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"Masks of COVID." (Photo: Facebook)

California Governor Tweets: ‘Don’t forget to keep your mask on in between bites’

Somewhere a staffer for the governor is enjoying this madness

By Katy Grimes, October 5, 2020 3:50 pm

Over the weekend, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s “office” Tweeted out a ridiculous message:

“Going out to eat with members of your household this weekend? Don’t forget to keep your mask on in between bites. Do your part to keep those around you healthy. #SlowtheSpread covid19.ca.gov.”

Keep your mask on between bites? Seriously?

That is about as ridiculous as being told by a restaurant hostess to wear a mask outdoors on the way to an outdoor table. Yes, that has happened twice.

The Twitter account for “Office of the Governor of California” is likely managed by a staffer or staffers who are supposed to post public service announcements and news bites.

However, this takes the cake. The comments on the Tweet and subsequent Facebook post by Rep. Doug LaMalfa are also priceless.

First the obvious replies:

“The text contradicts the message in the graphic. Minimizing the # of times one touches their mask would mean NOT taking it on and off between bites, which would require lots of touching, and getting food on it. Gross.”

“I’m very confused by this tweet. The image suggests you should only take your mask off once when you begin a meal but the text suggests you should put it back on between bites.”

“all it means is don’t think for yourself, be afraid, support Newsom’s emergency powers he’s abusing to continue his mass devastation of lives and livelihoods.”

“I thought this was a parody account…you can’t be serious. Do you realize how many more times the mask would be touched with unclean hands?”

“This is so crazy. Are they really just seeing how far this can be pushed?”

Hilarious and snarky replies:

“Fuck it!! Just use the outside of your mask as a napkin between bites..”

“This is exactly why sane people don’t take you seriously. Who thought of ”minimize touching your mask’ and ‘Off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on in the same graphic? Science.'”

“Ok Kindergarten teacher.”

“Truly the 3-ring mask circus. One, two, three, let’s all do the mask-a-do-do. Flop in on, Flop it off, how many times in one meal, forty, fifty?? Enough is enough. Haven’t we had it with Miss Newsom and her rules of behavior? Time for a new teacher. This one’s worn out. Rise Up.”

“why dont i just poke a hole in my mask to shovel food and cigars through.”

Oh Glorious Leader @GavinNewsom, your text is contradictory to your graph. I can’t decide if you’re an evil genius trying to keep people in the dark and drive more businesses into the ground. Or if you’re really that stupid, though I’m leaning more towards this than the genius….”

“I literally tried this last night at home for a laugh. It was absolutely ridiculous taking it on and off for bites. Omg we laughed so hard. I know newsom isn’t doing this ????

“He sure makes it tempting to leave this state!”

“…and then wash your hands when you put the mask back on again, then remove the mask for each bite, then wash your hands again, but remember to pull down the mask so the wait-person can be reassured by your smile or frown regarding the quality of service, and then wash your hands again, but if your smile exposed your teeth then wash your hands and brush your teeth, replace the mask and wash your hands again…”

“And be sure to wear it in your electric cars. lol.”

“In between bites? Every time? Bite me.”

“yep that sounds like what the governor would say….”

Moments ago, @GavinNewsom Tweeted:

Masks of COVID Facebook page is pretty funny.




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24 thoughts on “California Governor Tweets: ‘Don’t forget to keep your mask on in between bites’

  1. Wow Katy,
    It just gets more insane. I have no words. I really do think this state is being led by a mad man.
    I guess while I chew, I will pat my head and rub my stomach. Mmm, yum.

    Meanwhile the state still burns but put your mask on between bites!! ????????????????

  2. It’s all become HILARIOUS now, hasn’t it. Even though Gov staff who try to mind-meld with him and speak for him on Twitter were probably dead serious in the latest nagging session. Look for more cases of crippling Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder to appear because of this nonsense.

    1. Yes @ShowandTell, Hilarious and sad. The sad part is someone was paid money to present that idea as science and then took the time to make posters on how to implement it. “Bite, mask, bite mask or is it mask, bite, mask, bite????

  3. Don’t forget to do the Hokey Pokey between bites. It is a proven fact this reduces your chance of dying from covid to less than 1%.

    1. …Remember to turn yourself around. Mistah Newsom hasn’t got to that part yet… But that’s what it’s all about. 😉

      Oh well, where the People lead, the bullies in office inevitably follow. Because 85 % of today’s elected “Leaders” are in reality STUPID COWARDS.

      Stupid cowards with University degrees in-hand, with which to cudgel all the sense out of your noggin if one allows them to git that close. Don’t allow them to dominate YOUR life, Gentle Reader! And that is all. 0{:-)o[

  4. The saddest part is, there are Covidiots in the Bay Area that will actually follow this jackwagon’s edicts!!!
    I saw them two weeks ago on a trip to Carmel…driving their cars, Windows up, masks & gloves on, gripped by fear that the boogie-man virus was going to jump out at them from behind every tree…
    NorCal people think they’re smarter & more sophisticated than everyone else, but they’re actually fearful little children…..

    1. Tell me about it, I live in Silicon Valley; what I thought was populated by some of the smartest people in the world, but all I see now is Brainwashed Sheep all suffering from #MaskPsychosis. When I go ANYWHERE now I am the only one not wearing a #SlaveMask.

      I honestly believe that If the CA Gov told them CV-19 was spread by farts they would all walk around with their finger up their ass with a smile on their faces. The most terrifying part is ‘if’ we ever got invaded by say CCP they would ALL surrender immediately without a fight…. IMO they are all COWARDS!!

    2. Best comment I’ve read this year. Couldn’t agree more. California, LAND OF THE SHEEP ( being led to slaughter by these idiots in power.)

  5. Well, White Plains, NY once again writing in, along with City Island, NY. Here’s the gig:
    Drink in the street or the park, or on your boat or on your bicycle. The cops don’t give a flying duck. Wear a paintball mask when you shop, since you need food. Save a fortune on bar and restaurant bills. Go to naked pool parties and do whatever you want, no photos allowed. For some of us, don’t know how many, this is the best time we’ve had in our lives. I’m being real here. It’s like a secret society.

  6. So many problems in the world that are completely solvable with one, well-placed round. Littering on I-80 for one (yes, I saw you toss that Burger King bag out of your car, you cretin!).

  7. California has a cult leader who sees his ‘vision’ through his preaching of “The Gospel of Bull Droppings” while wearing his ‘special’ mask.
    Much, like maybe, just maybe, the Mormon angel ‘Moroni,’ – who’d given Joe Smith those ‘special’ glasses – Greasy Gavin envisions millions of followers will allow bankruptcy and the destruction of white society. All hail the holy masker who has fooled the masses…!

  8. Everybody get off your asses! You are an eagle not a sheep! Make ourselves useful to save each other.

    Reportedly, from an infowars report, things are getting very ugly in Victoria Australia, Chinese have invaded there, we could be next as Chinese are in Mexico “for some reason”. The biggest danger in CA are the other sheep going along. Wake them up and its over an d everything is open again.

    Read the unlawful executive order (link below) that started all of this in March-which was followed (as planned) by 42 other governors : Look for any science to back up an order to lock us down. None exists. We sheep are being switched on and automatically-there is nothing innocent about this-we are slowly turning into obedient servants-BY OUR CHOICE. We are not China but somehow acting as scared as those people live. Not by any basis in fact given to us like a reasonable leader would do, we are just tweeted to “sit” “wear a mask” etc. Before too long our next order could be roll up your sleeve.

    Then realize after watching this (start at the 20 minute mark if impatience does not allow time to listen)-that WE HAVE ALL THE POWER-100% TO STOP ALL OF THIS CRAP BY SIMPLY NOT SEEING THESE PIN HEADED CRIMINALLY INSANE AS ANYTHING BUT WHAT THEY ARE AND GETTING OUR STATE, OUR COUNTRY OUR WORLD BACK.

  9. I got a great idea. Just cut an opening in the mask where your mouth is located. That way you can wear the mask while eating without taking it off. Nothing in the rules say a mask can’t have an opening cut into it. They just demand you wear one.

  10. The thing that thoroughly baffles me is why anyone might think this advice is actually being followed. No one follows this any more than they follow Mr. Trump’s idea of drinking bleach.

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