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Gov. Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

California Lockdown Protesters Send Loud Message to Gov. Newsom: ‘The Decision to Re-Open the State is Ours’

Flattening the curve is already behind us, so why is the state still on lockdown?

By Katy Grimes, April 29, 2020 1:21 pm

The recovery rate of the coronavirus remains at 98%. Flattening the curve is already behind us, so why is the state still on lockdown? California hospitals are not and never were, overrun with coronavirus victims, and are in fact, laying off staff throughout the country.

Listening to California Gov. Gavin Newsom one would think that most of the 40 million Californians are still at risk of dropping dead of the virus. The “data” and “science” Newsom claims is leading his decision making process has really led to Californians being deprived of Constitutional and civil rights as they are prohibited from going to work, their businesses are ordered shut down, the ordered closure of all group events regardless of size, the arrest of people in their cars in church parking lots to attend services, and the closure of state beaches, and state and regional parks.

One sector of the economy which is actually dropping dead is the business community: small, medium and large businesses are in peril, and government stimulus payments, grants and loans will only have a very temporary impact.

As one analyst said on Fox Business Wednesday, small business won’t recover any time soon “via lip service.” And that is because the government stimulus payments, grants and loans are spotty, unreliable, and are being sucked-up by big publicly-held businesses.

As one business owner in Marin told California Globe last week:

“Many business owners are having a hard time,” he said. Hien said while he and his wife have been depleting their savings to continue to pay rent, insurance and their two dozen+ employees, they applied for a SBA loan, but have heard nothing. Hien said one of their banks, Wells Fargo, “abandoned its clients.”

“We’ve got no SBA, no disaster grant, and we are U.S. citizens.” He said it was wrong of Gov. Gavin Newsom to give taxpayer money to illegal aliens when legal citizens with businesses are hurting and closing their doors. “Why is the government helping illegal aliens?”

Business owners throughout California need to re-open immediately, or the federal bankruptcy courts will be inundated with Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11 filings.

California Globe reported Tuesday on the governor’s four-stage plan to reopen the state, sometime by the end of this year if you read between the lines:

Governor Newsom outlined a 4 stage plan to bring California back to normal.

Newsom confirmed that the state is currently on Stage 1, which means staying at home, flattening the coronavirus curve, building healthcare capacity, and preparing businesses and schools for reopening through new guidelines.

Stage 2 will come online in California in a few weeks, with retail, manufacturing, offices, child care, possible limited school re-openings, and public spaces being opened “to varying degrees,” such as retail being allowed only curbside pick-up and offices being allowed to reopen when teleworking isn’t available.

Movie theaters, places of worship, and sports events without fans may also not be allowed to reopen until the summer as well, as they are part of Phase 3. Any event with a large number of people, which includes concerts, sports events, and conventions, will be dependent on the immunity or vaccine requirement, of which there is currently no definite timeline to.

Stage 4 is when the lockdown stay-at-home order ends, and large events and sites will then reopen with concerts, convention centers and sporting events with live audiences once again taking place.

The California press corps has not been able to ask Gov. Newsom questions in person because he does his daily briefings remotely after ordering the media safely away; journalists must call in with questions.

Not one reporter has asked him why healthy people are being quarantined. Not one reporter has asked the governor why he is depriving citizens of constitutional and civil rights. Not one has questioned the governor about the misuse of police to enforce depriving people of their civil rights (police ought to know better). And not one has questioned the governor about his endorsement on the use of snitches to rat out anyone “violating” his orders.

Gov. Newsom did not declare Martial Law in California; however, he did impose it almost assuredly based on the use of police, snitches, lockdowns and stay at home orders, and his refusal to stand in front of media every day and answer the hard questions the way the President does.

We know by now that mostly Democrat governors have publicly stated that the coronavirus is an opportunity to push their progressive agendas, as California Globe reported Gov. Newsom admitted April 1st: “There is opportunity for reimagining a progressive era as it pertains to capitalism,” Gov. Newsom said. “So yes, absolutely we see this as an opportunity to reshape the way we do business and how we govern.”

Gov. Newsom wants 40 million Californians to stay at home until he decides otherwise. But it may not be his decision after all if the protesters in cities around the state have anything to say about it.

Friday May 1st is the State Capitol Re-Open California  #EndTheLockdown protest where protestors will be circling the capitol in cars, trucks, and on motorcycles. “We must tell our politicians to end this nonsense!” the Facebook page says. However, the Capitol permit request was denied, despite that the permit stated that protestors would adhere to social distancing, wear face masks, and that most would be in cars or on the sidewalks surrounding the Capitol.

California Globe will be at the protest on Friday broadcasting live with Sacramento radio host Phil Cowan from AM1380 The Answer.

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80 thoughts on “California Lockdown Protesters Send Loud Message to Gov. Newsom: ‘The Decision to Re-Open the State is Ours’

  1. Newsom has dome a great job of ruining California.
    Of course, he has not completed his political agenda yet.
    So, why would he want to reopen?

    The dims should be swept away on a red tidal wave in November.

    1. Lest you forget, the Party is dolling out a comprehensive package of tony food boxes, EDD love, deferred this and deferred that, unlikely evictions or foreclosures, rent vaguely optional……so what does a citizen now have to lose…..

        1. GR8 Idea… Too many “Dem Bulbs” in place to stop it! One could easily predict a mass exodus… but plenty of illegals coming in to take their places.

    2. There is a current submission to recall Newsom filed, it is pending correction and re submission. please go here “https://recallgavin2020.com/?fbclid=IwAR3kBck2HuM-EEkv00oL8ElppAez5L4y7rRiHf6YyPXoNVcWvkucuURhH8Y” for details
      Donations are badly needed to continue the process, if your serious on getting him recalled. Donate now!!

    3. He wants to control California and cripple us and not let us get out and vote because he knows that he will not win another term because he is Deep State sooo if he can get rid of voter ID then he can stuff the ballot boxes and remain in power! SOOO CORRUPT!

    4. Phase one of the plan of the Gov, mentions getting schools ready to reopen……My question to Newsom (and other CA politicians) Just how many schools have had 5G installed in them during the lockdown? If you actually were concerned about the health of any of the people you supposedly serve, you’d stop the rollout, especially in the schools where the most vulnerable spend majority of their time (if your plans will return to attending similar number of hrs spent in classroom ). I also hope you are charged for violating state/fed laws for payments made to illegals. Doubt you’ll have to answer for your crimes like your party criminals. Best to hope for is you being run out of town by angry mob Go live in one of the countries that have benefited from your generosity of CA funds that you paid to illegals, (Don’t forget to take your amigo buds with you when you go You bought them, they’re yours now.) Send us photos of your new neighbors so we can see entire family of the illegals, who benefited with CA the taxpayer funds you stole.

      1. yes! I agree. The 5G rollout. This has all been planned and timed. The negative effects for humans of 5G are not being talked about due to the conversation being all about the virus. One of the effects, is , increased aggression. The Navy did tests and has published data that shows it made the mice more aggressive. They couldn’t do tests on people, because it was unethical to use human subjects, but, now…we are all test subjects. And, if we all become unruly and fight one another, and start rioting, they can call Marshal Law.

    1. I do not know anybody who voted for this disgrace. What strings did auntie Pelosi pull to get him into office?

      1. I totally agree. Not 1 single person I know voted this turd in and when asking if they knew anyone that had, nope. So how did this drop in place governor get there.

      2. I agree Nazi Nancy definitely pulled a lot of strings to get him in there I also do not know a single other California citizen that voted for him it was obviously fraud because that’s the way the dumbs operate California we need to vote him out

      3. No one in our town and county that we know of voted for Newsome. We all signed the petition to recall him, and heard the votes were met to recall him, but the paperwork got lost so he never got and so recalled! Lies again! Crooked Democrats!

    2. I agree with your comment he is the worst mistake this state has ever made more concerned with his female assistants then he is with state citizens losing their livelihood we need to vote him out sooner rather than later to save California

  2. Great commentary. Those of us who are awake cannot and will not be mind-controlled by the media and technocrats.

  3. Katy, one recent article mentioned a Dr Ben Wu, I believe, at one of newsoms briefings. I and some others mentioned in the comment section, they we could not find any info on the Wu guy.
    Do you know anything about this?

  4. The U.S. Constitution doesn’t allow the GOVERNMENT to be the ultimate regulator of people’s lives because they have a doctor’s note. POWERS not delegated are RESERVED to states and the PEOPLE. If people dispense with constitutional restraints, we will have more to worry about than a virus! Freedom is never given but lives inherently in the person if and when the person is willing to protect his or her rights, powers and freedoms against constant attacks, denials and temptations.

    1. Yet somehow it’s happy for and I’m being told that we can’t do anything about it. I’d rather the world end or I die then live like this anymore. I’m sorry but this needs to stop.

      1. There is so much we can do about this. You have rights as a human being, and they are not governed by the state or federal government. Please have hope for the future, hope for your own life, hope for the world. Here is a scripture I read this morning that gave me hope…” In Him was life, and the life was the light of me. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did no comprehend it.” Jn 1:4 -5 If you do not comprehend the light, ask for the comforter to come alonside you, the helper is send to us, to bring clarity, to guide, to direct, to help us come to the light.

  5. The people will make the decision, not this idiot who, for politics, would through away people’s livelihoods. The Governor does not have the authority to take away our constitutional rights, no matter how bold the idiot behaves.

  6. This is so stupid and surreal. Gruesome is behaving like the most abusive “parent” ever. He has the maturity level of an 8 year old, which is that’s an insult to 8 year olds. No one respects him, he’s a joke. He really needs to back off or he is going to have more trouble than he ever thought possible. The people of California are ready to carry on with their lives which are none of his BUSINESS but which he thinks he can play with nonetheless. But it’s clear that people have already begun to tune him out.

  7. “Immunity or vaccine” requirement. Does Governor Bozo understand he is violating HIPAA and anti-discrimination laws? I wonder what the response would have been if he had tried this in the 1980’s with AIDS? Would he have outlawed gay sex? Mandated everyone wear condoms? T

  8. Hey Governor Hair gel, we already have herd immunity as most of us have already suffered through the worst flu season that started earlier than usual last year.
    It wasn’t until that midget Dr. Fascist started popping off about the inflated mortality risk that whipped up hysteria amongst the folks that watch network news….
    There’s a reason why CA deaths are lower, we were already exposed to the crap last December & January.
    It’s become beyond apparent that Auntie Nancy and the rest of the lying , cheating party of feelings are making moves to institute more opportunities to cheat at the upcoming elections.
    They are requiring Doctors to pad the death count for those that have other serious underlying health conditions, as they want to continue to scare the sheeple with high death counts…

    A frightened populace is an easily controlled populace.

    Time to rise up against these Communists if necessary…


    2. As another Cali expat I am in total agreement with you. My kids are still there and seem to be part of the sheeple forced by employers to stay home. Cali has now become a total communist state and the monster won’t give up without a fight!

  9. Ms. Katy Grimes,
    Thank you again for your fair and honest reporting. The reporters asking Newsom the questions are in cahoots, doom and gloom is what they deal in. Why are they giving him a pass on the 1 BILLION dollar deal with the Chinese Electric car company to make N95 masks at $5.00 a pop?

    So many questions many of us will never get the opportunity to ask. We are shut in and shut down! Many small businesses will never recover from this. You would think Newsom would want to keep his revenue source, our taxes intact. Something sinister is happening here. The covid19 numbers do not add up. How many of the makeshift hospital beds were used? How many respirators were used? How many months did this virus circulate before we were locked down?
    I wrote to my health department of Alameda County, I asked why they have extended the SIP through May 31st., when the data shows we flattened the curve. Our numbers in California are low considering we have 39.5 million residents. The response thus far is a form letter, thanking me for writing and then linking me to their FAQ page. I anticipate they will never answer my letter.

    We are living under an oligarchy. Nancy’s little nephew will finish the job she started, to oust a Republican president. Tank the 5th largest economy in the world! Such a sad state of affairs!

    Let them eat ice cream!

  10. Your subpar leadership is a complete disgrace to the state of California and to the United States ????????. May god help us remove you indefinitely for the good of the constitutional rights as an Essential to the people.

  11. Gov. Newsom’s lick-down order is unconstitutional. Cops in this state may arrest you, if they are called, but jails are releasing inmates who have actually committed crimes. If we were to just exercise our rights and end this lock down, we do so only when we have the inner strength to follow thru, no matter what. Our jails and our court system cannot partake in millions of court cases. By the time our cases go before a judge(and believe me, they never will get to court), the courts are bound to our constitution. For starters; what crime could they charge us with (please give me a penal code referrerance)? They do not have a criminal statute for this. Our charges will be dismissed, immediately.

  12. Newscum is a walking hair gel ad. He was appointed Gov. after Cox won. Pelosi threatened Cox and his family if he didn’t drop out after he won the election. Notice that you haven’t heard one word from Cox since?

    1. Is that really true because I voted for Cox and was wondering why we never heard from him again even after the apparent loss

  13. We Need to Get Our Country Open and Back to Work . we Should be given the Option . This is Not Right to Quarantine Us that did Not have the Virus

  14. I say he shouldnt get paid until the government is open for business. Let him collect UI benefits! See how long he keeps it shut down. If I could fix stupid Id be in the office next to his!

  15. The Republicans are sitting back and laughing at us. They were correct when they said our governor and Pelosi would destroy our state to get rid of Trump. We did this to ourselves. Now we’re going to pay for it. God help us.

  16. Is that really true because I voted for Cox and was wondering why we never heard from him again even after the apparent loss

  17. It is difficult to repeat; But the people of this state refused to do more than pay lip service to a state move to recall this guy before, are you ready to get totally behind a recall NOW?

  18. I want to know who gave the “stand down” orders for not counting and accepting the recall signatures… This POS was recalled!!

  19. I am genuinely disturbed by Newsom’s repeated reference to California as “a Nation State”. He is ostensibly testing what has become limitless power.

    Because otherwise there is only one Nation State, of all the world’s Nation States, that is required to follow the laws of the USA. There is only one Nation State, of all the world’s Nation States, with a government that is prohibited from granting itself authority that exceeds the limitations enumerated within the Bill Of Rights. That singular Nation State is The United States Of America.

    No other government of any Nation State is restricted by its citizens to remain within the parameters ‘We The People’ have set for the government of the USA. All other Nation States are free from the structure and restrictions on government authority over their own citizens, as exists within USA.

    Make no mistake, when Gavin Newsom claims California as “a Nation State”, he is proclaiming that he is entitled to use authority our Constitution otherwise prohibits any state government within the USA from wielding.

    Newsom, for all intents and purposes, is proclaiming that the 1st amendment rights that states governments within the USA must respect, no longer apply to the citizens of the “Nation State of California”.

    I wish that this was just me being hyperbolic, but I’m afraid this is truly what Newsom thinks.

  20. They need to Go .. Newson , Peloski, shifty Shift , Shummer & the little fat guy I’m tried of this POWER THEY HAVE OVER US NOW
    Get rid of them ASAP PLS PLS PLS

  21. Open Cali now!!! We the people are done with your lies and corrupt agenda! This is our state! We have constitutional rights and freedom to gather is one of them!!!! ????????????????????????????????????????

  22. Recall ,Recall and Recall. It’s time for California to wake up sixty years of the same BS is too long.

  23. Mail in voting is NOT going to become a reality Gavin so stop with your Hitler act and open up our state. You are NOT our dictator and NEVER will be. We are NOT going along with this insane SIP any longer. The true data does NOT warrant shutting down small business’s. You have NO authority to force healthy people to SIP, and we are NOT consenting to your demands to do so. You better listen up Gavin, there is already a VERY strong movement to REMOVE you from office and it will GAIN momentum if you insist on the path YOU have chosen.

  24. Time forthis evil regime to come to an end. California is a wonderful state, we are allowing this corruption to continue – this party only cares about themselves and padding their own pockets. PLEASE VOTE RED IN NOVEMBER! WE DESERVE BETTER!!!!

  25. Recall Newsome. The guy is a quack and sheep…just like all the other Dems in this wacked out liberal state! Where is the petition!!!!

  26. Great artciel as a whole, but when the third sentence claims California hospitals are laying off staff throughout the country, I can’t share this with my friends and not expect to get made fun of.

  27. So, this is where the brain trust has been meeting. You people are precious. Absolutely ridiculous, and dense…but precious all the same. (Tussles everybodies hair…..immediately regrets it)

  28. Newsom is a liar! End of story. Control freak, fascist, Hitler, arrogant …. which of these to you believe describe him? I believe he is all of them and self-evident.

  29. It’s more efficient winnowing out about 500,000 small businesses out of the State administrative morass run,undoubtedly, by gun nuts, religious fanatics and CVS wine drunks.

  30. anyone remember the phrase “of the people by the people for the people” ? ,…and that the sole purpose of our constitution is to limit the power of government ,….or did our government not teach you that?

  31. The American People
    A True Story by Another Generation

    Once upon a time there was a nation that was the bravest in all the world. However, in a faraway country, a tyrannical despot came to power. In the hands of this vile sadistic madman, along with his buddy, a SCIENTIFIC Frankenstein doctor; they used their captured countrymen as guinea pigs for horrendous human experiments. Once the citizen was captured, a number tattooed on their arms for identity purposes, such as a cowboy does with his cows/cattle or horses was made. Arrested Infants, children, boys, girls, teenagers, adults and all older folks were put in camp; reduced to slavery, or put to death to eliminate the population. Those who lived, were used as slaves when in the concentration, isolation, placement camps. Why you ask, didn’t their neighbors protect them? Although, they too, needed to carry a pass whenever leaving their homes, they were also at the mercy of this mental and emotionally disturbed self-involved dictator that threatened them with severe punishment and even death! He used advertising propaganda, which caused the once normal folks to think of themselves as heroes; for reporting their neighbor. It became safe to become mindless. Guess they also didn’t know the classroom rule of “Don’t be a tattletale.”
    The story ends by a country named America, that sent thousands of courageous military men and women. and a multitude of nurses and helpers, along with their allies, into that faraway country to wage a fierce battle against that bad guy named Hitler. It was the battle named World War II. In freeing the illegal imprisonment of thousands of innocent folks; millions died. We remember our freedom fighting warriors on Memorial Day. Unfortunately, that honor is no more. What was once known as America “Home of the Free…Because of the Brave,” has been reduced to “America, Home of the Locked Down… Because of the Frightened.” Apparently, the FEAR of catching the virus is too great to even go to work. The Memorial Day nationwide CANCELLATION that celebrated respect, gratefulness, and remembrance to those who fought for what was yesterday’s freedom, is no more. Will the 4th of July be cancelled too?
    The End

  32. I’m going to assume that most of the posters are wanting CA to reopen 100% and quick. I understand that. That said are you willing to pick up the tab if your plan doesn’t work: the ambulance service, hospital stay, rehab, funeral service, 2nd closure of businesses, etc? The State shouldn’t have to pay for that. They are paying for their plan and to be fair you would for your plan. Makes sense to me. The possibility of a covid relapse could kill you, your wife, your kids, neighbors, the guy across town if done too quickly. You can roll the dice: select a good size city in CA let them reopen completely and see what happens in a month.

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