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Another In-N-Out Shut Down For Refusing to Become the Vaccination Police

Is In-N-Out being singled out?

By Katy Grimes, October 27, 2021 2:27 pm

Another Bay Area county has closed down an In-N-Out restaurant because the burger chain “refuses to become the vaccination police.”

Last week the San Francisco city health department closed an In-N-Out fast food burger restaurant over the company’s refusal to force customers to prove they are vaccinated against the coronavirus, the Globe reported.

This week, Contra Costa County public health officials shut down the Pleasant Hill burger joint after claiming the company ignored several warnings to enforce proof of vaccines for customers who wanted to dine indoors, or proof they had tested negative for the virus in the past 72 hours.

There is no apparent indoor-dining option for people who had the coronavirus and have proof of antibodies via an antibody test.

It’s curious why San Francisco and Contra Costa Counties are going after In-N-Out so doggedly when so many restaurants throughout the state do and believe the same — that it is not a restaurant’s responsibility for the enforcement of state and county vaccine mandates.

In-N-Out’s chief legal and business officer Arnie Wensinger, stuck with the company statement issued after the San Francisco shut down: “We refuse to become the vaccination police for any government. It is unreasonable, invasive, and unsafe to force our restaurant associates to segregate customers into those who may be served and those who may not.”

However, Wensinger added, “Our store properly and clearly posted signage to communicate local vaccination requirements.”

Wensinger acknowledged that employees at the Pleasant Hill restaurant “were not actively demanding vaccine documentation and photo identification” from each indoor patron but said the company is committed to “the highest form of customer service” and disagrees with any government order that forces a private company to “discriminate” against customers, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“It is unreasonable, invasive and unsafe to force our restaurant associates to segregate customers into those who may be served and those who may not, whether based on the documentation they carry or any other reason,” he said. “This is clear governmental overreach and is intrusive, improper and offensive.”

It’s also clear governmental overreach to ask minimum wage workers at fast food restaurants to verify patrons’ vaccine passports and examine them for authenticity. As several restaurant employees told the Globe this week, “We don’t know what we are looking for. We are trained to prepare and serve food.”

The county has issued several warnings and fines for local In-N-Out restaurants, including two in Pinole and San Ramon, the AP reported. “Public health authorities see vaccination enforcement requirements as vital tools in slowing COVID-19 at a time when 1,500 or more Americans are dying each day from the virus.”

Again, why In-N-Out? Are Burger King and McDonalds verifying customers’ vaccine passports?

Is In-N-Out being singled out?

Contra Costa County is the very same county which Dr. Chris Farnitano, Contra Costa’s Public Health Doctor, got one doctor terminated, and two others reprimanded for questioning his handling of the COVID-19 virus, and data manipulation to keep Californians in lockdown. The Globe reported in October 2020, in a letter to Dr. Farnitano the doctors asked him to explain how the county was accounting for the high number of false positive COVID tests with the county tiering system. They asked what data supported the closure of gyms and outdoor dining. And they wanted to know why his public health agency was ignoring medical experts who recommend opening schools, as children are not significant vectors of the disease.

As the Globe pointed out last week, “San Francisco requires a vaccine ID to purchase a burger and fries, but no ID to vote. San Francisco allows open meth and heroin purchases and use on city streets, homeless vagrants to poop on the sidewalks, and thieves to rip off Walgreens daily, but if you want a Double-Double and a chocolate shake, you need to prove you’ve been vaccinated.”

Now Contra Costa is doing the same, and trying “to force In-N-Out associates to segregate customers into those who may be served and those who may not, whether based on the documentation they carry.”

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13 thoughts on “Another In-N-Out Shut Down For Refusing to Become the Vaccination Police

  1. Example #175,987 of why I say most of what’s wrong with California originates from the Bay Area.

    1. Wonder if Gavi is wearing his mask in Scotland whilst promoting his Climate Change Communism.
      That’s the next shut down if WE ALLOW IT.
      climate change, but don’t worry the elites will still have their private jets

  2. Interesting they selectively go after a Christian owned restaurant chain, that believes in honoring their values, living wages, hiring legal citizens, mostly teenagers and has some of the BEST customer service around. Hmm, now what if they mostly hired illegal workers to keep their business up and running and were under threat to put them out of a job? Would the Contra Costa Health Dept. be so inclined to permanently shut them down? Seriously doubt it!
    They are being targeted, unjustly.
    I just wish more businesses would take the same approach and put an end to these unconstitutional mandates that are NOT based in science. It is discrimination and In-N-Out will not take part in discrimination of any kind! After all, it is the Christian thing to do!

    Interesting that packed football stadiums across this country has not contributed to a spike in covid cases!

    1. 1,500 deaths daily from covid 19? If true I wonder how many of them were vaccinated. I’m going to have to show my support and go to In n Out tonight.

  3. There are many battles going on now —- too many, and they keep us from living our lives, of course —- but my money is on In-N-Out to win this one against the un-elected California fascists.

  4. 1,500 deaths daily from covid 19? If true I wonder how many of them were vaccinated. I’m going to have to show my support and go to In n Out tonight. Then I take a short drive up the coast to S.F. and pull my pants down right there on the street and take a big dump. Its welcomed there after all. Before I head back I will have to stop by one of the stores up there to take advantage of the free up to $900 sales they currently have going on. Now I understand why Journey wrote a song about that place.

  5. God BLESS In-N-Out…. gonna have to go show them my support at LUNCH tomorrow….

    I appreciate their stand and applaud Mr. Wensinger’s critical thinking skills and backbone for not kowtowing to these fear-mongering, medical tyrants who are doing whatever they can to keep people fearful and subjugated to their power/control grabs…

    We need MORE businesses to adopt this same “GO POUND SAND”/Let’s go Brandon response to the inhabitants of the White House, CDC (Communicable Disease Center) and FDA (Fraudulent Drug Administration) henchmen…

    My own business has demonstrated the LACK of critical thinking skills on behalf of the executive “leadership” team as they are also sheep that follow blindly whatever the Federal government “mandates”, no matter how illegal, UN-Constitutional and harmful to their business as they’re announcing that religious accommodations are granted based upon “your job description”, even though we’ve successfully GROWN the business during the last 18 months…

    This might just be the impetus to seek greener pastures (if there are such things in Joe Buyedin’s America….

  6. Comrades
    Pitiful….why stop…..being required to collect taxes from customers directly makes businesses loathed Publicans…..have you any idea how much it costs businesses to report tax collections, remit the taxes, provide audit controls etc….

  7. Great. No more hamburgers for you, San Francisco. If I were the CEO of In-N-Out, I’d stay hundreds of miles away from the Bay Area and not open a single fast-food restaurant.

  8. Contra Costa County District 1 Supervisor and Democrat John Gioia claimed that In-N-Out’s staff in Pleasant Hill “have just flouted the law.” No doubt he has no problems with those who flout election laws and vote in elections when they are not eligible to do so? Meanwhile, Anna M Roth, Director Of Health Services for Contra Costa County which shut down the In-N-Out made $506,687 in total compensation in 2019 which is 67 % higher than average director of health services salary, and 352 % higher than average Contra Costa County salary. Perhaps In-N-Out should take Florida on their suggestion to move to the state which has a superior business climate with no personal income tax, low corporate taxes, and no mandates?

  9. IN – N – OUT has mu enduring respect not only for the best hamburger in the country but for their stand against the blatant, unconstitutional actions of Contra Costa county.

  10. Good for In-N-Out! It’s my favorite hamburger for value, taste and freshness, and good service. You do all things right and the stupid authoritarian politician idiots make and dictate rules because they have never worked in business all their lives. Eat more In-N-Out hamburgers and vote the bums out!!!!!

  11. In and Out is being targeted because they are owned by Christians and espouse Christian values. We are in a spiritual war. What is going on in this world is truly horrible on every level. Protect your children, protect your bodies, and support businesses who are standing up to the bullies, such as In and Out Burger.

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