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Are You There God? It’s Dylan Mulvaney

Lionsgate is giving women and girls a slap in the face by partnering with Mulvaney

By J. Mitchell Sances, May 21, 2023 10:33 am

Lionsgate’s new film “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” is failing at the box office. Naturally, the woke Hollywood giant decided to trot out a wannabe woman to give the female coming-of-age film a jolt of popularity in hopes of recouping some of the film’s budget.

The film apparently follows very closely the 1970s book of the same name written by Judy Blume. The book and film follow the young adolescent girl Margaret as she navigates religion and her metamorphosis from girl to woman. Of course that entails Margaret and her friends learning about and experiencing their first menstruation.

Although the movie has garnered very positive reviews both from critics and audience—99% and 94% respectively according to Rotten Tomatoes—it has only earned approximately $16 million at the box office. Considering Lionsgate spent $30 million to make the film, they are deeply in the hole, and the company is understandably upset by that.

To remedy the hemorrhaging of money, the film company pulled a last minute paid partnership with infamous trans activist and personality Dylan Mulvaney. Judy Blume sat down with Mulvaney for an excruciatingly cringe-worthy four and a half minute TikTok interview. The two discussed the book, the film, and the feminine-centered themes therein.

At one point, the discussion of breast growth comes up, and Mulvaney comments that he, a biological male, is still waiting for his breasts to grow. There was no laughter or any indication that it was a joke. Either Mulvaney is referencing that his hormone replacement therapy is not working, which trans women like Blaire White have commented on before, or he truly believes he is a real 26 year old woman capable of growing breast tissue—both scenarios reek of delusions of grandeur.

Moreover, there is no logical or conceivable reason to make Lionsgate assume this partnership would be at all beneficial. If anything, it might cost them to lose even more money. Mulvaney is fresh off the Bud Light scandal. After the beer company partnered with Mulvaney, they have seen a continued double digit percentage decrease in sales. The target consumer of Bud Light is an average conservative-leaning American. They do not buy into the woke mentally-ill nonsense.

This film has a similar target audience. It centers around a normal east coast girl dealing with puberty and struggles in religious identity having a Christian mother and Jewish father. Like the book, the movie is also set in the 1970s. Clearly Lionsgate knew whom the film would appeal to, and they took care to cater to a more conservative audience. If they had wanted to target a more woke crowd, they would have modernized the story and injected the progressive agenda into it. So why at the last minute would they assume taking a hard left turn politically would benefit them and make the film more profitable?

Of course, as I hinted at previously, it is also worth mentioning the obvious slap in the face Lionsgate is giving to women and girls by partnering with Mulvaney. Dylan is a biological male. He claims to have been on a journey through “girlhood” for over a year documenting his use of hormone therapy. However, he has garnered some doubt and criticism even from other trans people over the validity of his transition.

It is incredibly insulting to women and girls to have a biological male pretending to be a woman talk about female puberty and issues of a girl’s adolescence. Mulvaney has never and will never understand those struggles or issues. He went through puberty as a male. He has never and will never have a period. Linking his histrionics and mockery of femininity to what should be a serious and important film for young girls to watch and enjoy and learn from is its own form of misogyny. In an industry that just a few years ago shouted “Me Too!” and “Believe all Women!”, they seem to no longer care about real women’s voices.

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5 thoughts on “Are You There God? It’s Dylan Mulvaney

  1. You had me at, “ Are you there God? It’s Dylan Mulvaney.”

    Hollywood is the devil’s playground. What publicist thought using a dude in womanface to attract biological young women to a movie, was a good idea? It shows how perverse Hollywood has become or always was. Lion’s gate can go into the waste bin along with Target, Adidas, Ulta and Nike. The executives can cry into their bud lights.
    Have they not realized a real woman’s scorn is bad for business!

  2. Like most of those in Hollywood who sold their souls to the deep-state dark-cult, it’s not likely Mulvaney has conversations with God? He’s probably attends spirit cooking sessions where demons are summoned?

  3. I don’t know how your repulsive rag of a newspaper came across my news feed. you fundamentalist anti equality people are the real evil.

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