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California Cannabis. (Photo: cdfa.ca.gov/calcannabis)

California’s Legal Pot Industry is Biggest in the World, with Sacramento Ground Zero

Unregulated market remains major concern with $8.7 billion in black market sales

By Katy Grimes, March 23, 2021 8:33 am

California’s legal recreational and medicinal cannabis industry is not only “the biggest government-sanctioned market in the nation,” but also the “biggest legal marijuana market in the world,” a new report issued by the Governmental Accountability Institute says.

  • Individual cannabis permits in the state have sold for as much as $17 million.
  • There were more than 7,500 active cannabis licenses in California in 2020, including 910 retail dispensaries.

However, the reach of the unregulated market remains a major concern as estimates have revealed about $8.7 billion in black market sales. Thus, taking legal and illegal sales into account, the California market sold a whopping $12.0 billion in cannabis and related products in 2019.

This makes the legal cannabis market in California about $3.3 billion in sales.

The GAI says, “evidence suggests that the current California framework allows for increased corruption in a system where ‘money talks.’”

Where California’s pot industry gets dodgy is how many politicians and dozens of former government officials are involved. GAI found many left government to work for cannabis companies and the lobbying firms representing them. And the tangled web of state and local regulations has only boosted corruption.

“Part of the problem is rooted in California’s dual regulatory structure, which forces cannabis businesses to comply with state and local government requirements,” GAI reports. “With the approval of state cannabis licenses in the hands of city councils, ‘a conflicting patchwork of local laws’ has emerged. Ultimately, with this type of decentralized permitting, ‘corruption can span from the highest to the lowest level of public officials.’ Since then, California has become a focus in the FBI’s investigation. At issue is whether local officials have abused the cannabis regulatory systems that they helped create.”

While the FBI has successfully taken down elected politicians in several California cities for “questionable business practices, which included paying as much as $250,000 cash in a brown paper bag to city officials,” the state’s capital, GAI found that Sacramento, is ground zero for dubious public-private interactions between local and state regulators and the industry. “Sacramento has even attracted national headlines because of its connection to a scheme that violated federal election laws.”

GAI explains:

One of the key individuals linked to Sacramento’s cannabis licensing scandal is Joe Devlin, an experienced political consultant who helped shape the policies and standards of the local and state cannabis markets and eventually became Sacramento’s first “Cannabis Czar.”

Devlin had previously served as a legislative director in the California State Legislature and as a consultant to the Assembly’s Speaker. When candidate Jay Schenirer ran for Sacramento’s City Council in 2010, he hired Devlin’s private consulting firm, Santillan & Devlin LLC, to run point on the campaign. Schenirer won the election and hired Devlin to be his Chief of Staff, but Devlin kept his consulting practice on active status.

Notably, Santillan & Devlin provided consulting services for two important 2016 campaigns while Devlin served as Schenirer’s Chief of Staff. The first of these campaigns was when the former President of the California Senate, Darrell Steinberg, ran for Mayor of Sacramento. The second was to promote Schenirer’s “Measure Y” ballot initiative, which sought a tax increase from 4 to 5 percent on marijuana cultivation and manufacturing businesses to fund city youth services.

As a result of these campaigns, Devlin’s firm was handsomely rewarded with nearly $50,000 in campaign expenditures from mayoral candidate Steinberg, and at least $24,000 from Schenirer’s Measure Y initiative.

These payments to Devlin’s firm (and to Devlin himself) were quite substantial for local elections. They were afforded by campaign budgets significantly enhanced by donations from companies in the local cannabis industry. From 2014 to 2019, these companies donated at least $225,000 for local elections, and about 90 percent of that amount went to campaigns for Steinberg (over $60,000), Schenirer (over $23,000), and Schenirer’s Measure Y cannabis tax (over $116,000).

In 2017, following former State Senator Darrell Steinberg’s election as Sacramento Mayor, Sacramento’s City Council appointed Joe Devlin as Cannabis Czar (officially “Marijuana Policy and Enforcement Manager”) in anticipation of the January 2018 launch of legalized recreational cannabis. “The timing of Devlin’s appointment raises the question about whether or not he did favors for the cannabis companies that indirectly paid him through their campaign donations,” GAI said.

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11 thoughts on “California’s Legal Pot Industry is Biggest in the World, with Sacramento Ground Zero

  1. I would have never guessed that an industry banned from banking and forced to deal in all cash could be corrupted.

    So how much investment does it take to get started with a dispensary in this state?

    1. That is incorrect/outdated. I know someone who works at a Credit Union and they have handled cannabis businesses for a few years now. I believe it is federally licensed financial institutions that do not but any state licensed financial institution does. I have found trespass grows, hundreds of plants over the years. I believe if the permit process was easier, it apparently can take up to 5 years, there would be less unpermitted/trespass grows. Less hazards when banking is legal.

    2. I’m shocked, shocked to find that the California legal marijuana is corrupt [as a croupier for state and local politicians hands over the money].

  2. Imagine that…

    Sacramento is ground zero for corruption in California!!!

    Thank you for confirming what we’ve suspected for decades….

  3. This corrupt behavior has also popped up and traveled from San Diego to Santa Barbara:

    Unclear how extensive this sort of thing is in the state; what has been reported is no doubt just the tip of the iceberg. I think we can reasonably speculate that this type of crookedness is occurring throughout CA. And of course we are just piling this rot on top of all the other rot that occurs in this rotten state. This could have been foreseen but in the midst of being bullied into submission we weren’t allowed a debate about marijuana, legal or illegal, or its ripeness for dirty dealing. Remember?

    Guess we should add another item to the stack of items that are routinely shoved down our throats in spite of their hugely destructive consequences, both unintended and intended, all so that someone in government can make a dishonest buck.

  4. Neanderthals
    Yep….finish the gene pool off. And perfect timing with the purposeful decline in public education.

  5. Who would have thought that drugs and politics would lead to corruption? Keep ’em stupid and maybe no one will notice is the motto in Sacramento.

  6. “Troublesome,” “worrying,” “concerning,” all just b.s. words to say that “WE WANT OUR TAX MONEY! Go ahead and toke ’till you’re broke, but do it from a regulated (taxed) dispensary,” says California. Well, the dealer in the parking lot has great dope, too…at a fraction of the cost! And he doesn’t use recording equipment, either.

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