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Gavin Newsom
CA Gov. Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

California Stimulus Checks to Arrive Week Before Recall Election in September

‘This has to tell you just how worried they are that the GOP can still pull off an upset’

By Evan Symon, July 13, 2021 5:18 pm

Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law the $100 billion budget deal on Monday, setting up the $12 billion Golden State stimulus plan to come into effect shortly before the September 14th recall vote.

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Under the plan, Californian’s making $75,000 a year or less will receive $600 from the state. Families with children will receive another $500, with undocumented families also receiving $500. This is the second such state stimulus money to be divested to Californians, following the April $600 per person Golden State Stimulus being sent to 4 million low-income Californians making under $30,000. Because they received a check or direct deposit in April, they will not be eligible for the second check.

“The Plan creates the biggest state tax rebate in American history, expanding direct payments to middle class families for a total of $12 billion in stimulus payments that will go directly to middle class Californians and families,” a statement from the Governor said on Monday. “Nearly two thirds of Californians will now qualify for a stimulus check of $600. Qualified families with kids will receive an additional $500.”

The second stimulus payment was expected to be sent out in late August. However, due to a delay in signing the budget by nearly two weeks by the Governor, from the original July 1st date, payments will now come in early September – just ahead of the recall election. California Department of Finance spokesman H.D. Palmer confirmed the check depositing time with several California publications this week.

The timing of the stimulus deposit to about two-thirds of the population of California has been questioned by many, largely due to the stimulus coming in only days before the Governor recall election on September 14th.

“I mean, it’s extremely obvious what he did,” explained former lobbyist Harry Schultz to the Globe on Tuesday. “They want that money to go out as soon to the election as possible. Right now Newsom is ahead, and also right now, expected to stave off the recall. But this is essentially insurance. People going out to vote will have a lot of recent things on their mind, and getting $600 will be a big thing. It can be a deciding factor for many.”

“And it also shields him from any screw ups. Should he get embroiled in a scandal between now and when by-mail ballots go out, he has a guaranteed ace in his sleeve near election day.”

“I have to hand it to him, using a once in a generation cash surplus partially to give money back to the majority of voters under a banner of being for a stimulus just before an election set up to oust him is a masterstroke. He really took every possible advantage there and really played with a really uneven and unfair hand against opponents, but it all got set up.”

“This has to tell you just how worried they are that the GOP can still pull off an upset. Newsom is strongly leading now, but anything can change in the next two months. Newsom and his team knew that going in, so they made it all coincide.”

A final date on the checks’ release has not been announced yet, but is highly expected to fall somewhere around a week before the recall election.

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Evan Symon
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22 thoughts on “California Stimulus Checks to Arrive Week Before Recall Election in September

  1. [A final date on the checks’ release has not been announced yet, but is highly expected to fall somewhere around a week before the recall election.]

    I love it! A true Newsom move! I hope it backfires and reminds everyone how inept and corrupt he is!
    Can you imagine the person finally receiving the check that was suppose to help them through the 20 month shutdown? What will be going through their mind… “Oh gee thanks, better late than never!”????

    1. He is a criminal who cares less about this state or the people! Folks! If you think he is giving you our tax money because he cares about YOU, think again! Gavin cares about Gavin and his future. He could care less about you or California, and it really shows! He has ruined California…politically, socially, economically and he could care less. He has never had a plan Executed a plan or cared. If we don’t vote him out, the money will be gone (wasted), your free money will end and everyone will have to get jobs, of which there will be very few because while you were living off of Gavin ‘s money, businesses have closed due to lack of workers and/or been filled.

  2. Can you imagine how cocksure this S.O.B. will be if he beats this recall? God help all those “republican” counties!
    Where is the CaGOP endorsement? Where is the big money from the RNC?
    ALL the money needs to get behind ONE,,,,,,,,,say it again,,,,,,,,ONE candidate.
    We can do this!

    1. Tomorrow, it would be best for the CaGOP and RNC to just stay out of the recall effort entirely. If they backed one candidate it would (1) suppress the votes for the other candidates and thereby suppress the YES vote to RECALL (2) give Newsom the ability to say that this was not a grassroots campaign after all; just a Republican-backed effort to oust him. In other words, it would only help Newsom more.

    2. Have to wait until Friday to see if there’s no prominent Democrat running but it doesn’t seem to be likely there’ll be one. If Antonio Villaraigosa wanted to run, he has nothing to lose since he doesn’t even hold public office and he’s 68 but scorn and embarrassment is a powerful factor from his colleagues if he runs.

      1. Art, you can count on no prominent Democrat running. Auntie Nancy has taken care of that. Pelosi made Tom Steyer back off when he wanted to jump in earlier this year; remember that?

  3. And the hundreds of thousands of unemployed small business owners that were locked down last year, will they vote for Newsom again? for a $600 bribe? He was hired to regulate commerce, not shut it down.

  4. Newsom is making his opponents play against a “stacked deck” and everyone knows it. The timing of the $600 payoff for votes was totally predictable and, by the way Harry Schultz, you can mark the checks ‘For Democrats Only’. We don’t need a Newsom admiring lobbyist to tell us that he’s a total crook and willing to do anything and everything to stay in power. But there are 52 cards (or more) in the deck and one of his opponents may have an ace or two or three in the hole. Newsom just needs to figure out which one of his opponents holds them – before the election, of course.

  5. The rules are changing not that corrupt Dems know it. They will be the last to find out. The old corrupt stuff is yesterday’s politics but no more.

  6. They probably have the election rigged already. This is just for show. Californians will shrug, accept the results, and get in line for the next experimental injection, chanting “Resist!” in perfect unison.

  7. “The Plan creates the biggest state tax rebate in American history”…should be stated “The Plan creates the biggest unilateral wealth-redistribution in American history. As others have stated, this is a bribe. Corrupt Newsome and the Democratic party will make use to of 1.8 million invalid voters on the voter rolls to cast enough mail in ballots to steal the election. I anticipate record numbers of mail in votes to the most corrupt CA Governor…Newsome.

  8. For those of you who will get this stimulus bribe, also remember what HHS Sec. Becerra (originally from CA) said regarding collecting vaccination data on Americans: “It is absolutely the government’s business, it is taxpayers’ business, if we have to continue to spend money to try to keep people from contracting COVID and helping reopen the economy,” Becerra told the network, noting the government has had to “spend trillions of dollars to try to keep Americans alive during this pandemic.”

    Even though everyone knows that the economic devastation during the Covid era was 100% the fault of power-greedy politicians locking down communities, they truly think they were taking care of you and that they are owed your appreciation. If you can afford to, you should reject the pay-off. While Newsom is using the bribe to buy votes, he is using the federal dollars that were showered onto CA, and the government at large sees this “stimulus” as quid pro quo. RECALL!

  9. I concur, Jeff. The big picture is even more scary:
    “U.S. dollar’s status as global reserve currency at risk amid CCP-backed IMF plan to boost global liquidity by funneling $650 billion to governments and pharmaceutical interests. A controversial plan to boost global liquidity means the days of the U.S. dollar being the undisputed king of the international monetary system may be coming to a close, experts told The Epoch Times.”

  10. Unfortunately, most Democrats are easily bought. He just bought a lot of votes and he knows it. And now today, Newsom announces more free rent and no need to reapply. Free rent for all! Well, not for taxpayers. This recall can’t happen soon enough!

  11. Ballots go out on 14 August. Many people will already have voted. The effect of the money may not be as pronounced. Keep in mind that Newsom’s antics have caused hardship throughout the state. I’m definitely voting to recall him. Family member had to leave the state to work. One neighbor lost house, another car. I don’t forget. Neither should you. Recall Newsom. Vote for Larry Elder.

    1. You are right, Otis. Since the ballots go out 29 days before September 14, many people will be returning the ballots BEFORE the checks arrive in the mail around September 7 (https://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/recalls/current-recall-efforts/newsom-recall-faqs). So, the effect of receiving a check is lessened; although the ANNOUNCEMENT of $600 is what Newsom is banking on – that’s where he’s counting on the bribe to influence his voters. He needs his people to turn out and vote since the PPI survey showed some lack of enthusiasm among Democrats.

  12. No one spins like Republicans. The timing HAD to be about the ridiculous (and expensive, tax payers–egads!!) recall, and nothing else. Why did he jump the gun on paying those not making $30,00? Surely his ‘masterstroke’ would have twice the impact had he held off in April, right? Oh, but ‘those people’ don’t vote so there was no need, right? You people are pathetic. Repeat after me, because you are going to have to live with it: “President” Newsom. (learn how it’s spelled too).

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