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Gov. Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

California Only Pretending to be Open For Business Until We Reach ‘Equity’

‘Many of these health inequities are the result of structural racism’

By Katy Grimes, March 24, 2021 3:16 pm

California’s coronavirus testing and positivity rate is trending downward so significantly, it’s below 2% as of 3/22/21. The number of COVID-19 patients in the hospital is also significantly down, with a 0.06% decrease. This should be great news. But it is not, because California has a “self-imposed threshold” which has tied reopening to ensuring that populations in low-income communities are vaccinated first. Once that “equity” mark is reached, then “all counties can more quickly move out of the most restrictive tiers.”

As of March 24, the state COVID website reports, “California has 3,551,056 confirmed cases of COVID-19, resulting in 56,850 deaths.” What they mean to say is 3,551,056 California residents has tested positive for the coronavirus, with 36,448,944 negative for coronavirus.


Yet the state is not back to normal by any stretch of one’s imagination. Even with 15,537,786 total vaccinations administered, with most of those in the county of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said the high number of cases elsewhere should be of particular concern because what happens elsewhere in the country will likely carry consequences for California, the LA Times reported. California’s seven-day case rate per 100,000 people was among the lowest in the nation, at 46.8, according to the CDC. The only states with better rates were Arizona, 46.1, Oregon, 45.5, and Hawaii, 37.

So why are California businesses only allowed 10%-25% clientele inside? Why are most people walking around, jogging, bicycling, and exercising outdoors wearing 1 to 3 masks, and putting masks on their young children?

Why does an outdoor zoo require masks to be worn by the visitors, and 6 foot social distancing?

Why do outdoor playgrounds and outdoor recreational facilities require masks and social distancing?

Why does an outdoor farmers market require masks?

Recently at a visit to a large local nursery, my husband and I were the only people not wearing masks outdoors while we perused the aisles of seasonal plants.

Why do restaurants serving outdoors require you to wear a mask until you are seated? What’s the difference if you walk outdoors to your outdoor table sans mask? Are the other diners endangered as you walk by without a mask on? Do they become safer once you are seated?

Sacramento County where I reside, has had ​​1,586 deaths attributed to COVID-19. Currently in the “red tier,” Sacramento County is “open with modifications.” We are barely out of the dreaded “purple tier,” which had most everything shut down except enormous retail businesses that hire expensive lobbyists.

I’m not seeing many restaurants moving toward indoor dining. Yet. Grocery stores and retail require masks and social distancing, despite the state’s swift downward trend in COVID positivity rates.

“Officials across California and the nation stress that residents must maintain their vigilance to stave off another wave. That’s especially true as more areas lift pandemic-related restrictions — a delicate process that experts warn can easily go awry,” the LA Times dutifully warns.

“Another wave” or “another strain” is always on the horizon now.

Yet the state COVID website shows only 41% of Californians aged 65 and older have received the vaccine. Why wasn’t that age group the priority?

The Associated Press reveals the answer:

California is also moving closer to its self-imposed threshold of getting 4 million vaccine doses into low-income communities. The state recently tied reopening to ensuring those populations are vaccinated and once that “equity” mark is reached all counties can more quickly move out of the most restrictive tiers.

The state says it has now administered nearly 3 million doses in those communities and more than 15 million statewide.

The latest stall tactic by Gov. Gavin Newsom is “equity” based. The state COVID website explains:

“How California is addressing health inequity” 

COVID-19 has highlighted existing inequities in health. Many of these inequities are the result of structural racism. One form this takes is the unequal distribution of and access to health care resources.

Committed to a California for All, the state is identifying communities most impacted and directing resources to address COVID-19 health inequities. Reducing COVID-19 risk in all communities is good for everyone, and California is committed to making it part of our reopening plan.

State public health leaders cannot address COVID-19 health inequities alone. A healthy California for everyone requires partnership with the private sector, local government, and community partners at all levels.

In a recent article about the January 6th White House “insurrection” narrative crumbling, reporter Glenn Greenwald discusses the many tactics of authoritarianism. His explanation also fits tactics used during the COVID “pandemic:”

“That is the core formula of authoritarianism — to place the population in a state of such acute fear that it acquiesces to any assertion of power which security state agencies and politicians demand and which they insist are necessary to keep everyone safe.”

Greenwald goes on to explain the moving of goalposts tactic:

“This is how apocalyptic cult leaders always function. When the end of the world did not materialize on January 6, [NBC News’ Ben Collins,] Collins insisted that January 20 was the day of the violent reckoning. When nothing happened on that day, he moved the Doomsday Date to March 4. The flock cannot remain in a state of confusion for too long about why the world has not ended as promised by the prophet, so a new date must quickly be provided with an explanation for why this is serious business this time.”

Californians are still in a state of sufficient fear and confusion – sufficient enough to allow the governor and tyrannical public health officials to wield lockdown, masking and distancing controls over them.

That is why the state COVID website insists, “Committed to a California for All, the state is identifying communities most impacted and directing resources to address COVID-19 health inequities. Reducing COVID-19 risk in all communities is good for everyone, and California is committed to making it part of our reopening plan.”

There is no real plan to reopen back to life before coronavirus; the plan is to remain in a permanent state of authoritarianism.

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20 thoughts on “California Only Pretending to be Open For Business Until We Reach ‘Equity’

  1. Many years ago I knew someone who had been in a religious cult. He lived on the cult’s compound with the leaders and other members, far away from the city. He was cut off from family and friends, made to hand over bank accounts and income, and labored for no pay. This was all “voluntarily” done. One of the ways the cult leader maintained his power was by making small demands of the followers, such as requiring that after meals each chair be pushed back to the table leaving exactly one inch of space between the chair and the table. I never understood at the time how such a little thing could so absolutely enforce conformity and destroy a person’s will to be free of the cult. I understand it better now.

    1. That is quite interesting, Show and Tell. The one inch can very well be the 6ft social distancing.
      As we have concluded, the science has been disregarded. We now have the UTLA leader questioning the “science” of 3 ft social distancing in the schools.

      This has been one science experiment for sure and we are the test subjects and Governor Newsom, Fauci and Ghaly are the mad scientists conducting the sick, twisted, experiment.
      Many people now have fear as their leader. It is quite sad.
      “Take me to your leader….”

      1. You’re so right, Cali Girl. This science experiment reminds me of a horror movie. Add L.A. County Public Health Officer and Fake Doctor Barbara Ferrer to the list and you have a ready-made cast. 🙂

    1. Dominion!!!

      California is SCREWED until Dominion is kicked out and election “fairness” & “equity” is implemented…

      1. Can the people of California demand that dominion is cancelled and all votes hand counted in each county like Wisconsin and other states are now doing for 2022 primary elections? I read the voting regulations committees weber the ones that passed this change of policy or brought to the legislature to change. Why can’t the people require it he same so there isn’t another fraudulent election in California ?

  2. Anything to move the goal line… Again, and again and again, and….

    We’re being PLAYED, California…..

  3. I didn’t know this until watching “World on Fire,” but Nazi Germany actually executed 300,000 of their own citizens for the sake of purifying the gene pool. And they masked it by calling it “treatment.” They sent anyone with a debilitating illness, children included, to a sanitorium from which they never came back. Now, I don’t think that the State plans to send all of these low-income (read: POOR) people to institutions for euthanasia, but the parallels are chilling.

    1. If you know your history, all of the Third Reich’s attempts at eugenics were borrowed and learned from the eugenics movement in the United States during the early part of the 20th century. There is no parallel. The United States simply isn’t what you believe or were taught.

      1. I dont think you mean america is what you thought. I think you mean the democrats are not what you thought. The most horrific atrocities committed by “america” were committed under democrat rule

  4. CriticalDfence9 and Not A Fan Of Chew Toys and everyone. Go to Ca Secretary of State website. Enter “Voting Systems Technology” in the search box. Look around on that page. Ask yourself; “What could go wrong?”. “What technical vulnerabilities does all this have?”. I wonder about Orange County party flip in 2016, Didn’t make sense back then just like 2020 election doesn’t make sense.

    1. I did and I was HORRIFIED at what I found, but Dominion has a hammerlock on most California counties…

      Townhall.com did an extensive analysis of them last December with findings that they throw out 68% of ballots for “adjudication” which opens up the opportunity for fraud…

      We need to rid ourselves of this weak system and lack of internal controls and audit trail…

  5. Equity, in NWO terms, means equal poverty, equal suffering, equal degradation, and equal ignorance for all. Confused and ignorant Californians better stop watching their TVs and listening to conservative and liberal talk shows and do some independent research about what the reality is of authoritarianism, totalitarianism, communitarianism, which is Agenda 21. It’s you ignorant and confused ones, because you are the majority, that are making trouble for the rest of us with your compliance, complicity, and following the good slave code of obedience. Your duty is civil disobedience. Things will only get worse if you don’t act. The rest of us need you to wake up.

  6. I wonder if Newsome’s “Equity” regarding the so-called vaccines is just woke speak and what he really means is that those poorer communities have higher rates of covid due to living in more concentrated environments and thus need to be immunized first to control spread. But of course one could never say that because that would somehow be discriminatory although factual.

    My sister and her family live in Florida and guess what? Their economy is booming, kids have been in school for several months, masks are not mandatory and yet, miraculously, people are not dying in the streets. Someone please explain to me why California bureaucrats continue to ignore science and facts. Are they blind? Deaf? Dumb? This makes no sense. NO SENSE!

    And, Katy, my family walks around without masks too so feel free to say hi when you see us. You’ll be able to recognize us by our smiles. Real smiles with lips and teeth!

  7. For anyone with the means and connection: Rule of Law Radio.com Randy Kelton’s complaint in Texas, that was instrumental in the re-opening is spelled out. Newsom is being exposed for what he truly is all about, including racist. Can’t wait for an election audit, election law changes, revelations about his nursing/assisted living home orders. By the way, did he ever come up with the “Science” that justified the lockdown, or ‘nothing to see here, you’re not capable of interpreting it?’ He may think he’s winning, however Newsflash: God Won Pray Cali!

  8. This is why Democrats want more Mexicans in the state. Mexicans are easily controlled and manipulated. They need government to hold them by the hand and lead them through the dangers of life. Rugged individualism is not in the Mexican cultural portfolio. When I go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, I observe people. There are always those who need a pharmacist to come forward and explain the directions for taking their medications, and those that do are overwhelmingly Mexican. The example is anecdotal but telling. It’s interesting that this group of people cannot read the label for themselves but require an authority figure to explain it to them. There will never be another Republican governor in California, and as California goes, so goes the nation. Tyranny is making its stealthy creep across America, thanks partly to the replacement population that massive immigration has brought here. In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.

  9. Meanwhile, the “neanderthals” in Texas are 100% back to normal and have falling-daily COVID rates and hospitalizations to show for it! Way to go, Texas — I miss you every day! Newsom needs to commit suicide immediately!

  10. I think there’s two reasons that poor communities have high rates of Covid:
    1–so many nursing homes are located in poor communities because the rent is cheaper than non-poor communities and most of their employees live in poor communities.
    2–many of the essential workers, such as collecting trash for the city, Cal trans workers, etc. live in poor communities.
    Because our arrogant, hypocritical, not-too-bright governor doesn’t understand this and insists on blaming it on racism, is another strong reason to send him home……forever.

  11. Gab Today: “When did ‘Flatten the Curve’ Become… Stay at home until you accept Communism? (and in CA equity)

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