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Assemblywoman Wendy Carillo (Photo: Carillo))

CA Assemblywoman Wendy Carillo Celebrates 70th Anniversary of Communist China Takeover

Communist China’s Mao Zedong’s legacy is the mass murder of 65 million people – greater than California’s population

By Katy Grimes, September 28, 2019 12:11 pm

California Assemblywoman Wendy Carillo (D-Los Angeles) posted photos of herself on Twitter celebrating the Communist People’s Republic of China takeover October 1, 1949 from the Republic of China.

Mao Zedong, founder of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, qualifies as the greatest mass murderer in world history according to historians.

Assemblywoman Wendy Carillo celebrates 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China

Lee Edwards, a fellow at The Heritage Foundation reported in 2010:

“According to the authoritative ‘Black Book of Communism,’ an estimated 65 million Chinese died as a result of Mao’s repeated, merciless attempts to create a new ‘socialist’ China. Anyone who got in his way was done away with — by execution, imprisonment or forced famine.”

For Mao, the No. 1 enemy was the intellectual,” Edwards said. “The so-called Great Helmsman reveled in his blood-letting, boasting, ‘What’s so unusual about Emperor Shih Huang of the China Dynasty? He had buried alive 460 scholars only, but we have buried alive 46,000 scholars.’ Mao was referring to a major ‘accomplishment’ of the Great Cultural Revolution, which from 1966-1976 transformed China into a great House of Fear.”

Deaths from hunger reached more than 50 percent in some Chinese villages. The total number of dead from 1959 to 1961 was between 30 million and 40 million — the population of California.

In the spirit of Mao, China’s present rulers continue to oppress intellectuals and other dissidents such as human-rights activist Liu Xiaobo. He was sentenced last month to 11 years in prison for “inciting subversion of state power.” His offense: signing Charter 08, which calls on the government to respect basic civil and human rights within a democratic framework.

However, this is not that unusual for Assembly Democrats.

In 2018, California’s elected Democrats pushed for a communist holiday, at the expense of a U.S. President’s Day. Remember during the Cold War when “better dead than Red?” was the thinking?

History repeats itself because evil never goes away.

“Democrat Assemblyman Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles), authored AB-3042 to combine the birthdays of U.S. Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln into one ‘President’s Day’ while designating May 1 for International Workers’ Day celebrations, a Communist holiday. The bill has passed two Assembly committees, and actually made it to the Assembly floor for a vote last week, but came up short. However 22 Democrats voted in favor of the bill’s passage, while 29 Assembly members abstained with ‘No Vote Recorded,’ and did not even have the guts to make a vote,” I wrote.

“With the Cold War a distant memory, the left would like Americans to forget that May 1st, ‘May Day,’ is the most important day of the year for communists, socialists, and anarchists. In the Soviet Union and communist bloc countries, May Day is celebrated with huge parades, showcasing missiles, tanks, and military might, brigades of goose-stepping troops, Communist red flags, and banners of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin.”

How quickly we forget.

Wendy Carrillo is a Los Angeles legislator who fled the violence of El Salvador as a child with her mother. She recently returned to El Salvador on a trip with Governor Gavin Newsom.

Calmatters reported:

“It was an incredibly violent time in El Salvador,” Carrillo said. “My mother made a very courageous decision that she would go to the U.S. and seek asylum, and was eventually denied. But she stayed anyway because she understood that she had to make choices for herself and for her family.”

“The governor’s trip [to El Salvador] is reminiscent of former Gov. Jerry Brown’s travel to China to meet with the Communist dictator President Xi Jinping, signaling to the world his fidelity to the unratified and dubious Paris Climate treaty, in spite of President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the pact,” the Globe reported. This is not the purview of a governor of one of the 50 United States, despite Newsom’s desire to make California “its own nation-state,” because President Trump is “fundamentally at odds with California values,” the governor said in his February State of the State speech.”


The 5 “likes” on Wendy Carillo’s Twitter post celebrating 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China

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7 thoughts on “CA Assemblywoman Wendy Carillo Celebrates 70th Anniversary of Communist China Takeover

  1. An honor? Are you aware that under Chairman Mao Zedong’s regime (1946-1976) the number of Chinese people died range from 40 million to as many as 70. Are you aware that China has supported the BRUTAL dictatorship in North Korea since 1950? Do you know how many people were executed, starved to death & how many political enemies/dissenters were imprisoned under Communist China? Do you have any knowledge of Chairman Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” & the “Cultural Revolution” An honor? Are you serious? ????

  2. Leave is to a Democrat socialist Assemblywoman like Wendy Carillo to celebrate the violent take over of China by Mao Zedong’s communists even though her mother fled to the U.S. illegally to escape the violence brought on by communists in El Salvador. The twisted logic of Democrat socialists like Wendy Carillo is laughable.

  3. Excellent reporting on a morally blind California legislator. And she’s far from the only one. While hundreds of thousands brave Hong Kongers are in the streets risking everything to defend freedom and democracy against the oppression of the communist Chinese government, this morally bankrupt legislator proudly celebrates their oppressors. I can only hope that every one of Ms. Carillo’s constituents reads this story and soundly rejects her at the next election as unfit to hold public office.

  4. They dont give a fuck. Jeff, let me give you an advise; the lefties dont care about facts. In fact, they want to do the same as Mao. They are like that everywhere.

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