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California Gov. Gavin Newsom State of the State 2021 speech at Dodger Stadium. (Photo: gov.ca.gov)

Governor Newsom Unveils $100 Billion ‘California Comeback Plan’ Proposal

Proposal would include $12 billion alone for $600 stimulus checks for all Californians making $75k or less

By Evan Symon, May 10, 2021 6:19 pm

Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Monday in Oakland that he would be proposing a $ 100 billion “California Comeback Plan” to cover statewide stimulus checks for 2/3rds of all Californians, rental assistance, and other direct cash forms of economic relief.

While Newsom’s proposal will be slowly revealed this week until a formal submittal of the proposal to the state legislature in Sacramento on Friday, many parts were unveiled on Monday. The largest part known of the proposal so far is the $12 billion state stimulus check program. Under the plan, Californian’s making $75,000 a year or less would receive $600 from the state. Families with children would receive another $500, with undocumented families also receiving $500. If passed, the stimulus checks would be the second round approved this year, following the $600 per person Golden State Stimulus divested last month to only 4 million low-income Californians.

In addition, $5.2 billion of the proposed $100 billion would go to doubling rental assistance to complete 100% of back rent paid for those who fell behind payments, and $2 billion to go towards water, gas, and electric utility bills for those needing assistance.

“Direct stimulus checks going into people’s pockets and direct relief. That’s meaningful,” said Governor Newsom on Monday. “The stimulus goes well above and beyond what is projected to be required by the law. It’s the largest tax relief year-over-year in U.S. history as well, not just California history. We believe people are better suited than we are to make determinations for themselves on how best to use these dollars.

“California is not just back. California is roaring back.”

In a Tweet, the Governor’s Office reiterated the size of the proposal, saying “This week, we unveil the biggest economic recovery package in CA’s history – the $100 billion California Comeback Plan. We will take on our most persistent challenges – and start with immediate, direct relief to Californians. California will roar back from this pandemic.”

Governor’s “California Comeback Plan” receives heavy praise, criticism

Many supporters praised the plan on Monday, noting especially how a budget deficit of nearly $55 billion was turned around into a surplus of over $75 billion in only a year.

Senator Nancy Skinner. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

“Because of California’s very progressive tax structure, and because most of our revenue comes from the wealthiest, we have money,” said Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) on Monday. “Now, unlike other states, we are using that money to support the many Californians who’ve been hurt during this pandemic. We are in the position now to be able to provide more.”

California Democratic Party (CADEM) leadership also weighed in, with CADEM Chairman Rusty Hicks also giving support to the Governor’s plan.

“Today, Governor Gavin Newsom’s announcement of California’s economic recovery plan demonstrates how Democratic leaders across the state are working to ensure every person builds back stronger,” said Hicks in a statement on Monday. “The California Comeback Plan prioritizes communities who have been hit hardest while creating opportunities for California’s workforce who have been displaced due to COVID-19.

“As Democrats work to create equitable solutions that meet the moment, the California Democratic Party commends Governor Newsom for centering our recovery around those who need it the most. CADEM looks forward to continue working with Democratic leaders as we emerge from this global pandemic together.”

However, many opposed the Governor’s announcement on Monday, with Republicans, recall supporters, and others charging that the Governor would have had to provide a taxpayer rebate by law because of the size of the surplus, as well as accusing him of providing such a large stimulus plan to buy his way out of the upcoming recall election, with many nicknaming it as a “recall rebate”.

Senator Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) specifically went after Newsom on Monday, replying to the Governor’s “better suited” quote with a Tweet saying “Who is gonna tell Gavin Newsom that this is what Republicans have said for years? #recallrebate.”

California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson also released a statement on Monday along the same lines, while also stressing the need for a permanent recovery.

“It’s amazing what a looming recall will do, as Gavin Newsom prioritizes his political career over addressing the problems that will put California back on track,” stated Patterson. “While it’s nice to see Newsom acknowledge that people are struggling under his incompetence, a one-time payment does not make a permanent recovery. California will still have the highest poverty level, highest amount of homelessness, highest taxes, near the highest cost of living, near the highest unemployment rate and highest number of residents fleeing to more welcoming and affordable states. Sacramento Democrats and this governor created California’s problems. Gavin Newsom earned this recall, and his politically-convenient photo op today doesn’t begin to fix the damage he’s inflicted on the Golden State.”

Newsom insisted later on Monday following the backlash that the recall has been driven largely by Republicans, despite evidence to the contrary.

“It is a Republican-backed recall period, full stop,” added Newsom. “To the extent that people rightfully and understandably were stressed and anxious over the last year because of this pandemic-induced recession and all the struggle, I completely respect and understand why some may have filled out a petition. But at the end of the day, this is what it is, a Republican-backed recall.”

The Governor is expected to present his stimulus plan to the legislature on Friday, with many expecting it to pass due to the Democratic supermajority in both the Assembly and Senate.

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Evan Symon
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26 thoughts on “Governor Newsom Unveils $100 Billion ‘California Comeback Plan’ Proposal

  1. Shameless bribery —- in fear of the Recall, of course.
    Most people would be embarrassed, at the very least, but not our Gavin!

    1. How exactly does giving some residents a handout prepare the state for a “comeback”? All it does is delay the reckoning that CA is a dumpster fire.

  2. Can it really be called a rebate? There are many residents that pay hefty taxes in this state. Because of the $75,000 threshold they will not be entitled to a the so called rebate. All taxpayers should be eligible for the rebate. We are all being over taxed in this state evidenced in the huge surplus. We know it is not due to the efficiency of state run programs!!

  3. If I’m not mistaken a rebate because of the surplus goes to all Taxpayers that’s what the voters voted for and that’s what has happened in the past. So now anyone making $80,000 plus a year are now part of the 1 percent based on picking and choosing who gets a refund which what this is. By the people making $80,000 plus a year also invest in the stock market and pay capital gains which is where a big chunk of the surplus came from.

  4. In the colonial days votes were brought with a liquor. Fast forward today, Newsome is stealing tax from those that earned and oppressively paid the tax to redistributing tax money to others in the hopes of buying votes. Newsome has and if allowed will continue to destroy California. I am even more motivated to recall this abject person.

    1. Every LEGAL resident including those who have had the good sense to leave this state, should be mad as hell. In the 1970’s a law was drafted to return surpluses to the TAXPAYERS.

      Newsom I hope this backfires on you! You have no principals! You have forced businesses to permanently close and now you take TAXPAYERS money and give it away as if it were your own. Did it feel good playing Santa Clause today? You must really get off spending others hard earned money.

      His A** needs to be recalled NOW!

    2. No kidding. Every single day (or so it seems?) this vindictive jerk of a governor comes out with something that further motivates the decent fed-up people of California to remove him from office.

  5. This is so stupid and stinks of buying his way out of recall! And Skinner, because of taxes “we have the money”, you have our money, give it back to us, stop the high taxes!

  6. Anyone using the expression “Full Stop” is a tell that they are LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH!!!

    And I concur with others’ postings that this SLIMEWAD Governor is using this program in a last-ditch effort to buy off the low-information voters who are swayed by such actions…

  7. Despite what people are saying in this echo chamber, it is an UPHILL battle to recall this clown. It is NOT 2003 and Gray Davis. The Democrats are playing the game smarter this time. There has to be a viable, reasonable alternative candidate and the ones already declared are not. Of all the polls the Berkeley IGS is the one that seems the best run – larger sample size, lower error rate than the others. Republicans must take the results seriously in planning the campaign. Plugging in a bunch of candidates and hoping for another Newsom false step is NOT a strategy, it is wishful thinking:

    1. P.S. My definition of “reasonable alternative” would be someone like Darrell Issa or Devin Nunes. Unfortunately, they are not available because they already hold important Republican seats in Congress; that the party cannot afford to lose. So, WHO?

        1. Is she a resident of California, or can anyone in the country or outside the country run for California governor? If anyone can run why not Xi Jinping? China a seems to have a lot if influence in this state.

          1. Yes, apparently she transferred her military assignment from Hawaii to Silicon Valley last Fall….
            Someone mentioned a 5 year residency requirement in the CA State Constitution, but I must have ditched Civics class on that day….

  8. I paid over 9k in CA State income taxes last year, so I will not get a rebate and I am not a rich guy. I pay SDI, I pay property taxes, I pay high gas taxes at the pump, I pay sales taxes, I pay for DMV and other license fess. I pay a ton of taxes – like we all do – and I did not get much back from Joebama and now nothing from Gruesome now – its very frustrating. For this recall effort, the opposing republican candidate needs to call for a lower CA State income tax, remove the recent gas excise taxes along with fixing our water reservoir and forest fire issues – and this will not be Bruce or Cox BTW.

  9. $600! That’s a lot of mac and cheese for the poor or a single haircut for the ultra rich like Hillary Clinton and friends. Seriously though, when was making $75,000 a year considered being middle class? 25 years ago? In San Francisco that is dirt poor.

  10. Never forget whose ego dug this hole that California is in and he wants you to kiss his behind for doling out our own tax dollars. he is a disgrace from a disgusting family and political party.

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