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Homeless transient living on sidewalk at Union 76 gas station, W Street, 16th Street. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

Coming to Sacramento: 350 Tiny Homes for 11,000+ Homeless

Democrats control the language rather than solve the homeless crisis

By Katy Grimes, March 23, 2023 2:19 pm

“In California, we are using every tool in our toolbox – including the largest-ever deployment of small homes in the state – to move people out of encampments and into housing,” Gov. Newsom said, while announcing his administration will be supplying 1,200 tiny homes statewide, including 500 for Los Angeles, 200 for San Jose and 150 for San Diego County.

California has more than 170,000 homeless transients living on the streets, and the governor and Mayors are all excited about 1,200 tiny homes.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg announced Thursday the state will purchase and install 350 tiny homes in Sacramento “as part of a statewide push to assist California communities in addressing the crisis of unsheltered homelessness.”

They most certainly are not “using every tool in our toolbox,” as long as they pretend that housing is the root of the homeless crisis. If housing was the problem, more families would be on the street instead of individual mentally ill, drug addicted, and criminal “homeless.”

We know this because the governor and Democrats have tried to control the language, rather than solve the crisis.

The “unhoused,” as the governor and Democrats prefer to call them, versus transients, drug addicts, newly-released criminals, make up the 170,000 persons living on California streets, along rivers, in public parks and in front of businesses.

The actual housing crisis is a real issue for California’s younger population who can’t afford to purchase their first home in the state in which they were raised.

“The crisis of homelessness will never be solved without first solving the crisis of housing – the two issues are inextricably linked,” Gov. Newsom said. “We are tackling this issue at the root of the problem by addressing the need to create more housing, faster in California.”

Miller Park Safe Ground with travel trailers for homeless. (Photo: Art Taylor for California Globe)

Last month the Globe reported Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg announced 17 brand new travel trailers (RV quality) for Sacramento’s Homeless drug-addicted transients to live in, replacing 60 tents. These are located in Sacramento’s former public park, Miller Park.

The Mayor and city gave the public park on the Sacramento River, next to a boat ramp, away to the homeless transients, first filled with tents. The homeless have rendered the once lovely park unsafe, noxious, toxic and unusable for the city residents who pay taxes to sustain it.

So far, nothing the Mayor has done has made an appreciable difference in Sacramento’s homeless population, except to help grow it – again, because of the pretend “housing first” focus.

California has spent more than $20 BILLION over the last five years on the homelessness only to see the homeless population in California explode to more than 172,000, as the Globe has reported for many years.

Announced on Thursday, Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh (R-Yucaipa) and California Legislative Republicans, pushed for and just got approved by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee, an audit on the $20+ billions of dollars the Newsom administration (and Gov. Jerry Brown before him) has spent on the homeless crisis. More on that later.

Meanwhile, Mayor Steinberg called the 350 tiny homes for Sacramento “a Godsend.”

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15 thoughts on “Coming to Sacramento: 350 Tiny Homes for 11,000+ Homeless

  1. Mayor Steinberg: NEWSFLASH: God had nothing to do with this half baked plan.

    Newsom’s tool box must be a toddler Fisher Price box with missing parts!

    We all deserve better than these fools profiting from the Homeless Industrial Complex.

  2. Newsom and the Democrats are able to lie about homeless problem and control the narrative about it because the leftist Democrat propaganda media just regurgitates whatever Newson and Democrats say and they’re never challenged or questioned. There are only six companies that control 90% of the media outlets in the country: ATT (bought Time Warner), CBS, Comcast, Disney, News Corp., and Viacom. Additionally, Gannett Company owns over 1,000 newspapers and 600 magazines nationwide while iHeartMedia owns 850 radio stations in the U.S. The California Globe is one of the few independent sources for reliable information that isn’t censored.

  3. 350 tiny homes for 11,000 homeless is 31 people per home!! I can see why the Democrats think math is racist!!

    1. And that’s not accounting for their ‘stuff’, which judging by the picture is quite a bit. Gonna be “cozy”!

  4. I say we consign all the politicians and bureaucrats and useless nonprofits to shared sleep shifts and bathroom time in the 350 tiny homes and let all the homeless/vagrants have free rein on Dem/Marxist usual suspect properties and work spaces. Then sit back and see what happens.

  5. Only a dimwit Democrat like Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg would be thrilled that the state will purchase and install 350 tiny homes in Sacramento when there are over 11,000 homeless in the city? As Katy noted in a previous article, the Union Gospel Mission and Haven for Hope have proven track records because at the root of their programs aren’t fancy apartments or kitsch tiny homes, but life-changing mental health and drug addiction treatment and faith-based and other programs focused on the individuals. This is the sensible cost effective approach that should be used to produce results but then Mayor Steinberg and the Democrat cabal on the Sacramento City Council do not appear to be really concerned about actually solving Sacramento’s homeless issue?

    1. Yes, Samantha. So well said.
      Down here in SoCal the sister of Sacramento’s Union Gospel Mission is the truly awesome L.A. Union Rescue Mission run by the Reverend Andy Bales. Miraculous transformations can be seen from the numerous, practical, and faith-based programs available to those who seek help beyond the bare necessities there. As you noted, such programs should be used as a model by govt entities to get results. But as you also noted, govt don’t seem much interested in producing results or fixing this mess. There’s too much money in growing homeless/vagrancy. Shame on these govt parasites. It’s not going to end well for them.

      1. P.S. Almost forgot the most important part —- the Legislative Joint Committee approval of an AUDIT of the $20 ++ BILLION the Newsom admin has thrown at homelessness! Thank you Sen Ochoa Bogh and legislative Republicans. Don’t want to get any hopes up too high but Hallelujah!? That is great news.

  6. 475 slips at Sacramento Marina at Miller Park. How long till boat owners are fed up with trying to keep derelicts of their million dollar boats. Never mind launching there and worrying about your truck, forget about picnicking. I’ve been going there all my life… no more. Guess it’s Darrell Steinberg’s version of $500 dollar a night hotel rooms for illegals aliens in New York. More “Managed Decline of America”

  7. I would love to see someone compile the annual costs at all levels of government (including funds to NGOs) spent to “solve” the homeless crisis. It must be a very large number.

  8. Set ’em up on Steinberg’s street!
    What? Why not? They’re just mostly-peaceful, honest, hard-working people who are experiencing a temporary hardship, right?

  9. I think it is time for a ballot measure: all public employee parking lots will become priority space for homeless encampments.
    While the state farms the harvested votes of the homeless, we watch our kids and grandkids move to other states.

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