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Caitlyn Jenner for Gov. campaign. (Photo: caitlynjenner.com/)

Caitlyn Jenner Formally Announces She’s Running for California Governor

Jenner already has ‘Caitlyn for Governor’ campaign swag!

By Katy Grimes, April 23, 2021 9:00 am

Caitlyn Jenner is running for governor of California, she announced Friday on Twitter, and just launched a new campaign website.

“California has been my home for nearly 50 years,” Jenner says on the website. “I came here because I knew that anyone, regardless of their background or station in life, could turn their dreams into reality. But for the past decade, we have seen the glimmer of the Golden State reduced by one-party rule that places politics over progress and special interests over people. Sacramento needs an honest leader with a clear vision.”

Described as “socially liberal and fiscally conservative,” the Republican candidate already has awesome campaign swag available online: Caitlyn for California Wine Glasses, Caitlyn for California Mugs, Caitlyn for California Unstructured Navy Hat, Caitlyn for California Beverage Coolers, bumper stickers, yard signs, and much more!

Caitlyn Jenner campaign swag. (Photo: screen capture, caitlynforca/storefront)

“This campaign will be powered by everyday Californians who deserve leadership that is accountable to them, not the special interests in Sacramento,” the website says.

“I have been a compassionate disrupter throughout my life,” Jenner says in a statement letter. “Californians want better and deserve better from their governor.”

Axios reported on Jenner’s campaign team:

She’s assembled a team of prominent GOP operatives including Tony Fabrizio, the top pollster on Donald Trump’s 2016 and 2020 campaigns, Ryan Erwin, founder of RedRock Strategies, and Tyler Deaton, president of Allegiance Strategies.

    • She’s also hired Steven Cheung, a former Trump White House and campaign communications hand who worked on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s successful 2003 recall campaign.
    • Trump’s former campaign manager Brad Parscale, a personal friend of Jenner’s, has helped her assemble her team but doesn’t plan to take an official title on the campaign.

USA Today reported:

“In a June 2020 interview with People about the five-year anniversary of her transition, Jenner said she has ‘changed her political views.’ I’ve changed my thinking in a lot of ways,” she told the outlet. Now identifying as “economically conservative, socially progressive,” she believes “we need equality for all, regardless of who’s in the White House.”

Even USA Today noticed Gov. Gavin Newsom has dismissed the recall effort as a right wing, “white nationalist” movement:

“Newsom has been aggressively touring the state, touting its progress on vaccines. He has said he is taking the recall effort ‘very seriously’ but has branded the drive as a ‘partisan political power grab’ and the work of extremist conservatives and white supremacists like the Proud Boys.”

Californians from all walks of life, socio-economic status, culture, and political affiliation have signed the recall, which may be the real fear the governor’s team and media has. There are already three Republicans officially running to replace Gov. Newsom should he be recalled – Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, Businessman John Cox and now Caitlyn Jenner.

However, never fear, the mainstream media arm of the Democrat Party is here to run interference for the governor. The Los Angeles Times published an article in January designed to destroy the character and public reputations of the RecallGavin2020 campaign and supporters, the Globe reported.

“A Times investigation found that recall campaign leaders, seeking to capitalize on the darkening public mood, allied with radical and extreme elements early on to help collect signatures,” the Los Angeles Times reported. “Those included groups promoting distrust of government, science and medicine; peddlers of QAnon doomsday conspiracies; ‘patriots’ readying for battle and one organization allied with the far-right extremist group, the Proud Boys.”

Caitlyn Jenner certainly doesn’t fit that image.

Caitlyn Jenner’s new campaign website for CA Governor. (Photo: screen capture,caitlynjenner.com)

“We are very excited to see this happen,” Randy Economy, Senior Advisor and Media spokesman for RecallGavin2020 said. “There are a lot of great people coming forward to run for governor.  The campaign to replace Gavin Newsom just entered a new phase.”

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37 thoughts on “Caitlyn Jenner Formally Announces She’s Running for California Governor

  1. I will not vote for this person. He is confused, and states I am “socially liberal and fiscally conservative.” This is a flat out deception. If you are not a social conservative first, you can never be fiscally conservative – the first is to be socially conservative as this supports the traditional family, history and culture. It just won’t happen as you will want to help every special interest group. Plus, he has no recent record of anything other than self-mutilation and the Kardashians, who are not conservative in any fashion.

    And with the advisors he has, I think he is also going to a republican splitter vote to allow gavin to win or some other democrat.

    finally, he had that accident and killed the old woman several years and showed no remorse, not a nice person and cannot be trusted.

    1. I don’t like him/her/it for a number of reasons; like the ones you mention, Rivercatguy. But I don’t think splitting Republican votes will matter much. There were 135 candidates of ALL kinds in 2003. Jenner is the Arnold of 2021. We shall see if voters will make the same mistake electing another Hollywood candidate. I think NOT. I have a feeling that Mr. Trump might endorse someone and clear the field. The one with the MOST votes wins.

      1. Hi Raymond, I hope you are right, I love PDJT but the one thing that I wished he had did a better job at was in replacing bad actors in his Admin. or where some of his endorsements were bad choices. Several of his admin and many of his endorsements were excellent, some were not. Hopefully, we have better choices in CA…thank you!

  2. Can’t touch this. It’s all so terribly politically correct so all sane criticism is verboten. You must not smile. You must not laugh. You must not criticize. You mustn’t.

  3. Okay, even if we agree to put the “transgender” thing aside, assuming one can do that in this case, Jenner does not appear to be qualified for the office. He seems unstable, narcissistic, and not even clear about his own political beliefs. I understand even the activist LGBTQers have said they’re not interested in supporting him. His connection with the Kardashians and THEIR narcissism is not a good sign and is reason enough to reject him as a candidate.

    I can’t help suspecting that the anti-recallers are behind this somehow because his announcement way-too-coincidentally coincides with rumored imminent news of the Recall qualification. (Brad Parscale put Jenner’s team together? Seriously?) Beware of trickery.

    1. You nailed it ShowandTell.
      One word sums it up, NARCISSIST!

      So we just trade one for another? Nah.

  4. Agree with Showandtell above. Is this a scam. What better way to tank the recall than to make the GOP look like a circus.

  5. NOOOooooo….WHY are any Republican operatives even remotely involved in this?! People may think that voters are too ticked off to vote for a narcissistic reality tv show for governor, but we have always underestimated the power of celebrity in this state. Name recognition gets you everywhere in California and Jenner has that. We’ll end up with this person bc the Republican vote will be split and moderates and Democrats will go for the more acceptable “socially liberal (progressive), fiscally conservative” . What a frickin disaster.

    1. Erin, I agree that the importance of NAME cannot be ignored. That’s what Arnold had in 2003. I would not dismiss Jenner and clearly the cable networks and talk radio are giving Jenner a lot of coverage. Republicans are only 24% of registered CA voters. So Newsom has a BIG advantage IF he holds the Democrats together. The question I have is, if Democrats are pissed off enough to recall him, who would they vote for? Especially if there are no other Democrat candidates on the ballot. Jenner’s shortcomings have to be exposed during the campaign.

  6. Why????

    No political OR managerial leadership experience and just another celebrity sideshow…

    California has REAL, SERIOUS, DEEP problems and this individual is in NO WAY qualified to go up against the San Francisco “machine” and all the unions that have their way with California politics…

    Hopefully voters will realize that we already had one failed celebrity “Governor” and reject this sideshow for what it is…

    A desperate cry for attention….

  7. To All, here is what I believe is a bit of hope for Republicans. Our city council in a HEAVILY Democratic county just ran a Community Priorities Survey online. Of all the survey question types, “Diversity and Social Equity”, came in LAST in the survey in terms of support. First was “Maintaining Streets and Sidewalks”. I was VERY surprised to see this especially since there is a BLM sympathizer on the council. When push comes to shove, I HOPE that voters WILL be PRAGMATIC.

  8. I will not vote for Caitlyn…considering all of her failed marriages she clearly must have a bad peck…, I mean picker…California needs a serious accomplished person business person.

    1. Well, talking about bad pickers…

      I can’t decide between the Caitlyn beer cozies or the stemless wine glasses from her campaign website!

      Also,I thought she no longer had a peck.., I mean picker? Or does she?
      All I know I will not pick her to be governor or dog catcher😉

      1. I don’t know, Cali Girl, I sorta had my eye on the Caitlyn for California action figure, but it’s 250 bucks! Can’t afford it. 🙂

        1. 😅 ShowandTell, you may want to reconsider, it may go up in value as it could turn out to be a collectible.

          1. Ha ha! Okay, I think I will do that. Thank you for your expert advice, Cali Girl. 🙂

        2. @Showandtell, maybe the action figure may answer the question of “what’s now under the covers”. Hopefully someone will post a picture. Just curious…

          1. Ha! You mean like Ken? Of Barbie and Ken?
            Rumor has it that everything is untouched. But I wouldn’t know…
            Amazing we have to talk like this about a gubernatorial candidate, right? 🙂

  9. @ShowandTell,
    Second thought,It may not go up in value, I just checked on eBay, he has a living legends Olympic figure for 9.99 on there. That may be a better bet, considering it is a lower buy in😂

  10. Bruce still has his junk attached ….. he still dates women…he is still a man so why is everyone calling him Caitlyn??

    1. In my Recall Dreams the transgender business was all a ruse so Jenner could reveal himself at the last minute to still be Bruce and a rock-solid conservative with great management skills and a backbone of steel to be California’s greatest governor ever! Ha ha!

    2. Good to know, HarveyMushman. Thanks. I was wondering about this. So we can still call him, Bruce baby, a he? Glad you cleared that up.

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