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CDC Thanksgiving activities art. (Photo: CDC.gov)

CDC’s ‘Celebrating Thanksgiving’ Guidelines Nearly Identical to Gov. Newsom’s

Government worried that a contagion of Freedom might be spread

By Katy Grimes, November 12, 2020 6:48 am

The Center for Disease Control posted its Thanksgiving Guidelines this week, which look strangely familiar to California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s  Oct. 9 document, “Mandatory Requirements for All Gatherings,” directing all private family “gatherings” to limit the number of attendees, and are required to be held outside.

The Globe first wrote about the “gatherings” restrictions October 13, in “Gov. Newsom Limits Gatherings to Three Families, Two Hours Or Less, No Singing.” Since then, the governor has denied vehemently that he has issued holiday or Thanksgiving orders, but assures us that he will.

We asked, “Do riots and protests count as ‘gatherings?’” Since then, it is obvious there are no guidelines for riots and protests, but families are limited to no more than three families, frequent sterilizing, wearing a mask between bites of food, and no “Singing, Chanting, and Shouting at Outdoor Gatherings.”

Could the real reason behind Gov. Newsom’s restrictive gatherings directive has little to do with public health, and more to do with what happens when normal people gather together in pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants, where they tend to speak freely. The framers of our country were regular habitués of pubs and public houses and honed many of their exquisite writings there.

A wise friend suggested the real danger – a contagion of Freedom might be spread.

CDC Thanksgiving activities art. (Photo: CDC.gov)

The CDC guidelines:

Hosting a Thanksgiving Gathering

If having guests to your home, be sure that people follow the steps that everyone can take to make Thanksgiving safer. Other steps you can take include:

  • Have a small outdoor meal with family and friends who live in your community.
  • Limit the number of guests.
  • Have conversations with guests ahead of time to set expectations for celebrating together.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and items between use.
  • If celebrating indoors, make sure to open windows.
  • Limit the number of people in food preparation areas.
  • Have guests bring their own food and drink.
  • If sharing food, have one person serve food and use single-use options, like plastic utensils.

“If celebrating indoors, make sure to open windows,” the CDC guidance reads. And “Stay at least 6 feet away from others who do not live with you.”

California’s CDPH “Gatherings” Guidelines:

Mandatory Requirements for All Gatherings

All persons planning to host or participate in a private gathering, as defined above, must comply with the following requirements. Local health jurisdictions may be more restrictive than this guidance. Refer to your local guidance for what is allowed in your area.

1.    Attendance

  • Gatherings that include more than 3 households are prohibited. This includes everyone present, including hosts and guests.  Remember, the smaller the number of people, the safer.
  • Keep the households that you interact with stable over time. By spending time with the same people, risk of transmission is reduced. Participating in multiple gatherings with different households or groups is strongly discouraged.
  • The host should collect names of all attendees and contact information in case contact tracing is needed later.

2.    Gather Outdoors

  • Gatherings that occur outdoors are significantly safer than indoor gatherings. All gatherings must be held outside. Attendees may go inside to use restrooms as long as the restrooms are frequently sanitized.
  • Gatherings may occur in outdoor spaces that are covered by umbrellas, canopies, awnings, roofs, and other shade structures provided that at least three sides of the space (or 75%) are open to the outdoors.
  • A gathering of no more than three households is permitted in a public park or other outdoor space, even if unrelated gatherings of other groups up to three households are also occurring in the same park or other outdoor space.  If multiple such gatherings are occurring, mixing between group gatherings is not allowed.  Additionally, multiple gatherings of three households cannot be jointly organized or coordinated to occur in the same public park or other outdoor space at the same time – this would constitute a gathering exceeding the permitted size.  

The CDC takes it a step further than even California and suggests hosting a “virtual” Thanksgiving:

Consider Other Thanksgiving Activities

Host a virtual Thanksgiving meal with friends and family who don’t live with you.

  • Schedule a time to share a meal together virtually.
  • Have people share recipes and show their turkey, dressing, or other dishes they prepared.

Watch television and play games with people in your household

  • Watch Thanksgiving Day parades, sports, and movies at home.
  • Find a fun game to play.

California warns to “keep it short” — gatherings can be only two hours long:

Keep it short

  • Gatherings should be two hours or less.  The longer the duration, the risk of transmission increases.

And no singing, chanting, shouting or playing wind instruments:

  • Singing, chanting, shouting, and physical exertion significantly increases the risk of COVID-19 transmission because these activities increase the release of respiratory droplets and fine aerosols into the air. Because of this, singing, chanting, and shouting are strongly discouraged, but if they occur, the following rules and recommendations apply:
    • All people who are singing or chanting should wear a face covering at all times while singing or chanting, including anyone who is leading a song or chant. Because these activities pose a very high risk of COVID-19 transmission, face coverings are essential to reduce the spread of respiratory droplets and fine aerosols;
    • People who are singing, shouting, chanting, or exercising are strongly encouraged to maintain physical distancing beyond 6 feet to further reduce risk.
    • People who are singing or chanting are strongly encouraged to do so quietly (at or below the volume of a normal speaking voice).
  • Instrumental music is allowed as long as the musicians maintain at least 6-foot physical distancing. Musicians must be from one of the three households.  Playing of wind instruments (any instrument played by the mouth, such as a trumpet or clarinet) is strongly discouraged. 

The CDC suggests “Safely preparing traditional dishes and deliver them to family and neighbors in a way that does not involve contact with others: leave them on the porch.” (No contact, no speaking).

And there is always the recommended “gratitude activity:”

“Participate in a gratitude activity, like writing down things you are grateful for and sharing with your friends and family.”

All of these directives ignore the World Health Organization’s special envoy on COVID-19 urging world leaders recently to stop “using lockdowns as your primary control method.

As a California Globe reader commented, “My family has never chanted before, but we are going to this year!”

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24 thoughts on “CDC’s ‘Celebrating Thanksgiving’ Guidelines Nearly Identical to Gov. Newsom’s

  1. Is it possible that the latest “spike” in COVID may be due to the approaching “flu” season and people getting their flu vaccine? When after getting it they get some minor flu symptoms and then get tested for COVID and testing positive? Or even without any flu symptoms, the flu vaccine introduction give the appearance of COVID? Are “flu” and COVID similar enough that testing for one shows the other?

    1. YES, it is my understanding that the COVID test now in use is SO SENSITIVE it can pick up minuscule amounts of virus fragments that will not cause symptoms or illness of any kind. There has not been replacement of that ultra-sensitive test by one that is more accurate. Because the flu is a similar virus structurally the test could conceivably pick up fragments of virus that would be in one’s system after getting a flu shot, as you say. Or after actually having the flu or a cold there could be fragments of virus that remain. And, by the way, remember that people with no symptoms are showing up to be tested in droves to radically puff up “positive case” numbers and the resulting phony fear factor number is being used to justify continuing shutdowns.

      This assumes one believes the COVID “case” numbers (which aren’t important in the scheme of things anyway) are real in the first place (i.e., based on actual testing numbers), and are not being manufactured out of whole cloth.

      1. Katy, you’re on to something. Who IS actually “tested” for flu? Is anyone? In normal times, a patient has flu symptoms, they call or see their doctor, doctor tells them to stay home, eat lightly, get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids, and doctor may be able to give them medicine to lessen the symptoms. In these abnormal times, if you’re coming down with the flu, which has COVID-like symptoms, you fear you have COVID, so you go get tested for COVID, the test picks up the similar-to-COVID flu virus, and voila! — positive test for COVID.
        Or so goes the layman’s analysis.

      2. Didn’t the Globe report that Newsom announced in advance that he was going to treat the flu like Covid in order to continue the lockdown?

          1. Ah yes, the “Twindemic.” You’re so right, Newsom as much as admitted (again) that he is up to no good with the proposed “COVID testing lab” (150,000 tests a day). Meanwhile, as we know here on planet Earth, the only point of mass testing is to further his goal of keeping the state shut down. And now apparently he would like the annual flu season casualties to morph into ‘COVID’ casualties to collect Fed money and justify continued shutdown. Right?

            To prove that there have been shenanigans I suppose at some point a comparison can be made between historical seasonal flu numbers (hospitalizations and deaths) and new COVID numbers (hospitalizations and deaths) to see to what extent seasonal flu has ‘diminished’ and COVID has ‘increased.’ In other words to see how successfully they have co-opted the flu and called it COVID to keep us eternally shut down.
            We’ve gotta recall this guy. Seriously.

  2. The CDC’s absurd guidelines for celebrating Thanksgiving almost seem more mock-able than Gov Gruesome’s guidelines! What’s most disturbing is that they expect ANYONE to take this stuff seriously. DOES anyone take it seriously? I have to meet that person. This is WAY beyond parody.

  3. I am having more than three households at my Thanksgiving. It will be indoors and there will be young kids and older kids (like myself) running all over the place with no social distancing or masks! We usually after the meal have some musical family members lead us into singing Christmas Carols and we will be doing it again this year! Grusom and the CDC can shove it where the sun does not shine!

    1. People like you are the reason this stuff keeps spreading. You’re uneducated perspective on your “rights” makes you do stupid stuff. Good luck

      1. Where were you when the seasonal flu was killing tens of thousands of people every year? Staying home? Urging others to stay at home? Wearing a mask? Socially distancing? Alerting the media?
        Just because the annual flu wasn’t touted every 15 minutes, every single day, for weeks and weeks and months and months on end, with death numbers and “positive case” numbers and instructions from your “betters” on how to live your life, doesn’t mean it wasn’t there, filling hospital beds and killing people. Just like COVID19, with the difference that COVID has been weaponized and politicized and propagandized by the politicians and bureaucrats to achieve their own greedy and malevolent ends.

    1. We have been warned. We have seen it with our own eyes. We have had more than a taste of what we could lose to these leftists who want to throw our freedom away…. for a mess of pottage.

  4. Honestly Comrades no one knows what they are doing……….we are the herd…..one of us breaks out……the herd unknowingly follows…..

  5. Ignore Newsom and the corrupt CDC…..Newsom is in court today and there has been a Permanent Injunction against Newsom, Newsom is asking for a hold for at least two weeks….PRAY the judge does not grant him that. To all Californians that voted for Trump this weekend there will be a peaceful protest at the state capitol….Be there please!!!

  6. The “CDC Thanksgiving activities art” at the top of Katy’s article is hilarious, by the way I think I’m going to save the image in my “COVID 2020 Nostalgia File” for a good laugh after this is all over.

  7. 99.9& survival rate. We should be celebrating herd immunity and the decrease of death rate. Number of cases means NOTHING! Why are we closing businesses again? This is NOT science? Come on people, the only herd I see is California’s Newsroom sheep.

  8. Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Not a surprise, of course, but in response to the CDC holiday guidelines, a “growing number of officials” (Ghaly-Ferrer clones) all over the country are issuing their own holiday edicts of compliance as outlined by Katy Grimes above.

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