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Californians’ Quality of Life is on a Collision Course With the Rule of Law

‘Criminal Justice Reforms:’ Violence, looting, theft, robberies, owned by California’s Democrats

By Katy Grimes, November 28, 2021 10:30 am

Californians’ quality of life is on a collision course with the rule of law.

A retired police officer who working as a security guard was shot and killed in Oakland while protecting a Bay Area television news crew covering a smash-and-grab theft, part of a rash of organized retail crime in the region, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday.

Thieves robbed a 95-year old woman on Thanksgiving while she took a walk at the Berkeley waterfront.

Here are more of the weekend headlines:

And if that isn’t enough violence, looting and robberies in one day, the San Francisco Chronicle is calling for more criminals to be released early:

The SF Chronicle failed to acknowledge that Gov. Gavin Newsom’s executive order declaring a moratorium on California’s death penalty is not Constitutional. He exceeded his Constitutional authority when making this declaration, which means, California still has a death penalty.

“After all, it’s enshrined in the State Constitution,” Southern California Attorney James Lacy explained in an op ed. “In 2019, Gov. Gavin Newsom exceeded his constitutional authority and acted illegally by ending California’s capital punishment. Newsom wanted it both ways: praise from the progressive pro-criminal crowd, while also claiming that he had complied with the State Constitution’s punishment of death for the most heinous crimes.”

The state’s voters twice rejected initiatives to repeal the death penalty in 2012 and 2016, and even drove home the point approving Proposition 66, a ballot measure which said the habeas corpus petition process and appeals shall be completed within five years after the death sentence is issued. It also limited the number of allowable appeals.

Democrats are flaunting the law in California and the people are paying the price: 95-year-old women are robbed in broad daylight, children are fatally shot by stray bullets while playing in their homes and yards, and shop owners and retail stores are being robbed blind.

And it’s more than Home Depot, Target and Louis Vuitton being looted. Crime is everywhere in the state. Small business owners report unbelievable thefts – daily. Homeowners report theft of everything not nailed down, and repeated break-ins of garages, sheds, and their homes.

Thieves, looters and flash mob invaders are emboldened by the lack of prosecutions by the Soros-backed radical District Attorneys in Los Angeles and San Francisco, George Gascón and Chesa Boudin respectively.

Police are arresting those they catch, but without prosecutors throwing the book at these thieves, they are back on the street thanks to the revolving door of  Democrats’ “criminal justice reforms.”

But these “criminal justice reforms” have produced even worse results than the stark increase of thefts and robberies. In 2020, Los Angeles saw the most murders in a decade. Victims shot in South Los Angeles were up 742% compared to the previous year. Gun possession arrests rose 70% in the last 6 months of 2020, according to the California District Attorneys Association.

Notably, George Gascón was one of the leading voices and proponents in support of Proposition 47, unbelievably titled by then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris, The Safe Neighborhood and Schools Act. Prop. 47 reduced a host of felonies to misdemeanors, including drug crimes, date rape, and all thefts under $950, even for repeat offenders who steal every day. Prop. 47 did not create safe neighborhoods, and led to a statewide spike in property crimes and theft from retailers, bringing us to 2021’s smash-and-grab robberies and lootings.

Fox 11 reported in Los Angeles Friday that a group of about 20 people, ranging in age from 15 to 20 years old, rushed a Home Depot wearing ski masks, and grabbed sledgehammers, crowbars, hammers and other tools, and took off in 10 getaway cars parked outside. They said entire tool sections were cleared out… enough items were taken to be considered grand theft.

One employee told Fox 11 they tried to stop them. “We closed the front entrance and they put their sledgehammers up, like whoever got in the way, they were going to hurt them,” store employee Luis Romo told FOX 11. “And then, they actually threatened a customer, but he got away. And then, they just ran out, and the cops got here shortly.”

This is California under Democrat rule: a governor who single-handedly changes law he doesn’t like, District Attorneys’ offices purchased for them by a corrupt billionaire oligarch, who then refuse to enforce the laws they don’t like, and a feckless Legislature content with the perception of power, while facilitating the destabilization of the state.

Are the foundations of our democracy cracking? The Rule of Law is the basic idea that we have a government of laws, not a government by man or by arbitrary rule. In other words, no one is above the law.

Californians’ quality of life is on a collision course with the rule of law.

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25 thoughts on “Californians’ Quality of Life is on a Collision Course With the Rule of Law

  1. Waiting on the Globe Troll to spin this as positive information and tell us all that we are overreacting. Kind of like Seth Rogan stating that he didn’t feel attacked after he alleges that his personal vehicle has been broken into at least 20 times…!!

      1. That’s a good one now. With the past school closures due to COVID they need to work off all of the extra weight they gained sitting in front of their laptops.

  2. It’s time for the conservative areas to secede from California and let the woke crowd in LA and SF deal with their pets.

  3. It is so hard to watch the quality of CA life dwindle. The winners here are the criminals. Not only will CA lead the US in homeless population, they will lead in the number of criminals on the streets terrorizing citizens while Newsom acts like he has nothing to do with it. It is time for Boudin and Gascon to GO. Stop voting for Soros funded politicians. “Full stop”

  4. Choose NOT to be a victim if you live in CA. You see a mob park and run into a large store, start slashing their tires. 🙂

    1. Abe, I think shooting out the tires from the safety of your car would eliminate the chance of being murdered by the mob. If marauding mobs of criminals is okay, then so is carrying a gun.

  5. The evil Democrat cabal who have completely controlled the once great state of California for decades are directly responsible for the horrific decline in the quality of life for California citizens?

    1. @Samantha, you see the truth. I have no hope of an electoral driven change due to systemic corruption. What to do? Move? I really don’t know…

  6. —“They are trying to wreck the country.” Tucker Carlson

    When you look through that lens, and only when you look through that lens, everything the #DemParty and its accomplices, cronies, collaborators, and comrades are doing makes sense.

  7. This is NOT rule of law, it is anarchy for the chosen (liberal social justice warriors of the correct race). The left is destroying society ON PURPOSE to advance their agenda of world domination and totalitarian government.

  8. The death penalty, unless administered very soon after the crime, would not reduce crime. What we need it to go after the criminals, not wait for them to strike. They surely commit many crimes. Remember how Bill Bratton reduced crime in New York by going after criminals for any crime, not just major crimes? It works, and we need it, and need it NOW!

  9. The Demoncrats have intentionally destroyed our society. This is the dystopia they imagined and have realized for us. They want all to live in fear and poverty only to beg government to control all of our lives.

  10. Someone mentioned Broken Window Theory. This is so on point. SF for example has steadily become a cesspool year after year by choosing to basically do nothing by feckless liberals who lack cognitive thought. Here in Sacramento there’s been a proliferation of petty crimes, filth, homeless crimes, trespassing and assaults. There’s just no priority to curb lawlessness and our city councils refuse to allow our police to do their jobs.

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