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Gov. Gavin Newsom in media interview. (Photo: gov.ca.gov screen capture)

Gavin Newsom’s Odd ‘Damn’ Video Interview

In 6-1/2 minute interview, Gov. Newsom said ‘damn’ 9 times, and slammed his desk with his hand and fist 59 times

By Katy Grimes, August 10, 2021 8:21 pm

Press play to hear a narrated version of this story, complete with ‘damn’ compilation. Presented by AudioHopper.


California Governor Gavin Newsom gave an odd video interview this week with several media outlets including the Sacramento Bee. In the 6:25 minute youtube clip below, Newsom said “damn” 9 times, and slammed his desk with his hand and fist 59 times.

He also made some really strange statements, and with a funky drawl.

He was asked if the California dream was more of a mirage, with all of the obvious issues facing the state (shortened version of the long question).

“I love this damn state,” Newsom said. “We have over 100 damn IPO’s.” (Initial Public Offerings)

Okay, that may not be so odd, other than the two “damns” in one breath.

“Middle class families in Texas pay more taxes than middle class families in California,” Newsom continued. And for impact, he added, “Look that up. That’s a fact.”

That is a pretty odd “damn” contention considering Texas is one of seven states that do not have income tax. Texas does have a statewide sales tax of 6.25% and has higher property taxes than California. “Texans are taxed less overall by state and local governments, but they pay some of the highest sales and property taxes in the country, according to the most recent data from the Tax Policy Center,” the Dallas Morning News reported.

According to TurboTax, California has by far the highest income tax — its 13.3% top rate dwarfs No. 2 Hawaii’s 11%. But the fairest apples-to-apples, all-inclusive comparison we could find comes from WalletHub, which ranks “overall tax burden by state,” reflecting income tax, property tax and sales tax. California’s 9.48% total tax burden makes it the 10th highest tax state. Texas at 8.19% is 30th.

Newsom wasn’t convinced. Regarding his strange assertion, he fumed, “I don’t know why that doesn’t get more damn attention.”

The youtube account that posted the video, DUmmie FUnnies, describes Newsom’s video:

California’s besieged governor, Gavin Newsom, went on a whiny self-pitying recall rage rant during an interview by the Sacramento Bee editorial board. The contrast in attitude to Larry Elder’s appearance before the same group (video link below) was startling. It is obvious that the horrid prospect of being tossed out of office via recall is getting under his skin which accounts for his over-the-top bitterness.

Recall Gubernatorial Candidate Larry Elder Tweeted out the video  Tuesday: “Gavin Newsom Unhinged During Interview with Journalist — morphs into Captain Queeg.”

There was a “Captain Queeg” moment when Newsom says, “This is off the top of my damn head,” at 3:43.  And then he added in a gravelly pirate voice, “So I’ll stipulate that.”

The fist slams on the desk were also peculiar. Many people speak with their hands, gesturing freely, and may even emphasize a statement with a BLAM on the desk. But 59 times in six minutes?

He expressed a double “damn” in one sentence when discussing his support of the Central Valley and California Congressman Devin Nunes’s “back damn district,” at 4:28.

Here’s the video – it’s 6:30 minutes of your life. We’d love to hear your thoughts:

FLASHBACK: This is not the first time a crisis has steered the gov’s syntax toward the damn. In this memorable video from last year’s North Complex Fire, a flak-jacketed Newsom bemoaned the “climate damn emergency” that has exacerbated the state’s wildfire quagmire.

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102 thoughts on “Gavin Newsom’s Odd ‘Damn’ Video Interview

  1. He’s having a nervous breakdown at the moment. If he doesn’t lose in the recall he’s going to punish us and never let up…

      1. He is agitated because he’s back into a corner of lies and joined at the hip with the Communist Party of China and has been for decades! The 80 year rule of the Newsoms, Getty, Brown, Pelosi, gangsters is coming to an end.
        Is Gruesom on coke, I can’t prove that he is, but I wouldn’t be surprised!

    1. @Heather,
      Thank You for the hard work the last 14 months.
      Many of us got the word out and collected signatures.
      Your hard work will end in good results and because of volunteers like yourself we may get California back on track. I am so grateful.

  2. Well, so what does our Queeg think about this? Let’s hear it from Queeg……too much for me – no comment.

  3. Sounds like the punk Newsom is really running damn scared. This 6:30 minutes was full of damn lies and bull$hi++. It is wishful thinking but I hope he debates before the election because you would see him really lose it especially when he gets asked “real questions” that he is never asked. Thanks again Katy, it should be fun tomorrow morning on Phil Cowan’s show am1380theanswer.com. I’ll be listening!

    1. John, I listened to Katy Grimes on Phil Cowan’s show this morning. (Thank you for recommending it.) She was so good! (And so was he.) I laughed out loud many times.
      Katy said Gruesome hit the table (with that angry smack) 59 TIMES in the video, the long one. She counted them. I don’t think she counted the “damns.” Too many to count, probably.

      1. Showandtell, that hour every Wednesday is the best cup of coffee of the week. I always look forward to it. Phil’s show gives you the real news just like Katy and the California Globe do. I’m hooked on both. September 14 can’t get here soon enough! I’m feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve!

      2. Showandtell – I actually did count the “damns” in the 6:25 clip – he said “damn” 9 times in 6 minutes! Who does that?

        1. I know, WHO does that? Answer: Gavin Newsom backed into a corner like a rat who also may or may not be dipping into illicit substances, that’s who. Unfortunately I was impulsive and saw the sub-head after I commented. I scanned, missed a lot, and went fast as lightning straight to the TAPE! Ha ha!

          1. Ha, ha the video is the best part.
            It should be used in Politics 101: What Not To Do During A Recall Election.
            It will be the gift that keeps on giving, now that is what I would call political capital????

  4. I think we are seeing the real Newsom. Newsom was clearly agitated. Feelings of abandonment and lack of acknowledgement of his “good works” permeated every word. He may be having is “Captain Queeg”, moment or is very unwell. Either way, Newsom you are an abject political failure. Newsom has wrecked California and must be recalled.

  5. His demeanor seems like a disgruntled employee to me. He’s very upset. My guess is he knows what the numbers are and he’s venting now.

  6. Sure he loves us all so much that he released a killer who buried alive a 16 year old mentally challenged young man onto our streets. Maybe just maybe he knows that in the next life he is going to have to answer for such sins. If that is love of state, then God help us.

    Maybe someone called him a jerk today, I have it on good authority he gets very hurt by that. Interesting, because he was kinda acting, like a crazed JERK in the Interview, not a good look Newsolini. Time to find a new disaster to stand in front of for that photo-op, maybe Kamala will join you.

    I do not take pleasure in this because he just revealed as many of us have suspected all along that we have been ruled by a petty, spoiled, petulant tyrant for the last 20 months.
    I guess I would say Captain Queeg has jumped the shark!

    P.S. Don’t mess with Texas!

  7. While the reporter was asking her question he sat there twitching. scratching, and grimacing like a twelve year old boy getting a lecture from the school principal after being caught smoking behind the gym. Then he accused the principal of picking on him. Hasta la bye-bye, sonny.

  8. Yeah, but how many “Period – Full stop’s” did he invoke???

    What a tool…. an incompetent, bumbling tool….

  9. This jackass only cares about RANKING and SIZE of industry, NOT QUALITY of the business conditions….

    He’s a complete horse’s ass…. and everyone’s right – he’s having a Captain Queeg meltdown moment…. quite funny, actually…

    Don’t let the door hitcha in the ass on the way out, Tool….

  10. Oh boy, we are really going to suffer if this recall doesn’t go through! King of the sheep is MAD. This is not a good look for him. How do you think he’d react when asked some really controversial questions? Sure hope this video encourages more to vote yes on the recall. Going down as one of the worst governors of CA ever! Sure would love to see him debate, he wouldn’t be able to handle those questions or criticisms from other candidates. He might punch a candidate instead of a table.

  11. At first he looks like someone who is not giving up without a fight. People like to see people fight for what they believe. If he had done this the day before the election it might have helped him. But when the rant is over the rest of us are thinking, “he didn’t talk about the lock downs, the devastation of small business, the state of schools, fires, water, homeless encampments, and rising violent crime.” And those are the issues that resonate with people. So rather than look in the end like a fighter, he looked unhinged and lacking the demeanor to be a governor.

  12. Here is a nice little compilation flashback from 2008 when Gavin was Mayor of San Francisco. The rage underneath the “smile” and “civility” is readily observable.
    “The Walkaway Mayor”
    And by the way, everybody, when he talks about “taking a lot from uh.. uh.. YOU folks” I don’t think he is talking about the press, I think he is talking about citizens who criticize him…. on forums like this one. And others.

    1. Thanks showndtell. One of the candidates for governor should use that on a campaign ad! No press conferences, no questions from reporters who don’t kiss his ass, no debates…..You can run but you can’t hide.

      1. That would be good, Stacy. The sound is uneven and bad on it but I’m glad you got the message anyway. And it’s from 2008 —– a long time ago. Forever slimy, sleazy, and thin-skinned; that’s our Gruesome!

    2. @ShowandTell,
      Pure Gold! Love the background music.
      He is still the same old Gavin. “I am happy to take all questions from all reporters” Except for you Dan Noyes????
      What really stood out to me was Dan Noyes from ABC use to really practice journalism. I want to see that reporter return to digging for the truth!
      Love it!
      @Stacy, it should be used in a campaign.
      It wouldn’t take much to trigger Newsom into a few more damns!

  13. Is it possible the “Show pony” is infuriated that his lock ’em down, rule by edict agenda has been curtailed by, say a Recall?! (Hat tip to Heather and Recall Team); or feeling under-appreciated because he’s completely out-of-touch with the people of California?; or could he be feeling the heat (like Cuomo) of potential criminal charges instead of presidential aspirations (ie. nursing home hospital policies that resulted in death; election fraud; faux science that led to lockdown, and/or associations with a foreign country, China (Treason)????; maybe foreknowledge of fires for purpose of fulfilling NWO Agenda 2030. Maybe the speech was intended for his puppet masters, like: I’m doing everything you “damn well” asked me to and more!

  14. No offense to used car salesmen, but this dude is a slick used car salesman who will say anything to get the car sold. Let’s hope this future ex-Govenor is in a few weeks and not a few years. Facts off the top of is slicked back head is right. Assume he thinks slamming the table for emphasis makes his made up facts true.

  15. Damn! Kinda reminds me of the 2004 movie Downfall when Hitler is informed in his bunker that there are no German forces left to repel the Russians attacking Berlin and he goes into total-rage meltdown. There are a lot of parodies of that Downfall scene. I can’t wait for the Newsom parodies.

    1. Great analogy….

      But a cornered animal is at its most dangerous… if they manage to Dominionate this recall, he’s going to go full-on meltdown on everyone…

  16. He’s a liar. With regards to his statistical “facts” please read the book ‘How to lie with Statistics’. Literally everything he said was a lie.

  17. He basically confirmed what the first reporter said. Silicon Valley is doing well (innovation etc.) rest of state is suffering.

  18. He sounds as crazy as Steve Cox in his rant about shooting people in the stomach who don’t have the covid shot and letting them die.

      1. Mr. Cox is advocating MURDER of the un-vaxed. Look up his tweet. Apparently the Globe does not feel this is newsworthy.

        1. Yes, I looked it up. This is outrageous. Apparently Mr. Cox hopes to win a seat so as to completely escape accountability for threats he issues and be off limits for prosecution.

  19. I don’t care anything about the recall ! That man did what no other governor wanted to do and that was lock the state down and save thousands of lives! I could not even imagine the pressure he was under even from all that to now throw in his face a recall? If you are lucky enough not have caught Covid he is the one to thank !

    1. That’s some rather astonishing logic. I wouldn’t touch the untested/unproven “vaccine” with a ten foot pole, but I still don’t have Covid because of Newsom? i suppose he was also responsible for all the diners at the French Laundry not contracting Covid. Millions of unvaccinated in Texas, Florida and other non-Commie states have not contracted Covid. Should they also thank Newsom?

    2. Oh Kim. Wake up & look around. He is scamming you & the virus is less harmful than the flu. He doesn’t care about us one bit. He’s bankrupting our state & the lockdowns have hurt us not helped us. Don’t be a sheep & stop believing the lies of the left!

  20. What Governor Newsom does not understand is that hard working, long standing California citizens are not looking for a $80 Billion budget surplus. They want: plenty of clean water, a fair price for gasoline, fair state taxes, no one stealing their Amazon packages or mail, properly manned police and fire departments, no out of control wild fires, clean cities, reasonable/ fair immigration programs, and not allowing 4 homes be built on a single home site – to name a few. Citizens want leaders who are cool-headed problem solvers not trouble creators – or those who promise pie-in-the-sky dreams. The Governor is too far out of touch with the public needs and is looking ahead to a presidential run down the road. Thanks for letting me contribute. ~Allen.

      1. Thank you “One Fed Up Call Girl.” Much appreciated. Management/leadership is not complicated, unless one decides to make it so. That said, it is not always easy. One has to take their personal desires out of the problem solving process. Many of our civic leaders forget why they were elected or do not feel committed to living up to their promises. And it comes back to the fact there is little accountability these days for actions people take. This state is suffering from lack of resources and yet developers are being allowed to build huge high rise structures at this time or 4 houses on one lot. It makes no sense. The list is long of ill-advised decisions by public leaders. Thanks again for your support. I hope all is well with you and your loved ones. Take special care; there is only one you. ~ Allen

        1. Thanks, Allen,
          May all be well with you and your loved ones.
          The readers of the Globe such as yourself bring insight and a diverse set of ideas to many important topics.
          We would be in a much better position if many politicians lead with reverence for whom they represent and not self interests. A representative government has been lost in modern day society.
          Kevin Kiley comes to mind as someone who can live up to the expectations of a representative that puts forth good governance and a steward of our tax dollars.

  21. His campaign manager told him “look fierce”. The best he could muster was “angry drunk”.

  22. Newsom says after years of sobriety and a stint in rehab, he is “Now able to drink in moderation.” He IS amazing because I have not met one alcoholic in AA who has EVER been able to achieve that! Amazing!

    1. Agree Stacy,
      This is coming from a guy who partied at the French Laundry with 21 others in his group and accrued a $15,000 bar tab! Sounds like something a sober guy would do! I guess he just sipped his.

  23. He gave an awful lot of BS there. Forgot to mention how bad our electrical infrastructure is, how awful forbidding logging has been for our state. Not clear cutting, but responsible logging would have mitigated many of the massive fires we’ve had in California. His mandates, AB5, him being under the thumb of the radical progressive teacher’s union in California. Or maybe we can mention the non bid contracts he’s given out to his campaign contributors. Not to mention his own hypocrisy, the French Laundry and his kids being able to go to a camp with no masks just after he makes another mandate. He’s a hypocritical elitist jerk. A snake. I would love to see the fact checks on his claims on how wonderful he’s done for the state as well. I call BS.

  24. Excellent article on sociopath traits… Traits of a sociopath include a lack of empathy, a disregard for social norms of right and wrong, impulsivity, excessive risk-taking, frequent lying, and difficulty maintaining relationships with others.

    1. The ABC10 expose “Fire, Power, Money,” on Newsom and PG&E brought exactly that word, “sociopathic,” to my mind. California is being run by sociopaths right now.

  25. Isn’t it odd that at the same time in history, New York’s Governor and the California Governor are both under siege by the same people that elected them? Two of the BLUEST States in the nation.

    1. YES, sir! But not-so-odd in that those two Govs have been working from the same worksheet all along during COVID, so their “constituents” are all extremely ticked off and rising up at the same time to get rid of them. The people of CA and NY understand each other perfectly — much better than the people of CA and Missouri do. CA and NY have suffered immensely under their so-called leadership and have had enough.

  26. How can he say he backs Agriculture when he cut off their water for 2021?
    How can he say he cares about the working class, when he raised gasoline prices to almost double?
    How can he say he cares about Californians, when he won’t secure our southern border?
    How can he say he cares about Californians, when he allowed an illegal drug to become legal?
    How can he say he cares about Califorians, when legalizing the drug, he has caused a severe rise in drug related crimes in many neighborhoods and on our freeways?
    He wants to be president and in destroying California on his way, he doesn’t care one bit.

  27. You know what this reminds me of? My dentist in the 80’s: erratic behavior before he did too much coke and gave himself a heart attack.

  28. Newsome is a “pet” project that his billionaire handlers have fed and groomed for decades. What he is starting to realize is they can dump him on the side of the road at anytime when he no longer serves their purposes and get a new pet poodle to do their bidding. He is expendable, toxic and he has no backup plan. This meltdown is probably just a very small taste of what is to come. I will be waiting with a big bowl of popcorn.

  29. Perhaps this deranged fellow has been injected with the so called, “reducing symptoms COVID vaccine”. Aside from fatal blood clotting, Guillane Barre, organ failure, and a garden variety of other nasty, fatal engineered vascular failures, the injection does destroy brain tissue. Oh wait! This horror movie of our soon departing French Laundry useless eater, is the Dorian Gray of our sociopath governor. How long… How long until the rest of his ilk selling our beloved country to the highest , “Great reset” bidder, are exposed for pawn shopping our blood bought freedoms? He likes the word damn? Maybe because he saw for one second the hell he and his ilk are for the possible irreparable damage they have caused.

  30. Perhaps this deranged fellow has been injected with the so called, “reducing symptoms COVID vaccine”. Aside from fatal blood clotting, Guillane Barre, organ failure, and a garden variety of other nasty, fatal engineered vascular failures, the injection does destroy brain tissue. Oh wait! This horror movie of our soon departing French Laundry useless eater, is the Dorian Gray of our sociopath governor. How long… How long until the rest of his ilk selling our beloved country to the highest , “Great reset” bidder, are exposed for pawn shopping our blood bought freedoms? He likes the word damn? Maybe because he saw for one second himself, in the same hell he and his ilk are going to for the possible irreparable damage they have caused.

    1. You doubt me? Gentle reminder: look who The CFR and The Pilgrim Society put in the oval office now, today! That man is also mentally strained. Didn’t make a diff.

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