doing to protect us, support our borders, and deport illegal aliens.”

Gibboney’s son, Ronald da Silva was 29-years old when an illegal alien killed him in April 2002. Silva was standing in his driveway with a friend getting ready to visit his girlfriend in the Inland Empire when Luis Humberto Gonzales ambushed the two friends. Gibboney was home at the time and saw the horrifying scene. She banged on the window from inside her home, begging her son to open his eyes.

Illegal alien and convicted murderer, Luis Humberto Gonzales.

Gonzalez was a gang member and illegal alien, deported at least once before he opened fire on Gibboney’s son.

This weekend on November 23, Gonzalez, age 44, is set be released from prison. He is being held at the Calipatria California State Prison. According to the state prison website, the release date of Gonzalez could change.

“You have no idea the hell I have endured the last three months learning about his release. No one should feel unprotected and betrayed by their government. I am mentally and emotionally drained,” said Gibboney who immigrated to the United States legally from Hungary and become a U.S. Citizen.  “I deserve justice to have Gonzalez detained by ICE.“

Agnes has made multiple public statements the last three months about ICE not being notified of the exact time of Gonzalez’s pending release. California declares it is a sanctuary state and denies local authorities to cooperate with ICE and federal authorities. Gonzalez could be free to escape back into society. Agnes also stated Gonzalez had declared himself a transient, saying he has no known address for Enforcement Removal Operations.

California’s S.B. 54, created the sanctuary state status, to protect illegal aliens, but it doesn’t protect American citizens and hurts victims of illegal alien crimes and their families.

Gibboney said, “I am calling on Sheriff Alex Villanueva to put on your big boy pants and do your job. I am behind the Border Patrol border and ICE.“

A 2015 report revealed that out of the then 11-million illegals in the United States, 820,000 had criminal convictions. However, they all broke the immigration laws of the United States by entering the country without permission.

Gibboney is concerned that the Sanctuary Status in California will prevent ICE from detaining Gonzalez once he is released.

Sanctuary cities are not legal. James Walsh, former Associate General Counsel of Immigration and Naturalization Services told the Daily Wire, 8 USC section 1324 “deals with those persons who knowingly conceal, harbor, or shield undocumented aliens and could apply to officials in sanctuary cities and states.”

“Men and women of ICE God bless them. They are working hard to protect our borders and safety of our nation,” said Gibboney at the press conference. “Politicians today are going against the Constitution, the federal government and their oath of office. If Gavin Newsom’s job is to endanger and weaken California, he is doing a damn good job at it. He cares only for emotional well being of illegals.“

Gibboney’s daughters Melissa Gibboney and Stephanie Overstreet wrote the following letter on Nov. 20. 

“A letter to the man who murdered my brother:

  I’ve thought about what I would say to you if I ever had the chance many times.  I’ve considered the words I’d write, the message I’d want to get across.  In the last 17 years, I’ve never wanted to have any communication with you.  However, with the end of your sentence quickly approaching, I thought maybe it would be beneficial for me to share what was on my mind, on my heart. 

     You took so much away on April 27th, 2002 when you pulled that trigger.  You stole someone’s life.  Ronald was a son, grandson, brother, cousin, father, and friend.  When you made the choice to fire that gun, you took away his future in an instant.  You robbed us of the memories we had yet to create, the experiences we had yet to share, and the love we had left to give.  Ronald wasn’t there when we had family gatherings, couldn’t attend my wedding, didn’t get to meet his nephew, call our mom on her birthdays, or be there when his boys needed their dad.  There are so many things we missed out on, but the most difficult part may be not knowing what could have been.  We don’t know what Ronald would have become, what he would have done with his life, who he would have helped, who he would have loved.  You took away an entire future, and the ripples from your choices go deep and far.  I hope you’ve realized that your actions affect not only those who were victimized (and so many more around them), but those around you.  Just as my brother’s children grew up without their father, so did yours.  The main difference – while my brother will never have the opportunity to be involved in his children’s lives, you do (and I hope you don’t take that for granted). 

     It’s easy for me to think of you as just a gang member, a murderer, the person who completely changed the lives of my family in the most messed up way possible, because that’s what you’ve always been to me.  I hope that in the time you’ve spent behind bars for the crimes you committed, that you have grown into a better human.  I hope you want to contribute to society in a meaningful way, instead of living a life of hate and crime.  I hope you’re remorseful, and not resentful.  I hope you want to be better and do better, if not for you, then to be a better example to your children.  I hope you never again think your life is more valuable than another human’s, or that you have the right to hurt someone or end their life.  I hope you live out the rest of your life always remembering Ronald’s face, and use it as a motivator to never be the same person who pulled the trigger that night again.“

Gibboney ended her speech asking for the recall of Newsom and support for the President, “God Bless our country and President Trump and our flag, the red, white and blue that always represents our freedoms.“ 

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16 thoughts on “Angel Mom Calls Out Governor As Son’s Killer Is Released and Protected From ICE

  1. It is completely outrageous and unacceptable what is happening here. Screw Gavin Newsom and the rest of them; they pour salt into an open wound with their sanctuary cities and sanctuary state nonsense. And they’re breaking the law! We must STOP THIS MADNESS.
    Thank you Michelle Mears for covering this important story.
    God Bless Agnes Gibboney and her family!

    1. Enforce Rule of Law. Put the nation on a route that will heal all issues; Rule of Law. Deport all illegals. Period.
      Prosecute so-called Sanctuary cities, counties, and states.

  2. Shame there’s only one comment about this situation on this website. EVERYONE, if you have twitter, post your voice on to Gov. Newsom’s twitter page. Cite this article.

  3. There are two Recall Newsom efforts. Hope you will check them out:

    1) The first recall effort is by RANAF.org. It was the first to qualify.
    Go to the link below and click “Petition Events Map” to find locations where you can sign. The locations are listed in the box on the left side of the screen.

    2) The second recall effort is by Dr. James Veltmeyer:

    1. Why don’t they join forces? Seems like having 2 just splinters the issue. Also, what is the alternative? Don’t we risk recalling the Governor only to enable him to run again? The outrage is understandable but action needs to be thought through. Let’s not repeat the Gray Davis and Arnold Schwarzenegger disaster.

  4. My heart goes out to this family. It is disgusting how illegal aliens are getting away with so much crime . In New York you will be fined thousand of dollars just for saying illegal aliens. This is such a sad story that could have been prevented. Thanks for PRESIDENT TRUMP and All YOU ANGEL MOMS.

  5. The Attorney General of The United States should exercise his authority as the highest level Law Enforcement officer in the U S to show up at the office of each governor, mayor , state attorney general, city attorney , etc with about 10 federal marshals packing heat and handcuffs. Announce he is placing them under arrest for(1) violation of the immigration laws of the U S (2) Harboring criminals, (3) Interfering with the ICE officers doing there job. Transport them to the nearest Federal Penn, Incarcerate them With Bail to be established later. Slow walk the bail hearings, maybe a month or two. All criminal wet backs (The term used by President Eisenhower ) to be deported immediately to clear the country to make room in the job market for the returning WW 2 VETS. IT WORKED.

    WW 2 VET

    1. It takes an Attorney General with spine, something totally lacking in Jeff Sessions but maybe Barr can get up the courage to do it.
      GO FOR IT BARR, Don’t let the DEEP STATE intimidate you, EXERCISE YOUR AUTHORITY

      WW 2 VET

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