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Mike A. Gipson
Assemblyman Mike A. Gipson. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

‘Equity Impact Analysis of Legislation’ at Crux of Assembly House Resolution

Biden Administration ordered the identification of methods to assess equity

By Chris Micheli, April 23, 2021 7:56 am

On April 22, Assembly Members Mike Gipson, Cristina Garcia, Adrin Nazarian, Luz Rivas, and Mark Stone introduced House Resolution 39 dealing with equity impact analysis of legislation.

This house resolution provides that it is the intent of the Legislature to support the state’s health equity and economic recovery priorities by directing employees in the legislative branch of state government to use tools to assess the equity impact of bills and include information about the potential harms and benefits of proposed legislation for vulnerable communities in committee and floor analyses, thereby reducing the unintended negative consequences of bills and preventing health and economic disparities.

In addition, Government Code Section 11135 prohibits a person from being unlawfully discriminated against based upon specified factors. Health and Safety Code Section 131019.5 provides for the creation of the State Department of Public Health’s Office of Health Equity and specifies definitions for the following terms: “determinants of equity,” “health equity,” “health and mental health disparities,” “health and mental health inequities,” “vulnerable communities,” and “vulnerable places.”

Moreover, at least five states and several local jurisdictions have adopted measures to assess potential disparities and impact before policies are adopted. The Biden Administration ordered the identification of methods to assess equity and require the OMB Director to complete specified duties. Also, all federal agencies must select certain of the agency’s programs and policies for a review that will assess whether underserved communities and their members face systemic barriers in accessing benefits and opportunities available pursuant to those policies and programs.

House Resolution 39 then provides that, in order to continue the Assembly’s commitment to investing in equity solutions and maximizing benefits for underserved and marginalized communities, the Assembly will explore methods to integrate equity more formally into its daily activities, including the potential adoption of equity impact analysis into the existing committee and floor bill analysis process.

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9 thoughts on “‘Equity Impact Analysis of Legislation’ at Crux of Assembly House Resolution

  1. First sign that this is TERRIBLE legislation: We don’t know what on earth they are talking about and neither do THEY. For heaven’s sake, these people aren’t even good Marxists. Knock it off!

  2. “EQUITY” = reverse racism
    It is used to shut down any and all conversation other than agreeing that “underserved”, “under marginalized”, “black and brown” (blah blah blah) communities deserve “equity” that can ONLY be given by a new government program. “Equity speak” does not recognize that individuals, no matter skin color, within the communities may be quite able to achieve on their own free will and determination as did many before them.

  3. Yes, so explain equity impact analysis metrics…

    What a bunch of garbage. I would be happy if California would pass a bill to limit the amount of bills that come out of Sacramento and limit their sessions to 3 months out of the year so they will inflict less pain to ALL COMMUNITIES across this state.

    1. Oh, that would be good, Cali Girl. I won’t hold my breath, but that would definitely be an improvement.

  4. This “Equity” push started in the late 1980’s in academia, when it became clear that “Equality of Opportunity” was actually SUCCEEDING for minority groups and could continue to work as a policy. That’s when the Marxist leftists changed their language and focus. Social class division is required for their agenda – state-ism and elitist power.

    1. Agreed, very well stated, Raymond.
      That is exactly what it is, a means to divide and conquer. The enemy from within.

      California has been the epicenter of their movement. We are the test case.

    2. Yes sir. “Equity” means “equality of outcome,” which is not only an un-American concept, but impossible to achieve. Think about it. It is NOT POSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE. But a lot of good and gullible people will buy into it, not understanding what is at stake and, by allowing themselves to be nudged onto the road that goes to “equity,” with its wealth distribution, etc., a lot of very bad people will get very rich —- and powerful. Think of the BLM con artists, for example, never mind our Ruling Class politicians and others. Next thing you know your freedoms are GONE forever. Or worse.

  5. Football and Basketball are overdue for social engineered equity. It is high time they start drafting a bunch of white guys don’t ya think?

    1. That’s the implication of this sound-good virtue signaling that is just cover for communist wealth distribution schemes….

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