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Assemblyman Jim Patterson. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Assemblyman Patterson Makes Audit Request of Calif. DOJ Over Leaked Gun Owners List

‘The DOJ cannot investigate itself’

By Katy Grimes, July 19, 2022 12:07 pm

UPDATE below: California Assemblyman Jim Patterson announced Tuesday at a press conference that he has requested the California State Auditor perform a formal audit of the California Department of Justice following the June 27, 2022 leak of highly personal information belonging to hundreds of thousands of California firearm owners and concealed carry permit holders.

As the Globe reported, in June the Supreme Court issued a decision striking down a New York gun law that put unconstitutional restrictions on concealed carry of a gun out in public.

Less than one week later, the California Attorney General leaked the state database of names and addresses of the state’s legal gun owners and concealed carry permit holders.

How could this have happened – is it accidental or deliberate?

That is what Assemblyman Patterson (R-Fresno) wants to know, and to prevent such a nefarious leak from ever happening again. “This is an embarrassing and dangerous dump of information.”

Patterson said in the press conference that the leaked private personal information of California’s gun owners had already been copied and reposted on the Internet, according to the California State Sheriff’s Association. “The DOJ is supposed to keep Californians safe. This dump of information does the opposite,” Patterson said. “The Attorney General and Department of Justice should not investigate themselves,” Patterson said. “I don’t trust them.”

Patterson said he has served in the California Legislature for 10 years, and with then-Assemblyman Rob Bonta, California’s current Attorney General, appointed by Gov. Gavin Newsom. “He’s probably one of the most politically driven and ideologically driven in the Legislature that I’ve seen,” Patterson said. “He’s taken that to the DOJ. And there’s a real credibility issue here – how he is operating the department.”

“The DOJ has admitted to posting personal information online of Concealed Carry Weapon applicants over the past decade including the person’s name, age, address, gender, race, driver’s license number, criminal history, Criminal Identification Index (CII) number and license type (Standard, Judicial, Reserve and Custodial),” Patterson said. “This is such an egregious breach of privacy. We will be seeing class action lawsuits going forward.”

The Globe has spoken with gun owners on the leaked list and learned the actual Data-Set spreadsheet entries include:

CCW:Year of First Issue..
 County Code (Sacramento, Los Angeles, etc…)
Gender.  Race.
Status Code -Active, expired, etc.
Type of CCW – Law Enforcement, civilian…
Ccw Record Id
Ccw Type Code
Cii Number
 Date Of Birth
 First Issue Date
 First Name.
Last Issue Date.
Last Name
 Last Review Date
CA License Number
Middle Name
Notice Confirmation Date
 Notice Sent Date
Ori Number
Primary Dob
Txt Prohibit Reason Code Queue Record Id
Status Eff Date
Status Expiration Date
Street Addr
Zip Code
Ages CII NUMBER..(The number individually issued for the CCW permit.

The file is for CCW’s issued between 2011 to 2021.

These CCW permit holders are now exposed in ways they never imagined: their addresses, birthdates, SSN#, full names, gender and race are revealed.

On the leaked list are current and retired judges, retired law enforcement, domestic violence, stalking and rape victims, security personnel, as well as women with new identities and restraining orders against violent husbands/boyfriends. The Globe was told there were elected office holders from both parties, and even some gun control advocates on the leaked list (More coming on that in the near future).

Patterson said all of the individuals on the CCW permit holder list had to demonstrate a compelling reason for the permit to carry a concealed gun, pointing out that they believed there were great risks to their lives.

The Supreme Court decision no longer requires gun owners to prove to the state why they need a gun, effectively making all states, “shall-issue” states.

It was originally estimated that more than 400,000 people were on the list, but with duplications for each renewal, the list is likely closer to 200,000. But Assemblyman Patterson’s office says it could be more. “It is believed that other databases were also compromised, including the assault weapon registry, handguns certified for sale, dealer record sale, firearm safety certificate and gun violence restraining order dashboards,” Patterson said.

“Just as we would expect to do with a breach of this magnitude in any other state agency, the Legislature needs a detailed explanation of how this happened so we can ensure that immediate reforms are implemented to restore public trust,” Patterson said. “How many times do we have to see the technology failing in the State of California? The DMV, EDD, DOJ, Dept. of FI$Cal – almost every department.”

“This cannot happen ever again,” Patterson added. “How much other information is in the hands of The DOJ and at risk for similar leaks of information?”

“The Department of Justice cannot investigate itself.”

UPDATE 3:20pm: Assemblyman Patterson emailed out the letter (below) he wrote to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, which included these questions:

  1. What is the total number of individuals impacted by the breach, which databases were compromised and for how long was personal information exposed, and what categories of information were released?
  2. Does DOJ comply with all relevant laws, rules, regulations, and best practices related to data protection?
  3. Has DOJ taken adequate and appropriate actions to investigate the breach and take down any personal information that may be posted on social media sites?
  4. What lapses resulted in the breach and what accountability measures have been taken to assign responsibility and prevent future unauthorized data releases?
  5. Has appropriate action been taken to prosecute any violations of law associated with the breach?
  6. Has DOJ taken appropriate steps to notify all individuals impacted by the breach?
  7. Has DOJ taken adequate and appropriate action to ensure the safety and security of impacted


  8. Do victims have the ability to contact DOJ, and does DOJ promptly respond?
  9. What steps should DOJ take to improve its data handling policies and practices?
DOJ Data Breach Emergency Audit July 2022
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9 thoughts on “Assemblyman Patterson Makes Audit Request of Calif. DOJ Over Leaked Gun Owners List

  1. Thanks to ASM Patterson for initiating this audit. And thank you, Katy Grimes, for reporting the story.

  2. Nothing to see here, move along

    Not holding my breath for any accountability in this one fascist party ruled state.
    Given how vindictive this heard of fascists are, it was intentional

  3. Totally support Asm Patterson’s move here. A lot of us out here want to know how on earth this dangerous and disgusting breach could have happened! It’s really stretching it to imagine it could have been in any way “an accident.” Grateful to Asm Patterson for pushing this and to Katy Grimes for reporting it.

  4. Having worked in e-commerce for the last decade – this was NO accident… a website has to be purposefully populated with such information – which means that the California DOJ has been “weaponized” under Numbnut Bonta’s “leadership” for nefarious political means…. (but should we expect any less from this fascist state Government???)

    He should be prosecuted to the FULLEST extent allowable and actually should be FIRED and JAILED for misuse of Departmental intellectual property and ENDANGERING all those whose personal information (including SSN) was released for identify thieves, burglars, or political opposition harassment….

    Bonta is an evil a-hole, basically… but we already knew that….this action just PROVED it….

    1. I say hang him as the traitor he is. Violating his oath to “protect and defend the Constitution” is a traitorous act and should be punishable by death!

  5. I bet Bonta supports guns when they are protecting him and his family.
    Maybe the armed security detail that protect these politicians had their names leaked .
    That would be ironic.
    Maybe he does not want concealed carry for them.
    I think it would be great if he had to stand up and make his anti gun speeches with a fully armed security detail surrounding him.
    Then maybe people would start to see the hypocrisy of these idiots.

  6. Gentlemen & Gentlewomen, again it is not the GUN it is the person! And we in Law Enforcement cannot let them get away with blaming it on Mental Health! It is all about ” CONTROL” of the person are person’s getting these weapons! When I worked for the Western Surplus stores Drug dealers use to come in and buy multiple weapons! COME ON!

  7. Gentlemen & Gentlewomen, again it is not the GUN it is the person! And we in Law Enforcement cannot let them get away with blaming it on Mental Health! It is all about ” CONTROL” of the person are person’s getting these weapons! When I worked for the Western Surplus stores Drug dealers use to come in and buy multiple weapons! COME ON!

  8. We got at least one intelligent, non-libtarded ASM in the CA Legislature. Thank you, Jim Patterson. All I ask is that you also hang bozo Gruesom along with buttwipe Bonta. Maybe make it public, for all to see and rejoice in and to verify that the wicked witches are truly and completely dead.

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