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Climate Mental Nuts on Sacramento City Council Go After CA Restaurant Association

Buyer beware: The real goal is one energy source controlled by government

By Katy Grimes, August 25, 2023 2:13 pm

The Sacramento Bee has its knickers in a twist because the California Restaurant Association allegedly has attempted “to water down the city of Sacramento’s climate change proposal to require new buildings be powered by electricity.”

Stop the presses!

The restaurant industry isn’t buying the climate BS Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and the City Council is dishing out. The Bee even did an “investigation” on this egregious violation of climate ideology:

“Those efforts, detailed in a recent Sacramento Bee investigation, are also now drawing scrutiny from Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and Councilwoman Katie Valenzuela.”

Steinberg, a professional politician since 1992 and labor union lawyer, and Valenzuela, a 30-something Marxist and community organizer, are not scientists or meteorologists. But they love the implied control “climate change” affords them over businesses, industries, even if it means destroying them.

The Bee affirmatively claims:

“Pollution from heating, cooling, refrigerating and cooking in buildings make up California’s third-largest source of carbon emissions behind transportation and industry.”

Their source is the deeply corrupted California Air Resource Board. Most of the CARB’S decisions under California’s AB 32 (the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006) result in killing jobs, based on a study by a staff “Ph.D” who received his “diploma” from a diploma mill in New York.

California is pushing to become the first state to ban natural gas heaters, water heaters, and furnaces by 2030, a policy of the California Air Resources Board, entirely made up of appointees by the governor. And the climate mental patients on the Sacramento City Council are happy to beat that drum.

In 2022 The Guardian reported, “research has repeatedly found the emission of toxic chemicals and carcinogens from gas stoves, even when they are turned off, is creating a miasma of indoor pollution.”

This research link is from Harvard Health Publishing. The article is written by Wynne Armand, MD in September 2022 who claims “Cooking with gas stoves creates nitrogen dioxide and releases additional tiny airborne particles known as PM2.5, both of which are lung irritants. Nitrogen dioxide has been linked with childhood asthma. During 2019 alone, almost two million cases worldwide of new childhood asthma were estimated to be due to nitrogen dioxide pollution.”

This nonsense has been completely repudiated by scientists who point out that the earth needs CO2. And green energy isn’t green – at all.

Dr. James Enstrom of UCLA long ago debunked the PM2.5 epidemiology. He found no robust relationship between PM2.5 and total mortality. However, this claim about these airborne particles have been used for decades by the government and American Cancer Society “as the primary justification for many costly regulations, most recently the Clean Power Plan,” as Dr. Enstrom explains. (read more at the link)

“Despite claims that solar and wind are rapidly replacing fossil fuels, they provide less than 5% of world energy—only electricity, ⅕ of energy—and, crucially, even that small percentage depends on huge subsidies and reliable (mostly fossil-fueled) power plants,” Alex Epstein reveals. Epstein, the author of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels and Fossil Future, explains that Using “climate crisis” or “climate emergency” as the basic noun to refer to the state of today’s climate—thereby asserting a catastrophe without needing to provide any evidence. 

And a catastrophe is exactly what leftist politicians need – real or not – to impose regulations on businesses and industries, and freedom constraining policies on individuals.

The Bee continues:

“The recent Bee investigation noted that contributions to the Sacramento-based restaurant association and its foundation from Sempra and its subsidiaries SoCalGas and San Diego Gas & Electric grew from $174,594 in years 2015 to 2018 to $1.8 million from 2019 to 2022 — a tenfold increase.”

Perhaps more important than contributions to the restaurant association to help fight these business killing policies, “The CRA successfully sued to overturn a gas ban in Berkeley and also strongly opposed a similar proposal in Sacramento in 2021.”

The California Restaurant Association filed suit alleging “the city’s ordinance is preempted by the Energy Policy and Conservation Act, which regulates energy use by appliances. Since the law forbids states and cities from banning appliances based on the type of energy they use, the city’s ordinance restricting the use of natural gas in new buildings amounts to an end-run around the EPCA.”

“Many restaurants will be faced with the inability to make many of their products which require the use of specialized gas appliances to prepare, including for example flame-seared meats, charred vegetables, or the use of intense heat from a flame under a wok,” the lawsuit says, the Globe reported. It also pointed out the local implications to restaurants, saying “Indeed, restaurants specializing in ethnic foods so prized in the Bay Area will be unable to prepare many of their specialties without natural gas.”

California opened a can of worms going back to AB 32, in 2006, the so-called “Global Warming Solutions Act” signed into law by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As Ed Ring wrote for the Globe in 2019:

California has long been proclaiming itself the leader in fighting “climate change,” and incoming governor Gavin Newsom promises to continue the efforts. The big push began over ten years ago, with Gov. Schwarzenegger, who pivoted left after failing to reform public employee unions in 2005. Schwarzenegger promoted and then signed, AB 32, in 2006. This so-called “Global Warming Solutions Act” set the initial targets for greenhouse gas reduction, empowering the California Air Resources Board to monitor and enforce compliance with laws and regulations aimed at achieving these reductions.

California has been agitating to become the first state to ban natural gas heaters, water heaters, and furnaces by 2030, a policy of the California Air Resources Board, entirely made up of appointees by the governor.

California cities seeking to ban the use of natural gas have been warned by the Ninth Circuit, the Globe reported.

As we reported Wednesday:

Climate change does not “pose a significant risk to our long-term economic success, impact the health and livelihood of the communities in which we operate and live, or disrupt the value chains on which we rely.” But banning fossil fuels does accomplish that. And pushing for an all-electric grid in California takes energy choice away from ratepayers and users, making all Californians the slaves of only one form of energy controlled by one source – government.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right? Notably, the White House kitchen is outfitted with a commercial natural gas stove, as are all of California’s world-class restaurants.

At Tuesday’s Sacramento City Council meeting, Mayor Steinberg and Councilwoman Valenzuela expressed concern over the process, the Bee reported. “Valenzuela said some kind of review of conflict of interest standards with advisory committees is necessary. ‘It’s really important as we move forward,’ she said, ‘that we think about what does conflict of interest policies and ethics policies look like for committees like this.’”

“Steinberg commented that The Bee investigation raised concerns about ‘influences from Southern California connected to some of our local advocates, trying to kill, frankly, at least some portion of the electrification ordinance.’”

What the Bee should investigate is why the Sacramento City Council is trying to force Sacramento restaurants into total electrification, and the collusion behind it with Sacramento’s Legislature and local politicians. Businesses have every interest in trying to kill the electrification ordinance; perhaps they need to file another lawsuit after the Berkeley win. Solar and wind electricity cannot replace all fossil fuel energy, and should local and state government continue to push this, will leave most of the state a single source of unreliable energy and power. But that’s the real goal, isn’t it – one energy source controlled by government?

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34 thoughts on “Climate Mental Nuts on Sacramento City Council Go After CA Restaurant Association

  1. Katy Grimes astutely pointed out that Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Councilwoman Katie Valenzuela, and the rest of the Marxist Democrats on the Sacramento City Council are not scientists or meteorologists, but they love the implied control “climate change” affords them over businesses, industries, even if it means destroying them? They act like petty authoritarian totalitarian dictators? It wouldn’t be surprising if they weren’t all receiving payoffs or other incentives from powerful overlords with deep pockets like the World Economic Forum globalist cabal, the U.N. and/or the CCP?

    1. What happened to the recall of Katie Valenzuela from the City Council? That obnoxious communist needs to be recalled!

    2. Instead of dictating what kind of appliances we can use, Mayor Steinberg, Katie Valenzuela and the rest of the climate mental nut case Democrats on Sacramento’s City Council need to instead address Sacramento’s many serious problems that include out of crime, homeless encampments, and broken streets and roads that are full of potholes. They seem to be under the delusion that they can rule over us Sacramentans like dictators and that we need to be subservient to them. NO! They serve us!

      1. “Serving” is not Katie Valenzuela’s strong suit. She is a die-hard ideologue first and foremost, and her constituents’ concerns don’t matter (unless they fall in line with her own beliefs). She is up for reelection next year. Someone decent and capable needs to run against her. So far that hasn’t happened.

  2. And Big Oil doesn’t back this publication or its shameless propaganda against green energy?CO2 is somehow portrayed as being healthy in this absurdly one-sided article. Ok, keep being pathetic petro-slaves drinking fossil fuel Kool Aid while the planet burns down around us. Shame on this blatant bs! WW3 has already begun: It’s the battle for humanity to save us from ourselves.

    1. No Boogie Brew, CA Globe funding does not come from “Big Oil.” We are a private sector news organization which sells advertising. You may want to dial back your climate hysteria given that even Danish economist and climate guru Bjorn Lomborg says such hyperbole is only hurting discussions about climate change. The doomsday interpretation of climate change is a political doctrine. It is not a scientific finding, Lomborg says.

      Our point at the Globe is that outlawing natural gas and fossil fuels will cause more harm than help to the environment. Fossil fuels are still needed to safely and reliably heat and cool homes, and fuel all forms of transportation.

      Electric cars are not green. Lomborg explains: “Electric cars are being sold as net zero. But what they actually are is that they’re zero when they’re driving. But much of the energy that you tank up your car, unless you live in Norway, is basically fossil fuel. And of course, most of the battery is produced in China or somewhere else where it emitted a lot of co2 typically from coal fired power plants.”

      And, wildfire has been declining in amount of burnt area pretty much every year since 1900. While California and now Maui have been the exception to this, wildfires are not proof of climate change. In CA and Maui, faulty power lines and power lines in disrepair are primarily to blame.

        1. Like I said below,

          Meanwhile, these fools want Sacramento, California and the United States to kill our own economies by attaining ‘Net Zero’ while the particulate pollution drifts thousands of miles over the Pacific only to be measured in the Sierrra by monitoring devices installed by the University of California.

          The ‘Net Zero-End Fossil Fuels” crowd really are just that… FOOLS.

      1. Nicely done, Katy.
        You gotta love these wildly unfounded accusations.
        boogie brew might wanna switch to decaf brew

      2. Wildfires in California have also been caused by poor forest management over the last few decades. The forest service knows exactly how many trees an acre can support. Instead of thinning the forest they were allowed to become overgrown. Inevitably in California we have periods of drought the weak trees could not produce enough sap to fend off an attack by bark beetles and died. This partially affected the valley floor water table because the trees pulled more water from the ground that would have normally flowed to the valley floor. Progressive policies always lead to a reduced standard of living. No matter how many times they are implemented.

    2. CO2 is not only healthy it is essential to life. This TRACE gas makes everything grow which is why the Green Death Cult wants to eliminate it.

    3. And what’s your favorite Kool-aid flavor? Mr. Know-it-all. How come NONE of your predictions of climate disruption have come to pass and everywhere Green Goes power gets very expensive. Hey, they gave it a shot on Maui, that didn’t turn out well.

      1. Breaking News:
        “Sweden abandons 100% renewable energy goal as EU reconsiders climate policies.”

        I wonder what effete globalist John Kerry thinks about this. Not that I really give a rat’s rear.

  3. Obviously written by someone who is tone deaf to the massive worldwide turmoil from climate change. Restaurant owners are being inconvenienced? oMG. Heaven forbid they should have to make the tiniest sacrifices to reduce the number of people losing their homes, livelihoods and lives. What a load of BS in this article.

    1. If they have their way you will have to eat your tofu ration raw as meat and cooking will have been outlawed. Thankfully they are going down in flames. Just wait until all the “green” arsonists are outed!!!

    2. Dear David,
      I lost my home to a wildfire started by PG&E and never once blamed restaurants that used natural gas stoves for my loss. I blamed PG&E. And to a restaurant that is forced to switch from a natural gas kitchen to an all-electric kitchen is not a ‘tiny sacrifice’, as you claim. It will put many of them out of business after having to raise their prices to the point that they will no longer have customers who can afford to eat at their restaurants. It’s too bad you can’t comprehend that possibility.

      Perhaps your frustration regarding “massive worldwide turmoil from climate change” would be better directed at China and India
      rather than at some poor guy trying to make a living running a restaurant in Sacramento.

      1. I would also lay some blame on the lack of Forestry Management. letting fuel accumulate as natural is asking for natural massive fires. The Greens never see the destruction side of their work.

    3. And what’s your favorite Kool-aid flavor? Mr. Know-it-all. How come NONE of your predictions of climate disruption have come to pass and everywhere Green Goes power gets very expensive. Hey, they gave it a shot on Maui, that didn’t turn out well.

  4. Obviously some of the more odious politicians —- and maybe even Gov Gruesome himself, with perhaps an assist in this case by Darrell Steinberg & Co. —- sent out their staff of flying monkeys to troll this article.

    You’d think they would be embarrassed to show how desperate and scared they are of the CA Restaurant Association and anyone else who says “boo” in the face of this always-absurd ‘climate change’ push, which by the way will be a companion to the always-absurd last-ditch ‘Son of Covid’ push. Trolls will be coming in the windows, and with Usual Suspect media help. We saw it mostly recently with Hurricane Hilary Hysteria (and lies) as a steady, light rain fell and a breeze stirred the treetops. Sure the usual places flooded as they always do in the rain. So the usual tiresome crowd does whatever works to continue the dictatorial clamp-down of the citizenry. They wish, the little twerps in their secret clubhouse with their secret clubhouse friends.

    Too bad we see through this crap like never before, and certain recent beyond-outrageous events in the news have renewed our resolve to a steel-like strength, which will likely put a crimp in their efforts.

    Katy Grimes made an excellent case —- all 100% TRUE as usual — which was further bolstered and cemented in her comment section addendum. No rabid flying monkey state cubicle worker with instructions to head over to The Globe with annoying blather can change that, although of course they become more agitated the more true something is. So we will be seeing them try like never before. They know this B.S. is all fake. And they know that we know.

    1. Speaking of “tone deaf,” for actual “tone deafness,” check out the article below from L.A. Times-affiliated KTLA as a stunning example of Usual Suspect Media betrayal. And it’s pretty obvious their “tone deafness” is purposeful. It’s so bad it’s almost comical.

      “California’s Two Biggest Issues Have the Same Root Cause”

      One purpose of this article seems specifically to be a last push to pass SB 423 before the end of August. SB 423 is a Scott Wiener/Buffy Wicks bill that seeks to super-streamline multi-family housing approvals. You know, those horrors also known as stack-and-pack rabbit hutches. Gotta keep that developer cash coming in to the politicians! No CEQA or other roadblocks can be in THEIR way!

      Contact your Assembly person if you have a chance to urge a NO Vote on SB 423.

  5. A true warrior this Katy Grimes!
    Stay in their grill, never give up!
    Your voice will have an impact.
    Thank you.

  6. Thank heavens they are trying to a strong stand. Everyone realizes climate change is here and we can’t stop using oil and gas fast enough. of course businesses won’t regulate themselves. their job is too make as much $ as they can, regardless of the damage it does to the rest of us. We need strong gov action to stop oil and gas. There’s no one else that can do it. Yes it’s uncomfortable and even expensive (but not as expensive as paying for floods, fires, drought and killing heat). Stop fossil fuels now!!

    1. Cynthia – Thank you for weighing in. However, your response is emotional, rather than science based. “Strong government action ” to stop oil and gas is Marxism.

      “The fatal attraction of government is that it allows busybodies to impose decisions on others without paying any price themselves. That enables them to act as if there were no price, even when there are ruinous prices – paid by others.” Thomas Sowell

    2. Uh, Huh! Government diktats to the rescue! Because government fixes everything😂
      Hyperbole such as yours, Ms. Cynthia Shalitt is just that! Fear mongering without facts!
      Thanks for making Katy Grimes points oh so relevant!
      Facts over Fear always win the day!
      I thank God for Katy to point out the ridiculousness of zero carbon policies!

  7. My 40 acre forest property was burned up by a leftist arsonist. No doubt he was trying to push the lie of climate change. Since the predictions were not coming true he decided to fake it.

    Perhaps our “green” posters can defend burning the forest down to save it? Any takers?

  8. “Pollution from heating, cooling, refrigerating and cooking in buildings make up California’s third-largest source of carbon emissions behind transportation and industry.”

    And specifically, what PERCENTAGE exactly is that “third largest” number???

    And no, “Cynthia J Shallot”, NOT everybody realizes that “climate change is here”…
    You hyperbolic “greenies” use hyperbolic terms like “everybody” and “always” without any actual science to back your claims…
    What SPECIFICALLY will you use to replace oil and gas to generate your hallowed electricity that will enable a smooth transition to your electrical nirvana…
    Your claims are emotion driven and devoid of economic logic and are therefore discredited and irrelevant.

    1. Boogie Brew-
      “Keep being pathetic petro-slaves drinking fossil fuel Kool Aid while the planet burns down around us.”
      David Pepperdine-
      “The massive worldwide turmoil from climate change.”
      Cynthia J Shallit-
      “We can’t stop using oil and gas fast enough. Stop fossil fuels now!!”


      I can’t help but wonder if Boogie, David and Cynthia aren’t one and the same.

  9. Greece has arrested scores of arsonists. The “green” media was blaming climate change for the fires. Funny how greens who hate CO2 set forest fires to release millions of tons of CO2.

  10. I see this article really triggered the Enviro Cultists (like the ones I see standing out in front of the Auburn City Hall making fools of themselves). Sorry I missed the party. These people really think the world is going to end in 10- years….maybe it will, but I do know it won’t end do to “climate change”. The climate changing all the time. It has been both warmer and cooler over the eons than it is today and it will be warming and cooler in the future. But causing mass poverty via forced energy scarcity is not a solution that is good for anyone (other than the ‘elites’ who want to hoard all the resources for themselves).

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